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FALL 2008 


I remember her 

enthusiasm vividly. 

To a girl of 18, she 

seemed looming 

and radiant and 

full of promise. As I 

listened to her brief 

speech, I sensed that 

she believed all of us 

in the room could 

excel if we were 


As you turn the pages of this issue, you'll notice charts and graphs, announcements, and 
finally your eagerly awaited class notes. I do hope you take the time to notice a few articles 
here that you might not see again as we celebrate Betsy's tenure at Sweet Briar One of her 
accomplishments was including Sweet Briar as part of the Hardwick-Day study, a survey 
that shows just how remarkable our College is. As one of the many thank-you's we owe 
to President Muhlenfeld, we've shared the results of this important study with you. Past 
presidents and our current president of the Alumnae Association have also written in to say 
thank you to Betsy for all she's done and to recognize some of her achievements. 

In light of the coming weeks and the collaborative effort on campus to celebrate our 
president, I'd like to raise a toast to Betsy in the form of this short anecdote. I met President 
Muhlenfeld on the first day that I set foot on campus, a senior in high school looking for the 
right college. This was about seven years ago. I had signed up to participate in an admissions 
open house and tour of campus. My mother drove me down trom Staunton, Virginia, and we 
took all of the wrong roads, despite the directions Dad mapped out. The scenery was beautiful, 
and for a while we were lost in the promise of the open fields around us, talking and dreaming 
of the future — until we began to panic. I was certainly going to miss my first scheduled 
appointment at Sweet Briar! We arrived on campus not quite ten minutes late, feeling blurred 
and frantic, and sat down on the beige chairs in the Boxwood Room of the Conference Center. 
We took a deep breath as tour guides introduced themselves and handed out programs. Then 
Betsy came to the front to speak. I remember her enthusiasm vividly. To a girl of 1 8, she 
seemed looming and radiant and full of promise. As 1 listened to her brief speech, I sensed 
that she believed all of us in the room could excel if we were determined. When it was time to 
stand up and follow our tour guides, I knew that 1 was in the right place. 

I've since graduated from Sweet Briar and have become an employee of the College. In 
the time that has passed I've been given a glimpse of Sweet Briar as a whole place, not just 
a place for learning and leaving, or for fun and adventure, but a place for life to find a hold 
throughout the ups and downs. This is a place for learning and advancement, for friendships 
and breakups, for nature and science, for change and tradition, for faith and decision, for 
people of any age. Betsy has not only led Sweet Briar's community since I've known it, but 
she's fostered its sense of wholesomeness and competence through giving so much of herself 
to it and believing in its success. 

-Colleen Murray '06, Editor 

President Muhlenfeld and Colleen Karafta Murray, Commencement 2006. Phcio by David Abroms 


/9, NO. 3 

One of ihe objectives of ihe magazine is to 
present interesting, thoyghl-provoking material. 
Publication of materiol does not indicole 
endorsement of the author's viewpoint by the 
magazine, the Alumnae Association, or Sweet 
Brior College. The Sweet Brior Alumnae 
Magazine reserves the right to edit and, when 
necessary, revise all moleriol thai it accepts for 
publication. Contact us any time! 

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INSIDE FRONT COVER: Letter from the Editor 

2 Hardwick-Day Report 

2 The Not So Surprising Facts • 3 Ask an Alumna • 9 Student Interviews 

1 1 Thank You Betsy 

1 5 99th Commencement 

15 Commencement • 16 Alumnae Relatives 17 Commencement Honors • 19 Faculty Awards 
1 9 Presidential Medalists 

20 2008 Outstanding Alumnae Award: Elizabeth "Betty" Stanly Cates 

22 Reunion Scopbook 

28 Step Up Your Giving 

29 Bulletin Board 

30 Transitions 

31 Retire? Spirited 'Ms. Pat' Redefines the Word 

32 In Memoriom 

33 Mini Reunions 

34 Recent Deaths 

35 Class Notes 

INSIDE BACK COVER: In the Sweet Brior Tradition: Protecting Your Wealth for Future Generations 

COVER: 2008 Commencement speaker Anna "Chips " Choo Pal '57 
Photo © Aaron Mahler 

Sweet Briar College Alumnoe Magazine • 

Foil 2008 • 1 

The Not So 



An Alumni Survey of the College Experience by 
Hardwick-Doy and the Women's College Coalition 


This past February, Hardwick-Day, a 
consulting group dealing exclusively with 
private colleges and universities, performed 
a survey of 157 Sweet Briar alumnae 
who graduated between the years of 1 970 
and 1997. Sweet Briars data was then 
compared to an earlier study commissioned 
by the Women's College Coalition that 
included alumnae from other women's 
colleges, alumni from other four-year 
liberal arts colleges, and alumni from 1 10 
national "flagship" public universities. The 
Women's College Coalition, founded in 
1972, is a coalition of women's colleges 
and universities dedicated to making the 
case for women's education. It collects and 
disseminates information relating to the 
education of women and gender equity in 
education. Currently, President Muhlenfeld 
serves as the chair of the board and has 
been intimately involved in the conception 
and formulation of the Hardwick-Day 
study. Although the study was just released 
this past spring, it is already fostering 
flirther research in the area of single-sexed 
education, which has the potential to keep 

2 • Fall 2008 

the topic in the general limelight. 

The comparative data very clearly 
shows the superior value of a Sweet Briar 
education. For example, it is not unusual 
today for a student to spend longer than 
four years earning an undergraduate degree. 
According to this study, Sweet Briar 
alumnae are more likely than all other 
alumni to graduate in four years or less. 
They are also more likely than all other 
alumni to say that: (1) their professors 
often challenged them academically 
and personally helped them meet those 
challenges; (2) they benefited from 
personal interaction with professors; (3) 
their experience often included extensive 
classroom discussions; and (4) their 
classroom experience often included student 
presentations in class as well as essay exams 
and reports. 

Sweet Briar graduates are known for 
holding community leadership roles in 
organizations spanning the spectrum of 
Junior League to the arts. Ranking higher 
than all others in the study, the data revealed 
that the education of a Sweet Briar graduate 

helps her to work as part of a team and to 
think creatively. Her education also fosters 
the development of moral principles that 
still guide her actions today. Sweet Briar 
alumnae are more likely than graduates 
of other liberal arts colleges and flagship 
universities to believe it is extremely 
important to have the authority to make 
decisions, contribute to communities, 
become affiliated with organizations that 
help disadvantaged members of society, 
and provide direction to others through 
leadership roles. 

Sweet Briar alumnae have traditionally 
continued to stay connected to and support 
the College in many ways after they 
graduate. Comparative results revealed that 
Sweet Briar alumnae are more likely than 
alumnae of other women's colleges to say 
that their experience often included fian or 
exciting activities on campus, and that it is 
important to maintain lifelong friendships 
made at college as well as to remain 
connected to their undergraduate college. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Hardwick-Day Report 

Ask an 

We asked several 
graduates whose class 
years fall within the 
range of the study 
a few questions that 
relate to some of the 
statements made in the 
Hardwick-Day charts. We 
also interviewed three 
students about their 
experience studying at 
Sweet Briar today. Their 
candid answers are 
recorded here. 

Why did you choose 
to attend Sweet Briar 

Dianne Hayes Doss '93: Sweet Briar sent 
mc some inrormation after 1 took the SATs. 
The pictures in tiie brochures were beautiful, 
and I've always loved the Blue Ridge 
Mountains. I was planning to attend Georgia 
Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) to 
get a degree in mechanical engineering. 
As I read about Sweet Briar, though, I 
found out that they had a 3-2 program with 
Georgia Tech — spend three years at Sweet 
Briar, two years at Georgia Tech, and get 
a degree from both schools. My Dad and I 
were planning a college tour in the spring of 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

my junior year, so we included Sweet Briar 
on our path up the East Coast. The campus 
was unbelievably beautiful. What sealed the 
deal was my prospective student overnight. 
I don't remember the name of the girl that I 
stayed with; however, I do remember seeing 
a video about a girl calling home to say that 
she liked the school so much that she was 
going to stay at Sweet Briar. That was how 
I felt at the end of my weekend. I wanted to 
call my mom and tell her that I was going to 
stay at Sweet Briar, finish high school from 
the dorms, and then begin college. 

Tracie Allen Webber '93: My mother 
pushed SBC, although I didn't need much 
encouragement once I started looking into 
it. I already wanted to attend a school in 
Virginia — my mother is from Virginia, but 
we lived in Memphis, Tennessee, at the time. 
My grandparents live in Williamsburg and 

the rest of my family in the D.C. area. Sweet 
Briar was just far enough from Memphis to 
say I was going "away" to school, but close 
enough to my grandparents in case 1 needed 
anything. I wanted to attend a smaller 
school and Sweet Briar's Junior Year in 
France program also interested me. 1 spent a 
summer in France with a family, and I knew 
I wanted to tra\ el and study abroad again. 

Kate Oniiigs Hite '88: I visited Sweet 
Briar because they sent me information on 
the school after taking the SATs. I went 
for a prospective student weekend and was 
hooked. It's the only school I applied to. and 
1 applied early admission. 

Kathryn Ingham Reese '88: 1 was 
wooed by its beauty and enticed by my sister 
Sharon Ingham Brown's praise of Sweet 
Briar. She was a 19S4 graduate. 

fall 2008 • 3 

Hardwick-Day Report 

Kathy Barrett Baker '83: Sweet 
Briar was my choice due to my perceived 
"happiness factor" from many different 
sources and for many different reasons. 
From age 13, 1 baby-sat for Mary Pat 
Rankin's children (Class of '68). She 
listened and was kind to me and influenced 
me in many positive ways. On a prospective 
weekend trip to SBC, I stepped out of 
the little blue jitney into the middle of 
the quad and was instantly smitten. I felt 
comfortable and settled. I was home. Maybe 
it was the old red brick or the marvelous 
motion picture campus. Jane Dure '82 
and Dorinda Davis Trick '82 were my 
overniglit hostesses. Aileen Laing's (Class 
of '57) Art History 101 class was great. She 
immediately turned off the lights and flashed 
fabulous slides of European churches and 
fine art onto a screen. Rhoda Harris '82 
took me to dinner. We had to wear hose and 
heels. Possibly provincial and life out of 
1952 for some, but I liked looking decent. 
The dinner was delicious. Then there was 
my interview with admissions director 
Nancy Godwin Baldwin '57. She was cool, 
warm, and wise. Afterwards, I thought 
if I was to become half as happy at SBC 
as Mrs. Baldwin had been as a student, I 
would be very happy indeed at Sweet Briar. 
Admission into SBC was the best Christmas 
present I've ever had. 

Edith Baird '78: There were a lot of 
reasons why 1 chose Sweet Briar. I wanted to 
go to school somewhere that my high school 
buddies were not going. SBC had riding, 
small classes, and a beautiftil campus. It 
offered liberal arts, which gave me a chance 
to take history, art, and religion classes. 
I also felt I would do better at a women's 

Kathleen Cochran Schutze '73: 1. 
Beauty of campus. 2. Friendliness of staff 
personnel. 3. College's strong reputation. 


What is your story? Who 
were you as a student? 

Doss: I wasn't in any of the really 
popular social clubs. I was a "Guion 
geek," a mathematical physics major, 
which I described as the closest thing to 
a mechanical engineering degree. (This is 
what I pursued at Georgia Tech.) I was the 
only person known to have started the 3-2 
program and gone through with it. I guess 
most were so drawn to Sweet Briar that 
they changed their minds and stayed there 
all four years. I was a member of SWEEP 
(environmental group) and involved with 
SGA. I played soccer, softball, basketball, 
and even tried lacrosse. Since I was on the 
3-2 program, I left Sweet Briar after my 
junior year, though the seniors were gracious 
enough to let me sit on the senior steps 
before I left! I greatly missed not being 
there for my senior year, but I certainly 
don't regret my decision to complete the 
3-2 program. 

Webber: I was a pretty low key student, 
not in the popular social clubs. I focused 
on my studies, spending time with friends, 
tutoring lower classmen, and dating my 
future husband. I tried to do all sorts of 
things — even things out of my comfort 
zone and took advantage of different 
opportunities at SBC. Once, my roommate 
convinced me to go with SWEBOP to 
"camp" at the cabin. When we arrived and 
settled in for the night, there were bats 
everywhere inside! Camping and bats were 
not my things then, but now that I have two 
boys, I find myself doing all sorts of things I 
never thought I would! 

Hite: I played lacrosse all four years. 
I was chairman of the Social Violations 
Hearing Board. I enjoyed weekends at 
Washington & Lee University. 

Reese: I was the classic B (and an 
occasional C) student. There were so many 
other things to enjoy on campus and in 

Lexington, who could be bothered with 
studying! One class I remember putting my 
heart and soul into was Mr. Smart's creative 
writing class. I would spend hours writing 
stories about my childhood when I should 
have been studying for my economics comp! 
Interestingly, I graduated with a degree in 
economics, but I now teach English. 

Baker: As a field hockey jock in high 
school, I wanted to do things I had never 
done before. Freshman year, I ran for class 
president (lost), tried out for Sweet Tones 
(la, la), stayed up all night writing English 
papers the night before they were due 
(whoops), and acquired my first boyfriend 
(a Hampden-Sydney bad boy baimed from 
campus). As a student, I was normally 
awkward, more insecure and immature 
than most, and with my ADHD, always the 
last to finish every test. Extremely naive 
in the "ways of the world," reading the 
Romantics' classic poems and novels about 
love, I could only imagine what the writers 
were swooning about. Typically, I studied 
and typed best late at night and could not 
spell. Tretorn tennis shoes, turtlenecks, 
sweatshirts, and pearls by day and long Lanz 
nightgowns by night were my uniform. I 
liked participating in SBC life on campus 
and trying to fit into the lovely, safe SBC 

Baird: It was the first time I had ever 
spent that much time away from my family. 
I'm a slow reader, so I spent a lot of time 
studying. I was very shy, but I did have a 
close circle of friends that I spent a lot of 
time with. I enjoyed my classes and tried to 
spend as much time out of doors as possible. 

Schutze: I came from a large public high 
school that was not nearly as demanding as 
Sweet Briar. I was not focused on a career 
in my early years, which was a mistake, 
although it worked out well in the end. Let's 
say I needed a wakeup call, and Dean Sims 
was kind enough to provide it after my 
freshman year. At that time, we didn't have a 
business major, so I chose political economy 

Dianne Doss 

4 • Fall 2008 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Hard^vick-Day Report 

my junior year and loved it. My favorite 
classes were comparative government and 
comparative economics with Professor 

3Ho^K Twould you describe 
the campus community 
during your tenure as 

Doss: Family. Definitely family. I loved that 
the professors lived there, and you would 
see them in Prothro, on the Dairy route, or 
playing tennis. I loved that the professors 
cared about the students on an individual 
basis, something that I definitely did not 
experience when I left. 

Webber: In a word: Family. Everyone 
was approachable, helpful, and kind. 1 had 
friends from all walks of life. The open door 
policy with professors was wonderful. 

Hite: Tight knit. Sure there were tap 
clubs, but the friendships were stronger than 
any club. 

Reese: So great! Some women may say 
that Sweet Briar is too small. I found its 
size to be perfect; it allowed me to create 
an immediate bond with my classmates 
and to get involved in areas where I had no 
previous experience. During orientation, 
1 got to know everyone in my class, not 
Just people in a subset of my class. While 
Sweet Briar's student size may be small, 
the College offered a large number of extra 
curricular activities. I took a bite out of 
life at Sweet Briar and this enabled me to 
broaden my scope of the community. I got 
to know my classmates beyond the round 
tables of the classroom and the dining hall! I 
played volleyball, softball, and lacrosse (yes, 
at the same time); I was a Ryan Nursing 
I lome volunteer; 1 worked the radio station 
a few times; I wrote for and delivered 
the Swcci Briar News; I was a resident 
assistant (RA), an Orientation Leader, a 
QV, a member of Aints and Asses, and a 
prospective student hostess. I nc\er wcuild 

have decided to try these activities had I 
gone to a bigger school, and by participating 
in these activities, my sense of community 
grew even stronger. 

Baker: Remember, it was the Reagan 
80s, so campus was filled with corduroy 
whale pants, add-a-bead necklaces, penny 
loafers, Dean sweaters, typewriters with 
ink cartridges and white out cartridges, 
L.L. Bean shoes, Mary Mekko prints, 
the General Hospital soap opera every 
weekday afternoon, and big Texas hair. 
Harold Whitman was our president. He 
was like our own grandfather figure. The 
Yale Whiffinpoofs also made a yearly 
appearance. The SBC community is a bit 
like one's own family. One loves them, but 
they sometimes drive you a bit nuts because 
everyone tends to know (or thinks they 
know) you and your business. 

Baird: As a student at Sweet Briar, the 
community life was good. SBC seemed 
more like a small country rather than just 
a community. It was lively during the 
week; weekends were usually quiet. The 
community was small enough that you knew 
almost everyone even if you didn't know 
them well. 

Schutze: We tried to keep our focus on 
the academics, but we were pretty much up 
for anything that sounded like fun. It's hard 
to believe now that a friend and I left with 
only 1 5 minutes notice for a weekend trip 
to Vanderbilt. Guys from UVA and W&L 
were always calling to set up road trips to 
Sweet Briar. We'd find dates for each other; 
it was a good way to get to know each other 
and the guys. We girls knew everything 
about each other's lives. Whenever someone 
was all weepy from el dumpo, we played 
Neil Sadaka's "Breaking up is hard to do" 
followed, of course, by "Now it's Judy's turn 
to cry" on the record player. We all knew all 
the words and could sing it LOUDLY. We 
spent a lot of time in each other's rooms. It 
was awesome. 

jmt Is there anything 
l^^l about your Sweet Briar 

experience that had a 
lasting, positive effect on you 
after graduation? 

Doss: The friends I made and see question 


Webber: The entire experience had 
a positive, lasting effect on me after 
graduation. At graduation, my father said, 
"Nothing will ever be as simple as life is 
right now. It only gets more complicated." 
Boy. was he right! The friendships I made at 
SBC have made a lasting impact on my life. 
Even my children understand after \isiting 
for Reunion. My four-year-old son thinks 
he's going to Sweet Briar! 

Hite: I still have the same group of 
friends and that friendship is as strong as 
ever. We still get together for girls" weekends 
each year. 

Reese: I can't put my finger on one 
thing — there are too many. What comes 
to mind first is my relationships with my 
classmates. When I do get together with my 
former classmates, it's like we never left 
college. Our recent reunion was a perfect 

Baker: In the words of a Nike ad Sweet 
Briar taught me to "just do it." Take that 
interview, run that mini-marathon, \olunteer 
for causes one believes in, and sing loudly 
in church. Remembering the wise words of 
a speaker at SBC. the basis of what she said 
was that life will be most ditlicult at times. 
Always remember, as a Sweet Briar woman, 
one has one's good brain and one's books. 
One can continue to learn and work one's 
way out of and through trying times. You 
also have a steadfast College to rely on for 
help. As a single woman with little family 
for 20 years, I took solace in the knowledge 
that SBC was a stable place with resources 
and a familiar refuge. Important lifelong 
SBC friendships have also had a lasting, 
positive ctTect on my life. T\\enty-fi\e 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magozrne • 

Fall 2008 • 5 

Hardwick-Day Report 

12^ "■^^r 

H^^^^l T * -'■*% fl^^^^^H 


^ ^ 





fv *' 


.<■ . 


*' % 



,jp, , m KWS^'T 

" ? ■ 

^ 1 - 

years later, these friendships are even more 
precious to me than ever 

Baird: Sweet Briar is a home I can 
always go back to. 

Schutze: 1 learned that the best way to 
make sure I got to participate in something 
was to "head it up" rather than sit around 
and wait for an invitation. Also, the 
comfortable relationships I had with my 
professors at Sweet Briar made it easy to 
establish a similar rapport with my bosses. 


What did you do after 

Doss: After graduation, I continued on at 
Georgia Tech to finish up that degree, which 
was hard since I "had already graduated." 
From there, I went to work for the mother of 
a friend of mine from high school and took 
some time to figure out what I "wanted to 
be when I grew up." I decided that I liked 
helping people and working with computers. 
I took a job at a health care consulting firm, 
which led to a job with a healthcare software 
company. This job strangely led to another 
job, this time with a cable company that is 
actively involved with its communities and 
interested in preserving the environment. 
While at Georgia Tech, I met my husband- 
to-be. We now have 2 kids, a boy and a girl, 
and the girl (with no input from her mother) 

decided to paint her bedroom pink and 
green! Holla Holla! 

Webber: I returned to Memphis 
immediately after graduation and married. 
I went to work for a cotton brokerage firm 
until I was hired at the import company 
that I wanted to work for. I worked for 
them in all diff"erent capacities for seven 
years. Unfortunately, the U.S. portion of the 
group filed for bankruptcy, so my boss and 
I started an import/trading company on a 
smaller scale. We are still going strong in 
our eighth year of business. I've also had 
three children, and my husband and I just 
celebrated our 1 5th anniversary. 

Hlte: Got married and went to graduate 
school. I worked for Ernst & Young for 6 
years and then worked at the Naval Academy 
for 6 years. Now I get to enjoy time with my 
kids while I work from home. 

Reese: After graduation, I worked for 
the summer to raise money to travel through 
Europe. I went on Semester-at-Sea my junior 
year and developed an insatiable thirst for 
travel. I traveled through Europe for three 
months during the fall following graduation. 
In winter, I came home and began my job 
search. I was hired at Wilmington Trust 
as a corporate intern and moved into their 
Trust Department following the intern 
program. I left the bank after three years to 
become a teacher, and I eventually got my 
masters in education from the University of 


Baker: One week after graduation, I 
moved to New York City with two suitcases 
and two other SBC roommates. Blair Redd 
Barnes and Meg Price Bruno were my 
very nice and fun roommates. We shared a 
one-bedroom railroad studio apartment on a 
fifth floor walk-up on East 88th street. My 
first job was as a receptionist, order taker, 
and dress model for the clothing designer 
Adolfo on 57th Street and Madison Avenue 
at his Couture Salon. Certainly, the most 
interesting job I have ever had. Not only 
did I meet and greet the rich and famous, 
I had to dress and undress them! After 
one year, I went on to become a registered 
representative with Oppenheimer & Co., on 
Wall Street. After the market downturn of 
1 987, 1 became a manager in retail for the 
next 1 3 years. All those "all nighters" served 
me well during my typical 82-100 hour 
work weeks for many years. Many of my 
employees were also SBC students. Hired 
during Career Day at SBC, Katrina Evans 
Gatti '88 and Stephanie Pearson Davis '95 
were my favorite employees! 

Baird: After graduation, I followed 
through on my main interests; banking 
and archeology. My first "real job" was 
with First Virginia Bank in Falls Church, 
Virginia. During that time, I belonged 
to the Great Falls Historical Society and 
the Archeological Society of Virginia. I 

Sweet Briar 

Womcni. CoUegm 


Flagship Public 

Sweet Briar 

Women BCmiogoa 


and UmvenDUoB 



Ubcin] Arts 

Sweet Briar 

Sv/eet Briar alumnae are more likely than all 
other graduates to say they benefited very 
much from many small classes with fewer 
than twenty students. 

Sweet Briar College receives higher effective- 
ness ratings than other liberal arts colleges and 
public universities for helping students to be 
prepared for career change or advancement. 

Sw^eet Briar College receives higher effective- 
ness ratings than other liberal arts colleges 
and flagship public universities for helping stu- 
dents to be prepared for their first job. 

6 • Fall 2008 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Uardwick-Day Keport 



,i* 1 


\olunteered most weekends, assisting with 
projects in the field and lab for Fairfax 
County archeologists. Later. I left banking 
to work full time doing archeology for pay 
in the Mid- Atlantic region of the United 
States. About five years later. I went back to 
work at First Virginia Bank in Falls Church, 
then in Mechanicsville. Virginia. I'm now 
working as a customer service representative 
for Wachovia Bank in Richmond. I moved 
to the Richmond area to help out my mom 
in 2002. I'm imohed with my church, 
the Powhatan County Historical Society, 
gardening, crafts, nephews, and pets. 

Schutze: I went into banking and started 
as a management trainee. I headed up a 
multibank ATM program in the 80s and 
ended up as the retail division manager for 
a bank in D.C. I stopped working after 13 
years when my first of three children was 
bom and we mo\ed to Richmond. 1 ha\en"t 
worked since. Instead. Fve been the captain 
of way too many tennis teams, coached girls 
tennis, developed new programs for our 
church, held leadership positions on various 
church committees, PTA boards and, of 
course, the Sweet Briar Alumnae Association 
since workiniz full time. 


Do you believe that Sweet 
Briar prepared you for life 
after college? 

Doss: I think the best thing that Sweet Briar 
gave to me was the ability to look at people 
based on their personality, not their title, 
paycheck, or address. The faculty and staff 
were always there and approachable and 
that helped me to develop my approach to 
communication; no one is too high or too 
low to talk to, to treat with respect, to treat 
as a member of your family, to be a friend. 
I now feel comfortable talking to a wide 
variety of people in different roles. 

Webber: Yes. I think that first and 
foremost everyone should have a strong 
foundation in reading, speaking, and writing, 
which is exactly what a liberal arts education 
gives you. The ability to communicate 
effectively is so important in business and 
in personal matters. More specifically, 
a liberal arts education lends itself to so 
many different fields. The experience of 
internships, practical, real-world projects in 
business classes coupled with Sweet Briars 
honor system gave me the foundation to 
pursue any field I wanted. Once I gained a 
few years of experience in the work force. 
I came out ahead of colleagues who had 
spent an additional couple of years working 
towards an MBA with little or no experience 

Hite: Absolutely! 

Reese: Sweet Briar prepared me for 
life after college by teaching me to find 
my voice. The all-women"s campus and the 

congenial, caring professors created a safe 
environment where I learned to inquire, 
listen, and formulate my own opinions. 
I graduated a confident and determined 

Baker: My father always said "Business 
prepares one for business their way, but a 
liberal arts degree prepares one for life." It 
is true. Helen Gurley Brown, the editor at 
Cosmopolitan Magazine, was waiting for the 
elevator next to my desk one day at Adolfo. 
Being the consummate reporter and nice 
woman she is, she once asked me how my 
experience was attending a woman's college. 
1 answered that it was great because we did 
not even concern ourselves about competing 
with men at that "young adult" stage of life, 
thus just got out in the world and did our 
own thing. Whether it be simply studying 
and getting through school or running 
for editor of the yearbook or newspaper, 
joining SWEBOP, becoming captain of 
the riding team or swim team, being an 
overnight hostess, or running for student 
body president, everyone has hidden talents. 
Sometimes, it just takes your SBC friends to 
tell you what yours are! 

Baird: SBC ga\ e me a safe home away 
from home to transition from a high school 
kid that had nc\er been on her ow n to a 
more independent young woman that would 
be joining the work force and follow ing her 
dreams. In the end. I learned to ne\er stop 

I___ 60% ^^1 60% 

nvmnnindU^t™ Libaral ArU n*«*lllp IMb1i« 

Sweet Briar receives higher effectiveness rat- 
ings than all other colleges and universities for 
helping students learn to appreciate the fine 

SwPet Brlnr W.nun ■ Ckai,«nt IJbml Arts fUx^Mp 1> 

Sweet Briar alumnae are more likely than 
all other graduates to believe it is extremely 
important to contribute to their community. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Sweet Brinr HVaiwo-n^lbv* UbonlArta na«il>.p rubUr 

CoUORV "^ Unln>miH> {\4l.«w llninmlM 

Sweet Briar College receives higher effective- 
ness ratings than other liberal arts colleges and 
public universities for helping students learn to 
relate to people of different backgrounds. 

Fall 2008 • 7 

k-Day Report 




learning and that is what I think does matter. 

Schutze: Yes, not only was I prepared 
for bank management from all of my social 
events and academic experience (I could 
LEAD a meeting), all of my "jobs," paid or 
volunteer, called for skills 1 first developed 
at Sweet Briar. 

What is your favorite 

Sweet Briar memory? 

Doss: Sledding on the hill across from 
the chapel, mist across the fields in the 
mornings, staying up all night talking in 
Reid Parlor as we got to know each other, 
Dr. Judith Elkins, pushing the bus when we 
ran out of gas on the way to a soccer game, 
sitting in Prothro with our feet propped up 
on a chair. Junior Banquet (I think I still 
have confetti in some boxes), attending the 
weddings of my friends from Sweet Briar, 
seeing our kids play together, and all the 
mini- and full reunions since then. 

Webber: There are so many! Walks on 
the Dairy route, the first "meeting" in Reid 
after everyone moved in, eating dinner at 
a professor's house. Professor Hostetler, 
feeling like I was home when returning after 
a break, formal weekends, the leaves turning 
in the fall, losing electricity after a huge 
snowfall, homemade yogurt, parties at the 
Bistro, late night study sessions, graduation, 
going home with friends, sitting on the junior 
bench and then finally the senior stairs. 
Lantern Bearing, Junior Banquet, getting our 
rings, studying in Paris, being an admissions 
tour guide, returning for reunions... 

Hite: Junior Banquet. 

Reese: It's too hard to pick one favorite 
memory; however, the story I find myself 
telling most is a QV story. Katie Keogh 
Weidner and I hid from the Bum Chums in 
the ceiling of Benedict for 1 8 hours. This 

was a challenge since we only had a 12-inch 
clearance between the bridge we constructed 
above the drop ceiling and below the 
structural ceiling. We were required to go 
to one class, so we went to Mr. Miller's 
economics class ... in the ceiling! 1 took 
more notes during that class than ever just 
to prove I really attended. Maybe I should 
have attended every class in the ceiling! 
Mr. Miller knew we were there and covered 
for us beautifully when the Bums came 
knocking. We were never caught, and it was 
an intensely fun time! Holla! Holla! 

Baker: I relish the memory of the quiet 
quad in the middle of the night. During 
many QV drops and meetings, or just staying 
up all night to write various English papers, 
I remember the silent sounds of the night 
noise across the quad. The magical mist 
rising up from the grass somehow squelched 
the worries of the day, yet cooled the stresses 
of student life. A good life indeed, if one is 
lucky enough to have it at SBC. 

Baird: My favorite memories of SBC 
would be the Big Island salvage archeology 
dig we did in anthropological archaeology 
class. Founders' Day parades up to Daisy's 
grave, the 75th anniversary celebration, and 
my favorite horse, Roger, from riding classes. 

Schutze: Walking around the campus at 
night with my first boyfriend from UVA as 
he identified the constellations, so romantic. 
Later that evening, my tummy started hurting 
so 1 went to visit some friends in their dorm 
room and sat on the floor until they marched 
me down to the infirmary. The next morning 
Dr Whitehead took me into Virginia Baptist 
Hospital where she stayed in the OR with 
me as they removed my appendix since I 
was scared to have surgery in an unknown 
place. So typical of Sweet Briar, romantic 
and beautiful strolls at night, caring finends, 
supportive faculty that go above and beyond 
what's expected for their girls. 


Sweet Briar 



Flsflshlp PubUa 

Sweet Briar 

Worn OS s CoUcRos 


FUgiUp Publlo 








Sweet Briar alumnae are more likely than all 
other alumnae to say their professors often 
challenged them academically, but also per- 
sonally helped them to meet those challenges. 

Sweet Briar College receives higher effective- 
ness ratings than other liberal arts colleges 
and flagship public universities for helping stu- 
dents learn to think creatively. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Hardw^ick-Day Report 


IWhy did you choose 
to attend Sweet Briar 

Zerha Rebab Asghar '09: 1 transferred to 
Sweet Briar from a very large university 
because I wanted a more intimate college 
experience. While it was fun to go to school 
in a metropolis, it certainly didn't do me any 
good college-wise. At a university so big, 
in a city so big, it's easy to get lost because 
no one cares about what you are doing and 
what you should be doing. Trying to find 
counsel is near impossible as college offices 
are marked with red tape and everyone 
in authority (registrar, dean, professors, 
advisors) is unapproachable, 
intimidating, and uninterested. During my 
second year, 1 realized that this wasn't the 
college experience 1 had imagined! 1 wasn't 
expanding as a person in any dimension, and 
there was no one at the university who cared 
or was willing to help. That's when I started 
looking at smaller schools and found Sweet 

Melissa Ann Simpson '11:1 chose to 
attend SBC because of the small campus 
and the small class sizes. The atmosphere of 
the campus was so friendly and warm, and 
it made me feel liked I belonged. The swim 
team had a major influence on my decision 
because 1 was looking for a division III 
college to participate in swimming. 

Brooke Dolan Agcc '09: I will never 
forget the first day 1 drose up through the 
old Sweet Briar gates, I felt like I was 
coming homo. 1 had been home schooled 
and, at that point, had been attending a 
community college. I knew 1 needed to go 
to a four-year institution and was instantly 

drawn to the classic beauty of Sweet Briar. 
I was greeted graciously in the Admissions 
Office with small details such as my name 
in the welcome frame. During my tour, my 
mother (who attended Harvard University 
in Cambridge, Massachusetts) and I 
were struck by the breadth of academic 
disciplines and extracurricular activities 
offered at this small liberal arts women's 
college. The small class sizes that allowed 
the development of relationships between 
the students and faculty were particularly 

My original plan was to graduate 
from community college and transfer to 
a larger four-year institution. However, I 
discovered that one of the requirements for 
graduation was a traditional math credit. 

with no accommodation made for people 
with learning challenges. After doing some 
investigation 1 found that Sweet Briar's 
requirement for math credit was course work 
with math components rather than specific 
math courses. This flexibility addressed my 
learning style and needs. 


What has your 
experience been like 
so far? 

Asghar: I can sincerely say that my 
experience has been wonderful. I'm 
expanding as a person at many different 
levels, and it makes me happ>' and proud. 1 
feel like everyone at Sweet Briar is teaching 
me something, with or without realizing 

Zerha Rebab Asghar '09 enrolled at Sweet Briar as a transfer student and Is studying anthro- 
pology. Zehra is pictured in Lucknow, India at the Bado Imambada during her trip on an Urdu 
Language Berkley Fellowship. L-R: Elizabeth Armour, Zehra Asghar, and instructor Fahmida Banc. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www.alumnae, 

foil 2008 • 9 


Do you think you will stay 
involved with the College 
after graduation? 

Melissa Ann Simpson '11 is a business major and participates in varsity swimming. She's 
pictured here with her friends at the 2007-2008 Swim Team Banquet. L-R: Tori Marshall '10, 
Melissa Simpson '11, Renay Thomas '11. 

it. The most obvious teachers are the 
professors themselves, but other faculty and 
staff members and my peers have also been 
instrumental in transforming my outlook, 
capabilities, and self-confidence. 

Simpson: My experience has been great. 
I have made lots of new friends and have 
taken wonderful courses. My friends and I 
have had lots of crazy experiences that have 
made attending SBC so much fun. 

Agee: At the beginning, just like any 
new student, I was nervous about being 
able to meet Sweet Briar "s academic 
standards. However, I found the faculty to be 
supportive and understanding. The transfer 
of my credits was seamless; I could have 
entered as a second semester sophomore, 
but I chose to enter as a first semester 
sophomore to gain as much of the Sweet 
Briar experience as possible. 

major and theater minor will provide me 
with a strong foundation for future careers. 

Comment on your 
professors, peers, and the 
conununity of SBC. 

Asghar: See question two. 

Simpson: The professors are very 
fHendly and supportive. They will help the 
students in any way possible and teach the 
courses with enthusiasm. The community is 
very close and supportive of everyone. My 
peers are very friendly and always know how 
to cheer someone up when they're feeling 
bad; they're also extremely supportive of 
everything you choose to do. 

Asghar: Yes; the privileged opportunities 
I've had to work at the Alumnae Office and 
with the Development Office as a Phonathon 
caller have given me a greater appreciation 
for our alumnae and the importance of a 
strong alumnae network. I hope to one day 
become a part of that. 

Simpson: I believe that I will stay 
involved because being an active alumna is 
\'ery important and helps keep you updated 
on changes at the College. 

Agee: Absolutely! Sweet Briar has 
become a small family and communit)' for 
me. With a strong alumnae network I feel 
that I will share with other alumnae a special 
and rich connection that will last a lifetime. 
I couldn't imagine not staying involved; I 
will always be a part of the Pink Bubble. 

Brooke riding Jasper in the Sweet Briar 
Homecoming 2007 In-House Show. 

Are you glad that you 
chose SBC? 

Asghar: I wanted a school that cares, and 
Sweet Briar cares. The feeling is mutual. 

Simpson: I am extremely glad I chose 
SBC. At first, 1 was a little hesitant because 
I live so close by, and my mother is a 
professor here — being so close to home was 
a little unappealing. But everything worked 
out and living on campus really helps. 

Agee: 1 don't think I could have found 
a better fit for my personal it)' and learning 
style! I know that my choice as a German 

Brooke Dolan Agee '09 is majoring in German and also working toward a theater minor and 
equine studies certificate. L-R: Brooke Agee '09 and sister Kathi Feitz. 

10 •Foil 2008 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www.olumnae. 





Betsy became president 
of our College in 1 996. 
and I still remember 
meeting her that 
September in 
\\ illiamsburg at an event 
designed to introduce 
her to the alumnae of 
central \irginia. There 
was quite a buzz of 
cxcUcmcnt in the room that evening; after 
all. it had been five years since Sweet Briar 
had installed a new president, and ue felt 
honored that Betsy had come to our area. 
More than thai, we fell a sense of promise. 
(Xir excitemcni has not waned a bit over 
these last 12 years, not onlv because Betsy 
has handled w ith conv ietion and grace the 
challenges faced by the College during 
her tenure, but also because of the strong 
connection she has forsjed v\ ith alumnae 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Maga 

fall • 1 1 


across the country. Over the years, it has 
been evident that Betsy so thoroughly 
understands the essence of a Sweet Briar 
alumna, you would have thought she was a 
graduate herself. 

Not only has Betsy shown her avid 
support for alumnae off campus by attending 
local club events across the nation, but 
she has also ensured that alumnae visiting 
campus enjoy the experience. She takes 
every opportunity to update alumnae of 
news at the College, whether through 
speeches or panel discussions; she hosts 
cocktail parties, garden party luncheons, 
and seated dinners at Sweet Briar house: 
she hikes with students and alumnae 
to Monument Hill after convocation 
ceremonies: she attends events hosted by the 
Alumnae Association during Homecoming 
in the fall and meetings in the spring. I 
am tired just writing about it. but Betsy is 
always smiling and seemingly indefatigable. 

Betsy has long understood the 
importance our alumnae play in the financial 
health of the College and personally has 
provided volunteer and donor recognition. 
Working with the Alumnae Office and the 
Development Office has been a priority 
for Betsy. Most recently, she has been 
instrumental in garnering support for a new 
Fitness and Athletic Center — for which 
ground was broken this spring — funding 
for the library project, and for new smdent 

This year Betsy will be traveling across the 
country visiting many alumnae clubs on her 
final tour. Show her the same support she has 
shown us: attend an event in your area, thank 
her for her devotion, and wish her a fond 
farewell. Our College is as strong and healthy 
as it is because of her fine stewardship. 


PRESIDENT 1995-1998 

Thirteen years ago. in a 
small room on campus. I 
waited with high hopes 
and baited breath to hear 
the answer to the Board 
of Directors' request that 
Elisabeth S. Muhlenfeld 
become the ninth 
President of Sweet Briar 
College. Betsy "s "Yes!" to that question set 
in motion a wonderful era of growth and 
accomplishment for my beloved alma mater 

In Betsy's vision for Sweet Briar, she 
recognized that changing times made it 
essential that every aspect of the College 
should be examined and the necessary 
moves be made to ensure its future as a 
premiere, educational institution in the 
twenty-first century. Her leadership and 
guidance in fiilfilling that vision have ser\'ed 
Sweet Briar well. 

I have watched with awe as she 
encouraged and listened to ideas and views 
from every constituency, synthesized what 
was offered found the heart of the matter 
and stated it coherently, then set forth a plan 
of action that all could follow even when it 
may not have been their first choice. Such is 
her credibility. 

Betsy's engaging personality and her 
ability to speak easily with individuals or 
to any size group with candor and humor 
convey her wisdom and knowledge. 
She always leaves her audience with the 
knowledge that she speaks from her heart 
and her own love for this College. 



"* 3^^ 



Sweet Briar College Alumnae Mogozine • 

Her role as president has seemed not 
just a job. but a passion. She has set Sweet 
Briar on a course of educational excellence 
for young women who want to make a real 
difference in the world. Her tenure stands 
as a springboard for a triumphant future for 
the College. She is leasing it better than she 
found it, and I am exceedingly grateful for 
her hard work and ser\ice on behalf of my 
Sweet Briar. I will miss you. Betsy! 


PRESIDENT 1998-2001 

1 remember the first time 
1 met Betsy .Vluhlenfeld. 
It was immediately after 
she had given her 
inauguration speech — 
and 1 was totally blown 
away! How did she, 
coming from a huge 
co-ed institution, Florida 
State University, under- 
stand so completely the culture and essence 
of our Sweet Briar College? She spoke as if 
she had been raised in "Daisy's Garden." 
Clearly, she had done her homework. 

Betsy and our daughter. Emily, began 
their first year at Sweet Briar at the same 
time. Then, all entering freshmen were put 
into reading and writing groups during 
orientation with the assignment of writing 
a paper that discussed the history and 
philosophy of women's education. As a 
teacher, I remember being very impressed 
that students were being given the 
opportunity to write on a college level and 
ha\ e their work assessed without a grade 
penalty assigned to it. It was a warm-up for 

what would be expected in the classroom. 
From that first week of orientation, the tone 
was set: immersion in substantive topics and 
thoughtful, cogent writing were valued here. 
Sweet Briar was a place that expected one to 
do her homework. 

During Betsy's tenure. Sweet Briar faced 
some significant challenges: attracting and 
retaining talented faculty during a difficult 
economy; an endowment that needed 
shoring up; deferred and major repairs to the 
physical plant; the ongoing need to convey 
Sweet Briar's rele\ance to prospective 
students while meeting the desires of the 
current ones. At e\ery board meeting, a 
\ery prepared Betsy laid out the current and 
long-term concerns, invited all to come to 
the table, and expected everyone to join in 
the effort to find creative solutions while 
keeping the essence of Sweet Briar intact. 
Together, we did our homework, and tended 
Daisy's Garden. That Garden is now larger, 
more beautiful, and more fruitful than 
when she arrived. Thank you, Betsy, for 
your unflagging preparation and thoughtful, 
inspiring stewardship of this most treasured 
and special place. 


PRESIDENT 2001-2004 

When Betsy arrived on 
Sweet Briar's campus 
embracing its history, 
traditions, and values, 
she won my support, and 
when she sat on stage 
during Founders' Day 
Convocation in her 
academic reaalia and 

Sweet Briof College Alumnae A/tagozine • 

bright white athletic shoes ready for the 
walk to Monument Hill, she won my heart. 

Betsy's work with the Shape of the Future 
Committee (SOF) is possibly her greatest gift 
to SBC. Throughout the process, she actively 
sought input from the full SBC community, 
thoughtfully responded to that input, and 
updated the community on the progress of 
the committee. With the help of her senior 
staff, Betsy guided Sweet Briar through a 
much-needed transformation. The College 
had been perhaps too lady-like and reserved 
about her identity. With Betsy's help. 
Sweet Briar became proud to be a women's 
college and proud to be pink and green. The 
committee's and Betsy's work made the Pink 
Bubble more relevant to the education of 
women in the twenty-first century. 

The SOF initiatives brought focus to 
SBC's mission and positive attitudes to the 
community. Betsy led Sweet Briar through 
this major change with care and grace, 
hi her inauguration address she spoke of 
"revisioning and reinventing ourselves 
because we will be a hvenW-first centwy 
college" Like Miss Indie, Betsy is looking 
forward and has positioned SBC to be at the 
forefront of women's education. Reaching 
this goal has been hard work, a lot of fun, 
and a privilege to be a part of during my 
term as Alumnae Association President. 
Thank you Betsy for embracing us and 
making us better. 


It was truly an honor to 
work with Betsy and to 
experience her passion 
for Sweet Briar, a passion 
that could only come from 
someone who understands 
all the gifts that our alma 
mater has to offer. 

During my term as 
president of the Alumnae 

Association, many new and exciting 
initiatives were implemented to engage the 
student and alumnae populations. Among 
the initial programs were Advisory Councils, 
the Leadership Certificate Program, the 
Sweet Briar Promise, the introduction of 
MAT, M. Ed. and BFA degrees, and a host 
of other initiatives that enrich the lives of 
our students and community. 

Betsy was a great supporter of my quest 
to bridge the gap between the student body 
and the Alumnae Association. Through her 
support, we were able to create a successful 
Student Relations Committee program. 
The work of the committee continues to 
strengthen relationships between students 
and alumnae and helps to graduate students 
who are prepared to be active alumnae and 
ambassadors for the College. 

Thinking back on Betsy's accomplish- 
ments, one incident stands out in my 
memoi7 as to Betsy's mettle. In 2006, 
Commencement Speaker Judith Martin, 
better known as Miss Manners, arrived 
on campus. Many of us are familiar with 
her eloquent speech, impeccable tact, and 
expert knowledge of social graces from 
her thrice-weekly column distributed to 
200 newspapers across the United States 
and beyond, and from her highly regarded 
etiquette books. Recipient of the National 
Humanities Medal in 2005, Sweet Briar 
was prepared to receive a lady of great 
respect. When Miss Manners amved at 
Sweet Briar, a cocktail hour and buffet 
dinner were served at Sweet Briar House, 
which must have put eveiyone involved 
under considerable pressure. The following 
morning, Betsy, on her own, served a home- 
cooked breakfast for Judith and her husband 
with seamless ease. To me, this provided 
a glimpse of Betsy's character, which is 
marked by total grace and self-confidence. 

Thank you, Betsy. Your legacy will be 
long lasting, and Sweet Briar will continue 
to be a leading learning institution for years 
to come because of your passion and belief 
in the College. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine 

/.alumnae, sbcedu 








i J 









On Saturday, May 10, 2008, 141 degrees were awarded at the 
99th Commenceinent of Sweet Briar College. Ten graduate 
degrees were conferred — two Master of Education and eight 
Master of Arts in Teaching — and 131 undergraduate, one of 
which was awarded posthumously. 

In some ways, the ceremony was everything 
one would expect in a college graduation — 
"Pomp and Circumstance,"" fond memories 
recalled to a chuckling audience, 
admonitions to "never stop learning," and 
challenges to be leaders and change the 

But there also were some atypical 
things. Dark skies loomed, blustery winds 
ilireatened to carry off mortarboards, and 
ihe graduates wore pink ribbons pinned to 
llieir black robes in honor of Laura .lahnke. 
a beloved classmate who died of cancer in 

A particularl_\ touching momcnl was 
when Laura "s parents, Doug and Mcrilee 
Jahnke. accepted an honorary diploma 
on their daughter"s behalf As faculty and 
students rose, clapping, to their feet and her 

father pointed toward Heaven, some in the 
crowd were driven to tears. 

Speakers from the Class of 2008 included 
Katie Whitmire, Kristin Barnes, and Mary 
Dance. Whitmire talked about College 
traditions — step singing, lantern bearing, 
and junior banquet, among others — and said 
when her friends at home don't get it, she 
just "gives up and says, it's a Sweet Briar 
thing.' " 

In that vein, Sv\eet Briar College 
President Elisabeth Muhlenfeld later called 
leadership "the Sweet Briar thing." The day 
before, she said, the College awarded its first 
certificates in its new Leadership Certificate 

"When 1 ihink about the future. 1 look 
at you ... fi\e. ten, twenty years down the 
road."" she said. "\\ hat I see is leaders."" 

Commencement speoker Anna "Ctiip; cnoo 
Pai '57 delivered an Inspiring speech emphasiiing 
the vital Importance of women's education. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

foil • 15 

Kristin Barnes, student government 
association president, talked about college 
experiences, including study abroad 
athletics, music, and other pursuits. "My 
charge to you is to continue this path of 
adventure you've begun," she said. "Never 
stop exploring. Never stop learning. 
Embrace your path but remember this: You 
may not change the world, but you can 
always make a difference to those around 
you." Kristin also presented the Shirley P. 
Reid Excellence in Service Award to Cheryl 
Steele, dean of co-curricular life. Voted on 
by the student body, the award recognizes 
a staff member for going beyond the call 
of duty and for enriching the College 

Mary Dance, chairman of the 
academic affairs committee, presented 
the Connie Burwell White Excellence in 
Teaching Award to associate professor 
of psychology Tim Loboschefski. The 
award is given by the student body as a 
tribute to a professor's dedication to his 
or her students. Before presenting the 
award, Mary talked about "this beloved 
professor." She cited his degrees, honors 
and publications, and said, "In his spare 
time, he has made a lasting impression on 
the Sweet Briar students, perfonning as 
Shakespeare in the faculty show and as a 
scathing critic in the latest 'So you think 
you can dance? Sweet Briar Edition.' " 

The keynote speaker for commencement 
was Anna Chao Pai, a 1957 graduate of 
Sweet Briar and a charter member of the 
College's Athletics Hall of Fame. Anna, 
better known as "Chips," is professor 
emerita at Montclair State University in 

Three of commencement speaker Anna Pai's classmates came to the ceremony to congratulate the 
seniors and support their classmate. L-R: Nancy Godwin Baldvinn, Anna "Chips" Cfiao Pai, Aileen 
"Ninie" Loing, and Mary London Brugh. 

New Jersey. 

Chips immigrated to the United States 
with her parents, who had fled the Japanese 
invasion of Manchuria in 1931. Her family 
traveled first to Beijing, where she was bom, 
and then on to America. Chips has lived in 
this country since 1940. 

hi a speech entitled, "Challenges, 
Privileges and Obligations," she talked, 
among other things, about her experiences 
as an immigrant — learning to speak English, 
dealing with discrimination, and the 
"generational and cultural gap" between her 
siblings and her parents. 

"Being an immigrant is never easy, 
especially to a child who could not 
understand discrimination." Chips said. "My 
life was full of challenges, but they gave 
my life meaning and direction. Challenges 
are a part of everyone's lives. The most 
daunting ones can actually be an opportunity 
to achieve goals and become what we wish 
to be." 

On that line. Chips told the graduates 
they would continue to face "glass ceilings" 
and other obstacles because they were 
women — particularly the women of color. 
"But make no mistake," she said. "You 
can be whatever you wish to be because of 
your education, and in part because of the 
lessening of sexual and racial discrimination 
in our society. 

"But you will still need more — the 
determination to work as hard as necessary 
to succeed in your goals, the willingness to 
make mistakes along the way and learn from 
them instead of being beaten down by them, 
the courage to o\ercome the fear of failure 
and to try something daunting, balanced by 
the self awareness to go as far as you can." 

In closing. Chips said "I give you one of 
my fa\orite lines that I heard once in a talk. 
A child wrote to his father serving in the 
Vietnam War, T hope you live your whole 
life.' I can't think of a more wonderful wish 
for every one of you." 


liusan Rodriguez '08 with 
sister Angela Rodriguez '01. 

16 • Fall 2008 

Brittany and Briona Deane, 
Class of 2008. 

Catherine Cox '08 with sister 
Amy Whifney Rippey '0 1 . 

Anne-Claire Wackenhut '98, 
Celeste Wackenhut '08, and 
Sophie Wackenhut Syzmanski '02. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 


Jennifer Milby and Kristin Chapdelaine 
prepare for Commencement 2008. 

L-R: Tiffany Meadows, Adiyn Perez-Figueroa, Laura Gandy, and Sarah Ansani. 


The Alpha Lambda Delta Award 

Mary Spears Dance 

American Association of University 

Theron Diana McLeod 

The Anthropology and Archeology 
Department Book Prize 

Kelsey Marie Dellaporte 

The Marcia Capron Award for 
Excellence in French 

Nicole Marie Levesque 

The Crysler Award 

Caroline Elizabeth Byrd 

The Juliet Halliburton Davis 
Environmental Science Award 

Erica Brett Franklin 

The Juliet Halliburton Davis 
Environmental Studies Award 

Megan Cathreen Malone_\ 

The Delta Kappa Gamma Society 
International Outstanding Scholar 
Education Award 

Shanna Patricia Ryan 

The German Embassy Book Prize 

Jnlie Elizabeth Midgley 

The Goethe-lnstitut Buchpreis 

TitTam Nicole Meadows 

The James Lewis Howe 
Award in Chemistry 

Adlyn Marie Perez-Figueroa 

L'Alliance Francaise de Lynchburg 

Elizabeth Joan Killiam 
Lisa Michelle Ruffle 

The George H. Lenz 
Excellence in Physics Award 

Christian Ann Johnson 

The Mathematical Sciences Award 

Rachel E. Gotwalt 

Kathryn Elisabeth Whittemore 

The Jessica Steinbrenner Molloy 
Award in Theater Arts 

Jacquline Renee Tusing 

The Helen K. Mull Graduate 
Fellovy^ship in Psychology 

Alexandra Gold DiFeliceantonio 
Alison Elizabeth Carr 
Adlyn Marie Perez-Figueroa 

The Lawrence G. Nelson 
Award for Excellence in English 

Leslie Marie Lewis 
Barbara J. Payne 

The Pauline Roberts Otis 
Award in French 

Elizabeth Joan Ivilliani 

The W. Edward Overly Award in 

Alexandra Gold DiFeliceantonio 

The Kathryn Haw Prize in Art History The Presidential Medalists 

Celeste Caroline Lucie Wackenhut Mary Spears Dance 

Natalie Ann Batman 

The Lucile Barrov^ Turner Avsrard 

Erin Lynn Rogers 

The Wall Street Journal Student 
Achievement Award 

Allison Michelle Hancock 

2nd Annual English Essay Awards: 
Critical/Experimental Essay 1st Place 

Barbara J. Payne 

2nd Annual English Essay Awards: 
Critical/Experimental Essay Runner Up 

Leslie Marie Lewis 

2nd Annual English Essay Awards: 
Personal Essay 1st Place 

Jessica Anne Joiner 

2nd Annual English Essay Awards: 
Personal Essay Runner Up 

Sarah Elizabeth Ansani 

SGA Service in Excellence Award 

Catherine Elizabeth Cox 
Diana Kaye Simpson 

The Connie M. Guion Award 

Theron Diana McLcod 

The Emily Watts McVea Scholar 

Mary Spears Dance 

The Judith Molinar Elkins Prize 

Elizabeth Ashley Anderson 

The Penelope Lone Czarra Award 

Margaret Elizabeth Barnes 
Anne Marie Lojek 

The Walker Family Award 

Kristin Marie Chapdelaine 
Jennifer Paige Milby 

Sweel Btiar College Alumnae Magazine • www.oiumnae.sbc.eclu 

Fall • 1 7 

Master of Arts in Teaching graduates, L-R: Margaret Howell, Angela Bennett, Anne Barrow, David McDonald, Holiie Jennings, Jessica Wooten, 
Jennifer Lowrey, and Danielle Dionne. 

Master of Education graduates: Julie 
McAndrews and Kimberly Gibson. 

Turning Point Students, Barbara Payne, Mary Nash, and Theron McLeod. 

1 8 • Foil 2008 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Faculty Awards 

Tim Loboschefski, associate professor of psychology, received the Connie Burwell White 
Excellence in Teaching Award at Commencement 2008. Mary Dance '08, chairman of the 
academic affairs committee presented the award. 

The 2008 recipient of the Shirley P. Reid Excellence in 
Service Award is Cheryl Steele. This award was pre- 
sented to Cheryl at Commencement by Kristin Barnes, 
senior class president. 

Presidential Medalists 

Natalie Batman 

Mary Dance 

This year, two students were named as Presidential 
Medalists, Mary Dance and Natalie Batman. The 
Presidential Medal is gixen to a senior or seniors 
who ha\ e demonstrated exemplary intellectual 
acliie\ement in addition to distinction in some 
or all of the following areas: service to the 
community, contributions to the arts, enlargcmcni 
of the College's global perspectixc. athlclic fitness 
and achievement, leadership and contributions 
to the community discourse, Natalie graduated 
with a degree in economics and was the Senior 
Class Campaign Chair. She was also on tiie 
Campus Christian I cllowship Leadership Team, a 
Commonwealth Scholar, and an Honors Scholar. 
Mar) graduated w ilh degrees in both Go\ernnient 
and Classics. She served as chairwoman of the 
\cadcmic .Affairs Committee, ihc fashion columnist 
for The loicc. and chainxoman of ihe .Admissions 
Hostess Prouram, 

Sweef Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Foil • 19 

2008 Outstanding Alumna Award 






Betty's devotion 
to Sweet Briar is 
evident through 
the many ways 
in which she has 
served the College. 
Often called 
"a one-woman 
com.mittee," Betty 
is known for her 
of alumnae 
relationships and 
enthusiasm" for 
Sweet Briar. 

It is my great pleasure and privi- 
lege, as Second Vice President 
of the Alumnae Association, to 
introduce Betty Stanly Gates of 
the Class of 1963, recipient of 
the 2008 Outstanding Alumna 
Award. This award, a high honor 
in the Sweet Briar community 
and beyond, recognizes alumnae 
who have given outstanding 
service to the College in a vol- 
unteer capacity. 

Those of you who knew 
Betty as a student at Sweet Briar 
and who know her today as a 
friend, family member, fellow 
professional, and volunteer 
would describe her as one of 
the kindest people you've ever 
known, courteous, tons of fun, 
considerate, gracious, spiritual, 
and loyal. It's a known fact 
that once you're Betty's friend, 
you're Betty's friend for life. 

Betty's devotion to Sweet 
Briar is evident through the 
many ways in which she has 
served the College. Often called 
"a one-woman committee," 
Betty is known for her 
"encyclopedic knowledge" 
of alumnae relationships and 
"unparalleled enthusiasm" 
for Sweet Briar. Those of you 
who have had the privilege 
to meet and work with Betty 
have experienced her outgoing 
personality and her attention 
to cultivating important 
relationships with sincerity, 
curiosity, and warmth. 

A great part of Betty's 
loyalty to Sweet Briar comes 
from the experiences she had 

as a student. Betty majored in 
religion and became a baptized 
Episcopalian right here on 
campus. Through the loss of her 
mother during her sophomore 
year, the support group she 
found at Sweet Briar gave her 
hope. To this day, Betty says that 
Former Sweet Briar Chaplain 
Frank McClain saved her soul. 
He baptized her in what many 
of you remember as the Manson 
Chapel, which today has been 
converted into a dormitory. 
Betty recognizes three 
classmates as her godmothers: 
Meta Bond Magevney, Elizabeth 
"Lisa" Wood Hancock, and Ruth 
"Penny" Pamplin Reeves. 

From 1968-1973 Betty was 
the 1 963 Class Secretary, taking 
on the sometimes difficult task 
of gathering class notes; and 
from 1994^1998 she was Class 
President. During the latter 
years of her term, she became 
a member of the Alumnae 
Association Board and the 
College Board of Directors. 
Betty served on the Board of 
Directors for seven years, filling 
roles on various committees 
including Buildings and 
Grounds, Development, and the 
Ad Hoc Centennial Committee. 
Through her commissions, she 
played a key role in College 
fundraising, in helping to 
facilitate our celebration of 
the College's heritage at the 
centennial, and in increasing 
the College's publicity in 
several areas of the nation. 
As a member of the Board, 

"Betty's penetrating questions 
and excellent sense of alumnae 
concerns have been invaluable." 

Betty has served as 
co-chair for the Reunion Gifts 
Committee, and, with the 
help of her classmate Allison 
Stemmons Simon, helped to 
establish the 1963 50th Reunion 
Fund in preparation for that 
special reunion. She was an 
early leader and donor in the 
recent Our Campaign For Her 
World, which was successfully 
concluded in 2006 and had 
a tremendous impact on the 
future of SBC through the 
construction of new facilities 
such as the Sttident Commons 
and Arts Barn, the establishment 
of new scholarships and 
academic funds, and an increase 
in unrestricted giving to the 

Betty has been instrumental 
in the vitality of the Florida 
Alumnae Club, which includes 
some of our most generous 
donors and most active alumnae. 
For 13 years and counting, 
Betty has arranged for a Sweet 
Briar professor to lecture at 
the Vero Beach Distinguished 
Professor Series held at the 
Vero Beach Museum of Art. 
She has invited faculty, staff, 
and alumnae to her home and to 
local venues for receptions. She 
has unfailingly received these 
College guests with grace and 
kindness. Her efforts have built 
a long-standing relationship 
between the College, alumnae, 
and current and prospective 

20 • Fall 2008 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Mogozine • 

students in the Florida area. 
Clearly, Betty has helped Sweet 
Briar place a strong foothold on 
a bright future. 

While Betty's love for Sweet 
Briar is evidently great, the 
scope of her generosity is broad. 
Sweet Briar is proud to say that 
another one of its graduates is 
"making a difference." Betty 
is dedicated to a number of 
institutions. Since 1992, she has 
been an Honorary Rotarian and 
a John's Island Property Owner's 
Association Board Member 
For 1 1 years, she was on the 
board of the American Cancer 
Society and went on to establish 
the Alvin B. Gates Fund in 
honor of her late husband. This 
fund assists children suffering 
from cancer. She supports the 
University of Florida in loving 
memory of her father and has 
been involved with the Vero 
Beach Center for Arts for many 
years. From 1995-1998 Betty 
volunteered as Chairman of the 
Lecture Luncheon Program for 
the Center 

Betty understands the 
power of volunteering, and her 
generous gifts of time, talent, 
and resources to the College 
are celebrated today. She has 
taken on a personal, lasting 
commitment to Sweet Briar 
by naming the College in her 
will, thus joining the College's 
distinguished society of 
Williams Associates. She is also 
a member of the Silver Rose 
Society, which recognizes those 
donors who have consistently 
given gifts for at least 25 years. 

In short, Betty is the 
epitome of an outstanding 
alumna: selfless, caring, active, 
loyal, welcoming, intelligent, 
admirable, inquisitive, and 
generous. We commend her 
for her love of Sweet Briar, her 
belief in women's education, and 
her dedication to the College's 

Elizabeth "Betty" Stanly Gates '63 Accepts 
the Outstanding Alumna Aivard 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 

My Standing here today as an 
Outstanding Alumna is living 
proof that "Miracles never 
cease!" Thank you Betsy, 
Louise. Nancy, and everyone! 
Especially Meta, Lisa, and 
Penny who were willing to stand 
up for me in Manson Chapel in 
1961! And, Frank McClain, I 
hope you are watching. 

I am truly overwhelmed by 
this honor, especially when I 
review the list of those who 
have received it before me. 
I am pleased to see three 
recipients from my hometown 
of Jacksonville, Florida: 
Jacquelyn Strickland Dwelle, 
Preston Hodges Hill, and Helen 
Mwchisnn Lane. I also have a 
special salute for Julia Sadler 
de Coligny, who was my faculty 
advisor here at Sweet Briar, to 
my classmate Allison Sleinnions 
Simon, and to Nancy Godwin 
Baldwin '57 who literally 
admitted me to Sweet Briar! 
I can assure you that I am the 
least accomplished of all these 
women, but none of them could 
be more grateful to Sweet Briar 
than 1 am. 

I am connected to Sweet 
Briar today because I am the 
liaison between the College 
and the \'ero Beach Museum ol' 
Art. Eleanor Barton taught me 


Art History my freshman year 
and gave me a D warning — and 
she would be astounded by this 
news! As a newly elected Board 
Member of the Vero Beach 
Museum of Art in 1994. 1 was 
"in the right place at the right 
time" to arrange for Sweet Briar 
to have one of their professors 
speak every year in the 
Distinguished Professor Series 
at the Vero Beach Museum 
of Art. I wish each and every 
one of you could attend one of 
these lectures. I can't begin to 
describe the pride in Sweet Briar 
that these professors bring to 
my community and to my heart! 
We have now had 14 speakers — 
including our President Betsy 
and our Dean Jonathan Green. 
Rebecca Massie Lane literally 
danced across the stage w hen 
she spoke about the Sensations 
Exhibit at the Brooklyn museum 
in New York! Barbara Perry's 
specialty is the Justices of the 
Supreme Court. Not long after 
her lecture I was in\ ited to 
a small dinner party in Vero 
Beach in honor of Sandra Day 
O'Connor and her husband 
John. I called Barbara Pcrr\ 
and she prepared me so well 
for the e\ening that my hostess 
was stiinned\ Oiu' speaker this 
\ear was Dr Tracx Hamilton. 

and we can all hear her lecture 
"Pilgrimage Across Cultiu-es" 
this afternoon at 4:15. 

I was privileged to ser\ e on 
the Alumnae Association Board 
for four years, beginning in 
1997, followed by tliree years 
on the Board of Directors of the 
College. I gained a new respect 
for Sweet Briar in those years 
and made some \ery meaningful 
friendships. Nh' tenure was 
at an optimum time because I 
came on the Board at the same 
time that Betsy was installed as 
President of Sweet Briar. I have 
also had the good fortune to be 
on two Sweet Briar trips hosted 
by Betsy and Larry. I think we 
all know that Betsy has gi\ en 
her heart, her mind, and her life 
to Sweet Briar for over 12 years 
now and her retirement in 2009 
is well won. She has certainly 
been a true friend, a mentor, and 
an inspiration to me. 

In closing. I'm going to 
quote from Betsy's Inaugural 
Address in 1997: "We are 
rc-en\ isioning and rein\cnting 
ourselves because we will be a 
21st-century college and if we 
do our work well, it will be hard 
to match us." You 've done it 
well. Betsy, and wc thank you!!! 
Need 1 say more? 

Fall • 21 



Each class made three announce- 
ments at Convocation: 

Reunion Gift to the Annual Fund 


Class Participation: (PART); 

Five Year Total Giving 
(to all funds): TG 

Photos by Aaron Mahler. 

1 1 members of the Class of 1 948 returned to 
Sweet Briar to celebrate their 60th Reunion! 
RG: 31,240; PART: 58%; TG: $362,61 1. 

12 members of the Class of 1953 along with 
8 of their husbands celebrated their 55th 
Reunion. The post-SOth Classes were wel- 
comed with a dinner on Friday night hosted by 
Dean Jonathan Green and his wife Lynn Buck 
at the Conference Center. RG: $31,447; PART: 
41%; TG: 628,787. 

This year during Reunion Weekend, Sweet 
Briar honored the Class of 1958 as 44 of them 
attended this special event. Rebecca Gardner 
and her beautiful lO-mo.-old baby, Shirley, 
were present in celebration of Rebecca's 
mother, the late Shirley McCallum Davis. RG: 
$263,1 16; PART: 74%; TG: $707,182. 


Reunion 2008 

The Class of 1963 had their photo taken at i juse, home of Louise Sw/ec/ci Zingaro 

'80, executive director of alumnae affairs. Enjoying me beautiful spring weather in the back- 
yard, the Class had a delicious dinner In honor of classmate Betty Stanly Cates, the 2008 
Outstanding Alumna Award recipient. 35 members of the class were present. RG: $77,130; 
PART: 66%; TG: $624,055. 

15 members of the Class of 1968, returning for 
their 40th reunion, enjoyed a great v/eekend, 
filled with picnics, tours of campus, and time to 
reminisce. RG: $50, 672; PART: 39%; TG: $242, 573. 

lr^Tna^B^^m^^^^Kifm~ ~ w 1 


^/ / 

^A .tfSBBi^K ^ ^^■yL'^ il 





The Class of 1973 celebrated Reunion Weekend \Arith 26 members back 
on campus. At Reunion Convocation on Saturday morning. President 
MuhlenJFeld announced that the Participation Award for Annual Giving, 
which recognizes the highest percentage of participation in the Annual 
Fund during the reunion year for classes celebrating their 25th-50th 
reunions, would be given to two classes! The Class of 1 973 and 1 983 
tied for this impressive award. Congratulations! RG: $59,125; PART: 
81%;TG: $409,170. 

The Class of 1978 boasted 4S members in attendance for their 30th 
reunion! This class enjoyed the v/eekend's activities, including: picnics, 
alumnae colleges, campus tours, and more. RG: $37, 1 76; PART: 62%; 
TG: $204,147. 

29 members of the Class of 1983 
attended their 25th reunion. In 
celebration of this special reunion 
year, the class met for a Mexican- 
themed dinner party at the boat- 
house on Friday night. At Reunion 
Convocation, President Muhlenfeld 
announced that the Participation 
Award for Annual Giving, which 
recognizes the highest percent- 
age of participation in the Annual 
Fund during the reunion year for 
classes celebrating their 25th- 
50th reunions, would be given 
to two classes! The Class of 1973 
and 1983 tied for this award. 
Congratulations! RG: $37,221; 
PART: 81%; TG: $106,634. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

• 23 

25 members of the Class of 1988, accompanied by 7 children and 8 
husbands, returned to campus for their 20th reunion. The Class of 1 988 
gave an adorable skit at Convocation on Saturday; they sang a tribute 
to Prothro Dining Hall's "Cheese Betty," a treat that holds a lot of great, 
and possibly humorous, memories for them. RG: $14,940; PART: 35%; 
TG: $72,748. 

1 3 members of the Class of 1 993 returned to campus for their 1 5th 
reunion. Mimi Davies Wroten hosted a welcome party for her class- 
mates at her nearby home. RG: $6,588; PART: 51%; TG: $46,450. 

The Class of 2003 celebrated their very first reunion at Sweet Briar, five 
years after their graduation date. 1 5 classmates attended the v/eekend. 
RG: $7,848; PART: 23%; TG: $45,101. 

56 members of the enthusiastic Class of 1998 attended their 10-year 
Reunion Weekend. This class worked diligently throughout the year to 
stir up the reunion excitement. At Convocation, President Muhlenfeld 
announced that this class won the well-deserved Participation Award 
for Annual Giving, which recognizes the highest percentage of participa- 
tion in the Annual Fund during the reunion year for the classes celebrat- j 
ing their 5th-20th reunions. The class achieved 65 % participation, set- 
ting a nevtr all-time record for the largest unrestricted class gift in a 10th | 
reunion. Congratulations! RG: $29,081; PART: 65%; TG: $176,741. 

:nf Muhlenfeld, Bei1y Stanly Cates, and Dean Green v/elcomed a 
beautiful day for Saturday's festivities. 

24 • Fall 2008 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

1 963 classmates Meta Bond Magevney, Lisa 
Wood Hancock, Betty Stanly Cotes, Penny 
Pamplin Reeves, Virginia Cates Mitchell gather 
before Convocation. 

(above) The Particiaption Award for Annuo 
Giving was given to tv/o classes this year: 
1973 and 1983. Here, the Class of 1973 
stands proudly with the award. 

(below) Class of 1998 gather around their 
Participation Award for Annual Giving, 
announced during Convocation. 



tr_ J 






Reunion 2008 

On Saturday night, the Prothro Dining Hall 
offered several delicious dining options for the 
Reunion celebration, A favorite for many was 
the pasta station. 

26 • Fall 2008 

1 998 Classmates, L-R: Gretchen Gravely 
Tucker, Joelle Jackson, Isabel Jean-Pierre, and 
Amanda Diamond Ring. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Ethel Ogden Burwell announces awards and goals for 1958. 

1958 ladies perform a rap song in honor of their class accomplishments. 

The Class of 1998 is awarded the Participation Award for Annual Giving. 
On stage are President Muhlenfeld, Class Secretary Cynthia Bumgardner 
Puckett '98, and Class President Charlotte Rognmoe Gilbar '98. 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Recipients of the 

Outstanding Alumna Award 

1 968 SBC's First Graduates, Class of 191 O.- 
Anne Cumnock Miller* 
Eugenia Griffin Burnett* 
Louise tiooper Ewell* 
Frances Murrell Rickards* 
Annie Powell Hodges* 

Edna lee Gilchrist '26* 

Gladys Wester Horton '30* 

Mary hiuntington Harrison '30* 

Phoebe Rowe Peters '3 1 * 

Edith Durre// Marshall '21* 

Florence Freeman Fowler '19* 
and Helen H. McMohon '23* 

Elizabeth Prescott Balch '28* 

Juliet fialliburton Burnett Davis '35 
and Martha von Briesen '31 * 

Jacquelyn Sfr/c/c/onc/ Dwelle '35* 

Dorothy Nicholson Tote '38* 

Martha Lou Lemmon Sfohlman '34 

Dale Flutter Harris '53 

Ann Marshall Whitley '47 

Preston F^odges Hill '49 

Mary Elizabeth Douce// Neil! '41 

Nancy Dowd Burton '46* 

and Jane Roseberry Ewa/cf Tolleson '52 

Julia Sadler de Coligny '34* 

Adelaide Boze Glascock '40 
and Sarah Adams Bush '43* 

Julio Gray Saunders Michaux '39 

Evelyn Dillard Grones '45 * 

1 989 Anne Noyes Lev^/is '43 

and Catharine Fitzgerald Booker '47* 

1 990 Margaret Sheffield Martin '48 

1991 Sara 5/)a//enberger Brown '32 

1 992 Catherine Barnett Brown '49 

1 993 Ann Samford Upchurch '48* 

1 994 Clare Newman Blonchard '60 
and Mildred Newman Thoyer '61 

1 995 Helen Murchison Lane '46 

and Adeline Jones Voorhees '46 

1 996 Alice Cory Farmer Brown '59 

1997 Julio A4///sJacobsen '45 

1 998 Elizabeth Trueheart Harris '49 

1 999 Allison "Allie" Stemmons Simon '63 

2000 Sara Finnegan Lycett '61 

200 1 Nonnette McBurney Crowdus '57 

2002 Elizabeth Bond Wood '34* 
and Ann Morrison Reams '42 

2003 Ethel Ogden Burwell '58 

2004 Elizabeth "Betsy" Smith White '59 

2005 Norma Patteson Mills '60 

2006 Martha Mansfield Clement '48 

2007 Noncy Godwin Baldwin '57 

2008 Elizabeth "Betty" Stanly Coles '63 






Fall • 27 

[3li6p Up Giving... 

Invest. Increase. Inspire! 



Sweet Briar is stepping into 
the future at warp speed with 
increased enrollment, new 
construction, and rigorous 
academic and internship 
programs. The College needs 
you to step up and keep pace 
through your giving to the 
Annual Fund. 

This fall. Sweet Briar 
welcomed 226 new students. 
This is yet another record- 
breaking year for the College! 
Enrollment has continued to 
increase 20% over the past 
five years, bringing even more 
success and exciting new 
initiatives to campus. 

With growth comes 
change, and Sweet Briar is 
experiencing both. Last April, 
board members, faculty; staff, 
and students wearing pink 
hard hats participated in the 
groundbreaking for the new 
53,000-square-foot Fitness 
and Athletics Center. This 
envirormientally sound addition 
to the campus pro\'ides a 
wellness resource that students 
and the community want and 
need to maintain an active and 
engaged lifestyle. In September, 
Sweet Briar broke ground yet 
again. The new residence hall 
now in progress is the first 

the College has buih since 
1960. It allows students to live 
independently in apartment- 
style housing and like the 
Fitness and Athletics Center, 
has been built with the 
environment in mind. 

While Sweet Briar continues 
to raise the bar, students are 
eagerly stepping up as well. The 
College is not only growing 
through enrollment and new 
buildings, but also through 
increasing academic and 
internship programs. This past 
May saw the graduation of the 
first engineering students. Sweet 
Briar added the engineering 
program three years ago and 
became the second women's 
college to offer engineering 
programs. Students are 
participating in high quality, 
resume-building internships 
around the world. The College 
has seen a 42% increase in 
student internships over the 
past four years. Sweet Briar is 
outpacing similar instimtions by 
12%, according to the National 
Survey of Student Engagement. 
Engineering smdents stayed 
on campus this summer to 
participate in an energy audit, 
while others traveled to places 
such as Dublin, the Caribbean. 

Lantern Bearing '08. 

and Afghanistan to complete 
their internships. 

This impressi\e growth 
is sustained through giving. 
Careful planning and \ision for 
resources is a hallmark of the 
Annual Fund. Each year the 
Annual Fund pro%ides critical 
support to current programs 
and makes planning for new- 
initiatives possible. Giving to 
Sweet Briar "s Annual Fund 
is the most effective way to 
support the vision for women's 
education that you share with 
the College. Your gifts are 
valued treasures that change 
the li\'es of young women who 
benefit directly from your 
financial commitment. 

Sweet Briar students are 
leading the charge in increased 
giving. This year's Senior Class 
Campaign had unprecedented 
93% participation and raised a 
class gift totaling over S20,000 
for the Annual Fund. 

On top of the success of 
the Senior Class, Sweet Briar 
increased the awareness and 
knowledge of philanthrop}.' to 


all members of the community. 
In true Sweet Briar st^Te. se\'en 
academic departments on 
campus reached 100%) Annual 
Fund participation this year. 

Now- is the time for you to 
make your best gift to Sweet 
Briar College. If you have ne\'er 
given, now is the time to start. 
Don't miss out on Sweet Briar's 
bright future. If you traditionally 
only gi\e at Reunion, now is the 
time for you to commit to giving 
every year. If you gi\'e to the 
Annual Fund every year, now is 
the time to increase your gi\ing 
and mo\e to the next giving 
societ}' level. 

Don"t be left behind! Sweet 
Briar has picked up the pace 
and the College's growth and 
excellence cannot be sustained 
without your dedicated 
support. Re\iew your plan for 
philanthropic gi^■ing and ensure 
that you are making your best 
gift to support the College you 
value. Step up your gi\mg and 
experience the joy and power that 
comes from making a difference. 
Im-esr. Increase. Inspire! 

Save regularly and budgete|^ift|for Sweet Briar to promote excellence in women's education. 
Talk about your comm'ifment to support Sweet Briar with those around you. 

Explore ways that you can give, and expand your impJil^j^^ming an Annual Fund volunteer. 
Pick up the pace this year by increasing your gift and ^^^ffsff he next giving society level. 
Use your gift to make a diffl^MSR^he lives of others by making your best gift to the Annual Fund. 
Participate in the College's growth and success by committing to give EVERY YEAR! 

ScAlteUi^ S(y^:iy^ 

^Nho\ You've Wondered abou 
but Were Afraid to Ask 

Discover the fascination of the archi- 
tecture we see around us every 
day. The Tusculum Institute of Sweet 
Briar College and the Virginia 
Department of Historic Resources 
will jointly present an introductory 
course on Classical Architecture in 
the Tyson Auditorium of Benedict 
Hall on Saturday, November 15, 
2008, beginning at 9:30 a.m. In four 
extensively illustrated lectures. Colder 
Loth, senior architectural historian for 
the Virginia Department of Historic 
Resources, will discuss the essence of 
the classical language of orchitecoture 
and show how it has enriched our cul- 
tural landscape. Learn how to "read," 
our visually rich surroundings just like 
a book. The course is intended for 
those who know little about archi- 
tecture, but iove buildings and wont 
to learn the special meaning of their 
many details. 

Registration, box lunches, and recep- 
tion following in Sweet Briar House 
are offered at no charge to Sweet 
Briar College alumnae, students, and 
faculty. Members of the general public 
are welcome to attend for a fee of 
$25.00, which includes the four lec- 
tures, box lunch, and afternoon recep- 
tion at Sweet Briar House. 

To register, contact Bob Carter 
at bob.carter@dhr.virginia. 
gov or call 434-381-6321. 
Registration deadline is 
November 7. 



lecture I 

exploration of the basic vocabulary 
and grammar of the Classical archi- 

tecture and its application to familiar 
landmarks both in Virginia and afar. 

Lecture II 

GREEK ACCENT: An explanation of 
the differences between Greek and 
Roman Classicism and the importance 
of distinguishing between the two. 


Box lunches will be served in Tyson 


Lecture III 

illustrated examination of the ancient 
origins and rationale of numerous 
architectural details seen everyday in 

Lecture IV 

of the inspiration for many typical 
works of Virginia traditional archi- 
tecture. The discussion will be high- 
lighted with both literate and illiterate 
examples of traditional design. 



You will be proud to display this 
custom made, nylon Sweet Briar 
College flag with the College seal. It 
measures 28x43 and is hand sewn on 
both sides. (Pole not included.) Price: 
539.99, plus shipping cost of SI 0.25. 

The Book Shop 

at Sweet Briar College 




Sweei Bitat Coliege Alumnae Magazine • 

Dear Alumnae Authors: 

The Helen Coctiton Lioroiy i^eeps o 
colleclion of alumnae publicotions. Each 
yeof during Reunion Weekend, the reuning 
classes' books from the collection are on 
display for all attendees. If you'd like to be 
a part of this collection, your books may 
be donated directly to: Tne Helen Cochran 
library, c/o Joyce Kromor, RO. Box 1200, 
Sweet Briar, VA 24595. 

fall • 29 


Ruth Canada at her surprise retirement party 
in Le Bistro. 

Ruth Canada 


Ruth Canada is retiring after 40 years of 
service. She was hired as a housekeeper in 
1967 and has been a dedicated employee 
throughout those years in meeting the needs 
of the College. Since her arrival she has 
worked in many buildings on campus and 
always made each day brighter with her 
pleasant disposition and helpful attitude. She 
will certainly be missed by all. We wish her 
happy days ahead. 

Lacy Rourke and 
Mary Dance '08 


I am pleased to announce that the Admissions 
Office has hired two new assistant directors 
of admissions. 

Lacy Rourke comes to us from Cottey 
College (2-year women's college in Missouri), 
where she was working as an admissions 
counselor for the past year. Lacy graduated 
from Cottey in 2005 and enrolled at Ripon 
College (Wisconsin) that fall, graduating 
Magna Cum Laude in 2007 with a double 
major in history and politics and government. 
She participated in the Washington Semester 
at American University in the fall of 2006, 
and was active in both the admissions offices 

30 • Spring/Summet 2008 

Lacy Rourke 

Mary Dance '08 

Alison Malloy 

Lynn Rainville 

and student development offices as an 
undergraduate at both Cottey and Ripon. 

Mary Dance '08 graduated from Sweet 
Briar with a double major in government 
and classical studies. She worked in the 
admissions office as a tour guide for 3 
years and this year as the Hostess Program 
Chairwoman. She has served on the 
instruction and general education committees 
for the last two academic years, the Academic 
Affairs Committee for the last 3 years 
(the most recent year as Chairwoman), 
and the Classics, Philosophy, and Religion 
Department Advisory Committee. She has 
also written a column for Sweet Briar's 
student newspaper, The Voice, for the last 
two years. 

Alison Malloy 


Alison Malloy is the new director of 
residence life. She started in mid- June. Prior 
to coming to Sweet Briar, Alison spent three 
years as an area coordinator in the residence 
life department at Virginia Tech. She has a 
bachelor's degree in political science from 
Hollins University and a Master of Education 
from Virginia Tech. 

Alison lives on Faculty Row with her 
dog. Lady. When she's not working, the 
Timberville, VA., native likes to spend time 
with her family, travel — her favorite place is 
Disney World — and do crafts. 

Lynn Rainville 


It is my pleasure to announce that beginning 
this summer. Dr. Lynn Rainville, who has 
served Sweet Briar as assistant professor of 
anthropology and archeology since 2001, 
took on an exciting challenge as the founding 
director of the Tusculum Institute. As 

many of you know, the idea for a Tusculum 
Institute was born from the confluence of 
two events: the acquisition by the College 
of Tusculum, the mid-eighteenth century 
home of Indiana Fletcher Williams' mother 
Maria Antoinette Crawford Fletcher, and the 
commitment of the Virginia Department of 
Historic Resources to enter into a public/ 
private partnership to establish a satellite 
office at Sweet Briar College, assist with the 
rebuilding of Tusculum, and provide outreach 
to the Central Virginia area. 

The College envisions the Tusculum 
Institute as a resource both for the campus and 
for the Central Virginia region. Its mission 
will incorporate the work of the satellite 
operation of the Department of Historic 
Resources as well as other educational 
outreach to the broader community in matters 
dealing with education, history (particularly 
the use of historic resources to teach history 
and social studies), historic preservation, 
sustainability, and related areas. In her new 
role, Lynn will report directly to me for the 
year, and will be responsible for helping to 
shape the scope and mission of the Tusculum 
Institute, create an advisory committee, 
develop a strategic plan for the Institute, 
and generate inaugural programming that 
supports its strategic mission. Her work 
with the social and physical history of Sweet 
Briar's campus, and with plantation burial 
grounds and African American communities 
throughout the Central Virginia region, has 
led Lynn to establish ties to a number of 
local communities including the Monacan 
Indians in Amherst County, and has fueled 
her long-standing interest in public history. 
Together, these research interests make her 
an ideal leader for this new enterprise. Lynn's 
appointment is a half-time commitment 
and will carry an appointment as Research 
Professor in the Humanities. Please join me 
in thanking Lynn for taking on this important 
challenge that has so much potential for 
Sweet Briar. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine 

/.alumnae. sbcedu 


Emily Vermilya '08 

Emily Vermilya '08 

Emily Vermilya '08 joined Sweet Briar's 
Annual Giving team as assistant director 
of annual giving at the beginning of 
June after graduating with a major in 
psychology and a minor in art history from 
Sweet Briar. Her areas of responsibility 
include the Senior Class Campaign. Young 
Alumnae Giving, Phonathon, and 5th and 
10th Year Reunion Class Giving. She is 
e.xcited to get to work and to help these 
programs grow further. 

Emily is thrilled to be staying at Sweet 
Briar, a place she loves. She has great 
plans for the Senior Class Campaign. 
"My class reached 93% participation this 
past year, and I'm excited to see what the 
Class of 2009 can do," she says. Emily is 
also looking forward to Phonathon. "The 
Phonathon has performed impressively 
in the past several years and I'd like to 
grow it even more. 1 also look forward 
to working closely with the students and 
teaching them what 1 know about the 
importance of philanthropy," she explains. 
Emily brings enthusiasm and a hard- 
working attitude to her job, and we're 
excited to have her on staff 


Ms. Pat' 
nes the Word 

Chaplain's assistant ivill remain 
familiar presence on campus. 


Patience "Pat" Caldwell Richeson, an 
assistant to three different Sweet Briar 
chaplains over 17 years, made a promise 
before she retired on May 9. 

She was reflecting on, among other things, 
how her beloved peer mentoring group, the 
Sweet Spirits, has flourished since it was 
founded by former chaplain Guy "Chap" 

To the Rev. Adam White, her boss of the 
past two years, she said, "And it better keep 
going after I'm gone, or I'll come back and 
haunt you. I'll ride right through here on my 
broom stick." 

White was unfazed. He will safeguard the 
Sweet Spirits, to whom Richeson is knovk'n 
as "Ms. Pat." When they were not planning 
a Habitat for Humanity project or other good 
works, the Spirits helped Richeson in the 
chaplain's office, witness to both her genuine 
mentoring and her puckish humor. 

Madeline Davis '10 says she set an 
example by "working hard and being open," 
but she was something of an instigator, too. 

White, Sweet Briar's genial, guitar-playing 
and somewhat famously distracted chaplain, 
bore the brunt of Richeson's teasing, but it 
wasn't all just for laughs. "She calls him 
'son,' " Davis said. "She'll say, 'Come here, 
sonny, you need to do this.' " 

Brewer wasn't immune to Richeson's 
maneuverings. either. He recalled one of 
her "quirkier" feats was talking him into an 
office cat. He likes cats, he explained, just not 
at work. 

But after a bunch of mice leaped from 
Richeson's desk drawer one day. Callie 
reported for duty over Brewer's protestations 
of allergic students and fur on his good 
clothes. Callie ensured the latter by sleeping 
on his chair every night, but he conceded the 
students loved the little calico — even if they 
had to wear masks to pet her. 

"Students would come by on the pictcxi 
of seeing me. but it was reall\ to see the cat." 
he sai(.i in phono from his new post al the 

Anderson University School of Theology. 
"Pat enjoyed the torture that cat brought 
my life." 

Richeson. a former dancer and avid 
photographer, earned a bachelor's in studio 
arts as a Turning Point student at Sweet Briar 
in 1991. She began working at the College the 
same year. 

In 1986, she was running the Clifford 
School of Dance with her mother when 
she decided to go back to college. She had 
attended then-Mary Washington College 
in 1958, but was lured away by a young 
U.S. airman. She and Tom Richeson, who 
celebrated their 49th wedding anniversary 
this year, were seniors at Amherst County 
High School when they began dating. 

"The plan was he'd do his four-year hitch 
[in the air force] and I'd do my four-year 
hitch, but we decided we couldn't wait," 
Richeson said. 

Not wanting to disappoint their parents, 
they married in secret. Richeson wore her 
ring only when she was alone until baby 
sister Ella — well known to Sweet Briar as 
professor of dance Ella Magruder — caught 
her wearing it one day. 

Richeson recalls the youngster bolting for 
the door, yelling. "Oh Mama. Patsy's got a 

Though she grabbed Ella, who was at the 
time "'old enough to be aggraxaiing." and 
extracted a promise of silence, her mother 
eventually caught on. With the cat out of the 
bag. she left a \ear later to join her husband 
who was then stationed in Germain'. 

Richeson, who once taught dance to the 
future Professor Magruder. said their mother 
encouraged in her four children an interest 
in the arts. While dance was a wonderful 
outlet, in retirement she is ready to immerse 
herself ill collage, photography, sculpture, 
and painting. 

"1 lo\e doing it. I absolutely lo\e losing 
m\ self in it." Richeson said. "So you know 
where to find me if I'm lost." 

Sweet Biiar College Alumnoe Magazine ' 


Fall • 31 


"The students 

who took classes 

with Petrus were 

often treated to his 

wonderful witticisms 

and ingenious banter, 

but whether they knew 

it or not, they were in 

the presence of true 


Sweet Briar Ballet Instructor 

Petrus Bosmon 


The Sweet Briar 
community was saddened 
to learn of tlie deatli 
of Petrus Bosman, 
choreographer, dancer, 
and adjunct instructor 
of ballet at the College 
since 1994. Bosman died 
suddenly July 19, 2008, while engaged as 
guest choreographer with Jordan Academy 
in Indianapolis, according to the f^ews and 
Advance. He was 80 years old. 

Bosman had been the artistic director of 
the Virginia School of the Arts for 1 7 years 
until his retirement at the end of 2006 when 
he was given the title of artistic director 

A native of South Africa, Bosman began 
an 18-year association with the Royal 
Ballet at Covent Garden in 1959. Under 
the direction of Sir Frederick Ashton, 
he partnered with Merle Park in "Les 
Rendezvous," was featured as Kastchei in 
"Firebird," and performed in the Florestan 
pas de trois in "Sleeping Beauty." Noted 
for his classical roles in "Giselle," "Romeo 
and Juliet," "The Nutcracker," and "Les 
Sylphides," Bosman also created witty 
character portrayals as the widow Simone 
in "La Fille Mai Gardee," an ugly sister 
(opposite Ashton). 

During his years in London, Bosman 
produced a series of charity galas sponsored 
by members of the Royal Family, working 
closely with Her Royal Highness Princess 
Margaret. The events featured Margot 
Fonteyn, Rudolph Nureyev, Merle Park, 
Antoinette Sibley, Ashton, and Bosman. 
"The fount of knowledge that Petrus 
possessed on the history of dance was truly 
amazing," said Mark Magruder, director 
of the College's dance program. "We were 
so lucky to have in our presence at Sweet 
Briar a person who actually danced with 
and knew some of the greatest names in 
dance history. Petrus Bosman partnered with 
Margot Fonteyn, who was regarded as one 
of greatest ballerinas of all time." 

His knowledge of dance and 
extraordinary resume might not be what his 
students remember him for most, however. 
Bosman 's verbal one-liners were non-stop, 
Magruder said, an observation borne out on 
a Facebook page created, in his memory. 

"The students who took classes with 
Petrus were often treated to his wonderful 
witticisms and ingenious banter, but whether 
they knew it or not, they were in the 
presence of true mastery." 

Magruder knows Sweet Briar can find an 
instructor to teach ballet as well as Bosman, 
but there will be no replacing him. 

"It's going to be tough," he said of 
missing his longtime friend and colleague. 
"You're never going to have an entity who is 

Bosman is survived by his sister, Joyce 
Basson of Capetown, South Africa. A 
memorial celebration in his honor was held 
August 2 in Murchison Lane Auditorium at 
the Babcock Fine Arts Center. 

Katie Frances 
White Henson 

Katie Frances White Henson died on June 
15, 2008 at the age of 95. Katie was a 
retired employee of Sweet Briar College, 
having worked in the Physical Education 
Department from 1940-1948. She was 
rehired as the laundry manager and worked 
from 1956-1974. Katie was the wife of the 
late Carroll Eugene Henson. 

Born September 22, 1912, in Amherst 
County, she was a daughter of the late 
George Henry and Alice Brown White. 
She is survived by her sisters-in-law, Annie 
Smoot, Bessie Wood, and Joan White, and 
a number of nieces and nephews. She was 
preceded in death by her twin sister, Emma 
Wliite Harris, and brothers, George Henry 
White, Woodroe White, and Ernest White. 

A service honoring her life was 
celebrated on Saturday, June 21, 2008, at 
Ebenezer Baptist Church in Amherst with 
the Rev M. Dwayne Martin officiating. 
Katie was buried in the Amherst Cemetery. 

32 • Fall 2008 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 


MINI ty&uj^^uxypxA^ 

Melissa Simpson '11, Louise tAoore Nelson 
'43/ and Meogon Oliphant '1 1 met for lunch in 
Portland, Maine. 

On Wednesday, June 1 8, the Sweet Briar 
Alumnae Club of Houston, Texas, held a 
Back-to-School Sweet Briar Fiesta in honor of 
new and returning SBC students in the area. 
Approximately 1 6 guests attended and had a 
wonderful time. In this picture, Keri Faulk '11, 
Jessica Shannon '03, Caroline Sapp '09, and 
Georgie Bliss '12 are enjoying their Houston 
Area Fiesta! Over the summer, 1 2 back-to- 
school events were held across the country. 

President Muhlenfeld accompanied alumnae 
on a celebration tour of France, commemorat- 
ing the 60th anniversary of the Sweet Briar 
Junior Year in France Program. L-R: President 
Elisabeth Muhlenfeld, Elizabeth "Betty" Forsyth 
Harris '60, Emily Thompson Gable '55, Beverly 
Shivers JYF 1954-55, Belle Williams Smith '65. 

Joanne Holbrook Potton '52 greets current 
parents at the Annual New England Family 
Picnic held on Saturday, July 1 2, 2008 at the 
Patton's Green Meadows Farm. L-R: Pam 
and Gerald Munro, Leonora McPhail, and 
Joanne Potton. 

February 10-18, 2009 

Monarch Migration in Mexico with Dr. 
Lincoln Brower, Research Professor of 
Biology at Sweet Briar and a leading 
expert on Monarch migration 
Sharing with Princeton 

February 18-28, 2009 

Coastal Life: Thailand and the Malay 
Peninsula aboard the S.Y. Star Clipper 
Sharing departure 


South Africa: Three Kingdoms (with an 
optional extension to Cape Town) 
Sweet Briar only departure 

July 26-Augusf 3, 2009 

Village Life in the Cotswolds 
Sharing departure 

October 12-27, 2009 

Turkey & the Turquoise Coast 
Sweet Briar only departure 

Contact Melissa Coffey '98, tour 
coordinator, for more information at 



*Dates, destinations, prices and itineraries are subject to change. Ph. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Fall 2008 • 33 


If you wish to write to a member of the family of someone recently deceased, please contact the Alumnae Office for name and address. 


Elsie Wood 

Mrs. Richard Von Maur 

May 1 2, 2008 


Mary Marshall 

Mrs. William C. Franklin 

Date Unknown 

Josephine Tatman 
Mrs. Marcus Mason 
May 1 2, 2008 


Elizabeth Gather 
Mrs. Paul B. Lansing 
Date unknown 


Helen hloffecker 
Mrs. Frank F. Roehm 
April 14, 2001 

Mildred Larimer 
Miss Mildred Larimer 
April 15, 2008 


Connie Burwell 

Mrs. William W. White 

June 3, 2008 

Eleanor Trimble 

Mrs. Raymond F. Moss 

March 9, 1 999 


Margaret Huxley 
Mrs. Robert L. Dick 
July 4, 2008 

Lucille Scott 

Mrs. C. Elliot Knocke 

June 1 1 , 2008 

Eleanor Weller 
Mrs. J. R. Westendorf 
May 22, 2008 


Moren Dobson 

Mrs. Raymond A. McConnellJr. 

November 28, 1994 


Dorothy Gilbert 
Mrs. Bitner Browne 
May 3 1 , 2008 


Eleanor Glaflin 
Eleanor Williams Ladd 
April 19, 2008 

Helen Klinger 

Mrs. Robert E. Gleeson 

Date Unknown 

Henriette Minor 
Mrs. Harrie E. Hart 
Dote Unknown 

Marie Pels 

Mrs. William L. Stuart 

Date Unknown 

Jean Riley 

Mrs. Joseph Dockman 

November 25, 1992 


Jane Bush 

Mrs. Eugene M. Long 

May 22, 2008 


Margaret Gilchrist 
Mrs. Lorton S. Livingston 
June 6, 2008 


Barbara Ripley 
Mrs. W. Todd Furniss 
July 14, 2008 


Louise (Weezie) Woodruff 
Mrs. John E. Angst 
May 22, 2008 


Betty Cocke 

Mrs. David A. Wright 

April 8, 2008 

Ellen Gilliam 

Mrs. Marvin B. Perry, Jr. 

June 19, 2008 

Elaine Krause 

Mrs. Charles J. Anderson 

May 29, 2008 


Leila Feilner - 

Mrs. Thomas Lenagh 

July 17, 2008 


Agnes Jefferds 

Mrs. Robert E. Sonntag 

June 16, 2008 


Carolyn Irvine 

Mrs. J. Wendell Forbes 

June 13, 2008 

Maryjane Luke 
Dr. Maryjane Luke 
June 26, 2008 


Lucie Wood 

Mrs. John C. Saunders 

July 26, 2008 


Eleanor Farnhom 

Mrs. Eleanor Farnham James 

January 29, 2007 

Jean Hill 

Mrs. Charles Chappie 

April 23, 2007 


Camilla Brewer 
Mrs. Camilla B. Klos 
June 26, 2008 

Anne Forsyth 

Mrs. Anne F. Timbrel 

January 1 , 1 997 

Kay McLaughlin 
Mrs. James S. Patrick 
July 19, 2008 

Betsy Nunn 

Mrs. Edward C. Kennedy 

November 28, 2004 


Cory Fox 

Mrs. Peter R. Fisher 

July 22, 2008 


Ann Irvin 

Miss Ann M. Irvin 

April 18, 2008 


Barbara Bell 

Mrs. Edward H. Peterson, Jr. 

May 6, 2008 


Julia Johnson 

Mrs. William D. Chapin 

May 30, 2008 


Irwin Leotherman 
Mrs. Philip Zanone 
July 23, 2008 


Pope (Pemmie) Mercur 
Mrs. John L. Cleveland 
June 10, 2008 

Bonnie Mount 

Mrs. Turner E. Grimsley 

March 1 9, 2008 


Linn Rumsey 

Mrs. Linn Rumsey Vincent 

May 2, 2008 


Ann Peterson 

Mrs. Ann Peterson Griffin 

July 9, 2008 


Celia Clark 
Miss Celia Clark 
July 2, 2008 


?.-^v7r;r^,vv^K^ ?s:^'V?£?:^T^^^^ri"pr 

The Sweet Briar Alumnae Association appreciates 
notifications of deaths. Please relay information to 
the Alumnae Office, P.O. Box E, Sweet Briar, VA 
24595 or alumnae@sbc.eclu. 

34 • Fail 2008 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine * 



Martha Lou Lemmon Stohlman 
Pennswood Village D-21 2 
1382 Newtown-Langhorne Rd 
Newtown, PA 18940-2401 


Juliet Halliburton Davis, Jr. 


2673 Belcher Mountain Rd 

Meadows of Dan, VA 24120-9801 


Lucille Scott Knoke passed away on 
6/1 1/08. She had attended SBC 1 yr. before 
leaving to get married. She loved her time 
at SBC. Lucille and husband Charles Elliot 
were mamed 54 yrs. and had 4 children. 
They were Nana and Grandpa to 8 grand- 
children, including Ann Kohudic '92, and 7 
great-grandchildren. Lucille considered her 
greatest accomplishment to be a wife and 
mother Her 2nd greatest accomplishment 
was her love of teaching and her belief in 
the pursuit of excellence in education. She 
taught at the Gill School, Bernardsville, 
NJ, where Elliott was headmaster, and the 
Barstow School in Kansas City, MO, where 
he was assistant headmaster. She was 
integral to Elliott's life during his 27 years 
as a teacher and an administrator of the 
Pingry School, Hillside, NJ. After they retired 
to Asheville, NC, she tutored children in her 
home. Lucille was an avid horseback rider 
and animal lover. She was an outdoor gal, 
a gardener, a dancer, a hostess. She was 
a member of Grace Covenant Presbyterian 
Church and the former President of P.E.O., 
Chapter IVl in Asheville, NC. 


Frances Bailey Brooke 
405 Jackson Avenue 
Lexington, VA 24450-1905 



Ann Morrison Reams 
771 Bon Air Circle 
Lynchburg, VA 24503 

Greetings! It's been a good year with some 
contact with a few of you. 1 always look 
fonward to a nice visit with Sally Schall 
Van Allen in Ivlay when she and Bill come 
with their son, Kent and his wife, Kay, for 
their annual Ivlother's Day tea. We particu- 
lariy enjoyed having dinner at Shoemakers 
Restaurant in the new CraddockTeny Hotel, 
which is in an old converted factory build- 
ing. It's special to us since that shoe factory 
is part of Lynchburg history, and, like many 
other cities, we are involved in renovation 
and re-doing downtown. Our riverfront is 
coming alive with batteau festivals, walking 
paths, boat ramps, etc. It's very special that 
Lucy Lucy Call Dabney's daughter, man- 
ages that restaurant. What a darling young 
lady. I've enjoyed several nice conversations 
with Lucy because of that. She sees Peggy 
Gearing WIckham and Henry who live in 
a retirement community nearby Gus Davis, 
Ginny Cummings Davis' husband, is 
in the same place. Ginny died some time 
ago. I was sad to see that Lamb Hodges 
Fuller's husband Allen died recently. He 
was a doctor in South Boston, VA, where 
they had lived forever Bobby Engh Croft 
e-mails that she and Crosswell are well 
and have moved into smaller quarters in 
Northbrook, IL. Besty Gilmer Tremain 
and Mike have settled in Westminster- 
Canterbury in Charlottesville and enjoy it. 
I talked with her and found her in good 
spirits. She reports that Ann Hauslein 
Potterfield and Tom moved into smaller 
quarters in Charleston, WV, and keep busy 
though aren't moving around as much. 
Same is true of Sudle Clark Hanger and 
Bill of Atlanta. Our friend, Laura Graves 
Howell, who died some time ago, has a 
daughter, Laura James, who is an excellent 
artist. She and husband. Bill, live in Annapo- 
lis, MD. They stay with me whenever they 
are in town, and report that they have run 
into Betty Blackmer Childs and Mackall 
who also live there. The Childs looked grand 
when I saw them at Reunion. By the way 
I hope all of you were pleased to see us in 
the previous issue of the Alumnae Magazine 
sitting on the lovely bench which Grace 
Bugg Muller-Thyme s family gave to the 
College for our class's 65"" Reunion gift. It's 
in Daisy's Garden, much enjoyed and used. 


Send your news to the Class Secretary listed with (^ 

your class. If your class has no Class Secretary listed, please send 

news to the Alumnae Office, Sweet Briar, VA 24595. 

(E-mail: alumnae@sbc.edul . Classmates want to hear from you! 

Secretaries may submit notes for every issue of the magazine. Please see-j 
that your Class Secretary receives your news before the deadlines below: 



Winter '08 

November 1 , 2008 

Spring '09 

April 1 , 2009 

Fall '09 

July 1,2009 

Class Secretaries are volunteers elected by their class and are responsible 
for the accuracy of the class notes. 

Make sure the Alumnae Office has your correct e-mail address! 
Please send e-mail addresses to: 

I've completed my term as Chairman of 
SBC's Friends of the Library, such a wonder- 
ful, worthwhile organization. If you don't 
belong, be sure to join. They need you. I'm 
now busy doing the usual bridge, book club, 
garden club, lectures, concerts, and Regent 
of my DAR chapter. I'm grateful every day 
for good health, wonderful family and good 
friends including each of you! Stay in touch. 


Alice Lancaster Buck 
Covenant Hill Farm 
9357 Covenant Hill Lane 
Marshall, VA 20115 

Julia Mills Jacobsen 

Mary Haskins King 
501 Kimberly Dr 
Greensboro, NC 27408 

Dear Classmates: since the alumnae office 
no longer sends out post cards I'm appeal- 
ing to you to e-mail me at ljamj@erols. 
com or write to Mary Haskins King at the 
address above. I'll hopefully have more time 
to organize the next notes and want to hear 
from more of you even if you don't think 
you have news. We like to hear what you're 
doing or not doing: how many new hips, 
shoulders, knees you have: see who has 
the record for great-grandchildren and what 
fabulous things they're doing. If you don't 
have a computer or access to e-mail, come 

on into this century and get news from the 
faithful directly. 


Mary Vandeventer Saunders 

955 Harpersville Rd 

Newport News, VA 23601-1085 


Linda McKoy Stewart 
18 Osprey Lane 
Rumson,NJ 07760-1821 


Maddin Lupton McCallie 
1508Edgewood Circle 
Chattanooga, TN 37405 

Salute to the survival of the fittest! 
Here are the names of the 1 1 classmates 
and 1 husband who were back at the Patch 
for Reunion May 2008: Judy Blakey But- 
ler Martha Mansfield Clement Meon 
Bower Harrison Nancy Vaughn Kelly 
Jane Johnson Kent Vi Morse White- 
head Peggy Sheffield Martin Audrey 
Lahman Rosselot Patty Traugott Rouse 
Sally Smith Williams ivith husband Tom, 
ana Dottie Wallace Wood. Your scribe at 
82 was not able to "get it all together," so 
I've enlisted the aid of dear Peggy Martin to 
describe her weekend there. I'll add notes 
from our newly elected Class-President- 
for-Life Martha Clement and from the pink 
pages sent to us last spring. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magozme • 

Fall 2008 • 35 

All of this from Peggy's report: "1 1 of 
the Class of '48 came to Reunion arriving 
on Fri.; we were given nice rooms in the 
new part of the Elston Inn with the Beemer 
Lounge on 2nd floor as our hospitality room. 
The College placed yearbooks and some of 
Maddin's old scrapbooks, soft drinks, ice, 
and snacks for us to enjoy. The weather 
was beautiful Fri. and Sat., light drizzle on 
Sun. The campus is so pretty and well kept. 
Constantly circulating shuttle buses took us 
anywhere we wanted to go. 

"We enjoyed seeing each other; Fri. 
was cocktails and dinner for all classes. 
The 50" was held on the terrace and lower 
dining room of the conference center. Class 
pictures were taken and nightcaps available 
in Beemer Lounge. Meon and Tom Williams 
came for Fri. only. 

"Saturday morning we went to Babcock 
from 9:30-noon, and since we represented 
the oldest class, we got to sit at the front 
behind the SO" class. Talks by Dean 
Green and the President were so good. 
Her "state of the college" was well done. 
The College is in great shape — all beds 
are full and then some, and they expect 
the largest freshmen class in more than 
20 yrs. We heard of preliminary plans for 
new residence housing. Ground has been 
broken and construction begun for the new 
fitness and athletics center to adjoin and 
tie in with the existing facilities which will 
be renovated — fabulous and exciting. (Our 
Pottsie's and Ann "Sammie" Upchurch's 
daughters are very much involved in all this 
excitement!) New majors and 2 graduate 
degree programs are very successful. The 
engineering major is popular and graduate 
schools are eagerly accepting SBC stu- 
dents. The Outstanding Alumna Award was 
presented to Betty Stanly Gates '63. Lunch 
Saturday was outside on the new Prothro 
Commons Terrace. Afternoon had many 
choices and some of us went to 1 -hour 
lectures in the Chapel presented by faculty 
members — well attended, interesting, and 
some difficult to understand. 

"There were about 500 alumnae in 
attendance. A gala, cocktails and dinner 
inside at Prothro with a loud big band and 
dancing for the younger classes occurred 
on Sat. We chose as an alternate to Prothro 
a beautiful, excellent musical program in 
the Chapel presented by the Music Dept. 
and well attended. Dr. Green, head of the 
Music Dept. and Dean of the College enter- 
tained us with an interesting, rare mix of 
talents and with a fine baritone voice. Then, 
we went back to Beemer Lounge where we 
talked a long time and caught up with each 
other and shared news of other classmates. 
It was nice and we were all in pretty good 
shape — all stiff and creaky, but only 4 
canes. Everyone through the years has 
survived illness, surgery, highlights, and dis- 
appointments. Some more, some less, but 
that's the way life is. We heard about chil- 
dren, grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild 

and a small bit about community involve- 
ments. We enjoyed each other and finished 
a good day with an appreciative and satisfy- 
ing feeling. Sun. we went to the Service of 
Remembrance, a sermon by Chaplain White 
and reading of names of the deceased in 
the last year. Because of light rain, lunch 
was changed from SB House Gardens to 
Prothro Commons (a wonderful campus 
quadrangle with post office, bookstore, cafe, 
and dining facilities with a lovely big terrace 
looking out toward l\/lonument Hill.) We said 
farewell and left by cars and planes about 
2:30 p.m. We were small in number, but 
large in an enjoyable experience — missing 
everybody that wasn't there. We left feeling 
very proud of our College." 

Our class sends thanks to Peggy for 
this remembrance so carefully detailed and 
sincerely done. We feel that we were there! 

Now for some news of classmates: 
Peggy Sheffield Martin moved from 
her home of 40 yrs. to a condo, had a hip 
replacement and surgery for a benign brain 
tumor, yet still travels to the Highlands 
for family gatherings and to Nova Scotia, 
volunteers at Atlanta Botanical Gardens 
and became a great-grandmother in 8/07. 
She went to Annapolis for the wedding 
of one of Ann Samford Upcliurcli's 
grands. IVlarlha Mansfield Clement from 
Alexandria keeps in touch with many of 
us. She reports on a granddaughter who 
graduated from SBC in '06; another to be 
in Class of 201 2, which adds to 3 SBC- 
graduated daughters. She sees Audrey 
Lahman Rossolet, Nancy Vaughn 
Kelly, Ginny Wurzbach Vardy, and Liz 
Barbour Mcrae among others who live in 
the area. We grieved over the news of the 
death of one of Liz's triplets. We continue 
to be impressed with the Dan Kelly family's 
work at the Center Pole on the Crow Indian 
Reservation in MT Judy Bial<ey Butler 
hopes to team up with the above, but she 
didn't make it back to the Patch. A note 
from Betty Gibson with fascinating news: 
she has wearied of D.C. traffic and after 50 
yrs. has sold her condo on Cathedral Ave. 
and moved to her hometown of Muskogee, 

Judy Perkins Llewellyn sent a 
note from Avon, CT that, due to personal 
complications, she wouldn't be at Reunion. 
She reports her hair is white, girth is larger, 
but her sanity is mostly intact. Caroline 
Haslcell Simpson is coming out of a bad 
year with a broken pelvic bone, but still 
hopes for one more trip to Italy Dr. Jane 
Luke is back in Covington, VA, but is 
experiencing some health problems. Word 
comes that Jane Miller Wright lost her 
husband Howard just after celebrating their 
60th wedding anniversary with all their 
progeny in attendance. We salute her for 
keeping in touch for 60 yrs. all the way 
from Long Beach, CA! Mayde Luddington 
Henningsen lost her husband Victor last 
spring. He has given years of service on 

the SBC Board. Mary Barrett Robertson 

sends a note of concern for failing health 
of Suzanne Hardy Benson, and a feel- 
ing of gratitude for her own continuing 
good health in Augusta where they live. 
Eve Godchaux Hirsch says that thanks 
to lessons she learned at SBC of grace 
and forbearance, she and her son survived 
Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. A fun 
phone call with Wayne Stokes Goodall 
told us that she had indeed moved from 
Charlottesville to Fearington, NC. She didn't 
plan to go to Reunion, but hopes to take the 
next SBC-sponsored trip. 

Your scribe does apologize for this 
sketchy letter, but we did make a Jun. trip 
to Boston to graduate a granddaughter from 
Harvard and hear a speech by the creator 
of the Hany Potter stories, J.K. Rowling. 
Among other things I was impressed to 
learn she now has more money than the 
Queen of England! Please keep in touch 
with me and remember our wonderful times 
at the school "that lies upon a hilltop." 


?i: yz 

-2^, 3009 

Catherine Barnett Brown 
4 Pippins Way 
Convent Station, NJ 07961 

Sorry to say, I goofed in our notes for 
the spring issue, sending Sally Ayres 
Shroyer off to Cuba, when it was really 
Sally Melcher Jarvis who made that trip! 
Meanwhile, the Shroyers were in the midst 
of planning an 8/7 gala 60th wedding an- 
niversary party! My apologies to both Sallys! 
/\nd in the midst of this mix-up, I received 
a copy of Goodie Geer DIRaddo's newly 
published, delightful book about cooking 
with a Charleston rice steamer.. .more about 
that later! 


Patricia Halloran Salvador! 
9 N. Stratford Road 
Arlington Heights, IL 60004-6521 
Home Phone: 847-255-8033 


Patty Lynas Ford 
2165 West Dry Creek Road 
Healdsburg, CA 95448 

Thank you to all who have contributed to our 
class notes. 

Max Ray very kindly wrote about his 
mother, Joanne Williams Ray Fraser. 

I've sent a copy of this message, dated 

4/29/08, to all those who responded to my 
letter and e-mail. Should any of you wish 
to write to him, I know he would appreciate 
hearing from you and sharing your message 
with his mother. 

"Dear Patty, My mother Joanne (maiden 
name Williams from Short Hills, NJ) was 
married 9/8/51 to my father Jimmy Ray 
(deceased 1968 Danville, VA), remarried to 
Dr. Robert Fraser (AKA Bob, Deceased 2002 
Montreal Que/Birmingham, AL), was diag- 
nosed with Alzheimer's 4/04 and happened 
to have a somewhat lucid day today She 
was asking about family issues that have 
been absent in her memories for the last 
1 8-24 mo. and your timely letter was great 
to show her that this is indeed her home 
address, as she wants my sister to come 
down from MD and 'drive her home.' I am 
her youngest son who lives in residence 
with her and would solicit any of her class- 
mates to write her a short and personal 
note that would remind her of a funny story 
about her and my father or something that 
may have been important to her long-term 
memory. In the last 6 mo., eating has been 
her main pastime — 12-14 plates daily. 
She has gained 30 lb and gone from size 
1 2 to IX. Her doctor has ordered a strict 
diet, which is difficult to implement. I take 
her swimming at the Lakeshore founda- 
tion several times a week along with walks 
around the block as she will allow — she's 
most stubborn (and they wonder where I 
get it from?!) Sadly, she won't remember 
most people, and I do know some of your 
classmates from my years in VA (1960-72), 
but we staiggle with something to focus 
her boredom and attention. We welcome 
ALL adult conversations! Working AT HOME 
and in residence, I am, Max T Ray A.E.P, 
C.L.U., FB.S. Family Business Associates, 
2766 Smyer Circle, Vestavia Hills, AL 

Susan Taylor Hubbard: All is well with 
me. I have 7 grandchildren (ages 10-4). 
They are scattered around in Richmond, VA, | 
Asheville, NC, and Havre de Grace, MD, not 
too far from Norfolk. I'm still in my big old 
comfortable house (since 1965) along with 
my beloved dog Zoe. I go to an exercise 
class twice a week and attribute my good 
health to that. (I keep my fingers crossed.) 
I belong to the local Audubon Society and 
enjoy birding with the group. But I'm fum- 
ing to wildflowers, something that happens 
to birders when they get on in years. I'm 
active in my church on the Altar Guild 
and in creating a small butterfly garden. j 
I've been on 2 trips recently, to /\K and to ] 
Trinidad and Tobago. I keep in touch with 
Angle Vaughan Halliday and talk to Terry 
Faulkner Phillips every now and then. 
Also, Marie Ironmonger Bundy, who was 
a leader in making the Norfolk Botanical 1 
Gardens into one of the best gardens in .1 
the country and who also lives in Norfolk, ] 
as well other SBC friends, Jane Lewis 
Zollicoffer '50 and Rosemary Ashby Dashiell 

36 • Fall 2008 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • w^A^ 

'46. 1 value the friends I made at SBC more 
than anything. I was certainly not much of a 
student, but I realize now that I did learn a 
lot in spite of that. P.S. At our 55th Reunion 
I was selected as Class President. Haven't 
done a single thing about that, but I will 
when our next Reunion comes up in 201 1 ... 
the Lord willing! 

Mary Pease Fleming, Ann Sheldon 
Taylor Campbell and I remain pals as we 
both live In Richmond. We had the treat 
of having lunch with Ann "Annie Moo" 
Mountcastle Blechta, who came on 
a surprise visit to Richmond to wish her 
brother Frank l\/1ountcastle a happy 75th 
birthday. That get-together was followed by 
a visit of Barbara Birt Dow and Bill. They 
spent the night with Rives and me, on their 
way north from Vero Beach, FL. Barbara and 
Bill live in 3 places: their condo in Devon, 
PA (a move from their home of many years 
in Haverford, PA), their nest in Vero Beach, 
and a summer home at Salters Point, MA. 
We loved having them, and found Barbie to 
be ageless and prettier than ever Between 
Annie Moo and Barbie there's no excuse 
for my floppy grey hair and piano teacher 
fingernails! Rives and I live in a great little 
1 -floor house with enough beds for us and 
some of our 1 8 grandchildren. Our children 
are spread around the southeast, some 
in Richmond, and we cherish the times 
we can be together I'm still teaching little 
fingers to play the piano and enjoying it, 
and also do a little accompanying for ballet 
classes. I don't know if previous information 
has reached you. At Christmas I had the 
sad news that Jean Duerson Bade's hus- 
band John had passed away I know others 
would like to know this. 

Joan Davis Warren: I'm sorry to 
have the update on Joanne Williams Ray 
Fraser. I knew she was having problems, 
but they seem quite severe now. No real 
news. I have 4 children and 4 grandchil- 
dren, including twin girls (4) and boys 13 
and 1 1 . Andy and I are well, although Andy 
has some disabilities. 

Jean Stapleton Hillier: Thank you 
for taking on the task of keeping us all 
together. Your e-mail on Joanne Williams 
Ray Fraser is a prime example of why 
it's so important. In regard to that request. 
Surge and I will try to find stories from the 
past which will stir up happy memories. 
Our lives continue to be on the "roller 
coaster" called breast cancer As many of 
the class already know, it started for me 
In 1976. It reared its ugly head again In 
'04 by metastasizing Into my bones. 3 ]i 
yrs. later it has now spread once more and 
I'm back on a Chemo protocol. I know it 
will once again be managed through the 
magic of a great oncologist and the miracle 
drugs available today. We continue to live in 
McLean, VA, with periodic visits to the fam- 
ily home in Southwest GA. A great respite, 
particularly when joined by one or more 
of our 4 children and 1 1 grandchildren. It 

really Is a time warp and very therapeutic. 
In addition to our family the support and 
love I've received from my SBC roommates 
and friends have been an important factor 
in where I am today. I feel blessed and say 
thank you. I look forward to hearing from 
more and more of the class through your 

Mona Wilson Beard: Good for you to 
volunteer! Charlottesville remains a great 
place to live with lots to see and do. My 
happy hobby is pet therapy and I visit a day 
care center, the U.VA Children's Hospital 
and Hospice House with my therapy dog. 
Lots of interesting classes and courses 
are available in addition to Book Week, 
Foxfield Races, Dog Wood Festival, etc., etc. 
If classmates come to SBC perhaps they 
could call or come by Thank you again. PS. 
Too bad SBC President Is moving on for she 
has surely done a great job. 

Ann "Annie Moo" Mountcastle 
Blechta: Thank you for your letter it was 
just the other day when I was in Richmond 
and Ann "Shelly" Taylor Campbell. Mary 
Pease Fleming, and I were saying who can 
do the newsletter and there you are NOW. 
(I'm visiting my brother, Frank Mountcastle.) 
You'll laugh when you talk to Shelly and 
Mary, who've said that "if they were put with 
the Old Gals at SBC Reunion, they wouldn't 
go again." We'll have to do something about 
that for our 65th! I live in Sarasota, FL, 
enjoying a full life with church work, Garden 
Club (Oh how I loved those trees and flow- 
ers in spring in Richmond after so long). I 
enjoy my children, Christine in AZ home- 
schooling 2 boys, and Daphne in Paris, an 
artist with 3 children (Scottish husband). 
They come to visit us for the good weather; 
I go to Paris to refresh my French. George 
Blechta will be 95 in Jul. WOW. We're all 
gathering for that. He's the best. We've been 
married 9 yrs. God is So Good! 

Rosalie "Pinkie" Barringer 
Wornham: My heart will always be in VA in 
spite of being out of touch with SBC. Even 
after 52 yrs. I'll NEVER be a "Califomian"! 
Tom and I are well, moving parts are still OK 
albeit a bit creaky, memory almost works 
most of the time, and we're still speaking 
after nearly 57 yrs. I retired from doing 
Bishop's School admissions 5 yrs. ago. We 
walk 3 mi. on the beach every day with our 
black Lab, I swim 1/2 mi. daily we deliver 
Meals on Wheels together on Tuesdays, and 
I'm the St. James by the Sea Altar Guild 
lady on Fridays at noon. Life is simple. 
Tommy IV graduates from Bishop's in 3 
wks and is headed for Princeton. I've just 
come from 10 days in Cambridge, MA, with 
Wendy's 4 teenagers (13, 14, 16, 17) while 
they were in Paris. Fabulous kids, but I was 
a little out of practice and it was much like 
herding cats and I CAN drive a strange car 
In Boston to make the daily 45-min. com- 
mute to Milton! Cindy lives in L.A. as the 
Director of Future Planning and PR for the 
Sundance Institute and works with Robert 

Redford neariy every day! Tom III is Regional 
VP of Wells Fargo Bank; Wendy is a pedia- 
trician and an Assoc. Prof, at Harvard Med. 
School. We're blessed as all our kids have 
jobs — more than you ever cared to know 
about us. Each day is a gift. SBC memories 
are among the happiest of my life. 

Betty Browder Nibley: No news is 
good news in my case. I love going to aero- 
bics/strength training twice a week, cel- 
ebrating birthdays of grandchildren, walking 
2 ml. a day and attending a host of fun lun- 
cheons. Now that I'm library faculty emerita 
from American U. in D.C., I have time to 
become re-acqualnted with old friends. 

Julie Micou Eastwood: We've been 
staying close to home recently and don't 
have any travel plans at the moment. We 
talk about another train trip, but haven't put 
one together yet. Libby moved back to CA 
last year and we only took 1 trip to Atlanta 
while she was there. It's wonderful to have 
both of the children in the area. Lib in 
Antioch and Ben in Los Gatos. Dick is slow- 
ing down and doesn't walk much. I went 
as far as Angel Island with the camera club 
this week and still go birding occasionally 

Margaret "Fitz" Fitzsimmons 
Jones: I've now been in Pawleys Island, 
SO, for 20 yrs, married to Bob Jones for 19. 
We've done a good bit of traveling over the 
years, but as age creeps up, we're pretty 
well settled at home, with occasional trips 
to Atlanta or Charlotte where we have fam- 
ily The 20 grandchildren are growing up 
fast; 2 out of college, 2 in college, and the 
rest catching up fast. We all get together as 
often as possible and you should see the 
crowd when that happens! Eulalie Fenhagen 
'52 lives here and I see her often. Love to 
all the class. 

Ruth Oddy Meyer: We celebrated 
our 50th wedding anniversary in '07 at our 
eldest granddaughter's graduation from 
the American School in London last Jun., 
where our eldest son and his family incl. 
4 granddaughters, have been living for the 
past 3 yrs. Our younger son and his wife 
joined us and all 1 of us continued the 
celebration with a trip to Beaune, France, 
where a cousin of mine owns a small jewel 
of a hotel and part of a vineyard In the heart 
of the Burgundy country. All in all, it was a 
2-week anniversary party. Otherwise, life is 
good. We both still volunteer at the hospital; 
I've been a hospital volunteer for 43 yrs, 
and should qualify for an honorary M.D, by 
now. Also, I paint, garden and keep in touch 
by e-mail with Mona Wilson Beard, and 
keep hoping thai 1 ol my granddaughters 
will go to SBC. 

Nedra Stimpson Greer: I'm in good 
health in spite of another birthday this 
past week, I play tennis once or twice a 
week, enjoy it. One of my partners is 84 
yrs. young, so I feel I have a long way 
to go! I love playing bridge, which I do 3 
regular games a week and whenever I can 
I substitute, I have 1 grandson finishing 

his sophomore year at U. AL, and a grand- 
daughter graduating from h. s. and entering 
Wake Forest in the fall. All the other 1 6 are 
various ages and scattered about. I talk to 
Carol Rolston Toulmin a lot but don't see 
her as much as I'd like. 

Sue Lockley Glad: We're about to 
leave for our summer in OR at Black Butte 
Ranch. (Maybe we should have another 
West Coast Reunion there sometime. 
I thought about doing It with Martha 
"Marcy" Staley Marks. (When she died 
I sort of dropped the idea.) So I thought I'd 
better get something off to you since I don't 
have a computer there. We'll have a busy 
summer with family reunions and friends 
dropping in. Lots of golf and tennis. I'm 
taking my son's family dog for a while dur- 
ing their move from Seattle to Tucson. Bill 
has given up the ministry and is starting a 
business in Ghana, Africa, growing jatropha 
trees which produce an oil to become a bio- 
fuel. He's very excited to join friends from 
Stanford in this endeavor and finally will 
use his Industrial Engineering degree! It's a 
risky adventure and we're anxious for their 
success. Our daughter Amy is still lobbying 
for her development company and anxiously 
awaiting a turnaround in that industry; other 
daughter Ussy and her family are beginning 
to ship their offspring off to college. All will 
join us at the Ranch for various parts of 
the summer. Next year, I'll be Co-Chaimian 
of the Huntington Art Gallery docents, a 
2-yr. commitment and maybe my final 
undertaking as a volunteer! There has been 
a $20 million renovation of the Gallery, 
which is glorious with Blue Soy and Pinkie 
back in their familiar places and the other 
Gainsborough, Reynolds, and Romney por- 
traits all around. Since I majored in Zoology 
and not Art History, this program has been 
one of belated learning and a great experi- 
ence. I urge any traveling classmates who 
make their way to L.A. to visit this fantastic 
collection of European art, fumiture, silver, 
porcelain, and sculpture. 

Jean "Randie" Randolph Bruns: I 
plan to wind up the B&B in about 3 yrs. and 
move to Kendal in Lexington. 3 grandchil- 
dren have fledged: my Tliai step-grandson 
is a sous chef in the Panhandle FL com- 
munity where my in-laws and both children 
have homes; daughter Mary's daughter 
is a NY attorney (they come blonde and 
willowy these days) and her son, a former 
Marine, studying to be a nurse, is married 
to an Argentine classmate he met in h. s. 
in O.C. My Thai-American granddaughters 
are at the U. FL and Stuart Hall in Staunton, 
VA. Mary's youngest is in school in FL 
also. And my son Bryan continues to wori< 
in Southeast Asia, currently Cambodia, 
Vietnam, The Philippines, and Indonesia. 
Daughter Mary is a C.PA. and court- 
appointed family mediator. Mostly I read 
and weed. 

Ann "Shelly" Taylor Campbell: Bill 
and I moved to Westminster-Canterbury in 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine • wwwclumnae.sbcedu 

Fall -2008 • 37 

Richmond a year ago; I love it. Right after 
the move 1 had a sudden blockage in my 
intestine necessitating surgery and was 
so glad to be able to come baci< here to 
the health care center for a week before 
resuming regular activities. This May we 
went to NC to celebrate 8th grade gradu- 
ation of 1 grand. Mary Pease Fleming 
continues her piano teaching; she and Rives 
seem fit as ever. I see him each Mon. as we 
are part of a team that packs fruit donated 
by their church and delivers it to residents 
of subsidized housing in Richmond. Rives 
always brings his homemade chocolate chip 
cookies for the packers to enjoy on the ride! 

Angle Vaughan Halliday; I'm check- 
ing in from Provincetown, MA, where 
Bob and I are visiting our son Malcolm 
and his partner. We leave tomorrow for 
Charlottesville to visit son Paul and his 
family, then on home to Louisville. Bob 
has settled into his new role as a painter 
and is enjoying the sights of Provincetown. 
We travel with his gear in the car and he 
paints along the way. We're considering a 
drive to AK later this summer. It's a long trip 
and will be even longer with all the stops! 
I would say we married for lunch. We can't 
go unless I can learn my new laptop and 
Vista operating system so I can continue 
my work as a small business accountant 
and tax preparer. My own small business. 5 
children, 7 grands (all boys!) and no pets. 
Some gardening. Much reading. About it. 
I was sorry to hear the president of SBC 
has resigned. I found her exceptional, and 
had several delightful conversations with 
her about literature and teaching — both of 
which she loved. She will be missed. Love 
to you and all other 51 ers. RS. If anyone 
is interested, you can see Bob's artwork at 

Mary Jane "MJ" Erlksen Ertman: 
Gardner and I (and Lily, our golden retriever) 
are enjoying life at Brookhaven, a retirement 
community in Lexington. We're in a little 
cottage with friendly neighbors and a nice 
yard and garden. Susie and her family live 
nearby; Eric, Martha, and Andy live near 
D.C., and Anne is in Denver. We have 10 
grandchildren, ranging in age from Anne's 
Kit, a junior at George Washington U., to 
Martha's Oscar, in preschool, and we try to 
see them as often as possible. Last summer 
Anne met me in D.C., and we took a senti- 
mental journey to SBC, finding it as beauti- 
ful as ever. Much love to all classmates. 
P.S. Martha invited me to the Iowa Writers 
Workshop this month; we're all signed up, 
but I think the floods will make us change 
plans or meet in Noah's Ark. 

Eugenia Ellis Mason: At this point 
in time, my biggest blessing is that I have 
no news! 

Ann "Ben" Benet Yellott: What 
little news is current. I'm still riding my 
Andalusian and training my therapy dog 
(smooth fox terrier), plus helping at a local 
therapy riding school. Daughter Andie Lux 

Yellot went to SBC ('76), but granddaughter 
Margaret chose Harvard — can you believe 
it? I'd love to see any classmates if they 
come to Baltimore. 

Lynne McCullough Gush: I have 
little news and no e-mail, but would like to 
say "I'm busy." Piano teaching goes on, of 
course, with recitals looming up this month. 
I practice duo repertoire for performance 
all the time and attend ballet class twice a 
week. The 90 lb. Weimaraner has multiple 
walks along the bayou daily with obedience 
training applied casually en route. Regards 
to all. 

Janet "Bromo" Broman Dingle: My 
news is the usual — going to Curves (4th 
yr), volunteering in various church activi- 
ties. Meals On Wheels, and heading up the 
house wares dept. at the annual Kiwanis 
rummage sale in Jul. Fun occasions have 
been 2 trips to Columbus from Cleveland. 
The 1st occasion was Larry's great-grand- 
son's 2nd birthday party and at the same 
time meeting his 6-wk-old baby sister! The 
2nd occasion was a wedding shower for 
one of Larry's grandsons who will be mar- 
ried in Aug. His aunt decided the groom 
should have a shower, and he received 
every imaginable tool for home repairs 
inside and out! We're with my 2 daughters 
and their families some this summer, too. 
We took a trip in Apr. to Hagerstown, MD, 
with friends to visit the Civil War battlefield 
at Antietam which was so interesting. 

Joan Hess Michel: "I must apologize 
1) for being so late in sending my news 
and 2) for being so old-fashioned: I don't 
have a computer or e-mail! Alas! My news 
is this: After 45 yrs. in New York I'm sell- 
ing my home and will be living near my 3 
children and 6 grandchildren in Midway, 
KY — Bluegrass Country! Ouite a change! 
It's funny where our paths lead us, isn't it? 
Spirituality & Heaith was sold by Trinity, so 
I'm no longer on the staff. However, I still do 
some projects for Trinity ChurchAA/all Street. 
Right now I'm in the midst of sorting, toss- 
ing, and saving all my "treasures" for the 
Big Move. After August 1 : 402 Mill Road, 
Midway, KY 40347. 

Carolyn Sample Abshire: We stay 
the same: David and I are still in Old Town, 
Alexandria and David still works as the 
President of the Center for the Study of the 
Presidency in D.C. He has finished his lat- 
est book A Cali to Greatness: Chalienging 
Our Next PresidentwhKU, being timely, is 
doing quite well. I continue to volunteer and 
undertake Grandma duties as much as pos- 
sible. Until recently, we had all 5 children 
and families in the area, but now only 2. 
Our son, Lupton, an Episcopal priest, has 
just moved to Tallahassee, FL, to be the 
Rector at St. John's Church; his family will 
leave Middleburg where he was Rector at 
Emmanuel Church, joining him in a month. 
They love Tallahassee. We'll be getting our 
eldest daughter, Anna Bowman and her 
family back at the end of summer. They've 

been in HI for a year, but are returning to 
Warrenton, VA. She'll be glad to get back 
to riding with the Warrenton Hunt again; 
also their daughter, Malia, is at Foxcroft. So, 
we are lucky to have most nearby. Malia, 
a big rider, is interested in SBC. We visited 
SBC when we looked at Chatham Hall. I 
could barely recognize our old campus. All 
the best. 

Anne Sinsheimer: No big trips 
recently. I've been in the Bay Area (not as 
far as you) and L.A., visiting cousins. Last 
Sun., our local Symphony performed in 
Disney Hall in L.A., very exciting. I'm still on 
the board of our Symphony Guild, but that 
will probably change after 1 more year. The 
Symphony is looking for more volunteerism 
and less fundraising. I'm planning to join 
SBC's trip to Cortona, Italy. It's been 20 yrs. 
since I visited Italy, so I'm looking forward 
to that, 

Patty Lynas Ford: It's been such a 
pleasure to hear from so many of you. 
Thank you for your thoughtful comments 
and words of appreciation. Being the Class 
Secretary seems natural as I was a sec- 
retary at Pomona Coll., Claremont Men's 
Coll. (before our marriage in 1 953), Yale 
Divinity School (while Dick was there), and 
Stanford Medical School for 23 yrs. After 
our retirement we moved from Palo Alto 
(home for 25 yrs) to a house on a hill out- 
side Healdsburg overlooking the Dry Creek 
Valley, home to more than 30 wineries. 
Dick loves to garden so has plenty to keep 
him busy with citrus and soft-fruit orchards 
and many other trees and flowers. We both 
attend church at the Bishop's Ranch, the 
Episcopal Diocese of California's Retreat 
and Conference Center (300 plus acres 
overlooking the Russian River valley) of 
which Dick is on the board. For over 1 1 yrs. 
I have volunteered 3 mornings a week at 
the Healdsburg Animal Shelter, training and 
socializing dogs and puppies, cuddling cats 
and kittens, baking cookies and gardening. 
Dick is a Handel scholar and our mutual 
love of Baroque music is one of our great- 
est joys. (We do love other periods, too.) 
After many years of traveling (we've been to 
England more than 40 times incl. 2 singing 
tours in various cathedrals and churches), 
we've found cruising on Holland America 
(Mediterranean, Caribbean, AK, Mexico, and 
HI) relaxing. I missed the 55th Reunion but 
do hope to attend the 60th and see many 
of you. Thank you all again. 



Patricia Winks 


San Francisco, CA 94118-1437 

Florence P. Apy 
67 Rivers Edge Drive 
Little Silver, NJ 07739 

Reunion 55: What a wonderful weekend! 
After having experienced a 2-day deluge of 
rain at our 50th and a prediction of thunder 
showers everyday this year, we were 
blessed with more than adequate sunshine. 

A baker's dozen of us got together to 
renew friendships, joined by 8 husbands. 
Making this weekend a joyful one were 
Katzy Bailey Nager and C.J., Sug Cantey 
Patton and Pat, Jane Collins Sjoberg, 
Jeanne Duff. Dorothea Fuller (for Sat. 
lunch), Maggie Graves McClung and 
David, Isabel Grayson Parish and Hav, 
Dale Hutter Harris and Ted, M.A. Mellon 
Root. Flo Pye Apy and Chet, Ginger 
TImmons Ludwick and David. Kirk 
Tucker Clarkson and Jack, and Dolly 
Wallace Hartman. Coming furthest (from 
CA) were the Ludwicks and Jane Sjoberg. 
Unfortunately, Betty Bentsen Winn had to 
cancel, but she did return her questionnaire 
with many family pictures of her daughter's 
beautiful wedding. As we reminisced during 
the weekend we sorely missed those of you 
who weren't in attendance. We thank those 
who returned their questionnaires. We hope 
to see as many of you as possible at our 
big 60th. Plan ahead! 

The highlight of the weekend was a 
luncheon at the Poplar Grove Manor House 
Cafe, graciously hosted by Dale and Ted, 
where we were joined by our honorary 
classmate. President Betsy Muhlenfeld. 
It was there that we thanked Dale for 
her outstanding leadership over the past 
decades, and where we elected new offi- 
cers to serve for the next 5 yrs. The presi- 
dential mantle has been passed to M.A. by 
unanimous vote and Flo has taken on the 
secretary's position following in the foot- 
steps of Isabel and Sug. Sug took over the 
job of secretary last fall and (God bless her) 
did a great job preparing the reunion book. 
Since I have the only copy, I'll use it to relay 
some of the information contained therein 
in future notes before returning the book to 
the Alumnae Office for safe keeping. 

On Sun. morning we attended the 
Service of Remembrance. This year I sadly 
report: that we have lost 2 more classmates, 
Donna Anderson Mullens and Caroline 
Moody Roberts. Since Reunion we've 
leaned of the death of Jean Hill Chappie 
on 4/23/07. She'll be memorialized at the 
College service next spring. 

Sarah Swift Harrison reported that 
she is now Sarah Swift Voyles. Her 
husband. Carter, died in 1994 and she 
married Richard Voyles in '06. She moved 
from a house in which she lived for 50 yrs. 
to a new abode at 3513 Heatherstone Cir., 
Waco, TX 76708-2371 . She says "life is 

38 • Fall 2008 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

good." We concur. 

We've found 3 of our "lost sheep." 
Helen (Polly) Hedge Carpenter now 
lives at 1459 Hillcrest Ct., Camp Hill, PA 
1 701 1 ; Sue Allison, at 1 608 Jackson 
Ave. East, Oxford MS, 38655; and Jean 
Reeve Klinges at 1025 Stone Stack Dr., 
Bethelem, PA 1 8015. Jean transferred to 
Smith Coll. following our freshman year. If 
anyone knows the whereabouts of other 
classmates on our "lost" list, please let me 

During the months ahead I hope you 
will send me "all the news that's fit to 
print." We want to hear from everyone. 



Constance Bruce Watts Kmcke 
7352 Toogoodoo Road 
Yonges Island, SC 29449-5958 


Kathryn Beard 
1074 Zanzibar Lane 
Plymouth, MN 55447 

My notes this time are short. I'm back in 
MN where spring only showed up toward 
the end of May for about 2 days. Summer is 
here and the heat and humidity are building 
nicely! My best news came from Ginger 
Chamblin Greene who is still in South 
Africa spreading her chemistry and physics 
knowledge among rural youngsters. In Jun. 
she wrote of a wonderful weekend activity 
called "Rally to READ," which consisted of 
travel to very remote schools and distribu- 
tion of boxes of books along with other small 
gifts for children. There was a great deal 
more to the weekend which made it another 
great experience for our intrepid Peace 
Corps member. 

The only other snippet I have is from 
Didi Stoddard who entertained Fritz 
Merriman Nayior and Mary Amanda 
McThenIa lodlce and Don at her Cape Cod 
home in Jun. Along with lots of laughter and 
gossip about the rest of us, they enjoyed 
good weather in a beautiful locale. When 
the rest of you get back from your summer 
travels, remember that I'm still here and 
anxious to receive your news whenever you 
have something to share. 

Meredith Smythe Grider 
1307 Killiney Place 
Louisville, KY 40207 

Martha Anne Clay Nichols 
3928 Old Brownsboro Road 
Louisville, KY 40207-1831 


Carol McMurtry Fowler 
10 WoodstoneSq 
Austin, TX 78703 


Jane Shipman Kuntz 
222 Irving Ave 
Dayton, OH 45409 

The Alumnae Office received this note from 
Beth Mears Kurtz: I'd like to let you all 

know of a project that maybe our class 
members would be interested in. It's an 
online group photo album where I've posted 
many of my pictures from my time at Sweet 
Briar I've also told some others that I saw at 
Reunion about it and hope that in time many 
others will post their own pictures. Here's 
the link: 


p^eM^^.,^ 2009: ?7^a^33-af, 2009 

Mary Ballou Handy Ballentine 
6317 Three ChoptRd 
Richmond, VA 23226 

Again I'm relying on the few people from 
our class that I hear from or see to give me 
news of our classmates. A mini-reunion will 
take place in Jul. (but will have taken place 
by the time you read this) in Ware Neck, 
Gloucester County, VA, hosted by Judy Sor- 
ley Simpson and Kep. I will gMy report 
on everybody who shows up. (I know some 
people are coming from quite a distance). 

SBC gave a wonderful cocktail party 
and lecture about the acquisition and res- 
toration of Tusculum. Betsy Smith White 
had planned to come up from Charlotte, 
but unfortunately took a terrible spill and 
ended up in the hospital. She's doing fine, 
but was disappointed to miss the grand 

I. Mary Ballou Ballentine. will be 
married on Sat., 9/13, to a wonderful man 
named John Williams. He's from Richmond 
and I've known him for a long time. We feel 

so lucky and happy, more on the subject 
next time. 

The Book Group went on a foray 
to Sorrel Mackall MacElroy's family 
mountain retreat, Bruce Farm, to enjoy the 
mountains and each other in that beautiful 
place and to discuss Cokie Roberts's book 
Ladies of Liberty. 

We're so sad to hear of the death of 
Jane Jamison Messer's mother, who 
joyfully joined in our celebrations at our last 
Reunion. She was 100 yrs. old. Cookie 
Cooke Carl's mother, also 100, recently 
died as well after a long illness. We extend 
our deepest sympathies to both. 

Plans are under way for our 50th 
Reunion Memorial Day Weekend 2009: Put 
it on your calendar! 



Lura Coleman Wampler 
Little Place Farm 
1406 Thomas Rd 
Wayne, PA 19087-1318 


Elizabeth Hutchins Sharland 
1724 Aberdeen Circle 
Crofton.MD 21114-1618 

Parry Ellice Adam 
33 Pleasant Run Rd 
Flemington, NJ 08822 

Beth Johnson Phillips writes that her 
husband is still working (3 hospitals, trauma 
center). They have 4 children and 3 grand- 
children with whom they're very involved. 
Their son just graduated from law school. 
Beth sends her good wishes to all. 

Sally Sharrett Ferryman says that 
she and Paul are spending more winter 
time at their beach condo on Hutchison 
Island since their older son and family 
moved to FL. Their grandchildren are in MD 
as well. Their annual trip this year will be a 
Tauck trip to the coast of Italy and the south 
of France. A touch of tendonitis has put a 
delay on her tennis and golf, but otherwise 
all is well. 

Hope you attended your 50th h.s. 
reunion. Mine was wonderful and a great 
inspiration for our next big one. Just want 
to give you my new email address: peaba^S) 

Jane Goodridge 
31-CArchdale Street 
Charleston, SC 29401 

Our 45th Reunion received rave reviews! So 
many of our classmates wrote of Reunion 
in glowing terms that I can only include a 
few for fear of losing readers! Betty Stanly 
Gates, honored as this year's Outstanding 
Alumna, thought it was so much fun being 
back on campus and seeing over 30 of 
our classmates. She can't believe the next 
reunion will be the big 5-0! Betty is going to 
meet Nancy Dixon Brown in St. Augustine 
in Jun., will be in Northeast Harbor, ME, with 
a group from Vero Beach for a week in Jul. 
and hopes to spend Sept. in Atlanta where 
she'll visit lots of friends. Prue Gay Stuhr 
and Ed enjoyed the 45th cocktail and picnic 
evening; she was amazed to see classmates 
who looked as if they were in their 20s 
which she attributes to some magic from 
Finian 's RainboiM From Jan. to Apr. '08 Prue 
served on Middlesex County's (MA) Grand 
Jury, hearing about 1 50 cases, most of 
which will go to trial, and gained a new ap- 
preciation for law enforcement. In Margaret 
Millender Holmes' opinion, "we're a grand 
bunch of ladies" and she's proud to be part 
of the group in spite of deserting and getting 
her degree at UNO. Her plans included a 
kayak and camping trip in Jul. to get in 
shape so that she can keep up with the rest 
of the class at our 50th. 

A positive review from Mary Trabue 
Meyer: she loved it! She wrote that it 
was wonderful to see so many people she 
remembered knowing (more Finian'^) Her 
son Will and his wife in NYC are expecting 
their 2nd child in Oct.; her daughter Molly's 
family and her 2 children are in Nashville. 
Also complimenting Reunion as excellent, 
Cynthia Hubard Spangler says we need 
to work hard to get more of us to our 50th 
so she can have even more fun! Returning 
from taking her 91 -yr-old mom to England 
and France, she's exhausted but happy, 
and figures that her place in heaven is 
now guaranteed! Retuming from a lovely 
vacation in the FL Keys with her children 
and grandchildren, Keitt Matheson Wood 
enjoyed Reunion and wants to encourage 
everyone to attend our 50th. 

Received too late for the last issue 
was a note from Renee Regen Sage. Her 
sister and her husband spent 3 wks with 
her and Ed in Adelaide; it was their first trip 
to Australia and they amved just in time 
for the longest heat wave on record. They 
attended events at the biennial Festival of 
Arts, 2nd only to Edinburgh's. This year, she 
and Ed are going to Turi<ey and then taking 
a cruise to Amsterdam, then on to NYC in 
9/09 to attend her 50th h. s, reunion. Last 
year they went to China where Ed enjoyed 
walking on the Great Wall, and Renee 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magozine • 

Foil 2008 • 39 

loved seeing the Warriors so much that she 
ordered a full-sized terra cotta replica of a 
3-star general, which guards the entrance 
of their house! Renee l<eeps busy paint- 
ing portraits and huge flowers (Georgia 
O'Keefe-like), doing emergency grandpar- 
enting for 4 of their 5 grandchildren, and 
doing community service for Zonta, the 
international women's service organiza- 
tion. Ed has been working full time on his 
3rd book, a book of their overseas travels 
complete with historical background and 
thousands of photographs. 

Jean Meyer Aloe attended a 9-day 
poetry writing workshop in Paris in May; 
she rented an apt. In the 1 9th arrondisse- 
ment. near the site of the workshop, and 
lived like a real Parisian! She is taking a 
poetry class this summer, will be the fea- 
tured poet at a Barnes and Noble poetry 
night in Stamford, CT, in Jul., and published 
4 poems recently with 2 more coming 
out. Still working full time, Jean is serv- 
ing a 2-yr. term as a representative of her 
district to the Representative Town Meeting, 
a legislative body with fiscal and other 

Unable to attend Reunion, but commun- 
ing with us "telepathically" thanks to Prue's 
photos, Julia Arnold Morey Is busy with 
volunteer work — meals on wheels, local 
hospital, church outreach, and working with 
International students during the summer — 
as well as traveling south to visit Betsy 
Parker McColl, Penny Pamplin Reeves, 
and Kitty Griffith '64 and her husband in 
Chapel Hill. 

Last fall Carolyn Gabel-Brett retired 
from the Proteus Fund where she was 
a program officer for the Civil Marriage 
Collaborative, which funds state advocacy 
organizations working for marriage equality 
for same-sex couples. In 11 /07, her dad 
died peacefully in his sleep at home — he 
was 98, and he and her mother had just 
celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary. In 
3/08, her daughter Katherine and husband 
Soumitra had baby girl Jasmine. She and 
Leslie are having fun being grandmas again, 
especially since the baby Is nearby in CT. 

Look for Tempo Parker at our 50th 
Reunion! She says she'll make it, God will- 
ing! Tempo lives in Mt Pleasant, SC, where 
she sells real estate. She'd love to hear 
from anyone visiting the Charleston area. 

In the past, Anne Carter Brothers 
has written about her lawyer and teacher 
sons and their families. She writes now that 
she and John would never have Imagined 
that at their age they'd be standing in line 
at a sold-out music venue to watch their 
youngest son Gary perform with his band! 
Based in LA, but on a tour stop in Nashville 
he usually sings and plays the guitar, but in 
this appearance he accompanied himself 
on the keyboard and played a new song. He 
announced that finally his mother would get 
something back for all the money she spent 
on piano lessons! His songs have been fea- 

40 • Fall 2008 

tured on Grey's Anatomy. Scrubs. Smallville. 
ER. Bones, and several movies. Anne says 
to call her and John senior groupies! 

Katherine Haskell Subramanlan 
expects to have a quiet summer with her 
organic garden and medicinal aromather- 
apy She and Ken will go to Snowbird in 
Aug. for a week for some hiking. 

Patricia Calkins Wilder just returned 
from a wonderful photographic trip to 
northern Italy followed by a week In Berlin 
to help daughter Kelley with her first baby 
a little girl born on Pat's mother's birthday 
Pat said her little photography business is 
reaching critical mass and she hopes for a 
break to enjoy the summer 

Laura Lee Brown will be In Iceland 
in Jul. to view art, then going to the family 
camp in Ontario; in the fall she's going on 
a photographic trip to Mongolia with stops 
in Beijing and London on either end. She 
may also go to Italy because her hotel In 
Louisville, 21c, which opened 2 yrs. ago, has 
been a nice success and the restaurant won 
an international award. They have contracts 
to build 2 others in Austin and Durham. 

So many of us are grandparents! 
Leslie Buchman Richardson and Dale 
proudly report the birth of their 1st grand- 
child Samuel Wallace Lear in 1/08, to 
daughter Gabriel and husband Jonathan 
who teach philosophy at the U. of Chicago. 
Sue Jones Cansler and Chuck will have 
3 grandchildren visiting them in Jul. on St 
Simons Island; twins (8) and their younger 
sister (6). Sue says island life Is good — 
she's involved in volunteer jobs including 
the Coastal Symphony of GA (not as a 
player!) and mentoring at one of the elem. 
schools. Reunion had added excitement for 
Stevie Fontaine Keown with the week- 
early birth of granddaughter Katherine 
Morgan MIrgorod; now she admits that her 
grandchildren can be born just fine even if 
she isn't present! Stevie is looking forward 
to a minl-reunlon at Kathy Caldwell 
Patten's house in ME with Lee Kucewicz 
Parham and May Bowers Morris. 

George Gordon and I, Jane Goodridge, 
enjoy living in Charleston and keep in 
touch with former colleagues at IBM in 
the Baltimore-Washington area. In Apr. we 
cruised the Mediterranean from Venice to 
Lisbon aboard Seabourn Pride and visited 
ports in Greece, Italy, France, and Spain. 
We're trying to figure out what to do for 
an encore! 



Zoa-.T/la^ 33,-3.^, 

Virginia "Ginny" deluys 
H16 Shirley Lane 
Lawrenceville, NJ 08648 

When you go to a women's college, one 
thing is certain — everybody has "sisters." 

So instead of sending an email-story about 
the joys of "sisterhood," come back for 
Reunion and enjoy the real thing! May 
22-24, 2009, It's like "Reality TV," but 
better (because of our "good taste and 
good judgment" — sorry, strike that!). In the 
meantime, please send me any address, 
phone, and email changes. 

Sarah Strother King reports; "We 
have 4 grandchildren and a 5th on the way. 
We spend most of our time in Portugal, but 
In the summer we spend as much time 
with the family as we can in Luxembourg or 
Amsterdam." Another focus Is the restora- 
tion of a medieval chapel in Portugal. "The 
Web site (created by Sarah) is wvm.british- The chapel is on the 
doorstep of a Peninsular War memorial site 
(the period when Napoleon Invaded Iberia) 
that the ex-pats in our area of Portugal 

Genie Johnson Sigler works a lot 
with the Garden Club and has had great 
fun running into alumnae at meetings and 
shows (Anne Allen Symonds '62 several 
times). "Bill and I have traveled some over 
the year, but mostly we are seeing the USA 
by car rather than airlines at this point!" 

Lynda Overly Levengood has 
reached a milestone. "As classmates retire, 
we're hoping we have paid our last college 
tuition! Our daughter Lara graduated from 
Duquesne Law School in Jun., passed the 
PA bar, and is a law clerk in Lancaster It's 
nice to have her in the area as she has 
been away from home for 1 1 yrs. Our older 
son is a photographer in Dallas and our 
younger son is a recording/sound engineer 
living in Brooklyn!" 

Nancy Gillies is busy working as an 
RN leading several psychology groups each 
year, working In student housing and part 
time at a church, plus volunteering at the 
Salvation Army and other projects. Sounds 
like a full load to me! 

Sad news: I called Pemmie Mercur 
Cleveland to follow up on an email 
address and found that she had been suf- 
fering from cancer for several yrs. and was 
under hospice care. I wrote her a note and 
her husband called me to say that she died 
a week after our conversation. If you've 
been thinking about calling an "old chum" 
you haven't talked to in a while, now is the 
perfect time. For contact information, try the 
Banner List or email me and I'll send It. 

A final reminder to come back for 
Reunion. President Muhlenfeld is leaving 
and we want to send her off with a big 
thank you for all that she has done for SBC. 
And, saving the best until last, we'll be cel- 
ebrating Mollie Johnson Nelson's award 
as Outstanding Alumna. 


Sally Hubbard 
52 Sherwood Trail 
Sewanee, IN 37375-2166 

Abby Starke Baird and Eddie look forward 
to daughter Abby's wedding in late Aug. 
with a lot of the festivities at her home. 
Pray for sun! 

Melinda Musgrove Chapman says 
life isn't too exciting — biggest new thing 
is her Medicare card! We're getting so old. 
She has 6 grandchildren from 5 to 15 — 4 
girls and 2 boys. Her favorite times are with 
them. Her son and his 4 live in Augusta, 
GA, and will join her in the NO mountains 
this summer. The 2 grand-girls live near 
in Birmingham and camped with her 1 
week at a Christian family camp. Her older 
daughter is selling $1 -million condos on the 
Pacific coast In Mexico. Melinda still sells 
real estate, no plans to retire soon. 

Bunny Sutton Healy says life Is 
changing for her — no more the city mice 
in Boston, they're about to become full- 
time country mice in western MA. She's 
completed her last year in administration 
at Park School in Brookline and is ready for 
the fun things and time to do them. 

Kay Knopf Kaplan traveled this year 
to the Yucatan, FL, NY with her sister, and 
then to the CT shore. The big trip is in late 
Jul., 20 days cruising the Baltic. Exciting, 
but they'll probably have to move into a 
trailer afterward. Her advice; don't let your 
ticket expire (Sally's advice; or your pass- 
port). Husband is still darling and has a bad 
back. Kids and grandkids are great. Dogs 
are getting old. Lite looks precarious from 
time to time, but is good. 

Mary Pederson Kyger had an exciting 
summer of travels and, best of all, remar- 
riage at the end of Jun. She went to France 
for cooking school, then to AK, Carmel and 
South Africa. Eariier in the year she spent 
a month traveling from Singapore through 
India. Life Is wonderful. 

Laura Haskell Phinizy and Stewart 
are still in residential real estate; she hopes 
to close her biggest sale soon. Grandson 
Stewart Gash came for a week of tennis 
lessons. All the family will gather at Kanuga 
in Aug. during the 2-wk guest period. The 
twins, Stewart and Wesley define motion 
and noise and fun. They put In new grass 
and shrubbery In the yard and watered dog- 
woods until they drooped (at 100 degrees) 
from over-watering. 

Carol Reifsnyder Rhodes, 7 yrs. 
post-breast cancer, feels fortunate and 
healthy. She has osteoporosis in her hips 
and spine and urges women to get their 
bone density tests done. She and Bob went 
to Beriin In Jul, for a meeting — her first 
visit there since h. s. when the wall was still 
there. She loves retirement and has redis- 
covered her love of bridge — she has 57 
master points and has met at least 50 new 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae /V\agazine • 

friends. She's looking forward to a family 
reunion with their 3 Ki6s and 5 grandsons 
in CO. 

Sally Rasco Thomas went to Egypt 
in '06 and agrees with Sally H. that it's one 
of the most interesting places she's ever 
visited. She saw Lyn Graham Mclnnls 
in Rl in Apr Margie Rand Chapman and 
George joined them for dinner It was so 
good to see her 2 SBC roommates. 

Katherine Welnrich van Gee! and Tyll 
retired last year and moved to Amherst, MA, 
to be nearer children and grandchildren 
who live in the Boston area. They love the 
rolling hills, rural setting, wild life, and many 
things to do. 

Sally McCrady Hubbard enjoyed 
grandson Duncan (7) visiting this sum- 
mer to hike and attend soccer and tennis 
camps. Charles and Sally had the trip of all 
trips, favorite ever, to amazing Egypt, visit- 
ing temples and museums from Alexandria 
to Abu Simbel. Highly recommended. Ttiank 
you all for sending news! 


Makanah Dunham Morriss 
1317 Rocky Mountain Road 
Forest, VA 2451 

Randi Miles Long 
19 Hidden Valley Road 
Lafayette, CA 94549 

Thanks to all those who thoughtfully re- 
sponded to our letter and e-mail. We made 
the e-mail leap this time and the response 
was excellent! Good to hear from so many. 
The challenging news as your "class notes 
editor" is that due to space constraints I 
had to edit down the news that came in. My 
apologies in advance if I missed something 

Let me begin with news from my cohort 
as Class Secretary, Randi Miles Long. She 
writes, "Herb's and my rhythm of traveling 
to exotic new places, volunteering, visiting 4 
grandchildren in NC, caring for our mothers 
on the east coast via long distance, and vis- 
iting our son and daughter along with family, 
came to a halt in Mar with the discovery of 
a baseball-size tumor on my right kidney. 
Waiting for surgery a month later to remove 
the right kidney brought time for reflection, 
appreciation for each day prayers, visits and 
prayers with family and friends, and walks 
in the garden to see spring burst forth with 
each new blooming shrub. A week after 
surgery brought wonderful news. My tumor 
was benign. I feel blessed and fortunate." 

Meredith Aldrich writes that life is 
full with the last of her 3 children engaged 
to be married next summer She divides 
time between teaching K-Grade 1 and 
writing poetry. 

Susan Wilson Ashcom and Bob 

returned from sailing in the British Virgin 
Islands with children and grandchildren and 
missed the 103°F Washington, D.C. heat 
wave. Husband Bob is retired, but is Verger 
at St. James Church in Warrentcn and on 
its staff. (If he were paid, he'd be full time.) 
She's with Thomas and Talbot Real Estate 
in Middleburg and putting a lot of dollars in 
her gas tank to show horse farms! She and 
Bob still fox-hunt and raise Angus cattle 
at Maple Springs Farm. 2 children have 
produced 5 grandchildren and say they're 

Kate Clay Barret writes, "Not 
much news to report. I still work as the 
administrative assistant in the Philosophy 
Department at UK. My oldest daughter will 
marry on 6/28. Middle one has been mar- 
ried for 2 '/2 yrs. Youngest is footloose and 
fancy free. The nest is empty except for 2 
dogs and 2 cats. I enjoy yard work, refinish- 
ing furniture, watching politics, taking care 
of my mother No grandchildren yet," 

Sisters-in-law Betty Booker Morriss 
and Makanah Dunham Morriss cel- 
ebrated Bob's 64th birthday in Forest in 
early Jun. Betty reports, "Makanah and I 
went off on a jaunt that included a swing 
through ever-beautiful SBC. We feel lucky to 
be kin and classmates who share a frame 
of reference that can't be duplicated. While 
we moseyed and talked, brothers Bob and 
Dabney gardened and swam in Bob and 
Makanah's 3-acre pond in front of their 
wonderful, ecologically sensitive house. It's 
great having them in Forest now. 2 hrs from 
Richmond beats the wagon train toVW." 

Pamela Jones Brown is pursuing 
fascinating work. She has a full-time jewelry 
design business called Stoneprints and you 
can google her Her online store is almost 
finished — that's her focus when she's not 
giving lectures on the history of jewelry and 
having trunk shows. She has had shows 
in Park City, UT during the Sundance 
film festival and in Santa Fe. She collects 
antique amulets from around the world to 
add to her one-of-a-kind pieces and enters 
the Smithsonian Craft Show each year She 
focused her Master's thesis on Women in 
the 3rd World and their struggle to retain 
their artistic heritage. She hopes to honor 
them with her own Silk Route necklace 

Evie Day Butler writes that she and 
Geoffrey will celebrate their 42nd anniver- 
sary in Jul. Their 3 boys are happily married 
to wonderful girls, each of whom has had 
a boy and then a girl. Her parents are both 
alive so she returns to Louisville often to 
check on them in the nursing home. Since 
Geoff retired in '06, they've split their 
time between Angel Fire, NM, and the FL 
Panhandle, lots of miles logged in-between. 

Lin Campbell writes: Wisdom? I'm not 
sure I have any I still think I'm too young to 
be wise. Maybe I'll just never be wise. I'm 
sure I'm ancient to most of the worid, but I 

usually don't feel it. I get a little frightened 
when I look in the mirror, however.. .As far 
as news goes, my husband's last day at 
UNICEF after 24 yrs. was 5/31 . Neither of 
us is ready to stop working: he'll be start- 
ing consultation work at the end of Jun. 
I'll keep on keeping on with my practice 
and my part-time work. Most of our travel 
has been to see various family members 
around the U.S. and Tom's in England and 
in Vancouver. We garden a lot, read a lot, 
see lots of friends, travel when we can, and 
enjoy NYC culture as often as possible. I 
feel lucky to have so much mental stimula- 
tion right here. We hope anyone traveling to 
NYC will give us a call. 

Robin Cutler writes: The biggest news 
is that my older daughter Elizabeth Maw 
and her husband Gabriel Rogin are expect- 
ing their 1st child in Jun. in San Francisco. 
I've started commuting in that direction. 
Her sister Carlyn, who now has an M.A. in 
Interactive Telecommunications from NYU 
and loves yoga, is moving to CA later this 
summer. My book, A Soul on Trial, is begin- 
ning to get some thoughtful reviews and 
was named one of the "notable naval books 
of the year for 2007" by the Naval Institute. 
I've enjoyed giving book talks in Annapolis, 
NYC, Charleston, and later this year in the 
Portland, OR area. 

Judy Barthold DeSimone's e-mail 
brought the news that Linda Wallace lost 
her wonderful husband early this winter 
Skeeter (Lu) had been ill for quite a while, 
but both carried their burdens with grace 
and good humor, and model well for all of 
us. Judy ends with "I simply remain thank- 
ful for surely undeserved blessings.. .and 
amazed that we're really not still 21 ...when 
/ how did that happen?" 

In late May, Harriette Horsey 
Sturges Sheila Nolan Fuller Virginia 
Pennel Brooks, and Jeannie Jackson 
Exum were treated to a mini-reunion 
at the mountain house of Marcia Pace 
Lindstrom. Jeannie reports, "As in the 
past, we laughed to tears about things we 
remembered from our time together at SBC. 
Does anyone else remember the revealing 
"posture photos" taken of us as freshmen? 
We definitely remember calling and waking 
Marilyn Garabrant in the middle of the 
night to give her a "noise warning." These 
were just a sampling of many outstanding 
memories of our time together We're com- 
mitted to getting together next year as we 
celebrate our collective 65th birthdays. Can 
it possibly be true?" 

Mary Anne Calhoun Farmer has 
5 grandchildren between her oldest 2 
daughters (SBC '91 and '92). Her youngest, 
Katharine, is engaged to a former Rhodes 
Coll. graduate. When she isn't busy with 
family, she and Tom try to travel. Last May 
it was a "National Parks of the West" trip 
by rail. 

Judy Wilson Grant writes: Mainly, we 
are scattered far and wide. Our son, Newell, 

Jr., is engaged and will be mamed in the 
Adirondacks this Sept. Our other son Will 
is hanging up his spurs from horse training 
in TX to go to grad. school in journalism 
in MO. Our youngest daughter Caroline 
lives in Chicago and works for a mari<eting 
research fimi there. Margaret, the oldest, is 
married and has been teaching 1 1th grade 
English in a charter school here in Denver. 
Newell, Sr. and I have enjoyed some great 
trips, one to England for a family wedding 
this spring, and also several wonderful trips 
back to SBC for board meetings. He loves 
coming to the Pink Bubble! I'm involved in a 
number of volunteer projects, but am trying 
to peel back a few of those. 

Suzy Moseley Helm's email: Actually, 
nothing very exciting in our lives, but Nelson 
and I are busy and happy We'll spend 
about 4 mo. in summer in Chautauqua, NY 
enjoying program, activities, and friends, 
and are in Louisville the rest of the time. 
Son Pen is computing in ID, and Ted is 
a social worker/therapist in Boston. No 
daughters-in-law or grandchildren yet. Have 
seen Makanah Penny Steketee Sidor, 
and Marcy Fisher in the last year — won- 
derful to have long term friends! 

Susan Sudduth Dodson Hiller: Life in 
the Hiller household has been busy this year. 
Chuck continues at the U. M\ for Medical 
Sciences in the Pulmonary/Critical Care 
Dept., but seems to find joy and relaxation 
in his many projects on our small farni. 
Gardens here are the most prolific ever. He 
and I have been traveling a lot, especially 
as we visited our 5 children who live in 5 
different states. Last year I wasn't able to 
meet my 3 SBC- roomies Keenan Colton 
Kelsey. Jane Nelson, and Penn Willets 
Fullerton in Nashville since baby Andrew 
decided to arrive a few days eariy; however, 
we plan to get together in Snowmass this 
Jul. Our Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Rnian, is a 
joy, loves jumping onto "his" raft and floating 
in the pool. Functioning as Community of 
Hope Lay Chaplain, Hospice Volunteer, and 
Certified Grief Counselor has been reward- 
ing. A lot of my time in these capacities 
is spent either in the nursing home where 
my mother was a resident or in conducting 
bereavement classes. 

From Muriel Wikswo Lambert: It's 
been another busy year. My research is 
going well. I have several Ph.D. students 
who will graduate this year; we're put- 
ting together a number of papers on their 
research. Youngest son Peter graduated 
from Wesleyan U. in CT in May, and we're 
taking him to Italy as a graduation present. 
Our daughter is in medical school and is 
getting married in Jul. Our oldest son just 
finished an M.A. program and is taking a 
couple of months off to travel around the 
world. Clark and I take a couple of weeks 
vacation at the end of Aug. at our beach 
house on the Outer Banks, NC. 

Marcia Pace Lindstrom enioved 
the mini-reunion with Harriette Horsey 

Sweel Briat College Alumnae Magazine • 

Foil 2008* 41 

Sturges, Jeannie Jackson Exum, 
Sheila Nolan Fuller and Virginia Pennell 

Brool<s over Memorial Day weekend, a 
time filled with relaxation and laughter. 
She's gotten into duplicate bridge and 
loves it! 

Julie Whitehurst MacKinlay: My 
"news" isn't unusual for w/here we all are in 
years. More and more grandchildren (7 with 
one daughter still not married), and Ed had 
his 50th reunion at W&L this spring. Hard to 
believe.. .We continue to go back and forth 
(too much) between homes at VA Beach 
and our farm in Lexington. Ed practices 
law part time, and I have been increasingly 
involved with the Garden Club of VA, have 
been President of the Blue Ridge Club in 
Lexington for the past 2 yrs. and am cur- 
rently chairing the 2nd GCV Symposium 
for 2010. Judy Mundy Fowler from 
Lynchburg introduced Ed and me while I 
was at SBC; we were so pleased to have 
her and a friend come to the farm for lunch 
last summer from New Zealand where Judy 
has a vineyard. So many blessings, but 
we've reached the age when, by far, the 
greatest of these is good health. 

Ellle Gilmore Massie: We moved to 
Plymouth, MA, in 10/06, and live in a lovely 
new community called The Pinehills. It has 
2 of the most beautiful golf courses I've 
ever seen, so that's where I spend much of 
my time. Handicap goes down, then goes 
up, then goes down. My children aren't 
too far away. One is an artist and lives in 
Newport, Rl; we see a lot of him. The other 
lives in NYC and is doing the finance thing 
after messing around for 5 yrs. Nobody is 
married, so I'm not into grandmother mode 
yet, and from the looks of things, it will be 
a while. I spend a lot of time on the road 
keeping up with old friends. Play a lot of 
bridge and golf and that's about it for now. 

Kathryn Carroll Mathewson: Dave 
retires at the end of Jun. and embarks on a 
whole new vocation (no longer a "job"). He's 
excited about having time to do what he 
loves most — painting. We've just returned 
from a week at the Outer Banks with my 
family (29 of us) including our daughters 
Heather and Carrie and their children 
Ahren (7) and Kate (18 mo.) I'm in my 5th 
year as Assoc. Rector of St. Timothy's on 
Signal Mountain, a church of about 1000 
members. It remains an exciting place to be 
as we expand more and more into mission 
and diverse liturgies, even today welcoming 
a new deacon from Kenya. I continue to 
pursue a 0. Min. in preaching, now almost 
halfway through after 4 semesters. My 
wisdom insight is: Sabbath is a gift which is 
rude to refuse. So I shall carve out Sabbath 
each day. 

Lee Mackubin Miller: No real news 
so far this year Rick and I will leave Atlanta 
at some point and get to the water! Children 
are scattered in different directions. The 
most exciting thing is that I'll be a grand- 
mother in Oct. Can't wait. Daughter Macon, 

who lives in D.C., is expecting. Our youngest 
Anne Lacy is moving back to NYC from 
Charleston where she hopes to get a job in 
the fashion industry. Anybody got any ideas? 

Peggy Gillmer Myers is almost a 
"neighbor" of mine here in VA. She lives in 
Amherst County. She's been retired from 
a 39.5-yr. teaching career since '06: her 
main job now is to serve as an errand-run- 
ner for the farm (beef cattle). Her children 
are within an hour or so; one in Lexington, 
one in Lynchburg, and 2 in Charlottesville. 

Jody Noland Old graduated in Jun. 
with a M.S. in Herbal Medicine. She and her 
husband went through the 3-yr-program 
together. In fall, they'll move to Vero Beach, 
PL, where they'll set up a consulting prac- 
tice to share their new knowledge. 

Andrea Pearson Pennington: I've 
had the same job for 25 yrs, Court Referee 
in Juvenile Court in Mobile. I spend my days 
sentencing, counseling, etc. kids and their 
families. It is a job that involves a lot of 
sadness and despair, but is rarely boring. I 
plan to retire in about 2 Vi yrs, 11/1/2010. 
Al continues to practice law, but is currently 
looking for another direction to channel 
his energies after 35 yrs. of it! Our oldest 
daughter Katy (28) is married, living in 
Washington, D.C. where she is Executive 
Director of the Rotary Club of D.C, and 
Scott is an Intelligence Analyst with the FBI. 
Anna (24) lives in Atlanta and works as a 
Project Manager/Communications Director 
with AT&T Moses, the black Cocker Spaniel, 
rounds out the family. I don't know that i 
have much wisdom, but I do see a growing 
crisis with many of our young people who 
don't seem to see honest hard work, giving 
something back to society, consideration 
for others as being something necessary in 
their own lives. Unless we can craft a way 
to intervene with families who feel and live 
only thinking of their own interest at a very 
early stage in the children's lives, the courts 
and social service system will be unable to 
positively impact the problem. 

Deborah Haslam Pennlston: All is 
well in Vero Beach. Betty Cafes '63 keeps 
SBC alive and well here. Golf and bridge 
keep me busy, as well as working on our 
Distinguished Lecturer Series (a huge hit!) 
We had Colin Powell and Fareed Zakaria 
this past year; both were really outstanding. 
I'm on the board of our local Theatre, 
which has been fascinating and very 
rewarding. Retirement is great and family 
is in good shape. 

Dianna "Peppie" Yaeger Rankin: 
Tom and I have 5 grandchildren. Our 2 old- 
est daughters, Alexandra and Caroline are 
married to great guys: Alexandra and /\xel 
have 2 children; Caroline and Andrew have 
3 children. Our other 3 children are not 
yet married. Tommy works in the software 
industry, Ruthmarie works in the internet 
industry, and son Carroll graduates this year 
from U. Wl. Tom and I are still in Wl as are 2 
of our children. 

Nancy Bullard Reed had a great 
visit in Mar. with Marty Brown in VA Beach 
where she and husband Arch have built and 
moved into a perfect house. It has wonder- 
ful views of the ocean, lovely decks, and a 
ten-ific pool. 

Kathy Sheahan Reid writes that she 
and Kemble went to Switzerland to visit 
Cindy Paugh Korfmann and Tano Gianni 
at their home overiooking Lugano. They 
see Peggy Henning Minnick often, 
most recently in Carmel. Kemble's law 
practice is going well in Santa Barbara. 
Kathy just retired. Her insight: SBC friend- 
ships are dear! 

Wesie Rivers Robb reflects: Life is 
GRAND. . .1 think I like being "older," other 
than the body parts that don't keep up. 
Husband Nat retired as a 2-star, and we're 
back on Sullivan's Island, SC, living the good 
lite. (I'm NOT retired, still horse show stew- 
arding. He said he worked the first 30 yrs. of 
our marriage, so I'm now 13 yrs. into "my" 
do). We have oodles of grandchildren, step 
and otherwise, a great-grand, a permanent 
foster-grand, and a temp, foster-grand and 
it's the most fun I have ever had. Son Nat, 
who lives in the Caymans, is the only one 
without dependents. I don't think he is above 
water long enough. The most gratifying thing 
that I do is working as chief groom/hauler 
to granddaughter Darby (10) who loves the 
ponies, competing, and pony club. 

Jane Taylor Ryan: I retired in 9/06 
and enjoy a quieter, slower paced life. 
Jack and I have taken a number of car 
trips covering an area up to Canada and 
down to the Keys. We visit our daughter, 
her husband, and 2 sons (6, 4) in NH, and 
our son, his wife, and daughter (12) in 
Charleston, SC. 

Diana Simrell Savory: School is end- 
ing and the breezes and heat of summer 
are welcoming! I continue to enjoy my work 
with Montessori children. I'm fortunate to be 
able to garden and work outside with them, 
since plants and Botany are my focus. I 
think one of the many things I find inspiring 
is the joy and enthusiasm with which chil- 
dren approach good works, such as taking 
care of the earth and promoting using fewer 
things, recycling and composting in their 
families. When a child is educated about 
earth awareness, the family becomes their 
audience! A great joy for me is a yoga and 
meditation practice. 

Abby Patterson Shultis: I can't 
believe how fast another year passed. The 
last 1 Yi yrs. have been spent trying to 
get settled into my new little house and 
barn, as well as trying to get landscaping 
done. I had a hip replaced, which slowed 
me down a little, but is now doing well. My 
wonderful little horse, Harry Potter, had to 
take early retirement, so I'm looking for an 
inexpensive replacement. I don't feel much 
older most of the time, but my daughter 
Parker turning 40 was a jolt! Ashton and 
her husband Terry expect their 2nd child in 

Aug., and I'm looking forward to going to 
Seattle in Sept. I'm so proud of both giris. 
A nice thing about living near Pinehurst and 
Southern Pines is that I have had plenty 
of visitors — always fun. Anyone headed 
this way, please feel free to call. I'm in tfie 
phone book! 

Martha Swanson sent this news: 
My first year of retirement has gone by 
quickly and has been everything I'd hoped. 
I've rested, read, traveled, caught up with 
friends and put my house in order, room 
by room. I ended up back at Georgetown 
1 -2 days a week in the Women's Center 
coordinating the volunteer staff as the 
Center was without a director for the entire 
year. It was pretty much on my own tenns 
and gave me the chance to stay connected 
with colleagues and support women in their 
education, a cause close to my own heart. 
David and 1 have traveled to NYC several 
times to visit our daughter, see plays, and 
watch Georgetown basketball. Sarah was 
able to join us in Feb. for our trip to the 
Maldives with a brief stop in London to 
catch up with old friends. The Maldives 
were amazing and just as beautiful as the 
photos. We continue to raise money to build 
and support St. Aloysius Gonzaga h. s. in 
Kibera slum, Nairobi, which is supported by 
the Jesuits and schools children who've lost 
their parents to AIDS. Ground was broken 
for the new school, which is exciting for us 
after 3 yrs. of fund-raising and waiting for 
bureaucratic snags to be worked out. We 
hope to get back to Kenya when the school 
is opened. 

Nancy Conkle Swann and David 
enjoy retirement between their homes in 
Asheville, NC, and St. Earth's. Both sons 
are mamed and in Atlanta. Her older son 
has their 2 grandsons (4, 1). She and David 
went on a brief trip to NYC and met Susan 
Kjeldsen Roos for a drink. She writes, 
"it was great to catch up with her after all 
these years." 

Anne Ward Stem retired from fund- 
raising and enjoys time to be with family 
and friends, ride her horse, take art lessons, 
travel, and be more observant and appre- 
ciative of the joys and wonders of life. 

Barbara Dublin Van Cleve: After 
not being in touch for many years, here's 
a quick catch-up: I live in Greensboro, NC, 
near my oldest child and recently retired 
from the local hospital system where 1 still 
volunteer 3 days a week, one at the free 
clinic and 2 as a chaplain in the emergency 
dept. I'm off tomorrow for a trip to visit my 
sister and her family in Germany and will 
then meet up with Dei Laudes, a group of 
singers from all over NC and TN who tour 
in Europe every 2 summers. Son Will is 
a pediatric intensive care MD in Seattle, 
son Mike is an architect in IL where he 
specializes in Americans with Disabilities 
Act compliance, and his twin-sister Liz is an ] 
oncology nurse in Durham. Christina was 
an elem. principal who now runs a teacher 

42 • Fall 2008 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 


mentoring program at UNC-Greensboro's 
School of Education. I worl<eci in Republican 
politics in D.C. for many yrs, but am now 
a passionate Obama-supporter, an active 
member of my local Episcopal Church, and 
love entertaining. I've just returned from 
Long Island where I served as chef/caterer 
for a movie production company, a volun- 
teer gig ttiat fit right in with my old passion 
for theater 

Anne Newton Walther shares that 
she has 8 grandchildren (all boys). She's 
written 2 books: Loss of Innocence (pub- 
lished in '07) which is a sequel to her first 
book A Time for Treason Both are histori- 
cal fiction about the French and American 
Revolutions. She does make annual trips 
to Chariottesville each Jun. to keep her VA 

Carey Judy Weathers: Finally, I'm so 
happy to be a grandmother of 2 grandsons: 
Lucas (1) and Thomas (6 wks), sons of my 
daughters Louisa and Susannah. I'll go soon 
to the Riviera and Provence on a trip with 4 
others and we'll be air-painting. Son Dallon 
is a geologist and lives in New Orleans, and 
our youngest Kay has finished an M.A. at 
U. SC and will move to Cashiers, NC, for 
the next 4 mo. to work at a resort. It's a big 
adventure. We look forward to spending a 
lot of time at Pawleys Island this summer; 
we love it there year round, 

Mary Meade Gordon Winn: After 
Tom died 6 yrs. ago, I moved into a lovely 
patio home where I'm now settled. My 
son Tom III, a lawyer with Woods Rogers, 
lives 5 min. away and his 3 giris keep me 
occupied and on my game, so-to-speak. 
Gordon and Andrew live in D.C. where they 
continue to gig at events large and small. 
Gordon has published a Spanish handbook 
for advanced Spanish students and contin- 
ues his frequent jaunts to Spain. Last fall, 
he took me with him on a visit to Madrid 
and Valencia and proved an excellent tour 
guide and wonderful company! Andrew 
and Logan have an energetic son, Andrew 
Meade Jr (7 mo.), whom I kept for a week 
recently, whew! Andrew is preparing for 
medical school, while Logan is an estates 
and tax attomey in D.C. Meredith lives in 
Jackson, WY, where she's practicing law at 
a small firm in town. She loves those wide 
open spaces, takes advantage of all outdoor 
activities possible there. My life is full of 
family, friends, church choir, gardening, 
traveling, clubs, the beach, winters in Vero, 
and all the usual activities that one enjoys 
as life clips along. I count my SBC-friends 
among my most treasured blessings and 
enjoy visits with them regularly. 

And finally, this wonderful story of 
the "miracles that abound" in our SBC- 
connections comes from Marcie Fisher 
and Harriette Horsey Sturges. Marcie 
begins: "One day in 7/07, my son and his 
girlfriend picked me up at the airport say- 
ing, 'A lady at church says she was your 
college roommate.' My first thought was. 

'I've been going to that church for 20 yrs, I 
think I would have noticed.' But suddenly I 
remembered that a new minister had been 
introduced the previous Sunday. She had 
a beautiful Southern accent and her name 
was Harriette. What a wonderful surprise." 
Harriette continues: "My husband and I 
moved to Washington, D.C. in 7/07 for me 
to serve at St. Alban's Episcopal Parish. I 
knew the rector and his wife and no one 
else. I started in with Vacation Bible School 
and met this young man who was helping 
out. His name was Rod Fisher and some- 
thing rang a bell. It dawned on me tiiat this 
might be Marcie's son. I tactfully asked 
how old his mother was and wheUier she 
went to SBC. Of course, the answer was, 
'Yes.'" Marcie continues: "I'm sure you can 
imagine that Harriette gives an exceptional 
sennon; but, can you imagine taking com- 
munion from your college roommate? It 
makes one feel blessed." 

And for myself, Makanah Dunham 
Morriss: Bob and I continue to enjoy our 
horses and our eco-sensitive, contemporary 
home and lovely setting, as neighbors of 
Kit Baker Sydnor and Kendall. I've been 
helping out with a therapeutic riding pro- 
gram locally as well as keeping busy with 
denominational boards and committees at 
the national level. In Aug., Bob and I will be 
spending a week at Chautauqua with Suzy 
and Nelson Helm. This should be fun. 

Again, thanks to one and all who 
wrote. And keep the news and insights 


Ms. Diane Dalton 
IVIIIwaukee, Wl 53202 

Lynne G. Detmer 
Highland Farm 
448 Styles Brook Road 
Keene, NY 12942 


-tv'"-'«- o,\^y- ''77^,/3a-a^. 3009 
Nancy Crawford Bent 
14 Dopping Brook Rd 
Sherborn, MA 01770 

This news would be longer except that it's 
from me. I've discovered that the reason 
many of you don't respond to my emails is 
because your computers block mass emails. 
Who knew? If you want my reminders of 
Class Notes deadlines, please tell your 

computer to accept mass emails from me. If 
you don't know how (or if SBC doesn't have 
your email address) mark the deadlines on 
your calendar They're on the first page of 
the Class Notes section. 

Ginny Kay Baldwin Cox (Poquoson, 
VA) offered me consolation for my email 
woes by writing that she has had the same 
problem with Uie membership roster she 
keeps for her library's Friends group, and 
husband Tommy doesn't do computers! 
There was a mini House 3 reunion in Jun. 
at Frere's cottage at Wrightsville Beach 
(see below), but GK missed it because the 
Coxes' Tiger Cruise (for friends/family of 
sailors) was at the same time. Their young- 
est, Ann Stuart, is a Lt. in the USN's reactor 
dept. on the Taiman (aircraft canier); she 
invited them to sail with the Truman from FL 
back to Newport for the homecoming after 
their 8 mo. deployment. Day to day, GK is 
doing "lots of down and dirty yard work 
(gardening would be too refined a word 
for what I do in the yard) ...which reminds 
me.. .Tommy just called from work and 
asked (he d/dask) me to go pull the canta- 
loupe vines off the okra. Omigod! Gardening 

Ronde Kneip Bradley (Braintree, 
MA) and I drove out to Culver IN, in Jun. 
to attend the wedding of Dina Moser 
McGuinn's (Westport, CT) youngest, 
Stephen. It was great fun with the ceremony 
and reception on the campus of Culver 
Academy where the bride's father teaches. 
Stephen is working on his Ph.D. in criminal 
justice at U of MD, and his wife Katie Grace 
is a social worker on a children's unit at 
Hopkins. Daughter Kate Motley and Matt 
live near Westport with their 2 sons giving 
Dina plenty of opportunity to babysit, and 
son Ian and his wife live and work in the 
Far East. Ian was written about in a recent 
tVSL/ article, but I didn't understand most 
of it. Ronde's daughter Kate is wori<ing for 
a company in Boston setting up computer 
programs for hospitals like Mass. General. 
Nicky is in her first year as an RN in the 
NICU at Philadelphia's Children's Hospital. 
Ronde is busy working for Wm. Wiley 
publishing (textbook division), volunteering 
for Hospice, and studying and practicing 
Buddhism. Both Ronde and Dina have been 
to San Francisco in the past year and had 
most enjoyable visits with Elizabeth Lewis 
and Lisa Baker. What interested me was 
that both Elizabeth's and Lisa's husbands 
have been reported to be very good com- 
pany! That's not something you hear every 
day, is it? 

Martha Brewer (New Orleans, LA) is 
back in NoLa, grateful that Susan and she 
sold their house in Little Rock despite the 
bad RE market. She started work (ob-gyn) 
at LSU in fall '07, feeling both excited about 
it and afraid of getting in over her head. On 
Xmas Day she wrote, "The main thing that 
we're grateful for this year being back in 
New Orleans.. .and that my work at LSU is 

fuming out so well. Susan is looking for- 
ward to some serious painting and art after 
ttie holidays (and after the bathroom and 
kitchen renovations). We're looking forward 
to '08 being a better year (than the last 
few) for us and all our friends here (most of 
whom have had worse last-few-years ttian 
we've had)." 

Working as a counselor at a community 
mental health service, riding her horse 
Falcon, and serving as his nurse and physi- 
cal therapist (and chamber maid), designing 
and planting a garden, and caring for her 
father, Ridgely Fuller (Waltham, MA) is as 
busy (and political) as ever She takes her 2 
dogs on long daily walks, one of which last 
winter ended in her calling me on her cell 
phone to say that she'd fallen on the ice 
and broken her wrist. And she was sitting 
in the snow waiting for the rescue squad to 
sand the unplowed road so they could get 
to her and the dogs. That was an exciting 
day! Son Nicholas completed his 1st year 
of practice teaching kindergarten in NYC, 
and Benjamin returned home in May from 
a year of stijdy and travel in Latin America. 
Brad continues in the graduate school of 
sociology at Boston Coll., travels all over the 
worid for his job, and has no plans to retire. 
As I write, Ridgely and he are in Italy, this 
time for pleasure. 

The prize for most dramatic '07 
Xmas news goes to Cathy Hall Stopher 
(Louisville, KY) whose son Charles got a 
piece of tenderioin stuck in his esophagus 
at dinner "After everyone had opened pres- 
ents (What? AFTER?), he, Steph, and Ed 
went to the emergency room and he had to 
be put under and they operated to retrieve 
it. That was scary. Charies and Steph live 
in Iville where he's a lawyer for the Public 
Defender's Office. Marshall is still the illus- 
trations specialist for National Geographic in 
D.C, while husband Douglas Kiker is worth- 
ing for a consulting firm in NYC. Ed still tries 
lots of cases and I'm worthing to get my golf 
handicap below 35. 1 love bridge and work- 
ing with my garden club," 

Carolyn Mapp Hewes (Atianta, GA) 
and her husband visited Cathy & Ed at their 
new condo in Gulf Sti'eam, FL, for a recent 
weekend. Cathy wrote, "Carolyn's youngest 
son, Paul, teaches at St. Andrew's, a private 
h. s. in Boca Raton, and she combined a 
visit with him and us. Her 1st son, Michael, 
and his wife had a boy in summer '07. Son 
David is an actor in LA and has 2 movies 
in Blockbuster now. One in the hon-or sec- 
tion and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance 
Kid He guest stars on CSI and lots of other 
TV shows." Keithley Rose Miller (Palm 
Beach, FL) also visited Cathy "to play with 
me in our member-guest. She's just the 
same. Really fun! She's a decorator and 
husband Dwight is a la^vyer" 

Claudette Harloe Dalton (Eariysville. 
VA) is Physician Director ol Perioperative 
Services at Rockingham Memorial Hospital 
in Harrisonburg, VA. (1 got that from her 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Foil 2008 • 43 

email format) and is a new grandmother. 
"Have 2 wonderful 'surrogate' grandchildren 
already, but my son has a 5-mo.-old (7/08) 
who is a dear, even if he never sleeps! My 
son and daughter-in-law are beyond zom- 
ble-ism with sleep deprivation, but the curi- 
ous baby (known by his nickname "Huck") 
seems determined to see and do everything 
NOW. No time to sleep apparently; it's a 
good thing his parents are teachers! On the 
professional front, I assumed the chairper- 
sonship of the AMA's Council on Medical 
Education and will have a full year of travel 
and work trying to smooth out the wrinkles 
in how we educate doctors. I'm on the 
board of the group that oversees the educa- 
tion of docs after they go into practice and 
on the Board of Medicine in VA. The Board 
of Medicine work (disciplining bad doctors) 
is a bit depressing — who knew that doctors 
could get into so many and varied types of 
trouble? But that Is balanced by the work I 
do each summer with a huge free clinic in 
Appalachia where the "good guys and gals" 
see over 8,000 uninsured patients in 2 Vz 
days! At that event, where I'm one of the 
medical directors, the doctors and nurses 
who really care make up for the ones who 
misbehave. This is the best thing I've ever 
done with my medical license." Claudette 
had a fabulous time at the mini House 3 
reunion that GK missed. "Each of the House 
3 denizens has, in her own way, become a 
woman that SBC can be proud of and that 
I'm honored to know. Whether in the won- 
derful children they've raised, the spouses 
and partners they've nourished, or in the 
work they've chosen to do, each of them 
has carved a life of meaning and purpose. 
The conversations we had ranged from 
art to parenting to politics and were never 
boring. What a superb tribute to themselves 
they are! SBC brought us together, but I 
suspect that each of them has had this 
core of "giving" all along.. .it shines in all 
their accomplishments... Really, this is the 
best time of our lives. We've accomplished 
much, learned much, and lived full lives 
enriching others and ourselves. I wouldn't 
trade a minute of it for any other life, and 
I hope our classmates will send you their 
news. Big or small, the news is what holds 
us together and shows us the greater web 
of life. It's vital that we keep in touch on 
some level and share our stories!" Amen 
to that. 

I got a quick note from Ann Tremain 
Lee (Newport News, VA). "I'm still of the 
old school (snail mail), but I do use email 
and recognize its benefits! I'll get back to 
you soon. Just returned from a trip to CA 
where our 2 granddaughters live along with 
their parents!" 

I get tons of news from Susan 
Scanlan (Alexandria, VA) who has lots to 
say about breast reconstmction, travel, 
career, politics, and gossip. A sampling: 
"Breast reconstruction was a pain in the 
butt, having to go out to the plastic surgeon 

9 times to get saline solution injected Into 
the tissue expanders via syringes the size of 
turkey basters. But it didn't hurt as all the 
nerve endings In that part of my chest have 
been severed.... When we flew to TX a cou- 
ple weekends back, I had to carry a card 
from my plastic surgeon to present to the 
FDA inspectors. It stated that I had metal 
tissue expanders in my chest — not bombs! 
Jared and I flew to Italy to hop a belated 
60th birthday cruise down the Dalmatian 
Coast. It was a rollicking success. The 
calories were so high and the dollar so low 
that the Cameron/Scanians now have to 
save up to weigh themselves. We disem- 
barked at ancient walled cities in Slovenia, 
Croatia, and Montenegro, all fomner vaca- 
tion sites for Roman emperors, with white 
stone buildings and red tiled roofs, backed 
against spectacular cliffs, and fronted by 
the impossibly blue Adriatic... The food was 
so-so, my main complaint being that the 
buffet luncheon offerings weren't labeled 
and one day I bit into what I thought was 
beef Stroganoff, only to discover it was liver 
Stroganoff. Cue the Tom Hanks scrape- 
your-tongue-with-a-napkin scene... 2007 
found me 'speechifying' all over the country. 
The lower Bush sinks in the polls, the 
more demand there is for liberal women to 
offer an alternative. So I taught women's 
studies classes at OR State U., the U. of 
Ml, and Mary Washington Coll.; spoke on 
women's health panels at fancy spas in 
San Antonio, Boca Raton, Indianapolis, and 
Tucson; debated Don imus defenders in 
Chicago and on CNN; and addressed 3,500 
angry feminists at a Nov. Freedom on Our 
Terms conference in NY. In 2008, Eli Lilly 
has booked me for a 7-city tour to promote 
Evista, an osteoporosis drug that also turns 
out to prevent invasive breast cancer In 
Mar, Sweet Briar has asked me to give the 
keynote address at the annual leadership 
conference. There's a chance I'll be travel- 
ing to Hanoi in May to speak at the Global 
Summit of Women and revisit our old Asian 
haunts. Come Aug., I'll be herding 300 
young women to the conventions in Denver 
and Minneapolis to meet the candidates 
and get inspired to run for office... In May, 
many of my far-flung Scanlan cousins will 
rendezvous on a Carnival line caiise to 
Cozumel. My Dad's twin sisters, Jane and 
Claire, will be first aboard. At 86 yrs. old, 
they live in the 3rd home built on the same 
lot in St. Bernard Parish, courtesy of Betsy, 
Camille, and Katrina. Nobody would ever be 
fool enough to buy their land so all the old 
folks are condemned to recycle their lives, 
storm after storm. Every weekday morning, 
the Twins head over to the Council on 
Aging for free breakfast. At least twice a 
month, they demand to be driven to the MS 
Coast casinos to partake of the complimen- 
tary buffets or to gamble away their chil- 
dren's inheritance. How I wish I'd inherited 
a bit more of that laissez les bans temps 
roiy/ez attitude." 

I got an email from Pat Fuller 
(Holliston, MA) who asked me to pass 
it along to Sue, and I include it here: "I 
wanted to get a 'thank you' sent to Sue for 
adding cancer jokes to her many accom- 
plishments. She will not remember me 
(I started as class of '70, then '71), but 
as someone going through the slash and 
poison phase of breast cancer, I loved her 
class notes." 

Ginny Stanford Perdue (Nashville, TN) 
added to the details of the House 3 reunion; 
"It was our 2nd trip there, as we spent a 
few days between exams and graduation 
there 39 yrs. ago. We picked right up where 
we left off and enjoyed one another trernen- 
dously, delighted for the quickly re-fonned 
empathetic connections midst such diversity 
of life paths. If what we experienced is any 
indication of what lies ahead for all of us 
next May, then no one wants to miss a sec- 
ond of it, worth any sacrifice to get there. 
So goes my pep talk! In Nashville I see 
Nancy Wendllng Peacock, and we should 
be proud of her career as a song writer 2 
of the songs in the new Billy Graham movie 
coming out later this year were written by 
her (See below.) Have had mini reunions 
recently with: Haden Ridley Winbome — 
still in Atlanta but quite frequently in NYC as 
both of her twin daughters live there. One 
has blessed her with 2 little girts, tbe other 
is getting married in Mar and has been 
wori<ing at the UN for our govt, in a 'mys- 
tery' capacity; Less Guthrie Keller who 
took on the challenge of a lifetime when 
she moved to San Diego to try to salvage 
the declining Episcopal Community Services 
organization there (and she's succeeding); 
her husband Paul is still in Chicago and 
they have a commuting maniage, see- 
ing each other ever^' other weekend; and 
Mabry Ghambllss DeBuys is still the 
lawyer you dread to see on the other side 
in high-powered, high-stakes divorces in 
Seattle. As for me, I'm a high-powered Gigi 
to our 2 toddler grandsons 5 days a week. 
If any of you have trouble sleeping, I have 
the perfect cure!" 

Nancy Wendllng Peacock (Gallatin, 
TN) described the House 3 reunion as "the 
highlight of this year so far. The 8 room- 
mates who came had 3 days of nonstop 
talking and the discovery that we are just 
as compatible now as we were then! I'm 
cun'ently a songwriter and music publisher 
with my own company, Washington Street 
Publishing. I have 2 songs in the new fea- 
ture film titled Billy: The Early Years. There 
is supposed to be a movie premiere in 
Nashville in eariy Oct! My career description 
is getting ready to add some new titles. 
I'll be the A&R rep for a new independent 
record label named Slugfest Records 
Nashville and the co-manager of the label's 
artists. I'm also involved with a new reality 
tv show named Breakout: Road to Stardom 
that hopefully is going to air in the spring of 
'09. My son is an associate with an archi- 

tectural firm in Portland, OR and my daugh- 
ter is a lawyer with the Attorney General in 

Helen Willingham Meadors (Rabun 
Gap, GA) has been busy going back and 
forth to Macon to visit her 91 -yr-old mother, 
in addition to making desserts for a local 
restaurant and being the local dealer for 
Crocs. "I was the first Croc dealer outside of 
Boulder; we've done well with tbem at tbe 
restaurant. Mort and Frank are fine. Frank 
got a job straight out of college in archi- 
tectural modeling in a wonderful company 
in Mintum, Co. He lives in Vail and loves to 
snowboard and fish. The wori<Jng condi- 
tions are laid-back westem and democratic. 
We love his girtfriend Kristen, who is a 
marathon runner and a biologist who wort<s 
for Forest Service in summers. They joined 
Mort and me in Costa Rica last Jan. for a 
great vacation at an eco lodge. We have a 
grandson, Graham (8, son of Mort's daugh- 
ter Amy) who is in our area at camp as 
we speak. Also am gardening and knitting, 
though compulsive knitting has caused me 
to have bad arthritis in my tbumbs. Lucile 
McKee Clarkson (Atlanta, GA) and Bill 
bought a retirement house not too far from 
us, so I'll be seeing her more. We have a 
blast when we get togetber. She is wonder- 
ful." Then Helen ended with instructions for 
me not to include all of the above "boring 
*#-i-@,° which I'm ignoring. 

1 still work part time as a glorified 
secretary at our local school where I used 
to be the nurse. Free from concerns about 
head lice, Epipens, insulin pumps, and 
malingering little scholars, I have a wonder- 
ful time with parents, faculty, and staff. I'm 
also a trustee for my father's ref rement 
community (currently serving on a commit- 
tee to explore Hospice options, extremely 
interesting) and for the local Hist. Soc., and 

1 spend a lot of time and energy writh my 

2 "rescued" dogs from VT and VWA. Like 
Ginny Kay, I do some "down and dirty" in 
the yard (I love to prune and then pay a 
local boy to clean up after me), and Peter 
and I enjoy finding new places to explore on 
day trips (e.g. Edith Wharton's spectacular 
estate in Lenox, MA, and the Worcester Art 
Museum where we saw a temfic exhibit 
from Winterthur). Adele is a social wori<er at 
McLean Hospital (psych) and Charles will be 
starting a master's program ("the business . 
of art") at Sotheby's in NYC in Sept. (Again, 
many thanks to Lynn Pearson Russell 
(Alexandria, VA) who met with Charies in 
her office at the Natl. Gallery of Art to dis- 
cuss careers in the art worid.) 

Our 40th reunion is in May. So far, 
Nancy Wendllng Peacock. Ginny 
Stanford Perdue. Claudette Harloe 
Dalton. and I plan to be there. Its a great 
party and an opportunity to have good 
conversations with old friends and also with 
classmates that one didn't really know 39 
and more years ago. Claudette's description 
of the mini reunion at Frere's describes 

44 • Fall 2008 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

my experience of reunions. I've never been 
bored! I hope that many of you will save the 
date, May 22-24, 2009. 


Nia EldrJdge Eaton 

461 Rittenhouse Boulevard 

Jeffersonville, PA 19403-3382 


Lynne Sprinsky 
The Old Smithy 
Montoursville, PA 17754 

Gale Hul Whetzel 
2696 Coventry Road 
Columbus, OH 43221-3226 


Jill Johnson 

2012 Wolftrap Oaks Ct 

Vienna, VA 22182 

To start off our News in Review, let me 
share this from a classmate. 1, of course, 
am still the svelte (plus 60 lbs); blonde (8 
shades darker) or brunette (from a bottle 
that won't cover the gray) or redhead 
(never really was, but always wanted to be); 
physically fit (can barely make it up a flight 
of stairs, and if I fall, I have to wait for help); 
intellectually curious (People Magazine now 
instead of Tm^\ outgoing (talk more to my 
dog than anyone); culturally aware (All My 
Children); humorous (laughed once in Mar., 
I think); avid reader (see People Magazine 
above); engaging (can't remember what 
I said last, but am sure it was witty and 
humorous); and loyal Sweet Briar fan (I'd 
write more for the notes except I have no 
idea what I've done or who I've seen when) 
that I always was. Still looking good is some 
shades of pink and green, so nothing much 
has changed!"— She Who Must Not Be 

Please send comments on the above to 
me at your eariiest for inclusion in the next 
installment of the Notes. Things are going 
well (knock wood) writes Cutler Bellows 
Crockard. Son Bradd marries in Oct. in 
Lufkin, TX, to a young woman they all love. 
She's been warned, says Culter, so there's 
no blame later! Cutler and Doug see them 
often since they both live and work here in 
Houston. Bradd's a lawyer and Sarah, an 
interior designer by education, works for an 
insurance company with Liz Woodard's 
daughter Catherine, small world. Daughter 

Callie and JB are still in San Antonio where 
she has a job she loves in mari<eting for 
a large law firm. JB is in the oil business. 
Doug and Cutler get to Galveston more 
often since the end of Mar They planned to 
go to Greece in Oct., but with the economy 
and the dollar, they've decided to stay 
stateside and do something wonderful in 
North America. Cutler had a slipped disk, 
underwent surgery in Jun., but she's well on 
the mend now. 

After years of being Head of an 
Episcopal day school (K-12), Rhonda 
Grfffitti Durham stepped dov/n in order to 
assume the position of Executive Director 
of the Independent Schools Association of 
the Southwest. (ISAS accredits independent 
schools in 6 southwestern states. Read 
about ISAS and see Rhonda's staff profile 
at Rhonda loves her work 
since her 3 children are grown and making 
their way in those eariy years of careers. 
Only the youngest, Jonathan is married, 
and they have no grandchildren yet! Son 
Trevor lives in Salt Lake City, daughter 
Caitlin lives in LA, and Jonathan lives in 
Manhattan. Jonathan mamed Alexis Martire, 
a Harvard classmate from NJ, in NYC sum- 
mer before last. 

Rhonda's wori< and childrens' schooling 
take her to Boston often where she's seen 
Mercedes Gravett Grandin. Also an 
accomplished educator, Mercedes has been 
head of a school in Boston. Mercedes's 
daughter Merce and Rhonda's daughter 
got to be friends and roomed together for a 
while in Palo Alto. 

Since Rhonda wort<s with numer- 
ous schools in Houston, she travels there 
often, trying to see SBC roommate Natalie 
"Bobo" Ryan Hoyt as often as possible. 
They celebrated a recent birthday with Bobo 
and her husband Mont. Rhonda claims 
Bobo and Mont look young and wonder- 
ful even after raising a large family Bobo 
also works in education administration for 
Houston ISD. Rhonda points out that Sweet 
Briar gals are doing their part to improve 
education in our country. 

Susan Snodgrass Wynne and John 
("Dubby") celebrated their 35th anniversary 
at Christmas '07. Their 2 sons also live in 
Virginia Beach now. One married in Savan- 
nah a year ago; the other is engaged to one 
of the bridesmaids, so Susan will have 2 GA 
peaches! After a major renovation, she and 
Dubby are back in their home. Susan still 
enjoys her Board memberships at Norfolk 
Academy and the Ronald McDonald House. 
While hard to believe, she's off to her 40th 
h. s. reunion at St Agnes in Alexandria, VA. 
Rhonda Griffith shared some of her special 
times with Susan. They became close 
friends years ago traveling together by car 
from Norfolk to SBC and bacl<. They've 
l<ept in touch over the years, shared chil- 
drens' weddings, some of life's challenges 
and heartaches, and even had some real 
fun — shopping in Palm Beach, relaxing in 

Mustique, confem'ng on home decor, and 
searching for the latest effective cosmetics 
and slenderizing fashion. This coming year, 
they'll be serving as Board members of their 
grade school alma mater, Norfolk Academy. 
At Susan's son John's wedding last spring 
in Savannah, Rhonda saw Greyson Shuff 
Tucker and reports that she and husband 
Garland don't look a day older Greyson is a 
master gardener and maybe she'll help with 
problems in your English garden. 

Thinking of SBC often, Emily McNally 
Brown has enjoyed her SBC bulbs, trans- 
planting them from 3 different homes. They 
still thrive, "just as all of us have thrived as a 
result of our SBC education.'' Emily teaches 
American Lit and Music/ Art Humanities at 
the h. s. in Howell, Ml. Husband Jim has 
retired from Ford. Their eldest son and his 
wife expect a 5th child in Sept. Chris, the 
youngest, is a video game editor in Ann 
Arbor and moonlights as a sportswriter He's 
"almost engaged" and lives in Emily/Jim's 
walkout basement apt. Emily would love to 
hear from classmates heading to Northern 
Ml or the Grand Hotel! 

Carol Cody Herder reports that it's 
been another great year as an empty nester 
As President of the Houston Alumnae Chap- 
ter of Kappa Alpha Theta, she's been busy 
with her main fundraiser, the annual Theta 
Charity Antiques Show. Carol and husband 
Chariie continue to have fun bicycling, kaya- 
king, and spending time at their TX ranch. 
They also travel a lot and enjoy their new 
puppy. Daughter Sarah is happily marled, 
wori<ing and living in Austin. Son Charles 
is a senior at MIT and has been accepted 
there for his Masters, so all's well with the 
kids too. 

I get nice notes regulariy from Betty 
Moricle, who has changed addresses, 
but still lives in Reidsville, NC. She enjoys 
the '72 news. She's still interested in his- 
tory, both about SBC and local venues in 

Susan Waller Nading and husband 
Alex are doing fine as empty nesters. 
They've had some wonderful trips and enjoy 
their house in Highlands, NC. Alex still works 
full time, but manages to get away on a 
regular basis for bird hunting and fly fishing. 
They love golf. Lately, Susan's been playing 
a lot of bridge, even a little duplicate. Hiking 
has become another favorite activity and, as 
she sent her news, she was "resting" after 
a wonderful day in the woods. Daughter 
Murray and husband Marc are the parents 
of Susan's only grandchild. Ward. Being 
a grandparent is as fabulous as everyone 
says. Son Alex lives in Nicaragua while he's 
working on his Ph.D. dissertation in anthro- 
pology. Son Will is leaving his job at a local 
bank to go to graduate school in Engineer- 
ing at Clemson. 

Since retirement from middle man- 
agement of Goodwin House. Alexandria 
Retirement Community in '05, Kitty Howell 
Riordan has been Immersed in Pastoral 

Care worit Kitty has volunteered many years 
in the Pastoral Care Dept. of INOVA Alexan- 
dria Hospital as a Volunteer Chaplain, done 
mentoring there, and, most recently, held 
the position of Interim Director of Pastoral 
Care, which lasted longer than planned, 7 
mo. Kitty visits her declining mother (87) 
and finds the "walk with her" mutually 
nourishing. She's equally committed to the 
Pastoral Care Team at church. On the side, 
Kitty has enjoyed participation in a local New 
Neighbors League Club Chapter offering a 
bi-weekly bridge group, a Garden Group, 
Museum Jaunts to Washington, which she 
co-leads, as well as an infonnal singing 
group perfomiing at local nursing homes. 
Additionally, Kitty has monthly Sacred Circle 
Dancing, also a great cognitive wori^out, and 
her daily Qigong Eastern discipline, along 
with other ways to keep her spiritual joumey 
active and full, mostly tuned into Compas- 
sionate Mindfulness of living in the Moment. 
Kitty and Dave walk 2 mi. and swim daily 
and cherish time with family Son Matthew 
is in a good operations position In a CT 
hedge fund. Youngest Michael has had a re- 
cent "call" to medicine, now doing pre-med 
undergraduate wort< at Duquesne U, follow- 
ing Cornell days and lacrosse for both sons. 
Family Is full with 4 older stepchildren and 
10 grandchildren! They love their annual Jul. 
Bethany Beach family Riordan reunion; 3 
houses and all attend. 

This year Marion Walker was asked to 
be a Partner in the law firm. Ford & Hamson 
LLP, handling commercial and employment 
litigation. She stays busy with the practice 
and looks forward to retuming to golf, sail- 
ing and gardening after a bone spur is cut 
out of her neck! Nephew Michael Walker 
was married to Susan Bums from Gaines- 
ville, GA last Oct., and the twin daughters of 
one of Marion's twin sisters were the flower 
girls. Nephew Robert Walker is at Birming- 
ham-Southern, and Marion enjoys having 
him and Michael close by Nephew Jesse 
Walker graduated from McCallie in Chatta- 
nooga this year and is headed to UGA in fall. 
On the fussy side, Marion installed 2 water 
barrels because there was a serious drought 
last summer and this year it cleared up. At 
least she gets to take some fun trips with 
business, joining some MDA/A/DC SBCers 
for a lunch last Christmas and promising 
more visits for laughter and tales. 

All is well in Gates Mills, OH, says Gail 
Gamer Resch, She and Michael had a 
1 0-day bike trip to the San Juan Islands 
with 1 4 people in Jul. The summer brought 
enjoyment and much gardening. Son Gamer 
is a senior at Trinity Coll. in Hartford, and 
Gail and Michael look fonrard to their final 
college payment! 

Ginnie Stevens Purcell loves wort<ing 
as VR Development oi the Westminster- 
Canterbury Foundation at Westminster- 
Canterbury Richmond, a very large retire- 
ment community. She thinks she and Riker 
vflll reside there some day! Ginnie and Riker 

Sweet Briar College Alumnoe Magozine • 

Fall 2008 • 45 

have all of their plants In containers (no 
grass) since they moved into Richmond's 
Fan District in '06. They love being near VCU 
for lots of performances, etc., and they're 
also within walking distance to tote of res- 
taurants. GInnle has 1 child still at home — 
their 2nd Corgi, Oliver (8 mo.). Daughters 
Brookle (29) and Anne Riker (25) live in 
Manhatten. Brooke Is an attorney at Cov- 
ington & Burllng's NY office, and Anne RIker 
has been at the Metropolitan Museum's 
Development Office for 3 yrs. since graduat- 
ing from Princeton. She's going for her M.A. 
for decorative arts In fall. Both love the city. 

Several moves to report: Kathy Pauley 
Hickok moved back to Richmond. Wel- 
come back/home, Kathy. Margaret Lyie 
Samdahl moved to a new home, but still In 
Lexington, VA. Margaret continues work at 
Lee Chapel at W&L 

Rosie Brache Leparulo's life Is very 
happy since the birth of Grade Isabella 
Leparulo, her 1 st grandchild, daughter of 
son Robert (30). Grade is a delight In every 
imaginable way. Everyone always told Rosle 
that being a grandma would be great, but 
until experiencing It firsthand. ..ahhhh! Rosle 
continues to teach French and Spanish 
at North FL Community Coll. In Madison. 
William and Rosie still live In and love Tal- 
lahassee, where William teaches at FSU. 
Son Willy (32) — where do the years go? — is 
single. Rosie hopes Willy can find a gem like 
Robert's wife, Kristy, a sweetheart, a terrific 
new mom and a busy RN. Willy is a Student 
Advisement Coordinator at the U. Both sons 
live in Tallahassee, as does stepdaughter 
Carmen, who has been there for the past 
1 yrs. Rosle got together a few months ago 
with 2 SBC buddies: Kathy Leibell Paster- 
nak (best friend since age 1 3!) and Cindy 
Miles Martinez. Cindy's son is a fighter 
pilot In Destin, FL, and they got together 
there for one of Cindy's granddaughters's 
christening. They were able to talk with 
their 4th suitemate from senior year In 
Randolph — Leslie Armstrong Ramsey, 
who Is recovering from a bad leg fracture, 
but happily married to husband Rex. 

Marcia Wittenbrook never fails to 
crack me up. I wish I could publish all her 
comments, but. .Marcia was just selected 
to serve on the Parish Council at her Church 
for 3 yrs. She's on the Board for Friends of 
Apollo's Fire (Cleveland's Baroque Orches- 
tra) and was elected to be First VP for the 
next year. Anytime anyone wants to come up 
to Cleveland to see the Rock and Roll Hall 
of Fame, Marcia offers her spare room. For 
fun, she went to an overnight camp, noting 
she had to wait until she was 57 before 
she was allowed to go to sleepover camp. It 
was all women and they did lots of arts and 
crafts. "Good practice for when I'm In the 
'home'," says Marda. 

Dale Shelly Graham and James are 
well In D.C. Their son Fielding Is a senior 
at SMU In Dallas, and daughter Lily Is a 
sophomore at Davidson and plays women's 

lacrosse. Dale and James enjoy their empty 
nest and have seen more movies in the last 
year than they have In the last 20 yrs! 

Kathy Keys Graham and Bill an- 
nounced that David graduated from Auburn 
with a degree In dvil engineering in Jun. 
and Is engaged with a Dec. wedding 
planned In Birmingham. He'll return to Au- 
burn In the fall to pursue a masters in en- 
gineering. Keys has finished rebuilding her 
lake house, which was wiped out by a big 
tree. She hopes to visit lots of SBC friends 
after the wedding. 

Many got a special Sweet Briar fix 
in Jun. at Margaret Hayes Brunstad's 
daughter Betsy's wedding. Kathy Keys 
Graham. Ginger Upchurch Collier, Kathy 
Upchurch Takvorian, Marion Walker. 
Susan Snodgrass Wynne, and Susan 
Waller Nading were there to admire the 
radiant bride and support Margaret. 

Mary Phillips Donohoe Carrera 
writes with her new email address: marycar- "After marrying the won- 
derful Jim Carrera," she says, "I've decided 
to change my name." 

Mary Heller still lives in D.C. and works 
as a chemist at NIH. She spends most 
weekends traveling back and forth to Atlanta 
to be with her mother (87). But, she did take 
a break to join Dale Shelly Graham, Jill 
Johnson, Carter Frackelton. Janet Nel- 
son Gibson, and Eileen Gebrian at Karen 
Medford's beach house In Rehobeth Beach, 
DE, for a minl-reunlon In Jun. Elizabeth 
"Tina" Hall Baugher, who has a beach 
house around the corner from Karen, came 
over for drinks. Tina and her husband live 
in Baltimore; she has a son who is married 
and a daughter who Is planning an Oct. 
wedding. Tina caught us up on Caroline 
Mauck Grumbine and her family who also 
live In Baltimore. 

Eileen Gebrian and husband Tim 
Barberlch enjoyed the summer at their 
house on Nantucket. They visited younger 
daughter Lily in Greece where she spent the 
last year studying art. Lily will return to U of 
British Columbia in the fall. Daughter Sophie 
finished college and works for a small firm 
In NYC after several years of living in Paris. 
Eileen spends more time playing golf and 
going to see the girls wherever they are. 
After their fun trip to Bali last year, Eileen 
and Karen Medford are planning more exotic 
trips for next year. 

Carter Frackelton Is way too busy 
with all her civic, business, and family du- 
ties. Fortunately, she makes time to rest at 
her camp in upstate NY during the summer 
and makes time for her many SBC friends. 
Although Marly Neill Boney and Carter 
didn't get In their annual Christmas shop- 
ping trip, they have managed to see each 
other a few times, all of which have been 
special. Others of us passing through Fred- 
ericksburg, VA, also love to get together with 
Carter. One night I stayed with Carter after 
one of my Board meetings, we talked right 

through a tornado.... In her 3-sided glass 
den! I must admit I thought I heard a train, 
but we were just too busy discussing a topic 
to investigate. 

There are those In our class who do 
much to support Sweet Briar, and they 
should be acknowledged. Martha Holland 
often hosts functions and this year hosted 
the Back-to-School Luncheon for first year 
and returning students. What would we do 
without our pink hard hat ladies? (See the 
cover of Spring/Summer 2008 Alumnae 
Magazine.) Ginger Upchurch Collier, 
Chair, SBC Board of Directors, and Kathy 
Upchurch Takvorian, Board of Trustees 
Emerlta and now Chair, Fitness and Athlet- 
ics Center Fundralsing Committee, looked 
great with pink-ribboned green shovels at 
the groundbreaking ceremony for the new 
center. Ginger, we are especially grateful for 
your leadership as Chair, facing the chal- 
lenge of finding our new President. 

In her "news" email Rhonda Griffith 
wrote, "This is the era we're In, as many 
of our classmates have lost parents or are 
managing health Issues." Here's something 
else to think about. Whether we've lost 
family members or are struggling to main- 
tain quality of life for those we love (and 
ourselves), I've found It's Important to make 
a connection for your own support. Nobody 
reminds you of the person you were, and 
are, like old friends, especially your frank 
but compassionate Sweet Briar classmates. 
My posture amazingly improves after one 
of these phone calls. Sometimes I feel 
stronger, sometimes I even think I'm super 
capable, and I'm always happier. We're all 
blessed with close friendships in our class, 
both old and renewed. And, It doesn't take 
much to erase 35 yrs. Let's keep It up. Stay 
In touch. It's truly special. 

Now, SEND ME SOME @#$%aa NEWS. 


Evelyn Carter Cowles 
4677 Catterton Road 
Free Union, VA 22940 

Ginger Woodward Gast was sorry she 
missed Reunion, but health complications 
prevented travel. She started teaching 1st 
grade In Fairfax County, VA, to a class with 
English as a 2nd language 4 yrs. ago. Paul 
continues at his trademark office, working 
at home for the past 1 yrs. He's a Mr. 
Mom when the girls need a chauffeur. 
Mike (29), a Navy pilot, will fly in Iraq from 
7/08-12/08. Caroline (27) completed her 
MBA and works in Charieston, Annelyse (19) 
Is a freshman at VA Tech, and Katie (1 8) is a 
senior in h. s. 

Diana Dale Reiling writes: "Chuck 
and I are residential real estate partners, 
we're lucky that Seattle is weathering 
the "mortgage meltdown" with a strong 

economy In our region. Son Steven gradu- 
ated last year from RPI and is out on his 
own with a good job as a software engineer. 
Daughter Erica, when not creating Reunion 
"ID badges," Is a junior at Seattle Pacific U. 
I'm 8 yrs. out now from my breast cancer 
diagnosis, feeling wonderful. I've enjoyed 
the extra time I've been able to spend with 
Susan Dern Plank, Joan May Harden, 
and Jane Potts over this last year; they 
enrich my life! I've been fortunate to spend 
some time at SBC during my term on the 
Board of Directors (one more year). It's so 
rewarding to be a part of the decisions on 
the Fitness and Athletic Center and the new 
student housing, to see the College vibrant 
and growing, and to get a chance to know 
yet another group of amazing alumnae who 
work tirelessly on behalf of SBC!" 

Lisa Fow/ler Winslow was sorry to 
miss Reunion, but daughter Suzanne was 
graduating from Northwestern in Chicago. 
"She starts law school In fall. Son Russell 
is a lawyer in San Diego; I'll have 2 in the 
family! Peggy Cheesewright Garner and 
her daughter spent a weekend with me In 
May. It was great being with her." 

Pascale Boulard Dutilleul says hello 
from Paris. She loved the pictures from 
Reunion. "I wish I'd been there! It's great 
to see you all with your lovely smiles. Last 
night I was at Reid Hall, rue de Chevreuse, 
Paris, for the Junior Year in France 60th 
Anniv. 2 wks ago, I went to the Paris Opera 
with Melinda Williams Davis to see The 
Barber of Seville. We had a great time 
together, dlrnbing up the towers of Notre- 
Dame and walking in the He de la Cite with 
her daughter Emory. Please come and visit. 
There is plenty of room at home, since 4 of 
our 5 children have gone." 

Laurie Norris Coccio reports an 
Interesting year! "This was my 1st year as a 
retired school principal. Husband Chris and 
I traveled all over the world! Croatia and the 
Czech Rep. in Nov, NZ in Jan., Patagonia in 
Mar, Peru In Apr and Eng. in Jun. All were 
fantastic, ending with visiting my daughter 
at Oxford where she's finishing her Ph.D. 
this summer and starting a post doc fellow- 
ship for one more year Our house In Milton, 
NY is on the market, with plans to downsize 
if and when Chris retires In a yr. or 2. In 
the meantime, we're beginning to plan next 
year's travels. Retiring 'young' was a great 

Ann Major Gibb lives In Salisbury, 
MD, and enjoys the advantages of a small 
city after living In rural VA for 27 yrs. She's 
doing marketing for the town of Snow Hill 
and maintaining their Web site. Daughter 
Emily and her husband are in Bangor ME, 
and son David Is getting his MD and his 
Ph.D. in Richmond, VA. Ernie works 9-5 
these days, so they're having fun exploring 
this new area together 

Kathy Pretzfelder Steele writes: "It 
was great seeing you and the other 73'ers 
that came to Reunion. 1 973 was a big year 

46 • Fall 2008 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Mogozine • 

for me. Besides our wonderful 35th reunion, 
I'm marlo'ng 35 yrs. with my company, a 
national ins. carrier, where I'm Assistant 
VP of Business Development and 35 yrs. 
of marriage to husband Dave, who is Gen. 
Manager of a private recreation club. He 
also coaches the h. s. swim team where 
he was named Coach of the Year by 2 NJ 
papers. Daughter Tracy (28) is an attorney in 
Chicago. Our other daughter Kelly (25) is a 
killer whale (Shamu!) animal trainer at Sea 
World in Orlando. We're busy planning her 
Sept. wedding in FL" 

Christine Eng Leventhal is teach- 
ing Forensic Science, Biology, Genetics, 
Authentic Science Research, and the 9th- 
grade gifted at Darien h. s. in Darien CT. 
Husband Peter still owns a natural food and 
nutritional counseling business, The Wilton 
Organic Gourmet, in Wilton, where they have 
lived for 26 yrs. Amy (28) is bacl<pacl<ing in 
Costa Rica; Nick (25) is working and living in 
VT; and Jon (20) will be going to U of CO @ 
Boulder this fall as a transfer student. They'll 
take their annual vacation in Block Island 
this summer! 

Weezie Blalceslee Gilpin loved seeing 
the pictures of Reunion. "Everyone looks 
great; I was sad to miss seeing Diane 
Leslie who hasn't been at many other 
reunions. That Sat., I was chaperoning for 6 
hrs, which included being dunked in a tank. 
Oh, the travails of a dean of students! I flew 
back to Boston on Sat. and am headed to 
Martha's Vineyard tomorrow, can't wait to 
dig in my garden and walk on the beach. 
Our arrival back east coincided with the 
heat wave so I tortured myself by checking 
the temps in San Diego, which varied from 
69-72 degrees while we were in the high 
90s here." 

Sandie Schwartz Tropper writes: 
"It's been a busy year In addition to being 
a fine art appraiser, I teach Principles 
of Valuation courses for the American 
Society of Appraisers (ASA) at Rl School of 
Design, Northwestern U., Pratt U. and this 
spring also at U. of GA. I'm the Chair of 
the National Personal Property Committee 
for the the ASA. I'm active in an advisory 
council to the organization that writes the 
standards for appraisers. It keeps me busy! 
I was able to do some appraisal work for 
Char Reed when her mother passed away 
last year and while the occasion was sad, it 
was great to spend time with her" 

Wendy H. Robinson still works for the 
VA Oept of Agriculture as a field biologist 
"chasing gypsy moths and emerald ash 
borers (we don't have them yet), etc., etc., 
30 yrs. and counting. It's still fun, never a 
dull moment. If we aren't out doing state 
work, we're working for the USDA in some 
capacity. My dear Jim works at a violin 
rental shop in Lynchburg and teaches 
music, as well as plays in a handful of 
groups. He plays several different instru- 
ments, so there's always good music at our 
house. We've been together almost 4 yrs. 

have known each other for over 40." Her 
latest project is a Vi acre rock garden. ..a 
work in progress. Once they solve the deer 
problem with a high fence they'll be "free to 
feed ourselves and enjoy the fruits of labor 
of about 40 yrs. of landscaping, most espe- 
cially the last 10." Their children, 5 between 
them, the oldest (33) and the youngest (18) 
are doing well in various pursuits. "We're 
enjoying life and each other and our beauti- 
ful spot in the Blue Ridge Mountains." 

Anne Billings McDougall writes: 
"Greetings from Maitland, FL! Daughter 
Maggie and husband Jonathan just gave Ed 
and I our 1st grandchild in Dec, Anne Oliver 
Iverson. She's a joy. They live nearby while 
Jonathan finishes his last year of seminary. 
We're enjoying it while it lasts. Our son Jim 
graduated from W&L in '07 and finished an 
M.A. at U of FL. Visiting W&L brought back 
memories of college days for me. I'm still 
a homemaker, mother grandmother, and 
involved volunteer I'm extremely jealous of 
those who attended Reunion; I plan to be 
there at the 40th! 

Susan Bundy says "life is good in 
C'ville. Those of you who came to UVA on 
road trips in the 70s wouldn't recognize 
the place. The Manpower franchise for 
which I worked for 22 yrs. was sold back 
to Manpower Inc. in '01 and after about a 
year of pt/temporary work and substitute 
teaching I changed paths and ended up 
in property management. (I credit my SBC 
Liberal Arts Education for giving me the 
wherewithal to change directions and con- 
tinue on). I've been with MHE for over 6 yrs. 
and still enjoy it. Never in a million years did 
I imagine that I'd be managing "manufac- 
tured housing communities" but, as I've dis- 
covered, everyone needs to live somewhere. 
It's truly affordable housing and in most 
cases built better than speculative "stick- 
built" housing. Andre and I are working on 3 
yrs. married. He just returned from GA after 
remodeling the bedroom for his new grand- 
daughter expected in Sept. Loved seeing 
everyone at Reunion. Wish we'd been able 
to stay longer, but my niece graduated from 
UVA with an M.Ed, that weekend and my 
nephew from UGA with a BS in Econ/Real 
Estate the week before, so we hosted the 
family graduation party on Fri. night." 

Linda Lipscomb loved the 35th and 
is on a campaign to have more attend the 
40th. Her work at the Dallas Museum of 
Art is getting very busy preparing for the 
arrival of King Tut exhibit in Oct. She is tak- 
ing a couple of wks for a summer getaway 
in San Miguel, Mexico, where she plans 
to rest in preparation of the 1 -i- million 
anticipated visitors to the Museum during 
the Tut exhibit. 

Rene Conover Reed writes: "It's 
amazing to me that yet another significant 
reunion year has come and gone. Could we 
all be quite this old? Impossible! Believe it 
or not, I'm a grandmother, affectionately 
known as GiGi, and I must say I'm enjoying 

the role. My daughter, Melissa, married 3 
yrs. ago, and we're blessed with Ava Lillian. 
Son Craig will enter Wake Forest Sch. of 
Med. this fall after graduating from UNO 
in May. Time has passed all too quickly. 
Looking fonward to what the next chapters 
hold for us." 

Susan Hancock Duke says while 
she doesn't have news, it was great to see 
everyone at Reunion. 

Betsy Oakly Smith reports her nest 
is truly empty as youngest son Robert is 
being married this Sat. in Asheville, NC, to 
a woman he met at Sewanee. They'll live 
in Louisville, KY, where Robert will enter 
Seminary. She did make the W&L reunion 
where she saw many SBC people. 

Karol Kroetz Sparks missed the 35th 
because it coincided with a family reunion. 
Big news: she and Steve are moving to 
Greensboro, NC. She'll be teaching at the 
new law school associated with Elon U. and 
carrying on law practice with a Chicago firm 
from afar They have been married 36 yrs. 
and had 4 major moves (Indiana to S. CA 
in 1990; to Rochester, NY in 1993, to the 
Quad Cities area of Iowa in 2001 and now 
NC). Daughter Ashley (30) is a producer 
for Rachel Ray in Manhattan, but is giving 
it up to move to Boston to be with her guy. 
Son Austin (27) works for Xerox in Chicago 
and has almost finished his MBA at night 
("the way I did law school, tough way to get 
educated!"). He was married on 9/1/07 to 
a lovely lady from upstate NY The wedding 
was in the Finger Lakes area, absolutely 
wonderful! They have a cat and a dog 
and rent a room to her when she heads 
to Chicago for work. She hopes to report 
grandchildren by the next reunion. 

Carol Anne Provence Gallivan 
writes; "I do stay loosely in touch with 
Mac Cuthbert Langley, in Charleston, 
SC. Husband Johnny is a pediatrician and 
when our children were young, we usually 
had to pay him a visit every time we went 
to the beach! Betsy Oakley Smith and I 
still stay in touch. Son Henry (middle child) 
is getting married 8/23/08. He met Mandy 
at use Law School, and fortunately for us, 
they're going to live and practice law in 
Greenville! Oldest child Anne Genevieve has 
moved from D.C. to Atlanta and is working 
for Ernst and Young. Youngest Harriet has 
also left D.C. and has begun a Master's 
of Occupational Therapy program at the 
MUSC in Charleston. Mills and I celebrated 
our 35th anniversary and are taking our 
anniversary trip to the Greek Isles after 
Henry's wedding! Mills still practices law 
and is involved in several international legal 
defense organizations, which has allowed 
us to meet wonderful people and travel to 
fabulous destinations." 

Molly Dunn Martin missed Reunion 
because she and William were on a trip 
to England. They live in Pike Road, AL 
(suburb of Montgomery) where they built 
a house on William's family land. "Our 

daughter Cameron (Davidson grad) lives 
in Birmingham and is unattached, so no 
grandchildren yet... I'm active in the dog 
show worid and do more and more judging 
and not so much exhibiting anymore. I've 
been invited to judge in Australia next year 
and am looking fonward to my first trip to 
that country. William is as busy as ever 
practicing law. Unfortunately 'relax' is not 
part of his vocabulary!" 

Nancy Lenihan Conaty and Jay 
relocated to Hilton Head Island in '07. 1 
was sorry to have missed Reunion, but was 
able to visit the campus last year while 
our son Matt was getting his MBA at UVA 
(Darden). He's now working in Richmond, so 
we have another reason to visit VA. In Jan., 
I attended an SBC luncheon in Charleston 
where I reconnected with Lucinda Larson 
after many years." 

Irish Gilhooly O'Neil and Mike moved 
back to the UK last year after his retirement 
(they had lived in London for many years). 
They decided to try country life in the 
Cotswalds, but they still keep their home in 
HI where they have lived since 2000. Eldest 
son Ted graduated from Trinity in Hartford, 
CT in May and their youngest goes to 
school in NH. 

Cindy Bekins Anderson writes: "our 
daughter completed her 1 st year at TCU 
and our son will be a junior in h. s. here in 
Omaha. Our family is closing in on our goal 
of traveling to all of the 'lower 48' states, 
which we hope to reach by the time our 
youngest graduates from h. s. This has 
given us some of the best family trips and 
fantastic experiences over the years! I've 
even seen a few SBC friends along the way! 
Best wishes to everyone!" 

Val Fannon Cooper was unable to 
attend Reunion as her daughter Blair is to 
be manied on 7/19 in Hershey. PA! She was 
fortunate to see Kathleen in Richmond and 
catch up a bit. "I cannot believe where the 
years have gone! All my best to everyone!" 

Carter Heyward Morris: "Our great 
news is that Hampton and I are the proud 
grandparents of a precious giri (1) named 
Em. She belongs to our daughter, Heyward. 
and her husband. Luckily, they live in 
Atlanta, so there's plenty of babysitting 
going on!" 

Susan Craig writes; "Loved Reunion 
and thought Sweet Briar had never looked 
more beautiful. All in all, we looked pretty 
darn good! Since Reunion, I've been on the 
go. just returned from our trip to Croatia 
where we rented a bareboat with our travel- 
ing friends and spent a week in Istria, which 
I highly recommend, then went to Italy A 
wonderful time, but I'm happy to be home 
and back to my quiet life. Our sons are 
out and about— Edward (20) is in Spain 
with Coll. of Charieston summer program 
and Bennett (21) in Nova Scotia and then 
Taiwan from Davidson Coll. We're thankful 
for these opportunities to see the worid, 
and especially when everyone returns home 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www.olumnae.sbc. edu 

Fall 2008 • 47 

safely! I hope to stay in touch with friends 
from SBC... It meant a lot to me to recon- 

Scottie O'Toole writes: "Nancy Haight 
75 and I spent 1 days in Italy last Oct. 
with 4 other women friends. We stayed 
at a lovely villa in Umbria near Perugia. 
Interestingly, the owner of the villa told us 
that there were 2 SBC alumnae who lived 
in the neighborhood (they both graduated in 
the 60s, I believe)! Unfortunately, they were 
traveling so we didn't meet them — small 

Christine Eng Leventhal: "Hey 
everyone: I loved seeing the pictures, thank 
you so much. They brought me right back, 
wish I could've been there. Emily and Nan: 
you look exactly like the last time I saw 
you! Love to all and anytime you are in CT, 
please call." 

Jane Garland Lucas: "Last summer 
I sold my ownership in my interior design 
company. After 31 yrs. in the industry in 
Boston and 24 of that owning my own 
firm, it was a good time to make changes. 
My husband Carmen and I sold our home 
on Monument Ave (the road leading to the 
Bunker Hill Monument) in Charlestown, MA, 
at the same time, moving into a small apt 
in the Charlestown Navy Yard (ship building 
renovated by Phillip StarckA'OO) near the 
ship berth for The Constitution. For the past 
year, I've been teaching (RISD, BAC, NEiA 
- graduate and undergraduate courses in 
interior design in local colleges). Yesterday, 
my husband closed his architectural firm, 
saw his last student and we moved out 
of our apt. Today we're on the way to 
our island in ME (Gay Isl. off the coast of 
Cushing/Pleasant Point). It's off grid with 
lots of projects for the summer to bring it a 
few steps beyond a summer camp status." 
In Oct. they move to a new condo in Austin, 
TX, on Lady Bird Lake with great sunset 
and city views. They hope to teach at UT 
begin a joint firm there and plan to continue 
to spend summers in ME. While further 
from their younger son who remains in ME, 
her siblings, nieces and nephews also in 
ME and Carmen's sister and brother-in-law 
in Boston, Austin will bring them closer to 
their older son, his wife and 4 grandchildren 
outside Boulder, CO, and her mother, still 
active at 92, in Panama City Beach, FL. 
Last summer she attended the wonderful 
wedding of one of Creigh Casey Krin's 
twin daughters in CT 

Lucy Dennington Van Zandt: 'Mims 
and I had a great time at Reunion and are 
looking forward to the next one. May I add 
my 2nd to someone's comment that Nan 
Robertson looked the same as when we 
were in school! 2 days after returning to 
Memphis I attended the 100th anniversary 
luncheon and recital of the Renaissance 
Music Circle, of which I've been a member 
for 17 yrs. Marsha Evans, sister of Marian 
McKee Humphreys, and wonderful con- 
cert pianist, had planned the whole fabulous 

event. As next year's president I'll have a 
lot to live up to. 1 days later I sang at the 
20th anniversary celebration 
of the Memphis Boy Choir/Memphis 
Chamber Choir concert. That was another 
wonderful event and an end to a busy 
spring. Jul. should bring some rest except 
for a trip to San Antonio to check on my 
elderly parents. Mims and I plan a visit to 
Austria and Hungary in Sept., hoping for 
beautiful weather. 

Chris Sherwood Warner agreed with 
all that it was nice to be on campus with 
the 73'ers. "What a lovely, vital, warm (and 
good-looking) group. How great that we 
chose a college that still holds our hearts. 
My older daughter is a senior this year, we 
hope she picks a college that draws her 
back the way SBC does for us." 

Joan IVIay Harden has been in 
Stafford, VA, helping her daughter with their 
new grandson, Luke Harden Raniella, who 
was born on 6/1 3/08. 

Gina Conley Pappas missed Reunion 
as she hosted a graduation party for her 
niece. She's still in touch with her room- 
mates Lisa IVIontgomery, Susan IVIiiier 
Allen, and Christie Smith. 

Pam Ivens Renner was unable to 
be with us at Reunion since son Bart was 
graduating from Yale, where he received a 
full scholarship to the Institute of Sacred 
Music. His master's degree is in art in 
religion. He graduated with honors last year 
from UVA, where he majored in English 
(poetry) and minored in religious studies. 
He plans to become a college professor, but 
will take a year off to prepare for his Ph.D. 
He's engaged to Nicole, also a UVA grad 
and member of Phi Beta Kappa. She also 
has been at Yale this year working for the 
Yale Press. 

Anita McVey Ledsinger was unable 
to attend Reunion as she was involved with 
a fundraising dinner social put on by the 
Longwood (PA) Rotary Club on behalf of 
the Kennett Area Senior Center. Anita is the 
Executive Director of the Senior Center. She 
had worked previously with migrant farm 
workers. She's active in the lives of her 
nieces and nephews, especially those that 
live near her. Her husband has his 
own business washing pharmaceutical 
equipment, a unique but important service. 
Anita hopes to make it to our 40th Reunion 
as she has been unable to attend since 
our 20th. 

Kim Riccardi Ramsey has been busy 
the past several months as Walt's mother 
(90) lives with them. She hopes to attend 
our 40th Reunion, especially since she is 
only about 4 ¥2 hours from campus. 

Susan Darn Plank left Reunion 
early to visit her daughter in Washington, 
D.C. Elena started a new job with a small 
commercial real estate brokerage firm in 
Bethesda, MD, in early Apr. She loves her 
new job, the people she's working with, and 
living in D.C. near DuPont Circle. Shortly 

thereafter, Susan and David went on vaca- 
tion in Belize, returning to their favorite 
spot on Ambergris Caye, Tropical Storms 
Alma and Arthur prevented them from 
doing as much diving as originally planned, 
but it was still an enjoyable vacation. They 
returned in time to attend 2 weddings, 
including that of her cousin's daughter in 
Rl. She hopes to be able to vanquish the 
weeds flourishing in her garden before fall. 
Reunion was fabulous thanks to Susan, 
Joan, and Jane and thanks to Jean Piatt 
Rospondekand and Stan there were 
fabulous pictures for all to see online. She 
said she'd love to see anyone who might 
be passing through Philly. One other note 
I'd like to share is how great it was to see 
Jeanne Schaefer Bingham there. If you 
didn't know, Jeanne was in a serious car 
accident years ago. It's been a continuing 
struggle for her through the years. She was 
nice enough to display a newspaper article 
in the library about her life before and after. 
Despite her trials she's constantly thinking 
and giving to others while raising her own 
family as well, a truly special and amazing 
woman. As to the news, I thank you all for 
the wonderful response. I'm in awe of the 
wonderful job Weezie did for so many years 
(I cringe to think of it before the "cut and 
paste" era!) Reynolds and I are about to 
move from our farm of SO-i- yrs, but only 
2 mi. down the road to a smaller farm 
where we'll just have our own horses. He's 
still practicing veterinary medicine, I'm 
enjoying my painting, and we love going to 
our place in MT every year. 



Ms. Hannah Pillsbury 
7132 W Tamarack Ct 
Mequon,WI 53092-8517 


Ms. Karin Lindgren 
124 Lakeview Avenue 
Lantana, FL 33462 


Ann Kiley Crenshaw 
1216 Cedar Point Dr 
Virginia Beach, VA 23451 

Sally Bonham Mohle 
13550 Heathcote Blvd, Apt 455 
Gainesville VA 20155 

Barb Bernick Peyronnet: We're busy with 
parents in assisted living and Maggie (1 8) 
heading to the Coll. of William and Mary in 
fall. We truly are the sandwich generation! 
Annie (1 3) keeps us hopping; she's involved 
in ice skating competitions (year round) and 
summer dive competitions. She has a full 
plate of camps lined up for the summer. 
Both girls head to Boston on a church 
mission trip in Jul. Doug and I will be empty 
nesters temporarily, and will do some car 
traveling while they're gone. Next week 
we're headed for a family vacation to FL, 
which all of us are looking fonA/ard to! It's 
been a busy year with moving my Dad from 
an apt and a condo into assisted living, sad 
to say he passed away in Apr. We moved 
Doug's folks into the same assisted living 
facility from their home of 60 yrs. (lots of 
stuff to clean out!). 

Sally Kennedy McGroarty: I'm hap- 
pily married to David, a Gastroenterologist, 
here in Richmond. We have 4 children, 
Desmond, a graduate of Georgetown, cur- 
rently working in Japan. Ward, a graduate 
of Gettysburg Coll., working in the D.C. 
area, Maura, a junior at Georgetown. Neil is 
a senior at St. Christopher's School and will 
attend Georgetown in fall. Lots of games! 
Also, my 3 boys are Eagle Scouts. After 
graduating from SBC I taught elem. school 
in the Philadelphia area and in Richmond. 
For the last 25 yrs. I've worked as a certi- 
fied group fitness instructor and personal 
trainer. Lately, I've been concentrating on 
senior fitness, Pilates, and Yoga. I'll turn 54 
in Apr. and my body wants to slow down. I 
still run when I can, no more races. Other 
than volunteer work there's not much time 
for anything else. We're very excited to be 
empty nesters in tall. 

Gay Owens Gates: Daughter Lauren 
graduated from Cab Calloway School of the 
Arts 6/6 and won the top honor in musi- 
cal theater. She'll attend U. of the Arts in 
Philadelphia in fall as a theater production 
major. Daughter Lily graduated from Cab 
Calloway m. s. on 6/3 and will attend Cab 
as a freshman in fall. Bob and I will cel- 
ebrate our 25th anniversary in Aug. 

Becky Mayer Gutierrez: Anthony and 
Tara had son Gauge Anthony Gutierrez bom 
3/15/08. A true sweetie, he's stolen my 
heart. Being a grandma is amazing. George 
and Alison's wedding is 7/19/08 at our 
house, then they go to the Bahamas. Mike 
has one more year in h. s. and then unsure, 
looking towards the Army I'm teaching 
and getting my masters, loving it. We are 
blessed, thankful for all we have. 

Vera Blake Thiers: The chance of 
a lifetime turned up in a heavy-weight 


48 • Fall 2008 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 


version. Was offered a job at our big inter- 
national school as director of marl<eting. 
Remember, I was a history major. Took it, 
although it means my evenings and weel<- 
ends plus the normal 40 hours are plas- 
tered full of work. And I thought part time 
would've done just perfectly Figure it will 
keep my grey matter churning. I do 
have to laugh at all the youngsters, plus it 
keeps me from becoming a notorious 
digital dinosaur. 

Dee Hubble Dolan: All is well in 
"Paradise," our new home in Powhatan, 
VA. John and I have a mini farm with 20 
critters, 2 horses, and a pony for the grand- 
kids. My business, Dignity Care Services, is 
growing. We provide companionship for the 
elderiy which adds enjoyment and laughter 
to their days. Daughter Amy expects a 2nd 
child in Jul. (a girl) who will be a welcomed 
addition to her brother. Will (1). I keep 
in touch with Nina Baker Neal and my 
goddaughter Natalie, who will attend St. 
Andrew's in Scotland this fall. My octoge- 
narian parents are happy and healthy on 
the campus of Emery & Henry Coll. in VA. 

Stephanie Maxson Kenyon: My hus- 
band retired from teaching only to become 
a long-term substitute in a very unruly 2nd 
grade classroom. I enjoyed another year 
teaching 6th grade and look fonward to my 
5th yr next year. It's certainly a different 
life from corporate America, many more 
hours and lots more stress, but seeing a 
child blossom is the reward. Our oldest son. 
Jay, entered h. s. and continues to play 
outstanding baseball, while youngest son 
Mike is off to m. s. next year We're off to 
our house in ME after the travel baseball 
season ends in Jul. We look fonA/ard to a 
few wks relaxing by the lake. 

Fran Scott's marketing and communi- 
cations consultancy Scott. Gardner Group, 
starts its 10th yr this fall. Fran's son Zach 
is a sophomore at MTSU in the recording 
industry program, 

Vivian Yamaguchi Cohn: Oldest son 
Clayton is a member of the US Marine 
Corps and returned last month from his 2nd 
tour in Iraq. We had a great homecoming 
celebrating the return of Clay and his bat- 
talion. We thank all of our men and women 
in uniform for their service to our country. 
2nd oldest son Cliff completed his freshman 
year at Vanderbilt U., which he loves. He 
spent last summer backpacking through 
Europe with 2 friends and this year trav- 
eled to Uruguay on a house building mis- 
sion during spring break. This summer he 
returned from a 2-wk trip to Israel. Both of 
our older boys are seeing the world in their 
own way Our 2 youngest, twins Charlie and 
Will, graduated from 8th grade this month 
and are headed to h. s. They're hockey and 
lacrosse players, we enjoy watching them 
play This year, hockey tournaments took us 
to Wl, TX, and to St. Louis where I was able 
to catch up with Addy Eshbach Donnelly 
78. Stuart and I celebrated our 25th anni- 

versary in '07. 1 still ride regulariy and enjoy 
skiing. I've been at the same company as 
General Counsel for 1 9 yrs. 

Tricia Waters returned to the museum 
world full time after a 1 4-yr. hiatus rais- 
ing kids. She feels lucky to be working in 
her chosen field at The Philips Collection 
as an Assistant Registrar with a top-notch 
collection, staff, and location (Washington, 
D.C.) Husband John (Neer)'s home renova- 
tion business felt the pinch of the housing 
crisis, but is slowly recuperating. Lucy's a 
rising h. s. senior, at Camp Alleghany as 
a J.C. this summer Will's making zombie 
movies in their backyard and attending a 
week-long teen filmmaking camp in NYC 
this summer. Tricia's father lost a valiant 
fight against cancer in Jun. at age 91 , 
and her mother is a vibrant 83, living in 
Baltimore. Tricia enjoyed a short visit by 
Ebet Little Stevens and her sister Anne 
Little Woolly '83 when they visited the 
nearby Mount Vernon Estate. Tricia enjoyed 
quick visits (and re-introductions) with her 
goddaughters Anne Stevens, Ebet's daugh- 
ter, in Durham last Labor Day and Colbern 
Uhl, daughter of Ainslie Jones Uhl '76, at 
Barnard Coll., NYC. 

Roxane Clement: I'm spending the 
summer working on the Obama campaign. 
I started in Apr and worked a month before 
the primary here in NC, and once the local 
office opens for the general election, I'll be 
hard at it again. Apart from that, I'm work- 
ing on my old house and planning a trip to 
Istanbul in Sept. 

Debbie Koss McCarthy: David works 
as a consultant at UNC, I'm still running 
and loving the Augustine Project; Courtney 
and John just bought an old house in 
Atlanta where she works for IBM and Alex 
is a design engineer living and working in 
Manhattan. We just got back from a great 
trip to Spain, but for me "there's no place 
like home. Auntie Em!" 

Ellen Sellers McDowell: Mary Susan 
(1 8) graduated from h. s. in May, and I took 
a group of friends to Destin to celebrate. 
She'll go to TX Christian U. (TCU) in Fort 
Worth in the fall. Emily (22) graduated from 
Washington and Lee last Jun. and is in 
graduate school in Austin at the U. of TX 
getting a master's in geology Ginny (21) 
will be a senior at TCU in fall. Kate (16) will 
be a Junior at Parish Episcopal h. s. She 
was part of the swim team that won the 
State finals. Rex is having fun with his new 
business, Softswitch, a small telephone 
company that integrates telephone, internet, 
email, and cell phones under one system. 
I'm still volunteering at school and at 
church and holding a few cooking classes. 
We look forward to a wonderful family vaca- 
tion this summer on a cruise in the Greek 
isles. Had a good time seeing Glenn King 
Springer and her family last Nov. when we 
were both in Montgomery visiting family I 
plan to see Lochrane Coleman Smith '76 in 
Jul, when I drive through Birmingham, 

Carolyn Williams Seeling: Living 
near Valley Forge, PA, with husband 
Stephen, Justin (21) and Sarah (15). Work 
at elementary and middle schools in Special 
Education. Have opportunities to travel 
(New Zealand and HI last year and South 
Africa in fall). I spent a weekend with Jane 
Mooney and Dorothy Lear Mooney '78. 
I keep in touch with Jane Maloney '74, 
Cora Snyder, Sophie Crysler Hart '81 , and 
Susan Griffith Grossman (St. Joe's '77). This 
summer I'll spend a month in San Francisco 
taking a Cambridge U. course to be certified 
to teach English as a Second Language. 
Will stay with my twin sister in Concord, CA. 

Linda Guardabassi Michael: Sept. 
'07, Cindy Webb, Kari Shipley '76, Angela 
Scully, Vera Blake Theirs, KC Carnwath 
and I got together at Cindy's Rehobeth 
Beach, DE, townhouse. We were there for 
2-3 days, an excellent time. We walked on 
the beach, swam, made and ate wonder- 
ful food and beverages and traveled down 
memory lane. Lots of catching up, lots of 
laughs. My news: Andrew (25) graduated 
from Wheaton Coll., IL, and is in a 1 -yr 
intensive nursing program at Bellarmine 
Coll, in Louisville, KY; Paul (22) gradu- 
ated from Miami OH U. with a business/ 
economics degree and is marrying Kimi 
Ratliff (of Dayton, OH), education major also 
at Miami, on 8/23/08 in Dayton. They'll 
honeymoon in Belize, come home and 
move to Raleigh, NC. There they'll find 
jobs for 1 yr, then in '09 they both start 
at Southeast Baptist Seminary (in Raleigh) 
pursuing their master's of divinity. They plan 
to become full-time missionaries overseas: 
and Krista (1 7) is a senior at Christian 
Academy of Louisville. She's going to her 
last Arabian Youth Nationals competition in 
Albueguerque, NM, in 7/08 with her horse 
Xxtra Cool. They'll do hunt seat equitation, 
dressage, and jumping and hope to bring 
home all the trophies, ribbons, medals, and 
leather jacket. Doug continues to work hard 
for Harshaw Trane Air Conditioning, com- 
mercial and industhal HVAC. We'll celebrate 
27 yrs. of marriage in Oct! Besides being 
a barn mom, I spend my time facilitating 
women's bible studies at my church (fas- 
cinating!) and volunteer to teach English 
as a Second language to adult refugees. 
Before I forget.. .in 8/07, Krista and I were 
extras in our church's Easter pageant film. 
We were Jewish female peasant farmers in 
Jesus' time. The film was shot with IMAX 
cameras and is extremely high quality. With 
our dark makeup we looked very Middle 
Eastern. Besides the 6 hrs that Krista and 
I volunteered as extras together, I went on 
to spend 34 more hrs as an extra in 100 
degree heat. It was a wonderful experience. 
The film was a supplement to our Easter 
pageant that has hundreds of volunteer 
actors and runs as a play for 6 nights over 
3 wks. 

Anne Rubel Waddell: I enjoyed a trip 
to Nantucket in early Oct. with Toni Bredin 

Massie. The weather was beautiful. We 
stopped by Marianne Hutton Felch's ('79) 
house on the island and chatted about old 
times and new. I have 2 handsome boys, 
Cooper and Jack by my husband, Jim 
Waddell. We celebrated our 22nd wedding 
anniversary this year We live in La Jolla. CA 
near the beach and are happy I paint yachts. 
If anyone is interested in seeing my wori<, 
visit my Web site: 

Libby White Drbal: Son Drew (18) 
earned his Eagle Scout award in Mar., 
graduated last week, got a car and is off to 
Eton U. in NC the end of Aug. Parents are 
thrilled with his college choice, the campus 
and entire school set-up and atmosphere 
reminds me of a larger (5000) co-ed SBC! 
Youngest son Tyler (1 6) is behind the wheel 
with his parents with a learner's pemiit (to 
add to the grey hairs from Drew), going to 
Boy Scout camp with his father over the 
4th of July and backpacking in the moun- 
tains of NM for 8 days with his Boy Scout 
troop in Aug., along with Doug and brother 
Drew — last boy scout trip together Doug 
is traveling a lot for Pfizer Animal Health, 
playing golf when he can with customers, 
and acting as Scoutmaster when home. 
I've been busy holding the fort, visiting col- 
leges, reviewing college apps, njnning the 
administrative part of the Boy Scout troop, 
gardening, and running to the gym when I 
can to continue the allusion that I can defy 
gravity. Our parents are holding up with the 
advancing years. I stay in touch with 
Vivian Yamaguchi Cohn. Maggie 
Shriver, Addy Eshbach Donnelly '78, 
Meg Richards Weiderseim '78, and Keedie 
Grones '76. Maggie took me on a business 
awards trip to Maui last fall with her which 
was awesome! 

Debby Epperson Sizer Stringer: I'm 
still the General Manager of 2 radio sta- 
tions, WBRF-FM (a 100,000 watt FM sta- 
tion), and VWWJ-AM. You can listen online 
and read about us at www.blueridgecoun- I live in Galax, VA, and am mar- 
ried the 2nd time to John Stringer, a retired 
banker. Oldest son Brian, a Marine, returned 
from Iraq where he was over Intelligence. 
He finished law school and became a father 
on 1/10/08 (to my 1st grandchild, Michael 
Sizer). That's the big news! I'm a Grandma 
for the first time. Brian saw his son for the 
1st time when he was 2 mo. old, because 
he was born when Brian was in Iraq, Brian 
is married to Annette, and he is currently 
studying to take the Bar Son Steven lives in 
North Hollywood, CA, and works for Warner 
Bros. Youngest daughter Virginia attends 
college in TX. I have 2 step-daughters, Mary 
and Elizabeth, who teach school. 

Maggie Sexton Johnson: I visited 
SBC with daughter Emily (14), her 1st time! 
We were headed to D.C. for a conference. 
I've completed my DNP (Dr. of Nursing 
Practice) and, as my husband says, "You've 
been in school for 30 yrs. since we were 
married,' which is correct! My son (25) 

Sweet Brior College Alumnae Magazine • 

Fall 2008 • 49 

graduates in 8/08 with a master of engi- 
neering from U. of TN. SB was beautiful; 
although, I'm amazed at the differences and 
new construction going on. 

Famell Cowan Holton: Rick and I 
moved to Boston from Arlington, VA, and 
are happy to be back. I'm working for MFS 
Investment Management after being with the 
US Dept of the Treasury for almost 8 yrs. 

Cindy Kendree Thieringer: I have an 
exciting announcement for alumnae who 
have gone into education and are teach- 
ing math, science or technology in grades 
5 and above. Honeywell Corporation has 
an amazing fty// scholarship program that 
brings educators to the US Space and 
Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL, for a 1 wk 
Space Academy. All expenses paid and you 
get to train like an astronaut for a week. It's 
awesome. I attended the Academy last year 
and this year attended the Advanced Acad- 
emy. We went on simulated missions, space 
walks, experienced a simulated shuttle 
launch, learned how to fly fighter jets, 
experienced extended micro-gravity in the 
neutral buoyancy tank, and went through 
some amazing team building activities, I 
received exceptional materials for the class- 
room. Applications are due in fall, and the 
Academy runs in early summer. Go to the 
Honeywell.comWeb site, then to Hometown 
Solutions, and then to Educators Space 
Camp. Apply for the greatest staff develop- 
ment you will ever experience. Besides me 
being an astronaut wannabe, all is well with 
husband Jim and 4 children: Kendree (24) 
In Richmond, Kiley (22), a senior at Lynch- 
burg Coll., Sawyer (17), a senior in h. s., 
and Charile (14), a sophomore. 

And I, Sally Bonham Mohle, retired 
on 6/4 after working 30 yrs. straight (no 
kids, no time off to raise them). I'm loving 
retirement, don't get bored easily. I spend 
my time reading, watching TV, swimming 
in the community pool, doing genealogy, 
sleeping, learning to cook again, and 
meditating. Pete and I celebrated our 30th 
anniversary 2/11 /08. We're looking forward 
to a trip to CA in 8/08 to see our nephew 
and his family. If you watch Jeopardy!, look 
for him — he is on the Clue Crew — Jon 
Cannon. If you didn't get an email from me 
to solicit your news, then I don't have your 
email address. Please email it to me at the 
address at the top of these notes. I'd love 
to hear from you! I've started an unofficial 
group on Facebook called "Sweet Briar 
College Class of 1977" — check us out! 


Suzanne Stryker Ullrich 
820 Waverly Road 
Kennett Square, PA 19348 

This will be my 1 st attempt at following in 
Paula's and Janet's footsteps as Class Sec- 

retary. They're a tough act to follow! Thanks 
to them for helping make the transition a 
smooth one. Last time I did the class notes, 
computers weren't available! It will be much 
easier this time! What tun it was to recon- 
nect with so many classmates at Reunion 
this past spring. It's hard to believe that it's 
been 30 yrs! The stories told by all were 
wonderful and showed what a diverse group 
we are. Many thanks to Toni Christian 
Brown and Robin Jones Eddy who hosted 
a pre-reunlon party In Lexington on Thurs. 
night! I understand that all who attended 
had a wonderful time. From what I've been 
told, the 10-yr tradition will continue. Make 
plans, when reunions come around again, to 
arrive in the area a day early! Also, Becky 
Dane Evans, still our Class President, 
found some great pink handled canvas tote 
bags to help remember our fun times that 
weekend. (Who could forget!) For those of 
you who weren't able to be there, you were 
missed. We're all of an age where family 
events and responsibilities take priority, as 
they should. Hopefully, those of you that 
couldn't make it this year will be available 
in May 2013. 

Lu Litton Gritfin wrote in that she had 
a wonderful time catching up with everyone 
in May and how great it was to see Lauren 
Place Young who had missed so many 
reunions while living in HI. Lauren and Chris 
are working on a wonderful, Victorian house 
way up in northern VT. Lauren is having fun 
catching up with old friends on the east 
coast after a long absence. Lu was able to 
spend some extra time with Debbie Snead 
Schrader and Tom when she and Julia 
Sutherland Smith spent Sat. afternoon at 
Debbie's home In Amherst Tom and Julia's 
husband Phil were able to do some golfing. 
Catching up with Eileen Scully was one of 
the highlights for Lu. She wrote that Annie 
Stelle Is a full-time seminary student in 
Chicago and that Anne Riordan Flaherty 
regretted that she couldn't attend Reunion 
as she was scheduled for cooking school 
in France at the same time! Tough duty Lu 
also received notes from Susan Neggard 
Hanley and Michelle Tarride Frazier 
Susan regretted missing Reunion, "she 
hated missing her fellow biology majors. 
Her family Is living in Switzerland now 
for her job and Susan couldn't schedule 
a trip to the States in May with her work 
schedule." Michelle was tied up with an 
h.s. graduation on Reunion weekend. As 
for Lu, she's still in western NC, spending 
weekends on Lake James outside Marion, 
NC ("all visitors welcomed"). Daughter 
Sarah is a senior in h.s. and considering 
Pharmacy School as she considers colleges 
for next fall. Lu and Sarah went to NYC with 
Sarah's Girl Scout troop in early summer 
and were able to spend an afternoon with 
Jean Beard Barden at her office. Son Ivey 
is a 9th grader and was starting Driver's 
Ed this past summer after graduating from 
Morganton Day School with honors. Ivey is 

active with Boy Scouts and will wori< toward 
his Eagle after Boy Scout Camp, Rock 
Band Camp, UNC Swim Camp during the 
summer months. Husband Alan continues 
to build homes in Linville, NC, as well as 
coordinate a commercial masonry business 
in Morganton, NC. Lu continues with local 
non-profits, assisting them in their develop- 
ment and fund-raising projects. 

Katie Renaud Baldwin has moved 
to OR and was sad to leave AK this past 
spring after living there so many years, but 
has become "a master weed puller out of 
our huge veggie garden. All my boxes are 
unpacked and everything Is in place. It feels 
good. Come fall I'll start all the testing one 
has to do to become an OR teacher Tben 
we'll have to see if anyone will hire an older 
teacher! Anybody have any connections in 
OR?" Emily started her freshman year at 
Chico State U., CA and Amanda has gotten 
her CNA and is in nursing school. "Cary 
and I will be taking care of our 89 acres, 
2 dogs, 1 cat, 2 horses, 3 cows, tons of 
chickens and a few ducks. I guess that is it 
for now!" {Is that all?i 

Lisa Spruill Darby and Lenore 
Cox "set Las Vegas on fire (not!)" on a 
recent trip courtesy of Lenore 's employer, 
Genworth Financial. Lenore "was awarded 
the Chairman's Compass Award to recog- 
nize her outstanding contributions to tbe 
company and I went along as her guest. A 
great trip was had by all, right on the heels 
of an outstanding SBC Reunion. Exponential 

Catherine Taylor Moore enjoyed 
seeing everyone in May, but had to cut her 
reunion short to get back for their son's 
senior prom that Sat. night. Lee began his 
freshman year at Appalachian St. after a 
busy summer of national FBLA competi- 
tions. "We're hoping for another awesome 
football season!" Daughter Aynsley (6th 
grade) was busy last summer with various 

Cannie Chrysler Shafer sent all that 
was "fit to print": "Our Reunions only get 
better, and so do we all! Everyone keep 
taking those daily multi-vitamins and stay 
in touch! The Shafer family hit a milestone 
this spring in that "our baby" Blake gradu- 
ated from Episcopal Academy as a member 
of the last class to graduate from EA's 
old campus. The tradition is that faculty 
are allowed to present their children their 
diploma, which we did without sobbing! 
Over the past 2 yrs. the school has built 
a whole new campus and is moving there 
to open in Sept. which is tremendously 
exciting. Blake Is taking a "gap year" before 
going to Bates Coll. and he and his father 
are going to take 5 mo. to hike the entire 
Appalachian Trail! Francie finishes her last 
NCAA year rowing at Northeastern and then 
will take her last "co-op" job placement in 
Madrid, guess I'll have to visit!" 

Cathy Mellow Goltermann is in dis- 
belief that her twins Catherine and Christen 

are seniors in h.s., but looks forward to the 
college thing, complete with a cmise in the 
Western Caribbean to celebrate their gradu- 
ation in spring '09. Christen is a cheer- 
leader and Catherine is a tennis player. Son 
Woody (Charies Woodson) will be a sopho- 
more and loves tennis and soccer Summer 
months still involve trips to Minocqua, Wl, 
for lots of water activities, but this past 
summer must've been a bit busier with all 
3 kids working now as counselors, rather 
than campers, at Bun--Oak Camp, the camp 
that Cathy used to go to and for which she 
is now the Assistant Camp Director. "It's 
fun to all be at camp together! Or at least 
I tbink so!" Cathy still teaches preschool 5 
mornings a week during the school year 
and babysits for some of tbe children 3 
afternoons a week. Fitting in tennis with her 
kids still rounds out her weeks, along with 
her husband of 26 yrs, Chris, who still man- 
ufactures shoe laces. Cathy manages to 
stay in touch with Ann Key Lucas, Dudie 
Hiemenez Dileo. Vickie Saigh Valli. and 
Jenny Craig 

As some of you may have seen in 
the last Spring-Summer edition of the 
Alumnae News, Donna Mihalik Lee has 
been a rather prolific writer of poetry, with 
her poems appearing in various poetry 
journals and books. Her book, On the Altar 
of Greece, was winner of the Gival Press 
Poetry award. She had a book signing 
scheduled in Princeton, NJ, at a Bames 
and Noble (MarketFair) and was a fea- 
tured reader at an event sponsored by tbe 
Greek-American Writer's Association at the 
Cornelia Street Cafe in NYC, both events 
in Sept. Some of her poems, "The New 
Filly" and "Control" appear in an anthol- 
ogy. Cadence of Hooves: A Celebration of 
Horses (Yarrow Mountain Press) that was 
just published. Donna's husband Dennis has 
also written some poetry, "/^eggio" and 
"The Chip" which appeared in the summer 
'08 issue of the journal Alimentum: The 
Literature of Food. Horses and food.. .great 
combination! More poems are in the wori<s 
with some are to be published by both in 
the near future. Stay tuned. 

As for me, Suzanne Stryker Ullrich, 
life gets ever closer to the empty nest with 
Ned (20), a sophomore at Penn St. Alex (27) 
is wori^ing and pursuing a M.A. in com- 
puter software engineering at Penn St. and 
Andrew (24) continues to pursue theater 
while being our starving young artist. Life is 
good on the other side and the house stays 
a bit cleaner! Traveling with Rick keeps life 
interesting. Chemical engineering confer- 
ences are sometimes held in fun places, 
so we got to go to Montreal last spring. 
Business in China is developing for Rick, 
so I'm hoping to tag along on one of those 
trips (ah, the beauty of substitute teach- 
ing!) A great part of the traveling is that I 
frequently add a day to touch base with 
many classmates. Lauren Place Young 
and Chris got a fly-by visit from us last 

50 • Fall 2008 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae /*^agazine • wrtAftv.olumnae. 

winter when Rick had to be In Glens Falls. 
NY. and we always try to catch Jean Beard 
Barden for lunch when we are in NYC, 
most recently last Jun. 1 haven't been able 
to catch Carey Johnson Fleming since 
she moved to NY but we'll keep working on 
that. I stay in touch with Marianne Hutton 
Felch '79, who has become a grandmother 
r.vice. loves it! Closer to home, I see Julie 
Pfautz Bodsnstab and Mari< for lunch 
and dinners. Meeting at Longwood Gardens 
where Julie wort<s is a plus. I get to have a 
long walk either before or after, surrounded 
by gorgeous plantings! 

Again, it was great to see everyone 
that was able to make it to Reunion last 
May and hope as your nests become less 
crowded and less complicated, you'll be 
able to look forward to attending our 35th. 
Time flies while life happens, so please stay 
In touch. 'Class Notes can be submitted 
for any issue of the magazine, so send me 
news of any milestones or events anytime, 
by email or snail mail. I will submit them for 
the nearest next edition. 



Ms. Graham Maxwell Russell 

525 S Flagler Dr 

Apt ISA 

West Palm Beach, FL 33401 

Saralee Cowles Boteler sent news directly 

to the alumnae office: 1 v/as named to the 
National Taist for Historic Preservation's 
Advisory Board for Historic Woodlawn and 
Frank Lloyd Wright's Pope-Leighey House. 
Woodlawn was the 1st property acquired 
by the National Tmsl in '51 and was once 
part of George Washington's Mt. Vernon. 
As a historic preservationist, I'm thrilled 
about SBC's plans forTusculum. Other news 
includes my mother's diagnosis of earty 
stage Alzheimer's last year, but at 87 she's 
happily ensconced at Brighton Gardens In 
Atlanta. Wori<, family and preservation work 
are bright spots helping me cope with a rare 
form of arthritis, caused by auto-immune 
malfunction — painful, but I've a collection of 
very cool canes and walking sticks. Looking 
(onward to our 30th (Nancy, Janie, and I'll be 
calling soon!). 

Lillian Sinks Sweeney 
74 Longuevue Dr 
Pittsburgh, PA 15228 

Claire McDonnell Pumell 
Four Thompson Street 
Annapolis, MD 21401 

After nearly 3 yrs. in Waterloo, Belgium, 
Margaret Robinson Tallmadge, husband 

Dan, and son Douglas (12) moved back 
to Cincinnati, OH. She writes, "We tried to 
embrace the Belgian lifestyle and found 
much to recommend. Loved the food, wine, 
beer, and chocolates, I even took a class in 
Belgian chocolate making! Although sad to 
be leaving Belgium, we're happy to be in 
the States. Son Douglas begins 7th grade 
at Cincinnati Country Day School this fall. 
Husband Dan leads a measurement science 
group for Procter & Gamble. I'm trying to 
get unpacked and manage home renova- 
tions before beginning volunteer activities 
with school and church." Margaret was a 
member of the All Saints' Episcopal Church, 
Waterloo, Belgium, congregation and Vestry 
whose members included ambassadors 
from the UK, Canada, and Ireland! Although 
a heady crowd, the most exciting part was 
the move to a new church home where 
the parish can provide a welcoming faith 
community to military families, the myriad 
of bureaucrats located in Brussels (EU, EC, 
NATO, etc..) and ex-pats (like the Tallmadge 
family) from English speaking countries. 
Margaret saw Anne Grosvenor Evrard 
during trips to Paris last year Anne and hus- 
band Walter have started an antique and art 
boutique close to home in Versailles, called 
Gallen'e Gmsvenor-Evrard {\ think). Margaret 
writes, "It's a couple minutes walk from the 
chateau (location, location, location!) and 
filled with elegant French furniture and great 
artwork, tres chic." 

Carol Hays Hunley is well in 
Pittsburgh, PA. She writes, "These are hectic 
times for me, and I'm sure I'm not alone as 
I manage increased career responsibilities in 
my new job as Chief Compliance Officer for 
PNC Bank, deal with 2 teenagers at home — 
Chrissy (1 7) who will be a senior and Tommy 
(1 3) who is going into 7th grade. Our oldest. 
Barbie, is a junior at George Washington 
in D.C., loves it. She's looking fon/;ard to 
the election and being right in the middle 
of things. I can't convince either of my 
girts that SBC is the school for them, even 
though Chrissy is an accomplished rider 
searching for a 2nd horse! I'm active in the 
Presbyterian Church, recently returning from 
10 days in San Jose, CA, at the PCUSA 
General Assembly. I serve as Chair of 
Council in the Pittsburgh Presbytery, which 
has become quite a time commitment! Add 
to all of that the commitment that comes 
with aging and ailing parents — not enough 
hours in the day I've been honnble at keep- 
ing in touch (it's not just you!) I occasionally 
see Vickie Archer who lives a few miles 
away but her life is as crazy as mine!" 

Stephanie Skinner Daney lives in 
Avondale, PA, with husband Chris and 2 
sons. Older son Drew (1 9) is going to Penn 
State in fall and Corey (17) will be a senior 
in St. Mari<s h. s. Stephanie writes, "We've 
lots of flowers in our yard, a big vegetable 
garden, birds, squirrels, foxes, and ground 
hogs! My boys are charming, good look- 
ing, ambitious, (similar in many ways to 
Kearsley's boys!), tall and athletic. I'm not 
working at the present time, I spend most of 
my time in the gym doing aerobics, pilates, 
group power and step classes. When I'm not 
gardening with my husband, I'm doing the 
boys' laundry. Husband Chris is a CPA, also 
charming, very good looking, and patient! 
Chris rides his horse in nearby Unionville, 
PA, where he fox hunts. I keep in touch with 
Mara Eckart and Kearsley Walsh." 

Hedley Sipe Gunther lives in 
Richmond, VA, works as a Nurse 
Practitioner in Hospice. She sees Holly 
Silsand Ulrich. "My lovely wonderful 
daughter Edie (13) keeps me hopping! 

Allison Roberts Greene went to 
Washington, D.C. in Jun. to see Theresa 
Blane Langes son graduate from h. s. 
She enjoyed getting to see Tressa's family. 
Later in the month, Allison, Nan Dabbs 
Loftin May Carter Barger, and Jane 
Terry Feley did a weekend in Chicago. 
Allison writes, "We saw Sex In the City and 
learned how to be fifty & fabulous as our 
big year approaches. We had a great giri's 
weekend staying at our new condo Greene 
Parte overlooking Grant Park and the Lake. 
We can see the "Bean" from our window! 
Carson and I look fonjvard to friends-and- 
family weekends at the condo this summer 
and years to come." 

May Carter Barger writes that she, 
daughter Josie, Allison Roberts Greene and 
her daughter Mackenzie are going to NYC 
for 4 days in Jul. May writes. "We'll show 
them all the touristy things and none of 
the haunts we enjoyed in our youth!" May 
is still involved in a variety of philanthropy 
most recently and raising funds to refurbish 
a 10-yr-old 5,000 square foot community- 
built playground. In addition, she writes, 
"I've taken up oil painting and am working 
on my 5th painting. It's so fun. I encourage 
everyone to try! Husband Carroll and son 
Ben (11) are great: we're enjoying our new 
summer retreat on Lake Wylie, SC." 

Elaine Arozarena is an International 
Senior Consultant in Human Capital and 
Leadership Solutions with experience in 
designing, servicing, and managing human 
capital related issues for global companies. 
She still lives between NYC and Madrid, 
Spain. Elaine and husband Carios Montero 
de Alba have been niamed 13 yrs. and 
have no children. Elaine writes, "All my fam- 
ily is in Mexico City, So, if any classmates 
travel to Europe or NYC let me know, it'd 
be fun to see you all." Elaine recently had a 
great time in NYC with Jean Beard Barden 
'78 who wort<s for a Gemnan Bank. 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Sigy Carlen Veasey is hanging in 
Philly with Doug and sons Carien (13), 
Campbell (13), and Wylie (11). Sigy writes, 
"I've taken up mountain bike racing and I'm 
editing a book (nerdy science stuff)." 

Leiee Frank Hazard says hello to 
classmates and friends and that 50 is 

Susan Campbell is going to Iceland 
to ride in Aug. and to WY to ride in Sept. 
She has been going to NYC regularty to visit 
daughter Sarah (22). 

Mary Kate Ferguson is a synchro- 
nized swimmer and will perform at the end 
of Jul. She writes, "I've been rehearsing 
all summer It's fun and harder work than 
I expected. It keeps me in good shape!" 
Mary Kate sees Eve Devlne and Brendy 
Reiter Hantzes for shopping and movies. 
Kearsley Rand Walsh always manages 
to "keep me laughing with her zany emails. 
I've expanded my bookkeeping service to 
bookkeeping and personal assistant ser- 
vices and I'm very busy I'm still learning to 
play the guitar, loving my new house and 
dog Paco." 

Quinne Fokes lives in San Anselmo, 
CA. She writes "I've owned and oper- 
ated a successful advertising/design firm 
integrating print and web since '92: some 
clients have nationally known names and 
some are start ups. In the past 7 yrs, I've 
focused on acquiring more clients who are 
of a "sustainable" nature: it's working! I'm 
also creating commissioned fine art wort<s 
of people and animals, schooling someone 
else's sale pony (featured on Youtube), and 
have been happily partnered for the past 2 
yrs. He (Geordie) handles large commercial 
solar installations — while 1 of my clients is 
a solar client for whom I developed adver- 
tising and marketing collateral. I run, swim, 
stnjggle with Iyengar yoga, and read Celtic 
history. Let us know when you're in the SF 
Bay Area, because we'd love to see you!" 
Quinne's Web sites are www.Quinnedesign. 
com and 

Tenia Voss Ryan lives in Alexandria, 
VA, with husband Stephen and chil- 
dren Andrew (19). attending Virginia 
Commonwealth U.. and Meredith (16), 
attending West Potomac h. s. and playing 
lacrosse. Tania is the director of a preschool 
and 1 of her students is Grade, daughter 
of Molly Rnney Grenn '82. Tania sees Eve 
Devine regulariy and they plan to celebrate 
their 50th together in Ireland. Tania writes, 
"Barb Bush Cooper isn't far away She's 
still beautiful and happy My biggest sur- 
prise is worthing with SBC graduate. Barbara 
Connor, at West Potomac h. s. I'm the PTA 
president and she's in charge of the college 
center She too is remarkable." Tania also 
hears from Deb Middleton in Chicago. 

John. Mary (14). Lizzie (11) and I are 
in still in Annapolis and we're going on 
vacation to the Adirondacks next week. I'm 
taking a Sweet Briar pennant to the Lake 
Placid Pub & Brewery because there are 

Fall 2008 Ol 

school pennants hanging everywhere, but 
no SBC pennant. A good excuse for pub 
fare, yum. I hope to attend Mary Kate's syn- 
chronized swimming show next weekend. 
I've talked with Liz Winson Sweeney, her 
house is coming along. She and Tom are 
enjoying golf and travel. Being class secre- 
tary has its benefits. I received a nice and 
newsy email from my senior year room- 
mate, Gina Parish South '82. It brightened 
my day. Please stay in touch. 


Consuelo Michelle Martinez 
7007 North Tripp Ave 
LincolnwoodJL 60712 

Life is good, both the Chicago White Sox 
ancfThe Chicago Cubs are in 1st place in 
their division. By the time this goes into 
print, there could potentially be a cross-town 
World Series! Thanks to all who wrote sum- 
mer notes at the last minute. It's wonderful 
to read everyone's news. 

Life is good for Jennifer Hebb 
Daukas, the 1 st to respond to my last 
minute notes request, thank you! Jenny 
re-married 1 Vi yrs. ago to Nick Daukas. 
Eldest daughter Molly will be a junior at 
Wheaton Coll., while daughter Sarah will be 
a senior in h.s. Always a Bum Chum and 
doing good for others, Jenny will walk in the 
3-day breast cancer walk in Aug. in Boston, 
a grueling 60 mi. over 3 days. 

Rolfe Joyner DeShazor writes with 
big news: as empty nesters, she and her 
husband relocated to Winston-Salem, NC. 
Their grown children are all in NC and they 
tired of never seeing them, so her husband 
transferred with Wachovia, 5/1 . Rolfe plans 
to sell their house and will stay through the 
summer to help her firm transition her job 
while she searches for a new one. Youngest 
child Maggie finished her 1st year at VA 
Tech. Their 4 older children have graduated 
from college, are working and living on their 
own. Daughter Carrie ('04) is a manager 
for Nordstroms in Raleigh, NC, Christian is 
a geo-technical engineer in Raleigh, Will 
works for Norfolk Southern and is the Train 
Master of Charleston, SC, and Mary Kate is 
an accountant in Winston-Salem. No wed- 
dings or grandchildren, but Rolfe is hopeful! 

This summer Sally Shapard Peek, 
husband Mark and their 4 children have 
much to celebrate. Oldest child Anthony will 
attend Duke U. in fall; he was salutatorian 
for his class during graduation. 2 wks 
later, after the valedictorian lunch at the 
Governor's Mansion and all the celebrations, 
they learned that an error had occurred and 
Anthony was actually the valedictorian for 
his class! Their twin daughters Sara and 
Emily attend h. s. in fall. After the valedicto- 
rian debacle, Sally believes they'll be able to 
sign the twins up for any classes that they 

want! Husband Mark completed law school 
last May and has opened a firm specializing 
in wills, trust, and estate cases near their 
home. Mark and 2nd son Bobby are going 
to Philmont this summer. The Peeks have a 
menagerie of pets with 3 birds, 2 dogs, 1 
cat, and numerous fish. 

Deborah Bowman no longer works for 
pay for the 2nd time this year. She still has 
plenty to do as she juggles children, braces, 
tennis, dog, and sitting on the board of the 
local Arboretum. Deborah is grateful that 
husband Jeffrey "still has a job." This sum- 
mer the family will head to ME for vacation 
on a schooner cruise, which they hope will 
be as memorable as last summer's vacation 
they enjoyed on a dude ranch in CO. 

What is Jill Maple Fallon up to? Jill 
started JFallon & Company, Inc., a strategic 
marketing communications and event firm 
a few yrs. ago. You can visit the Web site 
at The career move 
was a big transition from the corporate 
world where Jill worked at The Gillette 
Company and Duracell for over 1 3 yrs. Her 
latest venture provides Jill flexibility allowing 
her to "keep her eyes on" sons Jack (14) 
and Harrison (10), both active in school and 
sports. Husband John is "the best salesman 
in the world" and works from a home-based 
office, also travels a bit — again the flex- 
ibility helps. The constant in their lives is 
Ethan, the "wonder dog," an 85 lb. black 
lab who is Jill's constant companion. Living 
in Wrentham, MA, the family enjoys great 
Boston sports — The Patriots, Red Sox and 
the Celtics! 

Returning just in time from Germany 
from visiting her father for a few weeks 
with son Julius, Monika Kaiser Neheim 
writes that daughter Alexa graduated in 
the top 5% of her class and will attend the 
Frost School of Music at the U. of Miami in 
fall! Although she doesn't look it, Monika 
turned 50 and will postpone the celebration 
because of Alexa 's graduation festivities. 
Monika, Richard, and the children will visit 
France and Germany in Aug. 

Also returning in time to write was 
Lee Watson Lombardy. Lee, Warren, and 
daughter Georgia spent a fantastic week in 
CO. They toured the ancestral Pueblo ruins 
in Mesa Verde and made the obligatory visit 
to the Four Corners at Georgia's request. 
In the 90s one day and snowing the next 
morning, Lee was the only one who man- 
aged to get sick. The family is back on their 
summer schedule of work for the parents 
and summer camp for Georgia. They're 
taking a much-needed break from the Irish 
Dance circuit. Lee saw Lucile Redmond 
Flournoy and Tom in May at their 30th 
h.s. reunion in GA, which was quite a real- 
ity check. Lee reminds classmates visiting 
Orlando this summer to call. 

Never a dull moment with Jean von 
Schrader Bryan, who is preparing to leave 
on an SBC alumnae trip to Romania and 
Ukraine with her lovely mother and dashing 

father. Sister-in-law Sharon, SBC retiring 
president Betsy Muhlenfeld, Aileen Laing 
'57, Nanette Crowdus '57, and several 
SBC graduates will also attend. The group 
will celebrate U.S. Independence Day at 
the American Embassy in Bucharest at a 
special 4th of Jul. dinner! They'll travel to 
Ukraine, cruising the river to Kiev on ship 
for 1 days. Jean writes that husband Peter 
is well, travels a lot for work. Son George 
received his learner's permit to drive, fol- 
lowing big sister Betsy (18 in Feb). Jean's 
"baby," Anne, graduated from 8th grade 
and is enjoying the summer. Having 3 
teenagers has been a learning experience 
for both parents. Jean enjoys her part-time 
position fund-raising for The Virginia Diner, 
an actual diner on Rt. 460 in Wakefield, VA 
since 1 921 . 1 yrs. ago the diner started a 
dept. to help schools raise funds. They pro- 
vide the catalogs and order forms and the 
children and parents sell the delicious pea- 
nut products in their communities, raising 
money for schools. Always the consummate 
sales person, Jean successfully markets to 
schools. Rather than going with nationwide 
fund-raising companies, they partner with 
The Diner. You can visit their Web site www. Jean and the family will 
get together for 5 days in Aug. with her 
parents, brothers, Jeff and Rick and their 

Charlotte Prassel FitzGerald writes 
that in May, Gracie Tredwell Schild's hus- 
band Georg was doing historical research in 
the D.C. area, so she and her son Christoph 
took time to visit Chariotte and the family. 
Christoph and Charlotte's son James are 5 
days apart in age and enjoyed each other's 
company. In Aug. Lollie Noble's cousin and 
Chariotte's longtime childhood friend, Molly 
Killian, are getting married in HI, so Lollie 
and Charlotte will travel together to attend 
the festivities. 

She said that there is no exciting news 
to report, but Gracie Tredwell Schild 
writes from southern Germany where 
she, husband Georg, and son Christoph 
live. They enjoyed watching the German 
soccer team play the Turkish team in the 
semi-finals of the European Cup. Gracie 
allowed son Christoph (1 0) to stay up for 
at least the 1 st half of the match as he 
had a German test the following day. While 
visiting Charlotte Prassel FitzGerald and 
family, Christoph enjoyed Charlotte's son 
James's indoor "batting cage," even though 
Christoph has never seen "real" baseball. A 
pro baseball team does play in Tuebingen 
"up the road," but what passes for pro 
baseball in Germany is "pretty laughable." 
Christoph enjoyed our 25th reunion and 
asked to attend our 30th, he'll be 14 then. 
Gracie proposes a conspiracy so that all the 
teenage children of our classmates attend 
Reunion to make it more fun for them. 

Leisa Seay Sanford writes from 
Birmingham, AL, where she works in 
Radiation Oncology at the U. AL. She and 

her team are working on several publica- 
tions and a clinical trial. Leisa and Paul 
bought a house in the country where they 
enjoy the peace and quiet. They're busy 
doing extra landscaping, which their dog 
and 2 cats think is for their benefit and 
consider the garden their very own jungle! 
Liz Hoskinson found time to send an 
update in between riding, teaching, writing 
marketing, copy- and proofreading, and 
writing feature articles on equestrian topics. 
Liz enjoys her book clubs and life in NYC 
while attempting not to add to the carbon 
footprint with all of running back 'n' forth 
between her endless commitments. 


Gary Cathcart Pagan 
329 Kelford Lane 
Charlotte, NC 28270 

No one could believe 25 yrs. at Reunion in 
May! Let me just say what a fabulous group 
of "forty somethings" we are! Even some 
of the class of '73 commented on how 
attractive we are as a class. Many were up 
on Saturday morning jogging, swimming, 
playing tennis etc. I, personally, couldn't get 
enough porl< products in my body over the 
weekend! The beauty/serenity of the college 
reminded me how special (and spoiled) the 
SBC experience is. The continuity of the 
ground keeping, the faculty and campus 
staff is amazing! I was very touched when 
Melvin (an employee in food services for 27 
yrs) approached me Sun. morning to say he 
remembered working with me at the Bistro 
years ago. '83 won the Participation Award 
for the Class celebrating their 25th-50th 
with an astounding 81%! We also elected 
new officers: Pres-Wylie Jameson Small, 
Reunion Giving Chair-Blair Redd Barnes, 
and Co-Secretaries-me (Class Notes et al), 
and Kathy Barrett Baker (Scrapbooks et 
al). Please see Kathy's notes below for more 
on Scrapbooks and how you can participate. 
Many thanks to the outgoing officers for all 
their hard work over the years! Although 
Reunion was wonderful there were too many 
missing faces (ex: FADS where are you?) All 

4 officers are committed to reconnecting the 
class so that our 30th will be our best yet! 
My personal notes in brief: husband Chris 
and I have lived in Charlotte, NC, for almost 

5 yrs. Stepson CJ (20) graduated from the 
Air Force Linguistics School in Montemey, 
CA, where he studied Arabic for 2 yrs. I'm 
still the crazy cat lady, Chris currently allows 
me 6 babies (too many to name w/ages), 
but you can imagine our adventure driving 
cross country 5 yrs. ago from Phoenix with 
9 cats in the back of our Jeep Cherokee! 
Aah, the good times... 

Alice Cutting Laimbeer and family 
have been busy travelers this summer. 
To escape the VA heat the Laimbeer clan 


52 • Fall 2008 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

vacationed at ttieir cottage in the 1000 
island region of Canada. In Aug., Alice took 
her daughter Margot to France to celebrate 
her 16th birthday (4 nights Paris/ 5 nights 
Nice). Alice was curious to see how much 
SBC French she'd remember! Last Alice 
wrote that they were starting to leg up their 
horse for the fall foxhunting season. 

Alicia Nygaard Formagus and Nace 
have a sophomore son who pledged SAE 
at Furman U. and a senior son at Parish 
Episcopal School of Dallas who hopes to 
play football for a Division 1 college. Alicia 
is busy with various organizations. She 
enjoys serving on the Public Works Board 
and helping to create new parks for her 
city. She's a member of a local educational/ 
social club for women and an active garden 
club member. Aside from helping to man- 
age her family's investments, Alicia looks 
forward to deciding what she's going to 
"do" for the rest of her life after her young- 
est graduates. She's considering fashion, 
telecommunications, or a master's degree. 
Alicia writes "only time mill tell." She keeps 
up with Adrians Garza Read Myth 
Monnich Bayoud. and Ann Stuart Kiing. 

Ann Sterling Hart and family live in 
FL despite the past hurricanes and current 
drought. Daughters Steph (20) will be a 
junior at Stetson U. in Deland, FL, majoring 
in Business and Spanish; Ali (17) is a good 
ice skater, a senior in h. s., and looking at 
colleges in Boston and D.C. Ann still rides 
horses, mostly Dressage. She's a Sec/ 
Manager/TD of Dressage Shows. To cope 
with her upcoming empty nest syndrome, 
Ann has 3 treasured dressage horses and 2 
Shelties living in her backyard. Her husband 
has expanded his business over the years 
and has begun climbing mountains. He 
went climbing in Ecuador this past sum- 
mer, but without Ann (looking down isn't 
a favorite for her). She stays in touch via 
email with Robin Lawford and Liz Means 
Iftikhar (who has been living in Chapel 
Hill with hubby and 2 kids for 4 yrs. and 
loves NC). 

Ava Carmlchael Eagles and family 
live in West Des Moines, lA, where they 
luckily survived the floods this summer! 
Husband Mitch is an h. s. teacher/part-time 
firefighter Son Mitchell (16) is a senior in 
h. s. and starting college visits (hoping for 
Brown, Cornell, Harvard or MIT). Daughter 
Tatiana (1 4) shows horses (hunter/jumper) 
nationally. They've seen Patty Stieehy 
Rogers at shows. Tati did her first Grand 
Prix at 1 3 on sweet horse Samboni. Ava still 
rides her horse Bullseye (20)! Tati spent the 
summer "on her own" as a working student 
at Quail Run Horse Center, NE. Ava has her 
own practice as a Family Nurse Practitioner 
and is also on the clinical faculty for the 
Nurse Practitioner program at Graceland 
U. Ava can't believe it's been 25 yrs. since 

Diana Duffy Waterman is excited 
about her daughter being a Vixen and in 

her sophomore year at SBC! (Diana is 
re-attending vicariously.) Her son (21) is a 
senior at Seton Hall U. Husband Barry is 
great, still playing lacrosse — a lot! Diana 
was elected to her county Republican 
Central Committee. She's Pres of the local 
Republican Women's Club and County 
Coordinator for the McCain and local 
congressional candidate's campaigns. She 
has her hands full with upcoming elections. 
Diana works at their family real estate busi- 
ness managing all the financial and com- 
puter duties. She jokes that she's "really" 
using her mathematical physics degree 
and wonders if any of our classmates have 
a job relative to their major? Diana wrote 
that Martha Riggs Lowry sends regrets 
for missing Reunion. Martha and Ron still 
live in Winston-Salem, NC, and promise to 
make it to the next Reunion. 

Elizabeth Taylor Seifert was thrilled 
to reconnect with so many at our reunion. 
She continues to love her work as Director 
of Public Policy for GlaxoSmithKline (despite 
the public outcry against that industry). 
Elizabeth and husband have 5 children; 
Jenny (17), Catherine (12), Sarah (11), 
Lydia (1 0) and Peter (8). If they don't keep 
Elizabeth busy enough, they recently added 
another member to the family, a Cavalier 
King Charies Spaniel! She writes "it's a 
crazy but blessed time." 

Jeanne Waters Chapman writes 
that even though she didn't attend SBC 
very long she still has fond memories. She 
loves life and time now as a homeschooling 
mother of 3 boys with her wonderful hus- 
band DuWayne. Jeanne still has horses and 
enjoys riding when she can. 

Kathy Barrett Baker and Jim cele- 
brated their 5th anniversary this year. Kathy 
finally decided it was time to see America's 
west. They travelled to Boulder, CO, the 
Grand Canyon, drove part of Route 66 and 
ended in Vegas! Kathy is developing an eti- 
quette & manners Web site that will feature 
a weekly topical etiquette column. She's 
also busy doing a bit of event planning for 
the h. s. robot competitions "First Robotics" 
and volunteering at the Free Clinic of 
Goochland and the Goochland Friends and 
Family Services. Kathy writes that she's 
having a Wasf compiling 5th, 15", & 25th 
Scrapbooks. She's anxious to start receiv- 
ing photos of all kinds (Christmas cards, 
animals/pets, weddings, etc). You can send 
them via email to Kathy at sabotschool©, or by mail to 1451 Amber Lake 
Rd, Manakin Sabot, VA 23103. She can 
reproduce photos digitally and return them 
if classmates don't want to send them over 
the internet. Kathy can't wait to reconnect 
with everyone! 

Lee Anne MacKenzie Chaskes' life 
is full of juggling activities, career, volunteer 
work at her sons' schools, and making sure 
that everyone arrives on time. This last task 
is her biggest chore since she still operates 
on Lee Anne Standard Time (L.A.S.T). Son 

Will (20) completed his 2nd yr. at West 
Point and is studying abroad in China; 
Robert (17) is a senior in h. s. applying to 
colleges, golfing whenever possible, and 
footloose with his new wheels; and Adam 
(7) is in 2nd grade and became a certi- 
fied "beach bum" this summer. Husband 
Rob is busy with his law firni while Lee 
Anne somehow finds the time to be an 
Area Development Manager for NY fashion 
company, ETCETERA. Her territory is FL and 
she writes that the clothes are great. Lee 
Anne wants to thank the dedicated fabulous 
women in our class who made Reunion so 

Linda Hauptfuhrer and Bill live in 
Atlanta. They were married on the Spanish 
Steps in Rome in 2005 and honeymooned 
in Italy and St. Petersburg Russia. Since 
SBC, Linda spent most of her early profes- 
sional career in the mental health system 
first as a therapist, later as a counselor 
after picking up her graduate degree. For 
1 yrs. she was the executive director of 
a non-profit foundation in Atlanta. Bill is a 
consultant in IT and was a fighter pilot for 
the USAF (great stories). He still flies his 
own small plane and they take quick trips to 
the beach or wherever Linda is considering 
her pilots license. They have 2 dogs, a love- 
able Rottweiler (with a replaced hip) who 
is obtaining her certifications to do therapy 
visits, and a happy-go-lucky yellow Lab. 
Linda does volunteer work, gardens, and 
loves to entertain. 

Mandy Beauchemin Frohn has been 
living in FL since '04 with son Zachary 
(14) and husband of 22 yrs. Eric. She and 
Eric are proud that Zack is at the top of 
his class. In '00 Mandy received her M.A. 
in management from Albertus Magnus in 
New Haven, CI She became a Practice 
Administrator for a 6 physician medical 
group in CT and currently is the business 
manager for a large cardiology group in FL. 
She's interested in EMR and practice 
management. They had a great vacation 
in WY this summer. She has been living a 
happy, quiet life (except for sitting in the 
eye of Hurricane Charley in '04)1 Mandy 
hopes everyone is well and enjoying life 
and good health. 

Margaret Enochs Jarvis, Dr. still 
works as medical director at Marworth 
Treatment Center, Waverly, PA. In fall she's 
getting certification in equine-assisted 
psychotherapy which will include the family 
in the business. Margaret writes that both 
her "children" have 4 legs, fur and hooves! 
They make her very happy 

Mary Ware Gibson and Brian still live 
in Charlotte, NC. Their children are growing 
up too fast; sons Taylor (20), Andrew (17), 
and daughter Claire (15). Mary teaches 3rd 
grade at Charlotte Latin School. She's tried 
to retire twice, but can't stay away. She 
loved seeing everyone at Reunion and was 
impressed by the turnout, but hopes we can 
set even, more records at our 30th. Go '83! 

Mason Bennett Rummel is starting 
her 20th year at the Brown Foundation as 
the exec director and Rick's business just 
celebrated its 10 yr. anniversary. Mason 
enjoys seeing lots of alumnae at SBC 
events she's hosted over the years. Bennett 
is a junior at Case Western Reserve U. 
studying biomedical engineering; Annie is 
a sophomore at Butler U. studying vocal 
performance; and Emma is a junior at 
Sacred Heart Academy — the last one home 
(the home that is old and creaky, but almost 
finished). Mason says her kids are taller 
than she is. She keeps in touch with Libby 
Glenn Fisher Suzy Ireland Dupree. 
Mare Ware Gibson Kathy Barrett 
Baker, Lea Sparks Bennett and others. 
She loved seeing everyone at Reunion, 
including Profs! 

Miriam Baker Morris is about to 
become an empty nester — an ugh/yea 
(bittersweet) combo for her She refers 
to herself as one of the old moms with a 
sophomore in Coll. and a senior in h. s. 
She wanted to tell everyone that our 25th 
reunion was really fun! Miriam says she 
sees CeCe Williams Hartline (who looks 
the same!) and Tracy Gatewood (who 
looks great!) occasionally. 

Nancy Cunningham Mauck and 
Billy love that their family is filled with 
"right brainers"! Nancy still paints portraits, 
full-time commissions, and finds the time 
to paint outdoor landscapes on loca- 
tion. Caroline (20), sophomore at Coll. of 
Charleston, is an accomplished singer-song- 
writer majoring in Studio M focusing on fig- 
ures and portraits (Nancy is thrilled). Billy III 
(18) is a senior in h. s. and is a wildman on 
mandolin and guitar (mostly bluegrass) and 
their primary math-whiz! Their baby Stuart 
(1 5) is a sophomore in h. s. He also is an 
accomplished guitarist and according to his 
art teacher, a potter. Husband Billy (W&L 
undergrad '79 and W&L Law School grad) 
is a managing partner at Williams-Mullen 
in Richmond. Visit Nancy's website at www. 

Pam Weekes still lives In NY w^ith her 
2 bakeries; one on the upper Westside, the 
other in East Hampton. She was planning 
on launching a new online store in Sept., in addition 
to the existing Pam 
has been studying Italian for a couple years 
and hopes to get back to Italy this Oct. 
When she can get time away from working 
she enjoys swimming and yoga. 

Polly Parker McClure and her hus- 
band still live outside Cleveland, OH. Their 2 
children keep them busy with sports, activi- 
ties, and friends. Daughter Kathryn Is in 8lh 
grade and their son is in 3rd, Polly writes 
that life is busy but good. She's sony she 
missed Reunion. 

Virginia Claus Buyck and family 
enjoyed a busy summer It began with 
Virginia and youngest daughter Brooks 
visiting Wellesley MA, for a couple weeks 

Sweet Briot College Alumnae Magazine • 

Fall 2008 • 53 

where Brooks fell off a horse at riding 
camp and broke her arm. Virginia's 2 oldest 
(Elizabeth & Mark) had a real adventure 
traveling to Canada and back. The hot 
months were spent primarily at the beach, 
but somewhere in there they managed a 
trip to Paris! Virginia wants to give 2 
awards from our reunion, one to Miriam 
for "Best Dressed" and one to Lee Anne 
for "Best Porcelain Necklace" (this was late 
Sat. night). 

Wylie Jameson Small and Stuart 
live in Rochester, NY. They're busy with 
son Rudy (14) who is a nationally ranked 
squash player! They're constantly traveling 
up and down the East Coast for tourna- 
ments. The family has 2 Jack Russell 
Terriers that run their lives. Maris (11) and 
Peyton (1 — named after Peyton Manning, 
go colts^) Wylie plays lots of golf and tennis, 
still works part time as a computer training 
consultant, and serves on a couple boards 
in Rochester. Wylie wrote how great it was 
to see everyone at Reunion and can't wait 
for the 30th so she can get her fill of more 
of "That Betty Crap"! 


Mrs. Cynthia Pike Gaylord 
33 Edgeliill Ave 
Cliatliam, NJ 07928 



IVIrs. Cecily Venable Banks 
11 Harbour Rd 
Barrington, Rl 02806 


Kaky Connors Cassada submitted news 
to the Alumnae Office; Our daughter Jocelyn 
is a freshman at Washington and Lee U. this 
fall. Couldn't interest her in SBC! My par- 
ents, Tom and Jocelyn Palmer Connors '62, 
live in Lynchburg and are thrilled to have 
their granddaughter close by. Son Stuart is 
an 8th grader at Charlotte Country Day. 


Mrs. Jean G. Guergai 
3641 Elderberry PI 
Fairfax, VA 22033 

Margaretta Colangelo sent notes to 
the Alumnae Office: Join the Sweet Briar 
Community on Linkedin. Linkedin is a social 
and business online networking tool that 

helps people stay connected. We have a 
Sweet Briar alumnae/community group on 
the Linkedin networking site. This group 
is open to all members of the Sweet Briar 
community. You may join the group if you 
are; a current Sweet Briar student, a Sweet 
Briar alumna, a current or former faculty 
or staff member, or the parent of a current 
or former student. Before you can join the 
Sweet Briar Linkedin group, you must be a 
member of Linkedin. If you'd like to join the 
Sweet Briar group, type in this link and you 
will be prompted to join Linkedin if you are 
not already a member; http://www.linkedin. 


Maia Free Jalenak 
605 Camelia Ave. 
Baton Rouge, LA 70806 

Our 20th Reunion was terrific. We certainly 
enjoyed our time together! Mariam Kahn 
said the campus looked gorgeous and it 
was a great time to commune with nature. 
Indeed it was! She said it was fun that our 
class took over the entire 2nd floor of Glass. 
We certainly did! It was a terrific weekend 
filled with reminiscing, shopping at the book 
store, hayrides and walks around campus, 
horseback riding, hanging out at the boat 
house, and late-night partying, bell ringing, 
and spray-painting of the rock and hitching 
post. Go '88! 

We're grateful to Tina Savage Lytle, 
Carey Grant Milden, Stephanie Wilt 
Smirnov, and Kelly Meredith lacobelli 
for their work in getting us together. Katie 
Keogh Weldner and Kathryn Ingham 
Reese will be our new co-presidents, and 
I (Maia Free Jalenak) will be the class 
secretary. Hats off to Tina for being a great 
president and Kelly for being a terrific sec- 
retary for so many years. Here's to Tina and 
Kelly, Holla, Holla, Holla! 

Kathryn Ingham Reese did a marvel- 
ous job preparing lyrics to Cheesebetty in 
Paradise and awesome pink and green 
t-shirts to wear for our class skit. The shirts 
were emblazoned on the back with "Mornin" 
Sugar" (the daily breakfast greeting we used 
to receive from Addle, who worked at Pro- 
thro for years). We were quite a spectacle! 
The dining hall staff even found a recipe for 
Cheese Betty and resurrected it for break- 
fast during Reunion. Beth Bennett Haga 
brought super-fun pink and green party 
cups imprinted with SBC traditions. 

Stephanie Wilt Smirnov set up a 
Facebook-site for our class for Reunion. 
Currently we have 46 classmates on the 
site, lots of great pictures, and 2 Reunion 
videos. If you're not signed up for the site 
yet, it's fun and a neat way to catch up with 
friends. Stephanie and husband Max have 
been busy with work, fixing up their week- 

end place in the Catskills, and getting son 
Terry (5) ready for summer camp. 

Mary Halliday Shaw had a blast at 
Reunion, enjoyed seeing everybody. She and 
Kathryn Ingham Reese vi/ere show-stopping 
with their incredible dance moves on stage 
with King Cadillac during the Sat. night 
party. Mary reported that she and Kathryn 
may start new careers on the road with the 
band as back-up singers. (If you weren't 
there, check out the video of Mary and 
Kathryn on our class Facebook-site!) 

Staci Stockburger Fritzges was 
sorry to miss Reunion, but loved seeing all 
of the pictures on Facebook. She teaches at 
U. of Central AR in the dept. of speech and 
public relations. 

The award for farthest-traveled to 
attend Reunion goes to Paige Shiller 
Okun who came from Singapore. She is 
CEO of Caring for Cambodia, a non-profit 
organization that fully funds and operates 
4 schools with 3,000 students. Paige has 
2 boys, Bennett (8) and Mason (5 K2). Her 
husband Steven works for UPS. 

2nd place goes to Katharine "Kem" 
McCoid Roth who traveled from London 
with husband Chris. Kem and Chris have 3 
children; daughters Edie (5) and Molly (3) 
love to dote on brother Henry (1) and have 
plenty of activities to keep everybody busy. 
They love London, especially in summer. 
She and Chris went to Wimbledon and took 
a weekend trip in Northern Ireland in mid- 
Jun. to take advantage of the longest day of 
the year. Kem writes that one of the great- 
est things about living in London is 
traveling to other places. She had a nice 
visit in Jul. from Beth Bennett Haga and 
her family who were visiting London. As 
mother of 3 little ones, Kem is a terrific 
bedtime storyteller. She mesmerized my 
wild daughter Nina (9) and Kate Cole 
Kite's daughter Mackenzie (9) at Reunion 
with an intriguing story about Tudor royalty. 

Kelly Meredith lacobelli, husband 
John (whom we called "St. John," such 
a good sport), and daughter Kathleen 
(5) enjoyed Reunion. She writes, "It was 
fabulous seeing old friends. We laughed 
and played — we just don't bounce back as 
quickly as we did 20 yrs. ago." She's still 
director of marketing for a warranty com- 
pany and busy with volunteer activities and 
delivering Kathleen to gymnastics, swim- 
ming, and soccer. She encourages everyone 
to consider coming back to campus for 
Homecoming when the campus is alive with 
students, sporting events, and old friends. 

Katie Keogh Weidner writes that 
she enjoyed being back at SBC and seeing 
everyone and that it took a few days to 
recover from the late nights in Glass and 
laughing so hard. She discovered that she 
and Carey Grant Milden live very close 
to each other in PA. They're planning a 
mini-reunion with their husbands along 
with Kathryn Ingham Reese and her hus- 
band, who live nearby. Katie hopes Carey's 

husband Jamie will wear his "sweet pants" 
again! (Note; Jamie Milden was definitely 
"Mr. Sweet Briar" in the ensemble he wore 
to Reunion; pink and green Lilly Pulitzer 
pants, coordinating tie and green sports 
coat. Carey looked cute, too, in her Lilly 
dress.) Katie has a busy summer planned. 
They have 6 children, all coming and going 
at various times. Her boys (15,13) are 
fanatic lacrosse players. Her daughter (9) 
loves horseback riding. Katie says that 
she's even started riding again, although 
she could hardly walk after the first time. 
As presidents, Katie and Kathryn Ingham 
Reese will plan our 25th reunion. Katie says 
"You can count on an awesome 25th and 
everyone better come!!" 

Kate Cole Hite lives in MD and reports 
that her family is busy with normal sum- 
mertime routines (swim team, golf, tennis, 
and camps), but also with triathlon training, 
She and husband Tucker have found a new 
way to work out and have fun doing it. She 
completed her 1st half-marathon the 1st 
week of Jun. She writes, "I honestly don't 
know how people do that. It was so boring 
to run for that long!" 

Anne Powell was sorry to have missed 
Reunion. She's busy as a tax manager at 
a Henry Schein corporate division near 
Wythevilie, VA, and working her family 

Jennifer Pedrick, who has been an 
Episcopal priest for nearly 10 yrs, is the rec- 
tor of Church of the Epiphany in East Provi- 
dence, Rl. She's on sabbatical and recently 
returned from a 40-day pilgrimage walking 
the Camino de Santiago de Compostela. 
Beginning in France, Jennifer and husband 
Michael DeAngelo walked nearly 500 mi. 
along the route of this ancient pilgrimage. 
For the next 3 mo., Jennifer, her husband, 
and daughters Lydia (11) and Isabella (7) 
will live in Costa Rica. Michael is a science 
teacher and has received a grant to travel 
and study. She plans to write and enjoy her 
family Their time in Costa Rica will include 
exploring volcanoes and ecosystems. 

Nancy McDonald lives in Gary, NG, 
and is beginning her 4th year of teaching 
3rd grade at a year-round school. She built 
a house and enjoys the change in weather 
from the northeast. She has started playing 
golf which is the "thing" to do every free 
moment in NC. 

Lee Ann Conard is a pediatrician spe- 
cializing in teens and works at Children's 
Hospital in Pittsburgh. She wrote that 
although she didn't make it to Reunion, she 
heard it was great. She recently went to 
Greensboro, NG, for a meeting and got to 
spend time with Virginia Bennett Leeds 
and her little girl (future SBC student?!) 

Susan Detweiler is home in the 
Tetons (Jackson Hole) of WY, guiding climb- 
ers for Exum Mtn. Guides. This year has 
been a transition for her. She moved from 
her job In Antarctica, but thinks she'll in all 



54 • Fall 2008 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

likelihood return to ttie ice in a somewhat 
different capacity, more field-based. Her 
friend Larry isn't returning to McMurdo 
Station in Antartica. Given that he's no 
more willing to leave AK than Susan is the 
Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, they have 
no specific plans to be together anytime 
soon despite still being close friends and 
getting along well. She writes that it was a 
great 4 yrs. and she is at peace with it all. 
Susan and Jennifer Roach Childs keep 
in touch and plan to return to SBC-for the 
25th reunion. 

Kristen Petersen Randolph's 3 boys 
Ranny (12), Christian (8), and Peyton (5) 
keep her busy She and husband Ran have 
fun coaching them. Ran coaches lacrosse 
and she coaches basketball. (She writes: 
"I learned it all from my days playing 
basketball as an SBC vixen.") She stays 
busy as a realtor and doing some personal 
training which she hopes to do more of 
when Peyton is in school full time. She says 
if any of the SBC girls ever come through 
VA Beach, she hopes they'll look her and 
Ran up. 

Jeanne Rovics Mexic wrote from 
the beach at Duck, NO, where she was 
vacationing with son Blake (10) along with 
Kristen Randolph and her boys. Jeanne just 
got back from a trip to Puerto Rico. She 
works for Hilton, which sends her traveling 
world-wide. She, husband Scott, and family 
had an amazing safari vacation in Kenya 
and Tanzania with a post-trip to Dubai. Their 
next great adventure — Egypt. 

Nici Fraley Pechman is happily 
remarried. She and husband Scott cel- 
ebrated their 1 St anniversary a few months 
ago. She lives in Birmingham and is busy 
with her 3 kids: her son (9), stepson (9), 
and daughter (6). She loves being a stay-at- 
home mom and new wife and has had fun 
taking art and pottery classes. 

Eden Zuckerman Brown writes: "Life 
is great for me and Bill. He's now the presi- 
dent of Argosy U.A/Vashington D.C. campus. 
I'm closing my psychology practice this 
summer and will be in film school full time, 
as well as working on independent film 
projects. I'm thrilled with my new adventure. 
I have more project ideas than I'll ever have 
time to create, but that's part of the fun!" 

Suzanna Reed Neil was unable to go 
to Reunion because she was getting mar- 
ried for the 2nd time to Gary Neil. After their 
honeymoon to Mexico, they came home to 
Birmingham to their 4 children: Isabel (13), 
Andrew (11), her stepdaughter Katherine 
(10) and Sally Reed (8). She says "Life is 
busy but I'm happy! I'd love to hear from 
SBC friends." Her e-mail is crevelmg3@ 

Kelly Brown Varga and family are 
headed back to Germany for summer It 
has been a year since they moved back to 
the U.S. She, husband Geoff, and children 
Jack (1 2), Emery (1 0), Owen (4) along with 
assorted dogs and cats adjusted well to 

the much faster pace of NJ. She's work- 
ing part time teaching art to children at a 
local studio, as well as pursuing a grad. 
degree in art therapy She keeps in touch 
with Melanie Nelson Gibbons '87, and Kim 
Belcher Harvey. Melanie and husband 
Petch live in D.C. with their children Maggie 
(4) and Jack (1). Kim is in NC bringing up 
her 3 boys. They're brilliant musicians, A.J. 
on classical guitar, Killian on violin, and 
Carter on Cello. A.J. attends the NC School 
of the Performing Arts, and Killian is in the 
NC Youth Orchestra. 

Caroline Corum enjoyed Reunion. 
She traveled from San Francisco where she 
works at Silicon Valley Bank in commercial 
banking. She'd love to connect with other 
alumnae through Linked In or e-mail. She 
keeps in touch with Rapti de Silva who 
is a professor at CSU Chico where she 
teaches math. Cecilia Moore (who teaches 
religious studies at the U. of Dayton, OH) 
recently came to CA and they had a mini- 
reunion in San Francisco and Chico. They 
had a great visit and picked bushels of bing 
cherries from Rapti's cherry trees. Caroline 
is encouraging those who didn't make it to 
this Reunion to attend #25. She's planning 
an adults only road trip to explore CA with 
friends. She recently "survived" a trip to 
Disney World with family, including 2 pre- 
school nephews and thanks Beth Stookey 
Sargent for the loan of their Disney book. 
In her "spare" time, she serves as treasurer 
and webmaster of the local DAR chapter. 

It's been fun getting updates from 
everybody. My husband Jay (H-SC '87) and 
I, Maia Free Jalenak, had a terrific time 
at Reunion. We live in Baton Rouge and are 
celebrating our 19th anniversary this month. 
We're "home alone" while kids. Jack (1 5) 
and Nina (9) are away at camp. I'm working 
part time these days for a museum where 
I previously worked full time for 1 3 yrs. as 
curator I enjoy playing tennis and am excit- 
ed about a trip we're planning to watch the 
U.S. Open in NY in Aug. Thanks to everybody 
who sent me news. Take care everyone. 


Miss Emmy S. Leung 
7102 Wynnewood Court 
Richmond, VA 23235-5619 


Mrs. Jean L. Spillane Benning 
1506 N Bethlehem Pike 
Lower Gwynedd, PA 19002 

Thanks to everyone who wrote notes. I 
receive a lot of return email addresses so 
please make sure you update Sweet Briar 

with your email address so we can hear 
from more of you. We have 3 new entries in 
this time, at least while I've been doing the 
notes so thank you for writing. If you want 
to submit, please do so at jean_benning@ I'm happy to submit your email 
address to Sweet Briar if you'd like them to 
have the update. Enjoy reading! 

Charlotte Cantrell Doran writes: I live 
in Washington D.C. with husband James 
and son Alexander (2). We're expecting our 
2nd child in Jul. I teach English to foreign 
diplomats in the metropolitan area. 

LuAnn Hunt still works for the City 
of Lynchburg as the Communications & 
Marketing Coordinator. She's the proud 
grandmother of Halle (4) and Josh (2). 
Recently, LuAnn started a photography 
business, LuAnn Hunt Photography and will 
be taking wedding photos and other events 
and activities as requested. This is part 
time for now, but who knows, she may be 
discovered soon and it'll become full time. 
Search for some of her photos on this link: 
www.picasaweb. google, com. 

Mary Wiley writes: I still live in 
Northern CA. Busy with my work as a 
clinical psychologist in private practice and 
loving the San Francisco/Bay Area. Get in 

Joan Armstrong Abington still 
lives north of Chicago with Bill and 5 kids: 
Kennedy(ll), Blair(9), Sawyer(7), Beckett(5), 
& Hudson(3). 

Cheryl Bishop Gilman writes: We're 
enjoying a house full of 3 teenagers and 
2 elementary school age children. Jenna 
finished her freshman year at Broadneck 
h. s., Luke graduated 8th grade from 
Annapolis Area Christain School, he'll join 
Jenna at BHS this fall, JEB moves onto 7th 
grade, Levi will be in 3rd, and Chaela in 1st 
in fall. Between boys playing football in fall, 
basketball in winter and lacrosse in spring, 
we're busy year round! Jenna ran cross 
country and indoor track, then switched to 
gymnastics this spring. Chaela performed 
in her 1st ballet recital the end of May She 
loved "being on stage"! Perhaps summer 
will slow down a bit... To celebrate my 40th 
birthday, Scott and I flew to Boston to watch 
the women's Olympic marathon trials and 
I ran the Boston marathon the following 
day — a lot of fun as well as a tough course! 
With the kids becoming more independent 
I've been able to do more birth doula work 
over the last few years. I've now attended 
over 50 births in the MD/D.C.A/A area! It 
has been a great learning experience to 
attend successful VBACs. hospital, birth 
center births! The women that I've had the 
privilege to support during childbirth have 
been amazing! Maybe midwifery school 
is on the horizon in the next few years?! I 
keep in touch with Beth Bowen, Staige 
Grymes Chris Anne Spehar, Irfant 
Kiraiti Latimer and Cathy Goslau '91 . Now 
if I only had more time in the day to ride 
horses more often, life would be perfect! 

Amy Donnelly Tobik: Steve and I have 
lived in Winter Springs, FL, for the past 1 
yrs. My husband still wori<s for Siemens 
and plans to retire from the Navy as a com- 
mander this year. Our daughters Katie (12) 
and Emily (9) keep us busy between swim 
team, tennis, soccer, and violin lessons. I'm 
entering year 8 as Katie's Girl Scout Leader 
and number 5 for Emily, an activity that 
gives us a chance to play together. I'm the 
main feature writer for 2 local newspapers, 
which allows me to work from home. I'm 
sad to report that my mother died suddenly 
last year 

Beth Pesiri Solomita writes: baby 
#3 due 7/31 , apparently it's a giri. Grace 
(4) and Jack (2) are excited for their baby 
sister to arrive. Rudy (dog, 2) is looking 
forward to having me home for 16 wks. I'm 
still admissions manager for a preschool in 
Stamford where Grace attends. I enjoy hav- 
ing her in the same location, a nice treat. 
We still living in Stamford. CI 

Elizabeth Mason Horsley writes: 
I'm still in Richmond practicing fiduciary 
and business litigation at Williams Mullen. 
My children. Jack and Will, are both at St. 
Christopher's School, where I often run into 
several other SBC alumnae and their boys. 

Lea Harvey writes: After spend- 
ing 3 yrs. as VP for Development at 
BoardSource, I've accepted the position 
as VP for Development at Resources for 
the Future (RFF), an organization focused 
on improving environmental policymaking 
worldwide. I'll start there in late Jul. and 
am excited to return to the environmental 
community. (Prior to BoardSource, I was at 
World Wildlife Fund for 8 yrs.) My partner, 
Kiki, and I (and our 3 dogs) will be off to the 
Adirondacks for 2 wks, where we'll spend 
my 40th birthday (Yikes), and I'll hopefully 
catch my breath before starting the new 
job. We've got grand plans for hiking, fly 
fishing, and paddling. On another front, I'm 
getting frequent updates from my younger 
brother, Christopher, in Iraq. He's a lieuten- 
ant commander in the Navy and is deployed 
in Al Anbar province through 1/09. 1 saw 
Debbie Lee. She's living in Alexandria, VA, 
and is a regular visitor to our front porch for 
weekend wine tasting and grilling. 

Carol Krajewski Hajas, a new entry, 
writes: We welcomed our 4th child, 2nd girl 
on 1/15. Otherwise same old same old here 
on our beautiful farm: chores, children, and 
whatnot. As a 5-yr. Master Gardener it's 
time to add the tree care advisor certifica- 
tion, which should only take a year or so. 
The immediate plan is to be back into my 
breeches (just because they zip absolutely 
does not mean that they fit.) and on the 
mares for a least 1 show this summer MN 
isn't exactly a hotbed of dressage activity, 
but showing is such great fun. Very best 
regards to all! 

Amy Jane Kroeger submits: I've 
successfully relocated to St. Louis to start 
my residency in Emergency Medicine at 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Foil 2008 • 55 

Washington U./Barnes Jewish Hospital/ 
St. Louis Children's Hospital. Went to 
Greece for my 40th birthday; it was 
wonderful. The past year I've been doing 
research at IVIaricopa Medical Center In 
Phoenix. My worl< was accepted at our 
national conference and worl<ing there was 
quite a rewarding experience. If anyone is 
near St. Louis give me a call or send me an 
e-mail and we'll get together. amos3678@ or 7 M-372-%55. 

Julie Brooks wrote: Latest news Is 
that I've bought a house in K/liami Springs 
with a jungle in the backyard. I'll be 
spending the next several months hacl<ing 
through it, and wall<ing my new dog that 
I've adopted, a Boxer (3). 

Victoria Canter writes: Relocated to 
Hong Kong In Mar. with husband Todd and 
daughter Chloe (2) after Todd accepted the 
CEO position with his firm. Unfortunately, 
that required leaving my job as an immigra- 
tion attorney with Catholic Charities, which 
I adored and still miss. Fortunately, I was 
welcomed to HK by another SBC grad. Holly 
Aitl<en '93 who made the transition much 
easier. She is the proud mommy of Kenneth 
(2) and newborn Henry. We enjoy going to 
the beach together and tall<lng about our 
days at SBC (although we didn't know each 
other then). Would love to hear from friends 
from the classes of '90 and '92! 

Jacqueline Haltom IHanepliin writes: 
I used to go by Guppy. My name now is 
Jacqueline Hanephin. I have a girl and 3 
boys: Stacy (14), Nathan (12), and Simon 
(3), and Jack (1). We have 2 dogs — a 
Dalmatlon (Domino) and a red Doberman 
(Brandy) — a blue and gold macaw, and a 
bearded dragon. I've been a happy house 
wife for 15 yrs. Husband Sam has 2 small 
businesses and has worked for Neumayer 
Equipment Co for 23 yrs. 

Hello from Cata IVIcDonald- 
Fernandez. I live in Moscow, Russia 
with my husband and 3 small children. 
I expected my family to all be speak- 
ing Spanish at this point, but instead I'm 
answered in Russian by my daughters 
(5, 3 y2)\ Baby Miles just says "Hi" and 
"No." Summers here are great, winters are 
long and dark. I miss hearing about Lara 
Fieve, Anne IVIaitrepierre, and Kirstie 

Chris Carriere Zazulak writes: I'm 
good. The boys are keeping me busy as 
well as my new job. I'm working for a small 
law firm here in New Orleans on hurricane 
cases. I saw Squiffy and Jole In VA last year 
when we all got together in Williamsburg 
with our children. Amy Kroeger kept me 
busy when she came to visit for a weekend 
and broke her ankle. In Sept., I had a great 
time visiting with Sarah Andres at Meg 
Caulk's wedding. I had fun with Meg and 
her husband Karl when they came to visit 
New Orleans in Apr. 


Mamie Farley 
5302 Bewdley Rd 
Richmond, VA 23226 

Brice McRae Tunison still works part time 
for a plastic surgeon, loves It! She watches 
lots of surgeries. She says, "the best are 
tummy tucks! Ouch is all I have to say about 
that! If you're thinking about plastic surgery, 
come see me!" Laura (1 1) is about to head 
to m. s.! Kate is finishing up 4th grade 
and Will Is winding up his 2nd grade year. 
They're planning a driving tnp out west and 
will end up at the Grand Canyon. She's still 
riding horses. The girls play soccer on a 
travel team; Will plays baseball. Horses have 
taken a back seat somewhat until summer. 
Brice is working on her home-bred dapple 
gray (4). She's wonderful. Brice and Jim are 
playing with the idea of building a house, 
so maybe by this time next year they'll have 
broken ground on that! Jim Is working hard 
and playing hard! He went to Scotland to 
play golf this past fall and spent a week up 
at the Masters! She sends her love to all 
and can't wait to get together again! 

Signee Hoffman Swartley and Curt 
had a daughter last year. Piper Anne, born 
3/07. She keeps them busy. She's just now 
growing some hair, not red, sorry. Curt & 
Signee went to Zermatt, Switzerland for a 
ski week. The baby stayed with grandmom. 
Signee's parents are celebrating 50 yrs. this 
year, so they're all going to Barcelona and 
Italy this May to celebrate. 

Gwen Fisher Glew's boys, Finn (5) 
and Duncan (7) are thriving. Husband Rich 
has decided to take a break from work and 
stay home to care for the boys for at least 
a year, which makes life so much easier. 
As of Jul., she'll be on the faculty at the 
U.WA and Children's Hospital of Seattle 
doing academic pediatrics. They've had the 
pleasure of visiting Edie Rue Scholin '89, 
her 2 beautiful boys Forrest and Oscar, and 
her husband Chris. She's been in touch 
with Kathryn Johnson Glass by email 
and phone. 

Megan Read Lindberg, husband Eric 
and their children are settled into their new 
house, finished last year. They're in the 
process of building a barn where they can 
house their over-abundance of animals (4 
horses, 4 dogs, 2 cats). Needless to say 
they're raising animal-loving, chaos-accus- 
tomed children: Sutter (10), Tessa (9), and 
Logan (4). Sutter Is playing baseball, run- 
ning track, competing In tae-kwon-do, and 
working on piano. Tessa is involved in the 
same activities, but horseback riding takes 
the place of baseball. Her dream has come 
true: having a daughter to ride with! She 
has been trying to make Logan her little 
cowboy, decorated his room cowboy, taken 
him to cattle brandings, put him on horses, 
but it looks like he's going to be a "garbage 

collector, or a fireman"! Eric Is busy at 
work. He's in a family-run grocery business. 
Grocery Outlet. He enjoys It and Is incred- 
ibly dedicated, which means long hours! 
She thinks about her Incredible college 
experience frequently and wonders how and 
where everyone is. If anyone Is planning a 
trip out to Northern CA, she'd love to have 
you stay! She sends her best. 

Kim Hatter Ellis still resides in 
Nellysford, VA (near WIntergreen). She and 
her husband have been married 15 yrs. 
They have 1 child, Danny (13), who is in 
7th grade and plays 3 sports (baseball, 
basketball, and football). He's looking 
forward to the summer and no homework. 
Kim feels like she's back in school helping 
with homework, papers, and projects. He 
keeps them busy with sports and having 
his friends over about every weekend. 
They have 2 Jack Russell terriers, Sadie 
and Scooter. Kim Is active In the PTA and 
volunteer work. They entertain all summer 
at home and would love to have classmates 
stop by. 

Nandini "Sett" Ghosh Dastidar went 
for a wonderful holiday with her mother to 
Bangkok and Phuket In Thailand. She says 
that the world has lost a lot of the corals 
due to the tsunami. Before the tsunami the 
same place was breath-taking and unfor- 
gettable. She had gone to Andaman Islands 
(parf of India and same latitude as Phuket 
located on the Indian Ocean). 

Dawn Monahan Nelson enjoyed 
celebrating her godson Miller Fariey's first 
communion this spring. She looks forward 
to summer, no homework (!) and lots of fun 
outings to Martha's Vineyard and Pawley's 
Island. LIbby and Scotch have camps to 
look forward to as well. 

Anna Mangus says that after having 
left SBC (a place where she made great 
friends and memories) she ventured out 
into the world for a semester abroad on the 
"semester at sea" program. Upon returning, 
she continued her undergrad at U. of Puget 
Sound in Tacoma, WA, where she met 
husband Britt. They moved up to Seattle 
after graduating and have been there ever 
since. Britt is the athletic director at a small 
private m./h. s. and she stays home with 
kiddos Corbln(8) and Millle(4). She still gets 
the SBC magazine and has a lot of fun 
catching up on the info she reads on all 
those she remembers. 

Suzanne Petrie Liscouski and Bob 
had their first baby 6/1 1/08, a boy named 
Robert Judson! "Despite the sleepless 
nights, I'm thrilled to be a mom. I now 
work part time as Director for International 
Counternarcotics Strategy for Northrop 
Grumman Intelligence Group and run our 
35 acre horse farm. I can't wait to get our 
little buckaroo up on a horse! Carey Bates 
and Kimberley McGraw Euston '92 attended 
my baby shower. I also had a great surprise 
high tea at the Four Seasons to celebrate 
the baby with Kathryn Hagist Yunk and 

Katherine Cooper Hoffman. It's been a 
great time to catch up with SBC grads!" 

Cathi Goslau, who now goes by 
Tavi Rainold, is doing great! Son AJ 
Is 6 mo. old now. She and her husband 
still live in Silverthorne, CO. She talks 
to Brice McRae, Michelle Kolaska, 
Cheryl Bishop. Jill Randies. Elizabeth 
Conyers, Wendy Stevenson, Holly 
Duello, and Amy Bingaman. Please 
note her email: Tavi@coloradokiteforce. 
com. She is a stay-at-home mom running 
her own property management company 
while also selling VEMMA. She started rid- 
ing horses again and will hopefully show 
jumpers this summer. She's also adopting 
a horse from a rescue. Her family will travel 
to HI this fall for a vacation. She'd love to 
hear from Tammy Fein, Coleen Kelly, 
Lisa Rabasca, Kerstin Chrisman, Nikki 
Collelo. Stephanie Berger, Lorrain Haire, 
and Theresa Jones. Hope everyone is well! 

Margo Ten Broeck Calkin Is still 
patiently waiting to adopt her 2nd baby. 
There are a lot of politics In China causing 
the wait to be painfully long. She enjoys 
staying home with son Lian (3), but realizes 
going back to work is in the near future. 
Starting a new career in health promotion 
management will be a challenge, especially 
at 40. 

Carey Bates started a new position as 
a writer with Muehlsteln/Ravago In Nonwalk, 
CT She Is currently looking for a house 
in the area, so if anyone has a real estate 
deal, please contact her. She's planning on 
rejoining the Troupers Light Opera again 
in fall and is playing in a golf league. Total 
weight loss for Carey is over 50 lbs, aiming 
for 25 more. Carey saw Amber in Richmond 
in Jan., and more recently, Suzanne 
Petrie Liscouski who is expecting her 
1 st child this summer Carey spent time 
with Suzanne and KImberiy McGraw '92 
at Suzanne's shower In Connecticut In 4/08. 

Joan Dabney Clickner and family 
decided to stay in Chariottesville after con- 
templating a move to nearby Staunton, but 
have been doing some medium-sized reno- 
vations and rearrangements to make the 
house more comfortable. The little house 
keeps accommodating their growing num- 
bers, as Ian (6) puts it, "There are 7 mam- 
mals living in our house now!" They added a 
boxer puppy to the mix, who's super bouncy 
and fun. Tiling a kitchen with a baby (1) and 
puppy is maybe not something Joan would 
recommend. Joan sees her parents (don't 
forget Professor Ross Dabney!) regularly on 
the Eastern Shore of MD, who keep busy 
with yard work, fixing things around the _, 
farm, church stuff, various getaways, and ■ 
plenty of visitors. They're still immersed in 
Labradors too. lan's finished 1st grade with 
all sorts of awards, and Georgia Is celebrat- M 
ing her 1 st tooth and 1 st steps at nearly fl 
1 5 mo. Joan spends more time working for 
her husband these days (he has his own 
business, acupuncture practice) doing the 

56 • Fall 2008 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

books — nof poking people with needles! 
She keeps in touch with Erin Katz, who's 
now a partner in a busy urology practice in 
Clearwater, FL. 

Lorraine Haire Greer and Tom moved 
back to the river house and are working 
to restore the 1 700s colonial home. It's 
fun, but slow work and expensive. They're 
planning a beach trip with Jen Kemper 
Wallis, Stephanie Berger, and Chris 
Coleman (HSC 91) the 1st week in Jun. 
They're thrilled that they're doing this yearly 
tradition of vacationing together Lorraine 
is taking some time off from work to be a 
stay-at-home mom. She loves it, and Alex 
is growing by leaps and bounds. Each day 
brings a new adventure. She's hoping to 
return to teaching or administration in fall. 

Karen Hott has had a tumultuous, 
busy, and professionally amazing year Her 
4-legged babies have been patient to say 
the least. Marcel is 13, Audrey is 4, and 
Chariotte the Pug is 3. Her design work 
has been wonderful and she has had the 
opportunity to work with great clients. Her 
work has been published numerous times 
including a feature in Atlanta Magazine's 
Home and one in Better Homes & Gardens 
Remodel. She was honored with a Georgia 
Chapter ASID Award for her work on a home 
in the Virginia-Highland neighborhood in 
Atlanta. She also keeps up with many SBC 
Alumnae, our classmates Stephanie Frost- 
Rocha and Ann Keating Ashley, and Lisa 
LaLonde Hamaker '93 and Julie Brooks 
'90. In Atlanta, she sees Kelly Meredith 
lacobelli '88, Caroline Newton Smith '92, 
Keeley Sullivan Jurgoven '92, Norah Wagner 
Smith '93, Caitlin Sunby Russell '93, and 
Lucia Marks Kern '93. They try to get 
together often and always have fun. For 
the past 2 yrs, she's been involved with 
the Decorators' Showhouse to benefit the 
Atlanta Symphony via Camille Williams Yow 
'55. Camille is wonderful and this year was 
the Honorary Chair of the Showhouse. Karen 
feels fortunate to have such a great network 
in Atlantal Please note her new email: 
karen@l<arenhottinteriors. com. 

Nicole Gautier was in France for 
several weeks. The 1 st week was for work 
(she does part-time consulting) and the 2nd 
week, husband Randy and daughter Chloe 
(3) came for a pleasure trip, They stayed in 
Paris for several days and then went to the 
Alps to visit family They have a busy sum- 
mer with a trip to Tahiti for her 40th (yikesl), 
a trip to the lake in Tulsa with her sister in 
law and family and then they're spending 
the month of Aug. in Provence, France. 
Since Chloe's 1st language is French, it's 
great for her language skills, and Nicole 
loves exposing her to the culture. Also, 
Claire Batson (Stapleton) and her hus- 
band are planning a long weekend in San 
Francisco during the month of Jul. If anyone 
is in the Bay Area, Nicole would love to visit. 

Kristin Walberg Urbach served 
as President of the Junior League of 

Washington (JLW) for the 07/08 year 
During her temi, the JLW provided 2,000 
new books, 8 computers, and 1 printer 
including a library refurbishment for the 
largest m. s. in Southeast D.C.; partnered 
with the Library of Congress by staffing and 
managing the National Book Festival for 
120,000 participants; and partnered with 
GWU Hospital to increase the scope and 
size of their Kids in the Kitchen initiative to 
increase awareness of childhood obesity 
and provide an interactive health fair style 
event. She appeared on 5 TV shows and 2 
radio shows including WASHFM's, "Women 
of Vision." She has truly enjoyed working 
with a wonderful, talented and dynamic 
group of women and stated 2 former JLW 
Presidents are also SBC alumnae! She 
enjoys spending time with her girls, Kelsey 
(7) and Kallie (6) and looks fonAiard to 
cheering her husband on at some of his 
upcoming triathalons. 

Allene "Allie" Doucette's big news is 
the homecoming of her husband Billy after 
7 mo. of deployment on 6/2/08. She was 
excited and looking fonA/ard to his arrival. 
They're going to try and travel back east 
this summer Alastair (2) is growing up 
too fast. They're still in San Diego and will 
remain there for at least another year She 
misses the winter, but you can't beat the 
sunny weather in CA, 

Kathryn Hagist Yunk feels like 08 
has been the year of SBC mini-reunions. In 
Feb., Stephanie Pratt McKinney braved 
the weather and visited in Milwaukee. In 
May, she traveled to San Francisco on 
business and had dinner with Charlotte 
Sanders who's pregnant with baby number 
1 and due in Jun. Over Memorial Day week- 
end, she visited Suzanne Petrie Liscouski 
at her farm in Leesburg, VA (so beautiful!) 
and met Katherine Cooper Hoffman at 
the Four Seasons for high tea, Kathryn has 
started a new physical routine and hopes to 
be in prime shape before turning 40! 

Susan Sickels Dyer sends greetings 
from the Pacific Northwest. All is well with 
her family. Kenny is finishing 5th grade, and 
Teddy is finishing 4th, Both are competi- 
tive ice hockey players with weekly games 
across the Canadian border She leads a 
Moms-in-Touch prayer group at the boys' 
school, spends time in the garden, and is 
expanding a small vineyard. Her health is 
improved, and she remains happily married 
to Ken for 1 7 yrs, 

Vickie Campo Byrd and family, still in 
Fort Lauderdale, hope for a quiet hurricane 
season! They'll travel to AL for 3 weeks 
this summer to visit Vickie's parents and 
then spend a week in the NC Mountains 
with her husband's parents. Garnett (7) is 
learning how to sail this summer, and Ellie 
(5) is playing tennis, Caroline (3) is learning 
how to swim and trying to keep up with her 
older brother and sister If anyone is ever in 
the South FL area, please let them know. 
Hope everyone is well! 

Penny Tadler has been busy teaching 
in NYC. She has struggled with her health 
this year and looks forward to some well- 
deserved time off. She has traveled some 
this year, spending time in Puerto Rico and 
a week in Naples, FL. She'll spend the sum- 
mer in the mountains of NY with a week 
in TX and a week in San Francisco. Penny 
keeps in touch with Carey Bates and Kate 
Haw '92. She's looking for Kimberly Clifford 
Huneycutt '92 and is hoping she'll see these 
notes and email her at 

Sonia Haddad Salfity will be spend- 
ing the entire summer with family in 
Amman, Jordan. Daughter Shereen (14) 
is especially excited because she's going 
to earn her volunteer service hours during 
the summer teaching English as a 2nd 
language to Jordanian and Iraqi children. 
She starts h. s. in the fall. Shareef (1 2) will 
be in junior high and Matthew (5) starts 
Kindergarten. She and her husband can't 
believe how fast their kids are growing! 
Other than playing tennis, she keeps her 
sanity being a full-time mother and vol- 
unteers at their schools. She has learned 
how to knit so that's her latest new hobby 
She's starting a baby blanket for her sister's 
1st baby (1 mo.) on the 12-hr plane ride 
to Jordan! If anyone finds themselves in 
Omaha, NE, look her up! 

Elliott Pitts wrote, "Life is grand in 
Portland, ME! I'm expecting 23 house 
guests in Jul. If you didn't visit, appar- 
ently you were the only one!" Elliott is the 
Children's Miracle Network Director at The 
Barbara Bush Children's Hospital at Maine 
Medical Center She completed the project 
management program at U. of Southern 
ME and is studying for her PMP Meanwhile 
she's still in grad. school (now called "grad- 
ual school" by friends and family) working 
on a M.A. in Organizational Development, 
She has begun to plan and facilitate Clergy 
Wellness conferences for The Episcopal 
Church. She volunteers with the Junior 
League of Portland and in her spare time... 
err., never mind. In Mar, she spent a long, 
tiilarious weekend with Beth Robinson 
Dean, Beth's husband Todd, and their 3 
kids on Anna Marie Island, FL. 

Shelby Staples, former Turning Point 
student, celebrated her 50th wedding 
anniversary on 6/20 to a good man. She's 
currently researching and writing the life of 
Kauai King, 1966 winner of the Kentucky 
Derby and Preakness. 

Stephanie Berger just returned from 
her annual trip to Nags Head, NC, with 
Jen Kemper Wallis, Lorraine Haire 
Greer, and Chris Coleman (H-SC). Ttiey 
had so much fun relaxing in the sun. Jen 
was with her 2 children, Tatum and Ouinn 
and Quiche brought son Alex. She feels so 
grateful for the friends she made at SBC. 
She is looking fonn/ard to a busy election 
cycle this year 

Christine Flint Canterbury, husband 
Joe and children Joseph, Emma Clarie, and 

Chariotte moved to /\msterdam last year. 
Joe is still with Starbucks. They're having a 
blast traveling, would love visitors. 

Thanks to you all for the news! I, 
Mamie Farmer Farley, hope Vickie and I 
don't drive you crazy asking for your emails. 
It's so much fun to hear what everyone 
is doing! My family's summer is flying by. 
My husband Matthew and I took a much 
needed trip with friends (all adults, no chil- 
dren!) to ME and have been to the beach 
at Tybee Island, GA witti our children for 
a week. After swim team and camp, we 
head to Fripp Island, SO, to the beach with 
Matthew's whole family We're excited to 
go to Newnan, GA, for my sister Katharine's 
engagement party in Aug.; she's marrying a 
great guy from Houma, LA. And before you 
know it, school will start again! 

I hope everyone has a lenific sum- 
mer — take care and stay in touch!! 


Ms. Tricia Pheil Johnson 
10359 Church Hill Rd 
Myersvllle,MD 21773-9027 


Stacey McClain 
2219 Belote Place 
Jacksonville, FL 32207 

The Class of '93 is full of exciting news after 
a wonderful 15-yr reunion this summer 
Ellen Ober Pitera was reelected Class 
President at Reunion. Thanks to Ellen for all 
you do for our class and SBC. Ellen sends 
word that she and Rob will travel to Korea 
in Aug. to pick up Chariie Joonhee Pitera! 
While they wait for this exciting event, 
they're enjoying farm life and teaching. 

Lisa La Londe Hamaker and Will 
welcomed baby boy Lane on 3/5/08. Lane 
joins brothers Powell (4) and Reese (2). 
Lisa and family live in Mandeville, LA, and 
stay busy She keeps in touch with fellow 
alumnae Ellen Ober Pitera KG Chandor 
DelPlato Kerry O'Donnell Patti Doran 
Walczak Danielle Tedesco, Marlssa 
Ashe Cole lo name a few, 

Marissa Ashe Cole is taking a break 
after 13 yrs, in public accounting. This 
summer, Marissa is at home with daugh- 
ters Audrey (7.5) and Sydney (4), who are 
active in gymnastics and in fall, football 

Debra Elkins took her 4th actuary 
exam and is fulfilling her h, s. career profile 
to be either an actuary or mortician! She's 
wori<ing for Allstate Insurance in Chicago. 
IL, in Quantitative Research & Analytics. She 
invites anyone who is in town to contact her 
to play tourist downtown. Debra also writes 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Foil 2008 • 57 

that she has 2 nieces, one of whom already 
loves pink and hair bows — more Elkins for 
Class of '22 and '24! 

After being a stay-at-home mom for 8 
yrs. Laurie Baker Knights was hired by 
Kia in Fredericksburg, VA, for a sales and 
marketing position. Going back to work full 
time has been an adjustment, but she's 
excited about this new venture. 

Tracy Carol Parker lives in Lynchburg, 
VA, and works for Central VA Community 
Services. She's been there for 7.5 yrs. and 
is considering relocating it she can find the 
right position. Tracy is working on her M.A. 
to return to teaching. Son Timmy (12) is still 
the biggest love of her life. 

Amy Larsen West sends exciting 
news: she got a couple of M.A.s, worked at 
Kent Gardens in McLean, married Kevin R. 
V\/est on 7/16/06, and resides in the lively 
U St. corridor in NW Washington, D.C. She 
is expecting their 1st child in 8/08. Amy 
founded an artists' cooperative in '07 and 
organizes exhibits and raises funds for 
charitable organizations in the area. 

Courtenay Cranford lives in 
Richmond, VA, works in marketing for 
Willow Oaks Country Club, enjoys her house 
and life with her 2 canine children, Fred 
and Emma. She recently visited Thomasin 
Foshay, who passed through town. 
Courtenay and Thomasin were looking 
forward to catching up with Amy Larson 
West and IVIaura Hutcliens IVIcCartliy at 
Amy's baby shower in D.C. in 7/08, 

All is well in Manhattan for Amy Ed- 
wards. She and husband Brian Wieser 
celebrated the birth of daughter Brooke on 
10/21/07 and their 6th wedding anniversary 
in 5/08. Amy works for the German bank 
Landesbank Baden-WiJrttemberg as a real 
estate banker, providing financing for com- 
mercial real estate transactions in major 
U.S. cities. 

Also in NYC, Tori Milner is working full 
time as an Iyengar Yoga instructor, teaching 
at the Iyengar Yoga Institute of NY, Columbia 
U., and privately around the city. She is 
preparing for her 3rd trip to Pune, India this 
fall to study yoga with the Iyengar family as 
well as travel for a month. Tori is in touch 
with Carey Bates '91 and ran into Diana 
Bradford '92 on the street. 

Laura Goebel Hammer is finishing an 
ultrasound technologist program and plans 
to take a part-time position at a hospital. 
She says life is crazy, but good, still married 
to Keith, mom to 3 boys (8, 10, 12), and liv- 
ing in Zeeland, Ml. The boys are in soccer, 
baseball, competitive swimming, and piano. 
Her husband works out of a home office or 
is traveling, so Laura looks fonfl/ard to being 
done with the program and life returning 
to "normal." She keeps up with Gretchen 
Smith Finley and Tracy IVIeier Mason 
Beth Gilkeson King went to BWI to greet 
K.L. Polevitzky when she arrived home 
after a year in Baghdad where she was 
fulfilling her duties as a Major in the United 

States Marine Corps. Thank you so much, 
K.L.! She also keeps in touch with Tracy 
Camden Wilbum. but doesn't see either of 
them as often as she'd like. 

Norah Wagner Smith still works for 
Whole Foods in real estate and develop- 
ment deals all over the country. She and 
her husband have been renovating a 
home in Atlanta for the last 2 yrs. and 
are about to move in! Norah just returned 
from FL where she attended the wedding 
of Alexandra Knight '96. Renee Rose 
Flowers is living in Kansas City. MO, and is 
Administrative Director of Higher M-Pact, a 
nonprofit she and husband Tyrone founded 
in '03 to mentor high-risk urban youth. 
Melissa Cranmer McManus and husband 
John (W&L '92) are coming up on their 
1 3th wedding anniversary! Melissa has 3 
children: Jack (7), Olivia (4) and Finnegan 
(1). Their godmother is Patricia Friend 
Douglass. Melissa is having a blast being 
a stay-at-home mom and living in McLean, 

Daniella Ceccarelli Toomey, husband 
Chris, their 3 boys, and 3 dogs moved 
to Lutherville, MD last year. Daniella has 
stopped OB nursing to raise the boys and 
handle marketing & design for Chris's 
dental office in MD. Daniella keeps up with 
Corinne Judeikis Hodges and Eleanor 
Guild often, meeting up at the beach for 
the last 2 summers for a few days of relax- 
ing and fun! The husbands get along, the 
kids play, and they catch up like it was 
yesterday Daniella sends news that Eleanor 
started a new position and will be train- 
ing in Boston over the summer Corinne 
Judeikis Hodges was sorry to miss 
Reunion, but was very pregnant and unable 
to travel! She's living in Marietta, GA, with 
husband Edward and daughters Madeleine 
(4) and Carter (7 wks). Corinne keeps up 
with Daniella Ceccarelli Toomey. Amy 
Waite Riley Tracy Imse Thomson and 
Eleanor Guild 

Sarah "Alex" Alexander sends word 
that the best thing to happen to her was 
having daughter Lilly (1) on 8/8/07! She's 
now single and has reclaimed her name, 
Alex Alexander She's still with Lockheed 
Martin and living in northern VA. She had a 
visit from Harpreet "Preet" Bedi in Nov 
when Preet was awaiting the arrival of her 
twins. Alex and Harpreet had dinner with 
Cathy Viette. Harpreet Bedi and Satinder, 
who she dated while at SBC, have 3 kids: 
Zara (6) and twins: girl, Natasha and boy, 
Satnam (7 mo.), and have been living in 
Singapore since leaving the USA in '01 . She 
works for Cisco as in-house counsel for 
the Asia-Pacific region and had a rocking 
boutique called Chokri for 2 yrs. in the 
middle. Harpreet is still avidly playing polo 
to accompany Satinder's obsession with 
the game. 

Patty Sagasti Suppes spent a crazy 
year going on job interviews across the 
country and accepted a position as Assist. 

Prof, of Spanish and French at FL Southem 
Coll. As a result, she and her family will sell 
their NC home and buy one in Lakeland, 
FL. Patty has kept busy coaching both 
kids' soccer and swim teams. After the 
move, husband Jeff will work from home, 
Sebastian will start 3rd grade, and Adrian 
will start kindergarten. She saw Jennifer 
Jarvis Ballard and her beautiful family 
who stayed at their NC house on their way 
to the beach. 

Sally Estes Vigezzi is a busy stay-at- 
home mom with 2 boys and 2 girls, ages 9, 
6, 4, and 2! She has a part-time job which 
allows her to get out and talk to adults 
once in a while. Sally lives in her hometown 
of Macomb, IL. and keeps in touch with 
Julie Skilinski Brooks Colleen Losey 
Daughtry Laurie Palmer, and through 
Facebook. she's back in touch with Kathy 
Ganahl Tilman. Patti Sagasti Suppes. 
and Nalini Mani 

Kim Cutting Winter reports that twins 
Evy and Lolly (3) and Hayden (6) are doing 
great. She and hubby Matt just traveled to 
Turks and Caicos for their first trip without 
the kids! They relaxed and played golf. Kim 
is a stay-at-home mom involved in a lot 
of charity work. She chaired the Chester 
County Hospital's Polo Cup in Jun. Susan 
Messikomer Horenkamp is on the same 
auxiliary. Kim designed and organized a 
mini-home extreme makeover at a local 
homeless facility. An incredibly moving and 
rewarding project, Kim will "never forget 
the looks on the women's faces when they 
arrived back at the shelter. It's a feeling that 
will stay with me for a long time." 

Lauri Dabbieri says life is wonderful 
in Italy. She retired from teaching and spent 
the past 2 yrs. in the Tuscan countryside, 
attending class at the Universita per Stran- 
ieri di Siena where she is working toward a 
Laurea (degree) in literature and history for 
teaching in Italian schools. In her free time, 
Lauri translates and records audio guide 
tours for the contemporary art museum in 

Sabryna McClung Roberson and 
Greg had a fabulous time at Reunion and 
got to see Ginger Amon White '94 and 
family, as well as Dr Kelly "Pepper' Cogshall 
'95 and hubby Jim Anderson on their trip. 
Sabryna enjoys living in Northern CA and 
traveling! Busy as ever, Sabryna writes that 
she and Greg are starting the adoption pro- 
cess locally Greg has started a new position 
with ORACLE, and she is ever searching for 
her next job/adventure. Sabryna invites any- 
one headed to Sacramento, Napa, Sonoma, 
Tahoe or San Francisco, to contact her for a 

Susan Rapello Santos, husband 
David, and daughter Victoria welcomed new 
addition Christopher Thomas on 4/25/08: 
5 wks eariy! Susan reports that everyone is 
doing well in Amsterdam. NY 

Norma Bulls Valentine owns a real 
estate company in Wellington, FL, special- 

izing in horse farms around the WEF show 
grounds. Her sister, Nancy Crenshaw 
Bulls, works with her at the company Nor- 
ma practices real estate in SC with a fann 
and new house in Aiken, SC. Norm still loves 
horses. She has 2 show horses in SC and 
shares 9 polo ponies with her fiance at her 
farm. Norma's Corgi Pelham has deemed 
herself farm manager. 

Tracie Allen Webber is part owner 
of an import trading company with offices 
located in Memphis, China, and Hong 
Kong which sells to chain stores such as 
Kirkland's, Garden Ridge, Michael's, and 
Hobby Lobby Husband Lee is still practic- 
ing law and Trade's kids are George (9), 
Porter (5). and Anna-Margaret (4). Tracie 
writes that while their lives are hectic vflth 
activities for the kids and her wori< travel, 
being self-employed has at least one 
benefit, flexibility. They had a great time 
at Reunion, and /\nna-Margaret found 2 
new best friends. Ever McClain-Folwell and 
Jenny Doss (daughters of Stacey McClain 
and Dianne Hayes Doss). Look out class of 

Dianne Hayes Doss continues to 
live in Alpharetta, GA, wort<ing for Cox 
Communications in software development 
with plans to move into management. She 
and husband Bill often commute to work 
via bike now that Bill wori<s for HP Dianne 
reports that son Dan, 3rd grade, is smart 
as a whip, but only when it interests him: 
video games, the outdoors, learning new 
things, and animals. Daughter Jenny pre-K, 
is also smart'as a whip, but uses her intel- 
ligence to social ends, interested in clothes, 
shoes, dance, and is notorious for being the 
ring-leader of any child-led coup. Dianne 
& family thoroughly enjoy getting together 
with Sabryna McClung Roberson and 
husband Greg. Tracie Allen Webber and 
her clan, and Stacey McClain and her 

As for me. Stacey McClain. all goes 
well here in Jacksonville, FL. It was great 
to get back to SBC for Reunion, especially 
useful as I indoctrinate my daughter. Ever 
(4), eariy: "Yes, Ever, you can ride horses 
at SBC." My husband Bob Folwell enjoys 
wori< as a systems analyst for Interiine 
Brands. I stay busy as a stay-at-home mom 
and am involved with volunteer work at 
Ever's school, Gan Yeladim Kindergarten 
and Preschool, as well as with Obama for 
/America. Last Christmas. Laura Warren 
Underwood, husband George, and daugh- 
ters Christine, Katherine and new baby 
Chariotte stopped in on the way to Disney 
Worid. It was great seeing them and meet- 
ing the new baby We have plans to meet ■ 
up with Dianne Hayes Doss and her clan " 
in St. Mary's, GA, in Jul. It's hard to believe 
we've already had our 1 5th Reunion, time 
to start planning for our 20th in 201 3! Let's 
plan to celebrate this milestone on campus 
with friends and family! I look forward to 
hearing from everyone. 

58 • Fall 2008 

Sweet Briar College Alumnoe Magozine • 


vxe^^'u^-t^ . 

Molly Morris 
6452 Cranston Way 
Dublin, OH 43017 

This special note came from Tysha 
Calhoun: Listen to your body! I had a 
pain in my side for montfis, and when my 
doctor couldn't figure out the cause of 
the pain, she ordered a CT for me. Tills 
revealed a cancerous mass In my left 
kidney. I'm Incredibly fortunate, as it was 
safely removed, and I won't have to have 
any treatment such as chemo or radia- 
tion, though I'll be scanned for the rest of 
my life to insure that It doesn't return. It's 
now become a personal mission of mine, 
to encourage women in particular to take 
time for themselves — too often other priori- 
ties top a simple physical exam. We love 
our families, our careers, our hobbies, but 
most importantly, we should love ourselves, 
and pay attention when things aren't right. 
I encourage each of you to get a curent 
physical exam. Prevention is the best cure, 
but outside of that, early detection is key. If 
we hadn't found this when we did, the out- 
come would've been far more grave. 


Ms. Holly Miller Mallos 
14 Barrow Ct 
Towson,MD 21204 


Mrs. Amy Daugherty Michel 
8185 E. Smooth Sumac Lane 
Tucson, AZ 85710 

Hey, ladies! Time has flown since the last 
edition and our families have grown. Read on 
to learn about all the new babies born to our 
classmates, and the rest of our fun news! 

Sue Whitehead-Froelich celebrated 
son Caden's 1st birthday. They had a big 
bash at their brand new home, with an 
Old MacDonald theme party — lots of fun! 
Sue went to a Lynchburg Chamber event 
where she met 2 dancers from "Dancing 
with the Stars," Tony and Elena, also fun. 
She's still Marketing Director at River Ridge 
Mall, and the latest excitement (for current 
SBC gals as well) is that they're getting a 
state-of-the-art, 14-screen theater summer 
2009 — great news! 

Abigail Phillips Hinga and Sean are 
still enjoying Denver and seeing Janeen 
Sharma and Laura Powell. Sean had 
been gone on the presidential campaign 
trail since 1 0/07, so Abby joined him for the 

last 2 mo. In PA, IN and, finally, PR. She's 
starting a new position as the Outreach 
Director for The Bell Policy Center, which 
should be interesting! 

Wynn Cole Burr still sees Lee Dolan, 
Katie Campbell Brumley, Buff Barkley 
Ramsey, and Courtney Harper '97 a good 
bit. She's going to see Elizabeth Hunter 
Ferguson '97 in NY at the end of Jun. and 
can't wait to meet her twins. 

Imogen Slade Rex and Chip wel- 
comed daughter Isabelle Mary Rex, 
5/1 5/08. She's a beautiful girl with an 
adoring Mama and Daddy. Congratulations 
Imo and Chip! 

Melissa Snyder Giggenbach writes 
that she, Bader, and the boys are well, living 
in Morgantown, WV. They're still working 
on projects for their new home and are 
busy trying to get the yard back Into shape. 
Heavy equipment might fascinate the boys, 
but is hard on the grass! They're look- 
ing forward to a relaxing summer before 
Nikolaus (6) starts 1st grade, and Thomas 
(3) begins preschool. She says a summer 
free of schedules seems heavenly, and 
hopes all is well with everyone. 

Rachel Briers Bell has wonderful 
news about son Jack (2)! They've just come 
back from Cincinnati, where Jack had to 
have a liver transplant to remove his liver 
tumor. He's doing well right now and has 
more energy than ever Rachel says you 
would never know by looking at him what 
he's been through (except for the baldness 
thing). Chariie (5) and Sam (4 mo.) are also 
well and enjoying the summer. 

Jesse Durham Strauss, Oron, and 
Anna (1 7 mo.) welcomed Audrey Claire, 
6/6/08 at 1 :06 p.m. She was 7 lbs., 9 oz., 
and 20 in. Audrey is a wonderful baby, and 
Anna is crazy about her! Jesse will get to 
stay home with her 2 beautiful daughters 
until after Labor Day. Congratulations to the 
Strauss family! 

April Collins Potterfield, Russell, 
and Benjamin (4) welcomed twin boys 
Nathaniel Orlen Collins Potterfield and Oliver 
Lawrence Collins Potterfield, 6/11/08. 
Nathaniel was 7 lbs., 10 oz. and Oliver was 
6 lbs., 6 oz. Big healthy babies for twins! 
Congratulations to the Potterfields! 

Jen Beck Locke, Hunter, Marte (4 ''A), 
and Thomas (2) welcomed Trae Alexander, 
5/14/08. He was 7 lbs., 12 oz., and 20 in. 
Jen says Trae Is great; he eats all the time 
and is already 1 1 lbs. Marte and Thomas 
adore him and can't keep their paws off 
of him. Business has picked up also. Jen 
asked for prayers as she prepared to take 
all 3 kids to the beach and Cumberland 
Island for a week without Hunter to meet 
friends. She was looking fonward to it, 
though. Marte starts Kindergarten in Aug., 
hard to believe. She's going to be one of the 
youngest In her class, but Jen and Hunter 
think she's ready. Congratulations Lockes! 

Lee Foley Dolan and Duke welcomed 
their 3rd child, Frederick Hall, 5/22/08. 

Big brother Henry (6) and big sister Mattie 
(3 Vz) love their little brother and are big 
helpers around the house! Back In Apr., 
Lee had lunch in Richmond with Laura 
Lechler, Katie Campbell Baimley, Jesse 
Durham Strauss. Rachel Baltus and 
Hilary Carlson Katerberg. It was great 
to catch up with each other and the kids! 
Another SBC gathering is planned for 7/26 
at Jesse's parents' house in Northern 
VA. Hopefully Lee and the 3 children will 
make the drive up for the big pool party. 
Congratulations Dolans! 

Paige Vaught Campion writes, "Hello 
to all my classmates! '07 and '08 have 
been unbelievable years for our class and 
babies. My daughter Olivia will be 1 on 
8/4, and my older daughter Ellie Grace is 
4 going on 15, ha! We're doing great. I've 
not seen anyone from our class in a long 
time, although I'm trying to get together 
with Imogen Rex and Lee Dolan in Jul. in 
Richmond, so we can meet each other's 
new additions. I hope it works out. I'm 
enjoying being home most every day now 
with my girls, and working from home with 
the help of my Mom and a college student 
nearby. I did go to graduation this year to 
see a family friend graduate. Sweet Briar 
looked amazing as usual. I feel at home 
there every time I go back. Keep sending in 
notes to Amy so we can keep up on each 
other's lives. Congrats to all new mommies 
out there. . .future Sweet Briar gals. .." 

Sarah Chaffee Paris and Jonathan 
took Bella (5) and Stevie (1) on their 1st 
international trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 
in Jun., for Sarah's brother's wedding — a 
great adventure! 

As for me. Amy Daugherty Michel, 
we're great. Sam and I are enjoying his 
summer break, relaxing, and spending time 
with Xander (1 5 mo.) We had our backyard 
landscaped in the spring, and enjoyed It 
daily until the heat set in (my hottest sum- 
mer yet in Tucson!). In Jun., we traveled 
to MA to spend a week with friends and 
touring around the state. In late Jul., we'll 
spend a week in CA with all of my siblings 
and their families. I keep in touch regularly 
with Paige Campion, Imo Rex, and Mary 
Copeland Dellinger. As always, thank you 
for sharing news of your lives and families! 



Mrs. Kerri R. Burtner 
601 N Rosina Ave 
Somerset, PA 15501-1327 

Cynthia Bumgardner Puckett 
7123 High Street 
Floyds Knobs, IN 47119 

Chantel Bartlett 
7775 Tiverton Drive 
Springfield, VA 221 52 

Happy fall 2008! It's amazing that this year 
is almost over. It was just Reunion a few 
months ago. What a joy to catch up, remi- 
nisce, and make new memories. Please be 
sure to keep in touch so that we can beat 
our 10-yr. goals in '13! 

Dana Woodbury Purcell wrote that 
"Lem (HSC '97) and I welcomed a baby giri, 
Catherine Kimball, 1 1/27/07. She was bom 
at 7:50 p.m., weighed 6lbs, 21 " long, and 
had a full head of red hair!" Dana and Lem 
reside in Gainesville, FL. Tonya Grudier 
Montgomery and Tom decided to leave 
the world of boarding school and purchased 
their 1 St home in spring '08. As of this 
fall, Tonya is the new director of student 
activities at Indian Creek School, a co-ed 
day school. She welcomes the opportunity 
to go home and leave wori< behind at the 
end of each day! Nichi Benson Knox 
continues teaching English at McGavock 
h. s., located In Nashville, TN. Nichi and 
Forrest celebrated the 2nd birthday of son 
Robert David in Jun. Robert David's sister 
Portia fumed 18 in Feb., graduated from h. 
s. in Franklin, TN, and will attend Belmont 
U. in Nashville. Nichi and her husband 
are expecting their 2nd child this Dec. 
Nichi said that the Knox family is blessed! 
Anne-Claire Wackenhut continues her 
career as a teacher. She started a full-time 
position as a 4-yr-old teacher at Friends 
School of Atlanta this fall. 5/08 brought 
about many trips to SBC, once to celebrate 
youngest sister Celeste's graduation and 
then Reunion. She returned to Washington, 
D.C., over the summer to teach at a camp. 
She enjoyed catching up with old friends. 
Anne-Claire is looking fonward to purchas- 
ing a home of her own in the Atlanta area, 
buyer's market! 

Stephanie Belk Loter and Tom enjoy 
watching daughter Abilene Elise (DOB 
1 1 /29/07) grow as she approaches her 1 st 
birthday. Stephanie is working with Novartis 
Animal Health. The Loter family spent 
much of the summer visiting with family 
and attending "mom and baby exercise 
classes." Cynthia Bumgardner Puckett 
and family spent the summer traveling to 
visit their families throughout TN. Cynthia 
organized playgroups and taught 3-yr-old 
Bible class. Damn went on a missionary 
trip to Ukraine. Abram started walking at 10 
mo. and his big sister. Virginia (3) will attend 
Montessori preschool in fall. 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae AAogazine • 

Fall 2008 • 59 

Anna Meres Wade and her husband 
have returned to the south! Anna worked as 
a mental health counselor at a local com- 
munity mental health agency in Dover, NH, 
She felt truly honored to work with those 
who struggle with chronic and persistent 
mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia, 
dissociative disorders, bi-polar, and per- 
sonality disorders. Yet, Patrick was offered 
a job at the U. of TN at Knoxville that they 
couldn't turn down. The Wade family have 
a 16-mo.-old golden retriever named 
Memphis who fills their lives with smiles, 
laughter, and love. Anna said, "He keeps 
me on my toes!" They're thrilled to be back 
in TN as Anna has many fond and happy 
memories of visiting Cynthia Puckett's 
house during college. They'll miss the 
magic of New England, but feel like they're 
settling into another beautiful home, just a 
much hotter one! 

Bronwyn Beard moved to Chagrin 
Falls, OH, at the end of '06 and has been 
enjoying decorating her new home and the 
slower pace of life ever since. She does 
miss D.C. and how close to the beach she 
was, but is happy to be closer to family. 

Heather "HAT" Thomas Armbruster 
and Jon went to Sweden in 5/08 before 
Reunion. They had a wonderful time by 
themselves! You can find pictures at harm- The summer found the 
Armbruster family at Myrtle Beach where 
Brian had a blast playing in the waves and 
demolishing any sand castle they tried to 
build! HAT spent the summer teaching A&P 
1 and 2 at Southern Union. 

Emily Busse was married to Kevin 
Matthew Schwartz of St. Louis in 8/07. 
Lindsey Hall '99 was a bridesmaid. Emily 
continues to work in events and fundraising 
for the Pittsburgh CLO, a musical theater 
company in downtown Pittsburgh. She and 
Kevin are looking forward to the arrival of 
their 1st child in 12/08. Emily said, "I really 
enjoyed seeing everyone at Reunion and 
look fon/i/ard to Reunion 2013!" 

Melissa Rothwell Pembrooke and 
her husband took the family to NY and 
enjoyed a day visiting toy stores, especially 
the American Giri store. "I can't believe we 
survived taking a 4-yr.-old and 7-yr-old, but 
they had an awesome time. My daughter 
can't wait to go back!" Melissa auditioned 
for "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" and 
passed the timed test. After the test, the 
producers interview you and then you have 
to wait 2 wks to receive a card telling you 
if you are in the contestant pool or not. "I 
hope to make it, but if not, it was still excit- 
ing to audition." 

Mary Lea Harris got to spend some 
time with Anne-Clarie while Anne-Claire 
was in D.C. for the summer. Emma (5) and 
her namesake Claire (16 mo.) had such 
a blast playing with "Aunt Anne-Claire!" 
Mary Lea continues her work as a Creative 
Memories consultant. She enjoys helping 
people preserve their family memories 

and get photos organized. Check out her 
website at 
tiarris. Mary Lea has many photos posted 
of Emma and Claire and frequently posts 
updates. Emma started kindergarten this 
fall so the family packed as much fun into 
their summer as possible. They even went 
to Disney Land in Jul. Emma and Claire 
are into anything "princess" so they had a 
blast. Geoff and Mary Lea celebrated their 
10-yr-wedding anniversary in Aug. with a 
"mommy and daddy only" weekend on Little 
Palm Island in the PL Keys. One of Mary 
Lea's former students applied to Sweet 
Briar this fall after hearing all of the stories 
about what a great school it is. Her student 
loves the campus and is excited to attend! 

Joanne Hopkins spent 2 weekends 
in Jun. participating in 2 MS Rides in 
Richmond and Chariottesville, VA. The 
rides raised money to go towards finding 
a cure for MS. The cycling was great, but 
the weather was too hot. Joanne said she 
survived, in part due to the free ice cream 
at the finish of the Charlottesville ride. The 
ice cream was made better by the fact that 
it was made by a SBC alumna ('05) who 
has her own ice cream business. Joanne 
participated in an Ironman in Switzeriand 
in Jul. and then spent some time traveling 
around Switzerland and Poland where she 
visited with a friend. 

Page Darney and boyfriend Chariie 
visited Joanne in D.C. They were in town for 
a reception at the White House. Page went 
skydiving for the 1st time. She said that it 
was worth it, but she has no need to go 
again. Aug. saw the beginning of law school 
for Page at Widener 

Erikka Sund Neal keeps in touch with 
Joanne, Page and Erin Wortley Valliere. 
Erikka and Steve welcomed a baby girl, 
Frances Grace in 1/08. She began her 6th 
yr teaching 3rd grade this fall. 

Andrea Sheetz McCarney and fam- 
ily moved to a new home in Richmond, 
VA. Son Brennan turned 5 and daughter 
Brooke is 2 Vz. Andrea teaches dance part 
time and her husband teaches music. They 
even managed a couple joint music/dance 
projects this year Andrea occasionally sees 
Anne Culver and her 3 kids who don't live 
too far away 

The Gilbar household is doing great! 
Charlotte Rognmoe Gilbar said that sons 
Joe and Carson kept the family busy with 
activities and camp. They took their annual 
trip to FL in early Jul. Dennis and Chariotte 
continue to teach in Amherst County. 

Brigette Laib writes from Houston 
that she was sorry to miss Reunion, but 
has enjoyed seeing the pictures. It's been 2 
years since she relocated to TX. She started 
a new position in Jan. as an account devel- 
opment manager in commercial water treat- 
ment. She sells chemicals to treat heating 
and cooling water to protect the equipment 
from corrosion and damaging affects, all in 
attempt to keep those in TX cool! "Strange 

for a Theater major/English minor who's 
now playing with chemicals!" Brigette says 
it's interesting and a good opportunity. She 
has a company car and gas card so she 
has to stick it out for a while! She does 
sales, drums up new business and services 
the equipment. She gets to play chemistry 
lab a couple times a week by testing water 
to ensure the right level of chemicals in the 
water and that there's no organic growth 
that would foul the system. Brigette said 
that some days are pure torture, but she 
enjoys dealing with customers. Brigette 
has been dating Mark (originally from KS) 
for more than 4 mo. Her mom came to 
Houston to visit, but Brigette is convinced 
she was more in town to investigate the 
boy! Mrs. Laib approves wholeheartedly! 
Brigette and Mark went to visit his family 
over Jul. 4th in OK. 

Tricia Mohana Summers and family 
had a busy summer! Brian got out of the 
Navy in Jul. and they moved to Asheville, 
NC. They spent the summer at the beach 
and catching up with friends. James turned 
5 and began kindergarten in fall. Jack 
(2) keeps them busy! Unfortunately, the 
Summers family missed Reunion as Brian 
was returning from his last trip aboard 
the aircraft carrier. Tricia keeps in touch 
with Susan Barney She also took a trip to 
Boston to see her sisters. Anne (SBC '04) 
is getting a graduate degree in theater 
and Katie began her senior year, both at 

Kimberly Osborne Jerger and fam- 
ily live in Murray, KY She and Matt have 
Isabella Rose and welcomed son, Gabriel 
Thomas in Aug. Kimberiy was teaching 
English as a 2nd Language to all ages in 
the Murray Independent School District, but 
decided to take the next year off so that she 
can stay home with her "angels." Matt is 
a chef, but keeps busy working for a com- 
pany that opens and runs restaurants. They 
moved to Murray so that Matt could open a 
new restaurant and catering company. 

Bobbie Hedrick Artistain was pro- 
moted to CIO for the VA Dept. of Emergency 
Management in 5/08. 

Darelle Pfeiffer and husband Tim 
Briggs welcomed 1st child Morgan Marie 
Pfeiffer Briggs on 5/5/08 at 8:43 a.m. She 
weighed 7lbs, 9oz, and was 20in. Darelle 
continues her work as an associate physi- 
cian in NJ. 

Chantel Bartlett continues to work 
for a non-profit education foundation in 
Washington, D.C, giving out scholarships to 
graduating h. s. seniors across the country. 
She was busy over the summer promot- 
ing '08 winners and planning the next 
application cycie. Chantel went to Seattle 
for a week to visit family and enjoyed some 
down time. She keeps in close contact with 
Candies Broughton Maillard, Alicia 
Foster Wilbun, Heather Pool ('03), Andrea 
"Andy" Kubler Robinson ('00) and Kristell 
Barreyat Krompholtz (TA - France '98). 

Kristell welcomed her 1st son, Raphael, 
in May. 

Cynthia and I would love to remind you 
that we elected/re-elected new class offi- 
cers at Reunion. Our new Class President is 
Cady Thomas. Co-Secretaries are Chantel 
Bartlett and Cynthia Bumgardner Puckett. 
Please inform me (Chantel) if you wish to be 
added to our e-mail list. 


Ms. Lindsey Neef Kelly 
15012 Ashby Way East 
Carrollton,VA 23314 

Andrea Capano continues to enjoy her 
time home with son Alex (2). She visited 
SBC in May to conduct forestry research 
with a team of students and Dr Linda Fink. 
While visiting, she and Sarah Elkins Ince 
had dinner together at their old stomping 
grounds. La Carreta. Andrea enjoyed seeing 
the new construction and updates at SBC; 
looks forward to Reunion. 

Brenda EIze still lives in Orlando, 
FL, working as a Market Development 
Manager for Ethicon Endo-Surgery. Teach- 
ing surgeons how to perform surgery has 
been an eye-opening experience! She saw 
Jill Stromberg and Jen Schmidt-Major 
(separately); had a blast running around 
Orlando with them. She looks fonward to 
seeing Alex Sienkiewicz this summer and 
Abby Schmidt '00 in Oct in VT at Abby's 

Kris Harris is excited for Reunion! In 
Jan., she went to Zambia to volunteer at 
an orphanage in Zambia — an eye opening 
experience, also worked on projects in S. 
Africa, Nicaragua. She looks fonward to 
moving to San Jose, CA, for a special na- 
tional rotation at work. She's a proud aunt to 
3 more nephews this yr — that makes 6! 

Sean and Lindsey Neef Kelly spent 
the summer planning for the arrival of their 
2nd daughter, who should be here by the 
time of this publication. Daughter Catherine 
(1) doesn't know quite what's going on, but 
sometimes helps get objects off the floor 
that Lindsey can't quite reach. Lindsey's 
still at work, plans on going until the baby's 
ready to come before starting maternity 

Tina Hansel Snover, Melissa Hen- 
ning Hill, Susan Hurley Upshaw, Kris 
Harris, and Meredith Tillery had a giris' 
weekend in Jun. at VA Beach! Fun was had 
by all! Tina looks forward to coaching soc- 
cer again this fall at SBC and enjoys being 
a Lynchburgian! She hopes to see you all 
at Homecoming in Oct. and at our 1 0th 
Reunion in May! We need help contacting 
everyone about Reunion; if you want to 
help plan for it, contact Tina at tsnover23@ 
Comcast net 

60 • Fall 2008 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Lindsay Hicks Watrous and husband 
Tim welcomed a baby boy on 4/17. Baby 
Drew is a tank, on track to double his birth 
weight by the 3-mo. mark, Lindsay works 
part time from home, trying to balance her 
PR career with motherhood. 


Elizabeth Davis Baker 
1008 S Walnut Drive 
Smithfield, NC 27577 

Hello Class of 2000! Hope you're doing well! 
Susan Bobb and Jamie are blissfully 
enjoying newly wedded life, preparing to 
move out west to the Bay Area in fall as 
soon as Susan defends her dissertation. 
Visitors welcome! Cara Millar Bean 
finished her degree in art history at St. 
Mary's Coll. of MD in '02. She married 
husband Scott on 9/2/06, was fortunate 
to have Kim Leach Burge and Suzanne 
Bollinger Tomaszewski attend their 
wedding, even though there was no 
power in the church because of Hurricane 
Ernesto! Cara stays busy attending 
Softball games for step-daughter Kayla 
(1 2), plans to remodel their 40-yr-old 
house to make room for the family they 
hope to add to. She's back in school 
part time working towards a M.A. in 
Counseling through the Johns Hopkins 
U. School of Ed. Cara is president of the 
Hollywood Optimist Club, raising money 
for youth in her area. Kate Kenefick 
is going back to school for a degree in 
biology, moved back to Culpeper In Feb., 
Kate went to Nashville to visit Elissa 
Pugh and her baby for a long weekend. 
She sees Vicki Zak Rosenthal about 
once a mo. since she's moved back to 
DC. Lindsey Brooker Brooks and 
husband Andy expect baby #2, a boy, 
in Sept.! He'll join brother James (2). 
Lindsey loves staying at home full time, 
enjoyed seeing Elizabeth Davis Baker 
in spring. Nikki Lamm sang a recital of 
Spanish art songs with classical guitar 
for the kick-off to a concert series in 
McLean, VA this past May. She's singing 
the role of Panima in the Magic Flute 
for Bethesda Summer Music Festival 
at the end of Jun. She has upcoming 
concerts with a singing group called the 
7 Sopranos in Sept. and Dec. You can 
check out her Web site, designed by 
Marilen Sarian, at www.nicolelamm. 
com for more upcoming events! Nikki 
still teaches voice lessons throughout 
the D.C. metropolitan area. Her students 
had their spring recital where they 
performed classical repertoire, staged 
musical theatre selections in Woodbridge, 
VA. In addition to teaching private voice 
lessons and master classes, Nikki will 
teach for the summer camp at Levine 

School of Music, one of the more 
prestigious (non-college) music schools 
in the D.C. area. She stays in touch 
with Marilen. Wendy Bramlett Jolly 
and family moved to Leesburg, VA. She 
works as Compensation Manager at 
NEW; her husband works at Northrop 
Grumman as an Export Manager. Baby 
girl Clara started walking, will celebrate 
her 1st birthday soon! Wendy can't 
believe many of us will turn 30 this yr.! 
She and Germaine Gottsche were 
romanticizing about the good ole days 
when our ages began with a "2"! Kim 
Harden Fella finished her 4th yr as 
school counselor for Sonny Carter Elem. 
in Macon, GA, looks forward to beginning 
her 5th yr there this fall. Husband 
Chad returned from his 6-mo. Navy 
deployment to W. Africa in late Nov, in 
time for Thanksgiving and Christmas. In 
Apr., he transferred from the navy base 
in Jacksonville, FL to Norfolk, VA, where 
he'll be stationed on the Harry S Truman 
aircraft carrier as Reactor Electrical 
Assistant until 4/1 0. Kim and Chad 
were able to attend Christine Bump's 
wedding in D.C. in early Mar, got to 
see several SBC folks, including Ginny 
Gilbert Smith who was a bridesmaid. In 
early May, Kim took a trip up to VA to visit 
Kristen Lawlor Steege, her husband, 
and baby giri Cordelia. At the end of May, 
Kim and her mom left for a 2 !4 - wk. 
trip to Australia. They spent their time 
visiting Melbourne, Sydney, and Cairns 
(for the Great Barrier Reef). They had a 
great time; had dinner one evening with 
Amy Hess Snawder and her husband 
(he's stationed in Melbourne). Kim says 
it was great to see a familiar face far 
from home! Hopefully she'll make it to 
Homecoming again this fall, looks forward 
to seeing some SBC classmates there. 
Kibby Bryenton Fergusson and family 
now live in Japan! Son lain turned 3 in 
Jul. and daughter Anna Margaret turned 
1 on 8/31 . Kibby went to S. Korea with 
the kids in Jun., husband Donnie is 
deployed now and will be for the majority 
of their time in Japan. Brandy Cash 
Watts and husband Les had baby girl 
Audrey Estelle on 2/11 /08 and celebrated 
their 4th wedding anniversary in Jul. She 
still teaches, now 2nd grade at Rockfish 
River Elem., in nearby Nelson County. 
Alicia Hart Palmore and husband 
Michael welcomed Georgia Goodrich 
on 5/1 5. She joins brother Henry and 
is named for her great-grandmother, 
Georgia Herbert Hart '40. Emily 
McGregor Fenlaw expects baby #2, a 
girl, at the end of Sept. Son Jett (18 mo.) 
has no idea what's coming! She enjoys 
staying home with her son and doing 
freelance architectural design work on 
the side. All's well for me, Elizabeth 
Davis Baker, in NC, My husband and 
I celebrated our 4th anniversary with a 

beach trip; I followed that up with an early 
30th-birthday cruise to the Bahamas in 
May with girifriends! Don't forget that 
you can post your class news anytime 
at http://sbcclassof2000. blogspot. com. 
Thanks to everyone I heard from, I hope 
that more of you will write in next time! 
All the best! 


Amanda Campbell Wright 
19304 Anna Kate Ct 
Pflugervllle, TX 78660-2972 
swim_Vixen01 © 

What an exciting year we've been having 
so far! Congratulations to everyone on their 
amazing achievements over the past 3 mo. 

Lauren Kaplan Slobin and Cary wel- 
comed their new baby boy Asher Jacob on 
6/26/08. He joins his sister, Ava (4) at home. 

Lori Kovatch Long and Brian are 
building a new house on their horse farm 
in KY; look fonward to welcoming SBC visi- 
tors soon. 

Rachel Souder-Arguedas received 
her M.S. in Systems Engineering from 
Johns Hopkins U. in May 

Emily Black Burns spent Christmas 
and New Years in Argentina with Roy. They 
visited Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls on the 
border with Brazil, and the wine regions 
of Mendoza and the Valle de Uco, both at 
the foot of the Andes Mountains. Shortly 
after returning, Emily took a position at 
a new company Still in software, Emily 
heads life sciences industry marketing at 
Pegasystems in Canbridge, MA. Emily was 
delighted to reconnect with Abby Schmidt 
'00, who's back in Boston. 

Jenne Lauren wrote a book about her 
time in S. Korea called The Lipstick Nomad: 
Finding My Soul in Seoul. It's about follow- 
ing the principle of turning tears into gold. 
She's seeking an editor, book agent, and 
publisher to deliver it to the public. Jenne 
would love to see any SBCers visiting NY 
She loves her work as a walking tour guide 
of the city! 

Kim Schmidt Mlscavage and Brian, 
settled into their new house in the Hershey 
PA area, enjoy civilian life. Brian got out of 
the Navy in fall and is now a supervisor at 
the Three Mile Island nuclear facility. After 
spending a couple of mo. looking for the 
right job, Kim now works at Tyco Electronics 
as a Human Resources Advisor She looks 
forward to traveling to China and Mexico to 
see how HR is practiced internationally Kim 
looks forward to attending her sister Abby's 
wedding this fall in VT. 

Catherine Holswade Asher mar- 
ried Andrew Asher, VMI '03, in 9/06, They 
bought their 1st house in Richmond, which 
they share with their many animals. Cath- 
erine works as a zoologist at Maymont Park, 
but also just started the Teaching Licensure 

Program at the U. of Richmond. After about 
a yr. of school, she plans on teaching elem. 
school in Chesterfield County. She keeps up 
with Allison Johnson Haley Amy Whit- 
ney Rippey, and Leah Solivan Busque. 

Ameka Reeves Cruz still teaches at 
Jefferson Forest h. s. in Forest, VA. How- 
ever, she teaches math instead of special 
education. Her children are doing great; 
Jeremiah turned 1 on 6/1 3/08 and Timbre 
will go into 1st grade. Ameka and Scott 
celebrated their 6th wedding anniversary, 
but it got overlooked since Jeremiah's 1st 
birthday festivities and Father's Day fell 
on the same weekend; they plan to take a 
cruise in Oct. 

Angela Rodriguez continues her wori< 
at St. Catherine's School in Richmond, VA 
managing the dining sen/ices. Feeding 
the students and planning all the catering 
events keep her busy. She's happy for sum- 
mer break. After a year long postponement, 
Angela and fiance Paul Newman began 
planning their wedding for 9/27/08. They're 
happy, enjoy spending time with daughter 
Hannah Lynn (2 Vz). Angela took Hannah to 
see SBC this past May when they attended 
the graduation ceremony for Angela's sister, 
Susan Rodriguez. Angela continues to 
visit with Megan Thomas Rowe and her 
daughter, Madelyn. They were both able 
to see Rami Achterberg Heers this past 
spring when she made a surprise trip to VA. 
Rami lives in Utah with husband Jesse; they 
are expecting their 1=" child, a boy, in Aug. 

Tana Malm Baber looks forward 
to teaching 5'" grade next year in a new 
environment, after teaching 4'" grade for 5 
yrs. She and her husband Chip (HSC '00) 
still live in Leesburg. She enjoyed seeing 
Jennifer Stringfellow in Mar at Chip's 
sister's wedding in Lynchburg. She looks 
forward to the summer off and traveling to 
Canada and IL to see family and friends. 

Amy Tabb and husband David are 
doing well in Lafayette, IN. David will teach 
a year in Lafayette while Amy finishes up 
her (hopefully) last year at Purdue. They 
added an English Mastiff puppy and a Rot- 
tweiller/Doberman mix to the household this 
summer, which provide good reasons for 
study breaks while preparing for the qualify- 
ing exam! 

Elizabeth Finch Wright is expecting 
her V child, a girl, in mid Jul. She and hus- 
band Corbitt will sell their Tropical Smoothie 
Cafe restaurant so that she can stay home 
with their daughter 

Natasha Nickodem lives in Chicago 
and works for the Art Institute. She looks 
forward to a trip to Bordeaux and Spain's 
Basque region this summer 

Kyle DuVall Blonde still lives in Keller, 
TX. She finished her Master's in 8/07 and 
gave birth to daughter Marie-Helene on 
9/19/07. She loves teaching French. She 
was recently elected Region IX Chair to 
the Alumnae Board and can't wait to travel 
to SBC twice a year especially since little 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www, alumnae. 

Fall 2008 • 61 

sister Samantha DuVali will join SBC's class 
ofl 2 this fall. 

Fran Hurt Boyd married husband 
William on 12/15/04, Daughter Alyson 
Marciette was born on 5/20/06 (the reason 
she missed reunion) and on 1 2/1 0/07 son 
William Joseph was born. She now works 
at her daughter's preschool so that she can 
be with her children full time. She is also a 
distributor for a health products company 
called Freelife International. 

Spencer and I (Amanda Campbell 
Wright) still live outside of Austin and 
expect our son to join our family sometime 
at the end of Aug. We recently enjoyed hav- 
ing Meghan Beaton visit, look fonward to 
seeing Arlana Wolynec-Werner before 
the baby comes to celebrate her passing 
the D.C. bar exam! 

Lori Smith Milan 
7025 Holly Bark Dr. 
Midlothian, VA 23112 

Margaret Brooks Tucker Buck 
4436 Yoruk Forest Lane 
Charlotte, NC 28211 

Hi Ladies! Here's latest from '02. If you're 
reading this and haven't been getting our 
emails, please give the Alumnae Office your 
updated email address. We're getting a ton 
of emails returned because of full email 
accounts. We want to make sure everybody 
has the chance to share news! 

After graduating, Sara Kaplan went to 
Miami U., received a M.A. in poetry, then 
went to the U. of ID and received a MFA in 
poetry. While at Ul, she was both the poetry 
and senior editor of the national literary 
journal, Fugue. After graduating from Ul, 
Sara received a tenure-track instructor- 
ship at Del Mar Coll. in Corpus Christi, TX, 
where she teaches composition, literature, 
and creative writing. Her poems have been 
published in the following national literary 
journals: The Meadow, Harpur Palate, Anti- 
och Review, The Cincinnati Review. LIT9, 
Talldng River Review, New Vilna Review, and 
the InLand. 

Aja Grosvenor enjoys her new job as 
special events coordinator at the Detroit 
Symphony Orchestra. She went to Jee 
Park's wedding in VA and saw several SBC 
gals. She's also training to run a 5K some- 
time in Aug. 

Though she misses watching Smallville 
with Joanna Mullen, Jaime Henna is 
looking forward to trying new things in 
Las Vegas! 

Rachel Roth Allred still teaches at 
Oxon Hill Elem. School in Prince Georges 
County, MD. She has taught 1st grade for 
the past 2 yrs, and will be teaching 4th 

grade beginning this fall. She and Toby 
have been married for 2 yrs. in Aug. They 
became godparents to Stacey Armentrout 
Fallah's boy Jackson on 2/29/08, and 
saw Kathy Fowler and Amy Waller '04 at 
Stacey's baby shower this past Jan. Rachel 
spent time in D.C. with Kat Morse '01 and 
Sarah Peterson '03, and while there ran 
into Tamara Trout Samassekou '01 . Rachel 
and Toby are looking to buy their 1st house 
in the Columbia, MD area. 

Donyele Gibson Wilkerson still works 
for the Dept. of Defense as an Instructor/ 
Developer She'll be celebrating 4 yrs. of 
marriage this Aug. Donyele went to a cook- 
out at Misa Sarmento's Canton home. She 
saw Alicia Boldt this fall when visiting her 
brother in Charlotte. 

Katherine Moncure Stuart and 
Harrison (NSC) will welcome their 1st baby 
in eadyAug! 

Ashley Trantham moved to Raleigh, 
NC, where she works as Director of the 
Hallmarks of Healthy Workplaces program 
at the NC Nurses Assoc. She bought a 
house in Feb, 

Liz Waring McCracken's husband 
Chris graduated from medical school and 
they have moved to Washington, PA for his 
3-yr. residency Liz has "retired" from teach- 
ing dance in the public schools for now and 
will see what the job market has in store for 
her later this summer If anyone lives near 
Pittsburgh, she'd love to hear from them! 

Lindsay Keller will be married to 
John Sullivan 10/19/08 in Denver, CO. 
Megan Ogilvie, Christina Kingsley, Jill 
Tremblay, and Jaime Henna will be in 

Shannon O'Neill-Beasley and her 
husband were married last year at SBC. 
They celebrated their 1st anniversary. 
Margaret Van Hook '03 was the maid of 
honor in her wedding. She finished her MS 
in Biology from UVA, and bought her 1st 
house (5 min from SBC)! Shannon teaches 
research at Central Virginia Governor's 
School in Lynchburg, VA, and is a support 
instructor SBC's SCHEV program. She says 
no children yet, but they're happy with their 
3 kittens Waffle, Pancake, and Raisin. 

Christi Rose Hart and Jason still live 
in Richmond with daughter Kendall (15 
mo.). They're building a house and are 
excited to move in. She still practices com- 
mercial real estate and business law with a 
firm downtown. Christi saw Alisa Cline Berry 
'03 and Samm Grist '03 a couple of weeks 
ago and keeps up with Kim Martin, Sonya 
Truman, and Tamera Young Metzfield. 

Amy Gardner Adams and her hus- 
band of 1 yr, Tony Adams, built a new home 
in Leesburg, VA, and moved in at the end 
of Jun. She's been working for BearingPoint 
for almost 6 yrs. and continues to do IT 
consulting for the U.S. Dept. of State. 

Melissa Rudder works at Blue Smoke 
and Jazz Standard as the Group Dining and 
Private Events manager in NYC, She still 

lives in Brooklyn and celebrated her 30th 

Alicia Markham received a Master's 
degree from UVA in May and will start 
teaching in fall. She's excited to teach 
h. s. World History at Salem Academy in 
Winston-Salem, NC. Alicia and dog Piper 
will live in a dorm! She's sad to leave 
C-ville, but will still drive by SBC every time 
she comes back to visit from Winston! 

Denise McDonald Gentry mar- 
ried Temple Kane Gentry (HSC '03) on 
5/04/08 at the Marriott Ranch in Hume, 
VA. Lori Smith Nilan, Maria Thacker, 
and Margaret Brooks Tucker Buck were 
bridesmaids, Ashley Johnson McGee '03 
and Kelly Monical were in attendance. 

Maria Thacker married Matthew 
Joseph Weiss on 5/25/08 in Walt Disney 
Worid, FL. Bridesmaids included Kelly 
Monical. Lori Smith Nilan. and Denise 
Mcdonald Gentry, while Margaret 
Brooks Tucker Buck served as a reader 
at the wedding. Maria was promoted to 
director of marketing for Georgia Bio, the 
non-profit life sciences trade associate for 
GA. The couple resides in Atlanta, GA. 

Margaret Brooks "Brook" Tucker 
Buck married James "Trey" Clifton Buck, 
III on 6/28/08 in Raleigh, NC, Lori Smith 
Nilan was her matron of honor; Maria 
Thacker, Denise Gentry, and 
Jenaire Terry '01 , were bridesmaids, along 
with Brook's sister Victoria, It was great 
catching up with Jill Triana '99, Tiffany 
Moseley Tucker '01 , Alicia Markham, 
Kelly Monical, and Meghan Gregory, 
and Ashley Johnson McGee '03 at the wed- 
ding. Brook and Trey went to Punta Cana, 
Dominican Republic, for their honeymoon 
and had a great time at their wedding. 
Brook passed her 1st semester of nursing 
school and is ready to continue in fall. 

Brook and I are having fun attending all 
these weddings and are keeping busy with 
work and having fun whenever there's time. 
We wish everyone well! 


Courtney Arnott Silverthorn 
501 Palmtree Drive #4 
Gaithersburg, MD 20878 

The past few months have been busy for 
the Class of '03, including our 1st reunion! 
I know everyone who attended had a blast, 
and we're looking fonA/ard to 1 yrs. in 

I, Courtney Arnott Silverthorn, am 
pleased to be your secretary for the next 
5 yrs! I've started what will be my last 
semester of grad school at JHU, and I was 
able to present some of my research at the 
annual melanoma conference in NYC last 
fall. Evangeline Easteriy Taylor '00 works in 
my building; I see her regularly Matt and I 

celebrated our 5th anniversary on 6/22/08, 
and we've been busy traveling to Reunion 
and 4 weddings in 7 wks. Our most recent 
trip was to attend Nicole Crowder's wed- 
ding to Mike Lowry (Princeton) on 06/21/08 
in Powhatan, VA. Bridesmaids included 
Kelly Hughes Kaufman (who received her 
Certified Financial Planner designation in 
01/08), Sarah Canovaca Poirier, Jade 
Boardman, and Michelle Moshier '05. 
Olevia Neary Carothers, Sheena Belcher 
Hubbard '05, and SBC chemistry profes- 
sors Dr Rob and Jill Granger also attended. 
Nicole has officially graduated from 
Princeton and will begin teaching chemistry 
at Mary Washington U. in Fredericksburg, 
VA, this fall. 

6/21/08 also marked the marriages of 
Melissa Gist to Josh Mundy (JMU) at the 
Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, NV, and Lind- 
say Kinyon to Tom Ashton (HSC) in Rich- 
mond, VA Courtney Yerdon Gleason was 
one of Lindsay's bridesmaids, and Danielle 
Ross Oberg, Erin Black Minor, and Lara 
Hansen attended. 

Virginia Uchello married Daniel Lyon 
on 04/26/08 in Old Town Alexandria, VA. 
Bridesmaids included Megan Doughtie, 
Kristin Farris, Danielle Ross Oberg, and 
Carrie DeShazor. Also in attendance was 
Amy Gardner Adams '02. Virginia and Daniel 
honeymooned in Negril, Jamaica. 

Tica Stoevhase has moved from Paris 
to Nantes, where she lives with her French 
soon-to-be husband in a traditional French 
house. She enjoys her job as marketing 
director for events across Europe and trav- 
els non-stop. Tica is looking forward to her 
small wedding with close family and friends 
in 9/08 and sends happy greetings to all 
from France. 

The SBC Class of '30 added several 
new members this year! Lauren Friend 
McKelvey and Brandon welcomed 1 st 
child, Caitlin Laraine on 4/7/08 at 5:53 
a.m. At birth, she weighed 7 lbs., 3 oz. and 
measured 20 in. Erin Keck Walsh and 
Terry announce the birth of identical twin 
giris, Annalise and Keira, on 5/14/08. Erin 
and Terry also attended Jackie Devine's 
wedding to Chris Clayborn in 3/08; they 
welcomed the birth of their daughter Izzy on 
5/16/08. Tiffany Williamson Norwood 
and Ryan are excited to announce the birth 
of 1st child Campbell Grace on 5/23/08, 
weighing in at 8 lbs., 10 oz. Tiffany reports 
that Campbell has a full head of dark brown 
hair and a full closet of pink and green! 

Courtney Pfaff Kimble and Chance 
expect their 1st child in 1 1/08. She keeps 
in touch with Anna Yankee, and in her 
spare time she's started work on her M.A. 
to become a critical care nurse practitio- 
ner She attended an engagement party 
for Lyndsay Welsh '05 in 5/08 and looks 
forward to attending Lyndsay's wedding in 
8/08. Courtney will also be a bridesmaid 
in Shirley Pinson's 8/31/08 wedding to 
Wesley A. Hendricks (ECU/VTl in VA. Other 

62 • Fall 2008 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

bridesmaids will include Kylene Smith, 

Kelli Bergmann Thomasson '04, Christy 
Maxwell, and Lana Davis. Shirley enjoyed 
her 1 St full year of teaching in VA and is 
looking fonward to successfully completing 
many more! 

Mara Wegerski graduated from 
Thomas Cooley Law School in 9/07 and 
was admitted to the Ml bar in 5/08. Samm 
Grist finished her 2nd year at VT Law 
School and is working for the summer for 
Lawson and Silek, P.L.C. in Winchester, VA. 

Julia Schmitz completed her Ph.D. in 
Microbiology at UAB (her dissertation was 
entitled "Role of the Gastric Ecosystem in 
Helicobacter Associated Gastritis") and will 
start a post-doc at UNC-Chapel Hill working 
with a model of chronic intestinal inflamma- 
tory disease in 8/08. Matt and I had lunch 
with Julia while visiting Birmingham this 
summer Jessica Shannon will be moving 
in 8/08 from Houston to Hershey, PA where 
she will be the new pediatric chaplain 
at Penn St. Milton S. Hershey Children's 

Lisa Renfrew still lives in FL and 
works at Walt Disney World. She visited Sue 
Knouse '05 and Chris Murphey '06 in D.C. 
in 4/08, and met with Anna Fines while 
she was on vacation in St. Petersburg, FL, 
in 5/08. They had a great time fishing and 
hanging out at the beach. She visited with 
Brook Tucker Buck '02 and her fiance (now 
husband) Trey Buck while they were in 
Oriando for the wedding of Maria Thacker 
'02, and had dinner in Daytona Beach with 
Kim Martin and Professor Jeff Key. 

Kate Carlson has been living in NYC 
for a year now, loves it. She spent 2 wks 
touring Italy before transitioning into her 
new position at Sotheby's Auction House, 
working for James Niven (Chairman of 
Sotheby's for North and South America) 
on the Upper East Side. Kate would love to 
hear from any NYC alumnae! 

Thank you to all who submitted class 
notes and congratulations to everyone! I 
look fonA/ard to .hearing more exciting news 
from you all. 


Ginny Wood 
1350 Mayfield Ave. 
Winter Park, FL 32789 

Ginny Wood sells books at Borders. She 
toured Ireland summer '06 with the Bach 
Festival Choir of FL. Summer '07 she sang 
with the London Symphony Orch. She's on 
the Reunion committee and fundraising 
committee. Grace Farnsworth is working 
in Admissions at SBC and enjoying life's 
adventures; she's excited to see everyone 
back on campus for Reunion next year! Kelli 
Bergmann Thomasson is a h. s. gov't 

teacher in Spotsylvania County, VA. She 
coaches varsity cheerieading. She received 
her M. Ed in 7/08 from the U. Mary Wash, 
with Heidi Trude '07 and served on Honor 
Council. Summer '07, Kelli and Will went to 
Jamaica on a mission trip. They built an 
outhouse and ran vacation bible camp. They 
attended Lyndsay Welsh's ('05) wedding and 
Shiriey Pinson's ('03) wedding this summer. 
Misty Vandergriff Forsberg and Adam 
had baby boy Auden Jude on 1/18/07. 
Brienna McLaughlin Pruce teaches art at 
the Visual Arts Center in Portsmouth, VA, 
and is a certified personal trainer in Virginia 
Beach. She shows her art at 
Brie and Joe, a Naval Officer, are looking 
forward to living in England or Germany 
within a year and hopefully starting a family. 
Brie was contracted to design a graduate art 
course for SCAD and Is going to teach while 
they travel Europe. Brandy Harman works 
in Richmond. Jozanne Summerville is in 
her 4th year of estimating the cost of future 
naval ship programs in D.C. She moved into 
her 1st apt. with only her cat and plans to 
go to Barcelona In fall to see her sister She 
went tubing in WV with Karen Story and 
Brandy Harman. Sarah Ruff lives in Boston. 
She had brunch with Denva Jackson '05 
and Susanna Knouse '05. Leah Davis 
Philbower and Jesse expect their 1st child 
on 10/16/08. Dee Marshall has been 
working for SI International since 1/07 as a 
PreGrant Patent Application Classifier 
Sarah Parson Breeden 05 worked with 
her at the office from 6/07 until 3/08 in the 
chemical manufacturing dept. Dee hosted 
her baby shower, and Leah Davis Philhower 
attended. Dee attended Rachel Pottmeyer 
Moncure's wedding in 3/07 with Jozanne 
Summerville. Kathryn Lawson lives in 
NYC. She is working on her MFA and then 
her Ph.D. at NYU. Anne Benham Willson 
and Dave live in Buriington, NC. She teaches 
1 1th grade history and coaches volleyball. 
Briana Beckham Pitt got her MA. in 
Social Work in 5/07 and got married to John 
Pitt in 1 0/07. They live in Nashville, TN. John 
was accepted into medical school at Ross U. 
in the Caribbean. They're excited to make 
the move to the island of Dominica in 8/08. 
Breanne Leibering finished her MAT at 
SBC in 07. She moved to Lexington, KY 
where she teaches 10th grade English. She 
became an aunt in 10/07. Sarah Lindsey 
works for the State Dept in Jakarta 
Indonesia in the same office as Breanne 
Leibering's parents. Megan Owens 
Thompson graduated summa cum laude 
with a M.A. in counseling from UNC-Char- 
lotte in 1 2/07. She's a middle school 
counselor and varsity swim coach at a 
private k-12 school. She lives in Charlotte 
with husband Mike and 2 dogs. They've 
been married since 5/1 7/08 where Anne 
Benham Willson and Sarah Lindsey were 
bridesmaids. Meredith Shaw Hansen lives 
near Sweet Briar with husband Eric and son 
Carter She heads the Reunion and alumnae 

fundraising committees. She has a very 
exciting life. Laura Pearson is working her 
last month as an international tax and trade 
consultant in D.C. She'll move to central VA 
to attend Darden School of Business at UVA 
in fall. Autum MatysekSnyder Fish and 
Jeremiah moved into their new house in '07 
with their dog and cat. In 5/08 they travelled 
to Kauai. Lyndsey Parr Knick was wed on 
5/3/08 at the Stonefire Station in 
Barboursville, VA, to Officer Steve Knick of 
the Charlottesville PD. Autum Fish was one 
of her bridesmaids and Bre Leibering was in 
attendance. They honeymooned in St. Lucia. 
Mary Davis Blood was wed to Patrick in 
4/06. They live in Charies Town, WV, where 
Mary is the director of admin for a nonprofit 
org. Grace Farnsworth, Autum Fish, Misty 
Vandergriff, Ginny Wood, Meredith Hansen, 
Sarah Ruff, Anne Willson, Laura Pearson, 
Kate Lawson, Jozanne Summerville, Beth 
Farnsworth '05, Sue Knouse '05, and Julia 
Geyer '05 attended. Mary is expecting a 
baby in 1/09. Brook Linville Thurber is a 
special ed teacher in Boise, ID. She's 
expecting her 1 st, a boy, in 1 0/08. 
Stephanie Shrader is an elem. school 
guidance counselor in Amherst County 
Public Schools in VA. She graduated from 
L.C. in 5/08 with a M.Ed, in School 
Counseling, Erin Coleman lives in Los 
Angeles. She got her MA from AADA and is 
pursuing acting and often works in the 
theater She has 2 dogs, Myshkin and 
Dublin. She's still the center of the universe. 
Maria Kitchin lives in Norfolk with Meg 
Foley 03 and enjoys teaching and 
coaching at Norfolk Academy. She attended 
Ginger Tripp's ('05) wedding in 6/08. Tasha 
Purcell completed a M.A, at the U. MN, 
Mankato, and moved to Las Vegas in 7/08 
to start a position as the head of the 
outdoors program at the UNV Las Vegas. 
Nicole Basbanes graduated with her M.S. 
in Library and Information Science in '07. 
She left NYC in '07 to work in San Francisco 
at a high-end bookstore. She left 1/08 and 
now lives in Washington D.C. as an 
appraiser's assistant. Jennifer Warde 
Darrell completed an M.A. in Humanities at 
the U Chicago in '07. In 7/08 she worked as 
a Spanish teacher in a Chicago charter 
schools. She'll move to New Haven, CT to 
begin a Ph.D. program in Spanish at Yale. 
Ashleigh Kresslein lives in Charleston SC 
with 2 yellow labs. She's the assistant to 2 
financial reps for Northern Mutual, in 4/08 
Katie Neimeyer '05 came to visit. In 7/08 
Ashleigh and Virginia Fowler drove from 
Charleston to Billings, MT CM Burroughs 
earned her MFA from U. Pittsburgh where 
she teaches poetry and creative writing. 
She's a nominee for the '09 Pushcart Prize 
and has been published in multiple journals. 
She's a fellow of The MacDowell Colony and 
Cave Canem, Katie Barnette-Whisenant 
was wed to Ryan Whisenani of Columbia SC 
on 5/10/08. Caroline Ogilvie Christina 
Chubb. Leila Williams, Lara Zvirabulis. 

and Kate Lawson attended her wedding as 

bridesmaids. She lives in Greenville, SC, and 
works as a riding instructor and trainer. She 
continues to work part time at the family 
business Carolina Pride Foods. Adrienne 
Arnold got her M.Ed from SBC. She 
received an award from the VA Teachers 
Assoc, for her thesis. Adrienne and 
boyfriend Philip moved to NC in summer 
'07. 5/08, on a vacation to Puerto Rico, they 
got engaged. They'll wed 8/09 in Bermuda. 
Elise Arnold is attending SCAD and is 
getting her M.A. in architecture. Summer 
'06 and '07 she spent in HI. Summer '08 
she spent in France. She intends to work 
towards a Ph.D. in Engineering. Terra 
Chamberlain lives in Washington, D.C. Her 
mother, who had been diagnosed with 
terminal lung cancer, is in remission. She's 
working towards a job with the State Dept. 
Sara Gredler is enjoying her life in Austin, 
TX. Cat Scheer is living in CA working on 
her M.A. in Library Science. She is engaged. 
Sarah Bohn took a train trip from Hong 
Kong to Lisbon last year. She will be starting 
SIT grad institute in 1 0/08 and work 
towards her M.S. in mgmt, Kasie Rentz 
Adams lives in Lynchburg, VA with husband 
Nathan. Her daughter, Landry May, was bom 
6/1 2/08. She works as an RN at VA Baptist 
Hospital as a psychiatric nurse. Caitlin 
Webber got her M.A. from London School 
of Econ and lived with Heather Shumaker 
who got her M.A. from King's Coll. Caitlin is 
a homeland security reporter for 
Congressional Quarterly in D.C. Schyler 
Ellis Burke and Peter are expecting their 
1st child. She'll receive her M.BA from TX 
ASM in 1 0/08. Tiffany McCabe wed VA 
state trooper Joseph Car on 7/1 9/08 in 
Franklin, VA. Jozanne Summerville attended. 
She teaches music at 2 elem. Southampton 
County Public Schools. Michelle Poore 
graduated from pharmacy school with a 
PharmD from the Med Coll. of VA in 5/08. 
She's completeing her residency at 
Washington Hospital Center in D.C, Autumn 
Wade lives in Charlottesville, VA, with 
husband John. She works for Genworth 
Financial. Ebony Scurry is a Certified 
Career Management Coach, Certified 
Federal Job Search Trainer, and has passed 
the Certification Exam for the Professional in 
Human Resources (PHR). She works in the 
Federal government providing consultative 
services in Organizational Effectiveness and 
owns her own business. Eidolon Career 
Solutions. Her poetr\' book, Storm of Roses. 
won 2 awards. Andrea Stassi works for 
the Habitat Conservation Division of NOAA's 
Nationa Marine Fisheries Service in Long 
Beach, CA, She volunteers on weekends 
helping marine animals. Morgan Swan 
lives in East Lansing, Ml, works as a 
licensed attorney. She's joining the 
insurance agency where she worked 
through law school as a full partner. Emily 
Suchta earned her M.S. from Dowling Coll. 
and is a NY certified elem, and special ed 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 


Foil 2008 • 63 

teacher. She'll marry fianc6 Adam on 
1 2/28/08 on Long Island, NY. Sascha 
Rogers earned her M.A. and is a certified 
licensed Occupational Therapist at the 
INOVA Fairfax Hospital for Women and 
Children. She lives near D.C. If you haven't 
received emails about class notes, please 
email the address listed above. 


Ms. Amanda Jane Watts 
Arlington, VA 22204 

Hello everyone! I hope all is well. Congratu- 
lations to all of you ladies who are engaged, 
recently married, or expecting/had your 1st 
child! These are all exciting moments — if 
you have any pictures to share or informa- 
tion about your life, let me know and i 
will pass it on to the rest of us. I can also 
include pictures in our class scrapbook to 
share at our reunion. My email for pictures 
is, and for class 
notes it's 

Heather Wright finished her graduate 
studies at George Washington U. Congrats! 
She lives in Paraguay and works at the U.S. 
Embassy as a Pickering Fellow until Aug. 
when she'll return to start her diplomatic 
training for the Foreign Service. 

Christie Sears was engaged to Kevin 
Thompson on 4/1 9/08 at Red Rocks Park 
in CO. They'll marry at SBC, 10/24/09. She 
lives in Denver CO, and works for DOOR. 

Brool<e IVIiddleton works at CSB as 
a behavior specialist and volunteers at the 
Crisis Line of Central VA answering suicide 
hotline calls. She bought a new house and 
moved on 6/30. 

Lynsie Watkins has successfully 
launched her business. Perfect Flavor 
and is making lots of delicious ice cream 
by hand. She enjoys her job! She's get- 
ting married to Colin Steele on 9/27 in 
Charlottesville, VA. Her bridesmaids from 
SBC are Nancy Kirbo (maid of honor) and 
Samira Hossain. She'll also be the proud 
stepmother of 2 amazing kids and has 
never been happier 

IVIegan Knight had a baby girl Siena 
Lynn Bowling with fiance Casey Bowling 
on 4/15. 

Brianna IVIeighan de Hanna is work- 
ing like crazy and her company Hot Pink 
Ink Media, is growing like mad! So she 
couldn't be happier She signed a contract 
with Channel E!, so now her television pro- 
gram. Hot Properties, airs in 25 Latin and 
Caribbean countries in 3 languages and in 
front of more than 75 million viewers each 
week. As a result, she's been traveling a lot, 
but somehow manages to make time for 
her new horse and relax with her husband. 

Sara Zobel moved to SC and works 

64 • Fall 2008 

at Zeus Industrial as a Technical Account 
Manager She's still training and compet- 
ing in 3 day events, but no longer works in 
that industry. She purchased a new horse 
and is having a wonderful time training and 
competing her 

As for me, Amanda Jane Watts, I 
graduated from GWU in May with my M.F.S 
and work for the U.S. Secret Service in their 
Forensic Services Division. I put in a few 
hours each day with Arlington PD in their 
Homeland Security Dept., so my days are 
pretty busy I still manage to find time for 
fun, like traveling to Nicaragua, going to 
Vegas with Katie Barker for a weekend, 
and visiting family in IL. I also moved into 
my own apt. in Arlington and love it! 


Victorial Cliappell 

350 S. Country Road 

No. 102 

Palm Beach, FL 33480 

In Mar, Nicki Brandt went to CA to visit 
Julie Drake. It was fantastic to see her 
again; her niece Haley is darting. Nicki was 
accepted into Duke U.'s Nicholas School 
of the Environment; starts classes in Jan. 
studying marine conservation, ecology and 
coastal management. She'll head south in 
Sept., a very long road trip, with several 
stops at SBC friends' houses, and hopes 
to roll into VA in time for SBC Homecom- 
ing. She'll miss AK dearly and hopes to 
return, but is ready for a change — spread 
her wings. The birds at the SeaLife Center 
are doing well; they expect 3 horned puffin 
babies (3 eggs thus far) in mid-July For 
those SBC gids who attended the OCF 
bible study they'll remember Col and Mrs. 
Baldwin (grandparents of Rebekah McSpad- 
den '07). Nicki visited them during their AK 
cruise in Jun. 

Victoria Chappell still lives in Palm 
Beach, FL, and works for Newsmax Media, 
Inc. When not working and having fun 
around home she tries to take long week- 
ends to visit friends on the east coast. 
Lately she has visited NY to see friends 
who were in town from London and had a 
great time catching up with her aunt Wendy 
Weiler Chappell '71 and cousin Caroline 
Chappell '09. Victoria's boyfriend is safely 
back from his deployment; they're having 
fun spending time together They hope to 
travel a lot together in the near future. 

IVIiriam Choi started a new job in the 
affiliate marketing industry at a company 
called Commission Junction, Inc., a division 
of Valueclick. She'll move into an apartment 
in Santa Barbara, CA, in Aug. and is excited 
to explore beaches, hiking trails, new res- 
taurants, and live music scenes! 

IVIichelle Clark Bowe and Tom wel- 
comed baby Lillian Grace Bowe into the 

worid on 6/23. She was 7 lbs. 1 1 oz. and 
20 in. 

Suzy Harvey Hodge lives a busy life 
in NC. Having been married for almost a 
year she and Phil have bought a house and 
keep adding to their fam.ily with adorable 
pets. They adopted Boots, the cat, and the 
cutest Doberman puppy named Jazzy Ro. 
Along with working on her Ph.D. in Bio- 
mathematics at NCSU, Suzy works for a 
veterinary clinic. 

Susan Lea and Julie Sellers are liv- 
ing in Lake Tahoe waitressing and doing a 
lot of hiking and lake activities during sum- 
mer They snowboard and work for Heavenly 
Mountain Resort in winter 

Joanna Meade, Abby Adams, 
Lindsey Cline, Meg Shortlidge Freda 
and her husband Lou reunited for a 7-day 
eastern Caribbean cruise the 1 st week of 
Jun. They visited the Bahamas, St. Thomas, 
Puerto Rico, and Grand Turk breaking 
hearts at every stop and showing the 
Caribbean how to really have fun, Joanna 
and Abby live together in Baltimore through 
the summer Abby graduated from Johns 
Hopkins Nursing School and got a job with 
GBMC. Joanna was recently admitted into 
Johns Hopkins to begin work on her M.A. 
in Environmental Sciences and Policy 
She intends to go to school part time and 
continue working for Travelers Indemnity 
Company in the Special Liability Group 
handling toxic torts and environmental 
claims. May 2-4, Joanna competed at the 
US Masters Swimming Short Course Yards 
Nationals in Austin, TX. She competed in 
the 200-yd, 100-yd. and 50-yd backstroke, 
swimming 2 of her fastest times since 
graduating from SBC in the 200 and 100 
and placing 6th in her age group in the 
200. She's now preparing for the Dewy 
Beach Sprint Triathlon in Sept. and hopes 
to improve her performance after placing 
3rd overall in the women's first timer divi- 
sion last year She continues to hang out 
with Jenn Wiley. They spent Memorial 
Day weekend in the Outer Banks, NC. Jenn 
has a job with Wyeth Pharmaceuticals and 
has been spending the spring and summer 
training and working in NY She's now the 
proud aunt of both her niece Brooke and 
nephew Brady 

Maggie IVIurray is in her 2nd year of 
the Peace Corps in Panama. She's planting 
trees and saving the world and can't wait to 
get home next year to see her '05 and '06 
girts (all of whom should come visit!) 

Dr Ivana Pelnar-Zaiko, honor- 
ary member of our class, retired VP for 
Development, manager of Our Campaign 
For Her World, spent a year consulting 
and lecturing on fundraising and non-profit 
management in Europe, from Scotland over 
Germany to as far as Bulgaria. In Jul., she 
and her husband moved to Atlanta, GA. She 
looks fonward to becoming active in the 
SBC alumnae chapter there. 

After graduating. Lea Pyne took a job 

with a small IT contractor in Alexandria, 
VA, who supports the Navy. She's been 
with the company 2 yrs. and is the Security 
Officer's deputy for Team Submarine (Navy 
group that builds and supports submarines). 
She's learned that although the government 
can be large and totally incomprehensible, 
it's capable of producing some amazing 
machines. She and her awesome boyfriend 
bought a big house in scenic MD and are 
renovating. She also adopted a 7-yr-old 
Gordan Setter who's the sweetest and 
possibly most dependent dog ever She's 
discovered the allure of local D.C. bands 
and you may see her at some of the area's 
punk shows. She loves to run and cycle the 
trails of Southern MD, particulariy with the 
Oxen Hill Cycling Club (if you live in the D.C. 
area and love your bike, check them out). 
Until recently she loved her beautiful silver 
Eclipse convertible (totaled by one of the 
irresponsible drivers in the area). Best of 
the best to everyone and here's to surviving 
being a grown-up! 

Melissa Westhouse has graduated 
from her M.A. program of Criminal Justice 
forensic psychology at Tiffin U. in OH and 
received the masters in the mail from them. 
She currently resides with her parents in CA 
and is learning how to cook with the help 
of a cookbook given to her on her birthday 
She's trying to learn to garden by growing 
peas. She's also trying to raise a caterpillar 
into a butterfly 

Still in L-burg, Colleen Murray and 
Brandon expect their 1 st baby on 2/7/09! 
She and Brandon look forward to all kinds 
of changes this year in preparation. The 
biggest change so far is her massive 
appetite! Her big dream is still to own her 
very own horse someday, and now, also to 
raise Babydoll sheep. If you haven't seen 
one, google it. They're the cutest ever 
Colleen has had a lot of fun visits with Cara 
Cherry, who's been on campus this sum- 
mer The most fun was an overnight at Dr 
Fink's house while Cara was house sitting. 
Colleen hopes to see some of you '06 gals 
at Homecoming. 


Ms. Emily Nicole Olson 
382 E Scripps Rd 
Lake Orion, Ml 48360 

Ms. Kathryn Purnell Mills 
694 Mt. Leopard Rd 
Flora, MS 39071 


Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 

^.alumnae. sbcedu 


Protecting Your Wealth for Future Generations 


In the Sweet Briar Tradition discusses 
different ways to manage your funds and 
provides examples of planned giving 
techniques. This month, we want you to set 
the example after you learn how to reduce 
your tax burden while still providing an 
inheritance for family members. 

A Charitable Lead Trust (CLT) is 
attractive right now due to low interest 
rates. Estate and gift taxes can consume 
up to 70% of an estate, reducing the 
inheritance for children or grandchildren by 
a heartbreaking amount. You can overcome 
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provides a way to make a philanthropic 
gift while protecting your wealth for future 
generations. The Lead Trust is especially 
beneficial if you are in a high gift or estate 
tax bracket. It can: 

protect your property for heirs 
save gift, estate, and inheritance taxes 
save generation-skipping transfer tax 
provide a major philanthropic gift. 

The Lead Trust is also beneficial if your 
charitable deductions exceed the allowed 
percentage of adjusted gross income. By 
using a Charitable Lead Trust, you can give 
a gift to Sweet Briar that is not subject to 
the giving limits that apply to the income tax 
charitable deduction. 

You can create a Charitable Lead Trust 
in your will and avoid some or all estate 

and generation-skipping taxes when making an eventual gift to family members. The gift, 
estate, and generation-skipping tax deductions are based upon the term of years, the payout 
to Sweet Briar, and the federal mid-term rate of the month. 

If you are in a high gift or estate tax bracket, the Charitable Lead Trust may be the best 
way for you to protect and preserve your wealth for your children and grandchildren as wcl 
as provide the opportunity to make exceptional current philanthropic gifts. 

The information in this article is provided by Winton Smith, Jr., Esquire. Winton Smith 
& Associates is retained by Sweet Briar College to provide general gift planning advice. 
Contact the Office of Development on 888-846-5722 if you would like more information 
about the best way to plan a gift for Sweet Briar College. 

The chart below illustrates the benefits of a Charitable Lead Unitrust or Annuit> Trust 
with an 8% payout for a term of 17 years. Please consult your own advisor or call us for 
a specific illustration based on your particular situation. 

lH Amount of CLT 

Family Inheritance 

Sweet Briar Gift 

Government Tax 

$ 100,000 

$ 176,000 

$ 136,000 










1 ,360,000 







Annual Fund 

Step up to Give 

Ir you nave never given neiore ' 
Start investing in SBC NOW. 

Ir you usually give only at Reunion 
Commit to dive EVERY YEAR. 

^ou give every year ~ 
.ncrease your GIVING^ anc. 

5ve to tke NEXT LEVEL. 

TO STEP UP and make your gitt using VISA or MasterCard, go online to wM^Tv.g' or call toll-tree 
1.888.846.5722. By mail, send your cneck to Sweet Briar College • Box G • Sweet Briar, VA • 24595. 

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